How quickly these cynics deny what they said

Have you noticed the change in the way the wind blows?

And how everyone in the world of journalism is now denying they were puffing in the opposite direction?

Until a few weeks ago the Lord Wenger was the total enemy of English football, singlehandedly destroying our chances of playing in European matches and winning anything.  If it hand’t been for Wenger England would have been world champions in 1970, 1974, 1978…

Well I exaggerate of course, but you know what I mean.   The pathetic childish chants of “England England” heard at grounds where we play (usually when the opposition are 2-0 down).   The charges of neo-racism – the sheer endless level of blame heaped on the man.

And then, suddenly, our children’s team beat Sheffield Untidy 6-0 and Wigan 3-0, in a team containing some England players, and the press is saying,

“I was never one of those who thought that Wenger was anti-English.  He always used the best players avaialble, and if they were French rather than English so be it.  You can hardly blame Wenger for a lack of quality in England.”

And on and on and on.

It really is rather sad the way the hacks change their views to meet the prevailing feeling.  So no more, “Wenger sacked Bentley because he was English”, but rather “Wenger sold Bentley because he was not good enough at that point to be in the team, he had done poorly on loan at Norwich, and he was an absolute disruptive pain in the arse who said, ‘if you don’t play me I go’.”

So he went.  And look where he ended up.

The kids team is great, and if you ever get a chance to watch the reserves (which is in effect our third team) you’ll see just how much depth there is.  Take a look at the under 18s too.

There’s more where this lot came from.


3 Replies to “How quickly these cynics deny what they said”

  1. So we haven’t won a trophy since 2005 and I’m not convinced that we will win anything this season. Every year we also talk about our kids and when they will become men and make the step-up. Last night showed that it could be getting close. Yes, Wigan had a blatant penalty not given. And the kids at times made some naive mistakes but only a bitter Spurs fan could deny that at times you could have been forgiven for thinking that you had been watching Arsenal’s first team last night, such was the quality. The precocious confidence of 16-year-old Jack Wilshere, the power and vision of Aaron Ramsey, the daring trickery of Carlos Vela.

    While Liverpool, if reports are to be believed this morning, may have to sell their best bought in talent having spent millions they can’t afford and the so-called richest club, Man City, continue to struggle after early promise, the future for Arsenal certainly looks promising. I don’t need any response to the fact that we have spent considerable money buying in some of these kids like Vela, Ramsey (and before them Walcott) but, paying in installments as the players develop, it is far from the ridiculous one-off prices that other clubs are forking out for established stars.

    We Arsenal fans continually clamour for Wenger to strengthen and bring in some experience and while we continue to be trophyless, this will continue I’m sure but if the kids develop as quickly as they now seem to be doing and if we continue to bring British talent through (six of the starting line up last night), then maybe we can have real confidence – and maybe those outside the club may also start believing – that ‘Wenger knows best’. Not just for the future of Arsenal Football Club but for the future of football in general.

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