Just 9 weeks to go.

So, its 9 weeks until the transfer window, so the stories are starting to go around that Cesc is off to Barca, Adebayor is off somewhere else, and 62 year old Bob Dylan is going to play at right back tomorrow.

OK so I made that last one up, but it might as well be a story going round, given the current state of things.   The team were booed again on Wednesday, and according to the fanatical right wing Telegraph the club has agreed to install extra security to protect Sir Alex F-Word from abuse from the crowd, but the Bankrupts have refused to accede to Arsenal’s request for a similar situation at Very Old Trafford.

The Fanatical Telegraph also keeps running stories that Arsenal are going to lose their top four status – a story that seems to have no relationship to past history or the current situation.

So if the papers want to disrupt the club, lower league clubs like Stoke want to cripple the players, the overseas clubs want to disrupt Cesc, and even some of Arsenal’s own supporters want to disrupt everything by booing the team, what next?

It must be the FA’s turn.  At any moment I suspect there will be an announcement saying that they are so upset that none of the four English clubs in Europe could win this week, that they have decided to take urgent action.  Sir Hardly Anyone of the FA will state tomorrow that the only solution must be for the clubs to have more English players, and the English players must get more European experience.  Therefore the number of internationals will be greatly increased, and from this point on, England will play an international every Wednesday.

Mostly against San Marino.

The one real benefit for Arsenal would then be that then the supporters who booed the team on Wednesday will no longer have anything to boo on future Wednesdays.   Trouble is I wouldn’t have midweek Euro football to watch, and I quite enjoy it.  In fact although I was disappointed by the result, I thought the team played well – solid defense, millions of opportunities, swift passing.  It was just the final element of luck wasn’t there.

On the journey home on Wednesday we contemplated how other supporters were feeling.  CSKA Fulham with their scouting system torn up, defeat to a very average Italian team, and losing at home to the Insolvents.  And the Insolvents, losing to the bottom club in the EPL, and then once again having to rely on the bribed ref to give them a penalty in the 183rd minute to scrape the regular Euro draw.

Of course being Arsenal we always turn in on ourselves.   But sometimes I just wish we didn’t.

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  1. Frankly, I ignore all the transfer guff, apart from just noting the headlines, usually with wry amusement.
    The game against Fenerbahce was a good performance. It was frustrating not to get at least one goal on Wednesday, but one thing that was pleasing was the clean sheet. I thought Denilson and Djourou did very well indeed. And Ramsey, too.

  2. I think we played really good against Fenerbache, nothing like the dismall performances we’ve given before. A goal would have given the players some confidence, but lets take one step at a time. Our passing was sublime, just lacked a bit of creativity upfront. Cesc needs to perform if we are to win the manchester game. Good post. Keep up the good work.

  3. Just a suggestion for your blog. You need to get rid of this moderation thing. That way people could communicate better and faster on the comment section. Rather then await you to give the green light. Give it a try for few days, see how it goes.

  4. Actually, fans from other clubs are just as argumentative as us, I’ve seen Chelsea fans and mancs do it all the time about problems with their clubs.

    The media do seem to love trashing Arsene and the club. They love to see us fail.

    Hope it fires up the players tomorrow.

  5. I agree with you both, although I’m not sure whether a handful of the crowd were booing our players or the cynical tactics of Fenerbahce and the hopeless referee, but the interpretation of the media is that it was directed at Arsenal.

    I continue to find it really sad that rather than rally round our players and manager when we are under attack, some so called supporters choose to join the media in kicking the team when it is down. It sickens me that they will be basking in reflected glory when we turn things around, without having taken any responsibility for giving the team a boost when they most need it.

  6. Hey Nymarcus, good to see you. Long time. Did you catch the Manchester game? Weren’t we totally awesome? That should shut up the media for a while atleast. Most of the media responded with the ” Wenger silenced the critics” followed in the end by ” but for how long”. What a bunch of……

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