Anotther day, another crisis

Except today’s crisis isn’t at Arsenal – its with Manchester City who have spent the megabillions and don’t seem to win very many matches.

There is talk of their manager known (in this house at least) as The Ooze, being given the push.  Ever since he had his spat with Cesc and asked for an apology (which Cesc gave him) he has looked a bit of a dope – and so it is seeming.

And what a relief that it is not Arsenal that is the heart of the crisis today – which shows how (to reduce Harold Wilson’s phrase) 90 minutes is a long time in football.   The media have successfully forced us all to think that success today is everything.  Planning, organisation… it all counts for nothing.  Everything is NOW NOW NOW.

For me, perhaps because I’m older, broader perspectives are more important.  Arsenal have now played eight games at the Ems against the likes of the Bankrupts, the Insolvents and CSKA, and they haven’t been beaten.   True, we have lost to WH Nutters and Hull City, which is not good news, but it does say that things are not quite as bad as was suggested last week.  (There was incidentally a great “keep the faith” banner at the Ems on saturday, and that just about sums up my mood). Overall I think we look great as a team, and as a club, and that gives me real hope in terms of what might happen next.

Had we lost to the Bankrupts we would have entered tuesdays game with the media saying it will be a relief to get away from the unremitting gloom of our European and EPL campaigns.   But we won so now we can turn to “the latest gems that Wenger has unearthed” from the “never ending Arsenal production line” and all that usual stuff.

In addition to the team that meandered through Sheffield Untidy we might get a look at Ayling (who for some reason came off early in the last reserve game), Bischoff (played 3 reserve games on the trot, scored a great goal in the last, and looks fully recovered from his injury), Coquelin (who played in pre-season and is looking strong) and the improving Lansbury.

Trouble is we can’t play 15 players at once – and it is the midfield that is looking particularly strong at the moment.  I was hoping at one time that Eduardo might put in an appearance, but it looks a week or so too early for him.   But not long now.

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  1. I saw the Bischoff goal the other night. Quality pure quality. Reminds me of a goal I once scored in the Sunday Beer Belly Pub League Cup Final of 1989. Well I remember it being a scorcher and the crowd of 3 elderly gentlemen and a dog certainly appreciated it I can tell you!

    Seriously though some of the quality displayed in the reserve games is worthy of any premiership game (probably more in some cases). Jay Simpson always impresses me with his constant running and effort.

  2. 8+8=16

    Good post. The carling cup game really excites me. To see the young players in action, is as good a delight as the first team. And Coquelin has been amazing, and Vela is class. Great finishing, and overall play. His partnership with bendtner is absoplutely amazing. Don’t think Bendtner would be played in the CC game though, since we’re short on strikers at the moment. Maybe a good display from Vela might earn him a starting place in the game against Villa. When do you see Bischoff getting a place in the first team?

    As for Eduardo, well judging from Wengers earlier comments, he is a week away from returning. I am not sure though weather that means he would start training or start playing in the reserves to get some match practice?

  3. Hi Ateeb, I didn’t see your response to me in an earlier thread until just now.

    Very much looking forward to the CC game, who isn’t? Neutrals certainly are and even rival fans are. AW has singlehandedly revitalized the CC into an exciting tournament to watch from the start. Without him, people would only be interested in the semifinals (maybe) and final.

    Since I can’t stand Mark Hughes, I have no sympathy for the criticism and pressure he’s getting right now. I don’t care how good he’s proven as a manager at Blackburn, for me he’s nothing more than a hypocritical thug. I’ll never forget nor forgive what he told his players to do to ours last Fall at Ewood — that wasn’t a game, it was an atrocity. All that said, like the good gooner that I am, I do so wish he’d beaten Spurs.

    A lot of the media and fans misinterpreted AW’s comments about Eduardo — he didn’t say Eduardo would be back playing in November, he said he’d be back TRAINING in November.

    Really hope that Bischoff gets an apeparance tomorrow.

    We NY gooners could all hear the pulsating atmosphere at the Ems on Saturday. I just wish it was like that at every game.

    Finally, this weekend ratcheted up yet another example of how hypocritical and biased referees and the FA are generally. On Saturday, Rooney gets away with a cynical foul, while Gallas gets booked for a similar (but less nasty) foul. At the City-Spurs game, Dunne got sent off for knocking down a Spurs player outside the penalty box, preventing a clear goal-scoring opportunity. Earlier in the season Terry committed a far more blatant, cynical foul — a rugby-style tackle against Jo — preventing a clear goal-scoring opportunity. The ref rightly gave Terry a red card. Except the FA rescinded it and punished the ref. Respect campaign, my ass!

  4. Please add’ 1 and 8 = 9 Which is how many we’ll get at the Ems from the other 3, including last Saturday’s 3. heh heh heh.

    I always love your articles Tony, and really I’m oly posting to test out your new moderation! So, uh, yeah.

    NYMarcus, nice to see words from anuvver NY Gunner! Good on ya.

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