Arsenal – Aston Villa, the match report: Outside of the boot, cutting inside and other language of the street

By Walter Broeckx

So Arsenal starting with the following players in this match against Aston Taylor:  Ospina, Bellerin, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal, Coquelin, Ramsey, Cazorla, Özil, Walcott, Giroud.  On the cold beach we had Szczesny, Gibbs, Gabriel, Rosicky, Flamini, Chambers and Akpom.

In the stands we had my wife, myself and the rest of a 30 man strong contingent of Gooners from Arsenal Belgium, the official supporters club in Belgium.  It was freezing cold apart from where I was sitting as I was right at the back of the lower tier well covered by the roof of the upper tier and by the wall behind us. The best places in the whole ground I think.

The first chance of the match was for Arsenal when Ramsey played it to Walcott but an Aston Villa defender could close him down. This was the first minute of the match. A bit later a shot from Ramsye just outside the penalty area that went wide. Arsenal well in control in the opening stages and they got their reward for the good start.

Coquelin recovering a loose ball in midfield, playing it to Per Mertesacker who passed it to Özil in the center circle. Özil with a majestic touch of the outside of the boot played it in the path of Giroud who only had Guzman to beat and he chipped the ball over the onrushing goalkeeper. 1-0 to the Arsenal after 7 minutes. Last season we went in front after 6 minutes after a Giroud goal. Let us not hope for a repeat of that match was my first thought.

Arsenal well in control and after 17 minutes a Villa defender had to head the ball away when Mertesacker just had to head it in. Some 10 minutes later Cazorla with a run trhought the middle but his shot came off the post. In between a goal was disallowed for offside but if it was, it sure was marginally. Ramsey with a great shot but Guzman again on hand to save it.

But in the last 10 minutes of the first half we leaned a bit more backwards and Villa came a bit more in the match. Ref giving some free kicks and corners that weren’t corners to Villa and assisting them in their search for an equalizer. It almost came as with just some 4 minutes to go a sharp cross came in from the right side and Weimann could head towards goal from 6 meters out. But Ospina had a great save in his gloves as he spread himself in a great way. 1-0 at half time and it could and should have been more.

On to the second half and at first Aston Villa pressured us all over the pitch and Benteke got a few half chances. We needed to do something more to make sure that we wouldn’t see a repeat of last year’s match. Let’s make some speed was the answer. And use the outside of the boot a bit more. Theo recovering a ball, playing it with the outside to Giroud, who played it with the outside to Özil and his well-placed shot want in the far corner of the goal defended by Guzman. 2-0 after 55 minutes.

Ooooospina then showed that he is not always waiting for the crowd to do his chant when he kicks the ball. In the 62th minute he catched an easy ball and immediately launched it in the path of Walcott. Control with the outside running a bit, playing it to Cazorla with the outside (again) . Cazorla wanted to send Giroud away on the left but the speed of Walcott took him first to the ball, a control with the outside of the boot an infiltration in the middle of the penalty area and a nice low shot that bended in the corner passed the outstretched arms of Guzman to make it 3-0. From keeper to goal in around 10 seconds.

A few minutes later Giroud headed against the cross bar. Arsenal being dangerous on every attack now. On came Akpom and Rosicky and Giroud and Theo were taken off under a big applause from the supporters.

Akpom immediately in the spotlight. A good ball from Ramsey, a chest control, some quick feet to get him passed the defender and then Guzman brought him down and Taylor could not but give a penalty. Santi Cazorla stepped up and he shot the most miserable penalty in his career I think but Guzman was so surprised by the shot straight at him that he only could palm it in the goal. 4-0 after some 73 minutes.

Shortly after Ramsey could get some rest and Flamini came on. And Arsenal kept coming towards the goal where I was sitting behind. Bellerin with a dangerous cross that couldn’t find Akpom unfortunately as a Villa defender could turn it in to a corner.

And in extra time we got our fifth goal. Rosicky played it in to the path of Cazorla who ran inside. I think I could hear Bellerin scream to Cazorla to give it to him and so the little Spaniard did just that. And the youngest Spaniard on the pitch buried it perfectly in the bottom corner with a low shot from outside the penalty area. 5-0 to the Arsenal.

And as if we felt sorry for Villa and wanted to give their fans something to cheer about we then gave the ball away in the final minute just outside our penalty area. A volley from Westwood looked to be going in but Ooooooooospina wanted to keep his clean sheet record intact and with a marvelous save he made the last contribution of the match.

Some great things. Cazorla being Cazorla and thus being great. Özil with an amazing assist and a well taken goal who seems to get stronger and stronger again. Theo who was unlucky in the first half came good in the second half when starting the move for our 2nd and finishing off our 3rd goal. Giroud with a good goal and an excellent assist.  Ramsey working his socks off and once he gets a goal will go on a scoring run again.

Bellerin is proving me right again in saying that he will be the best right back in our history. Sticking my neck out here for you Hector. Akpom looks an amazing talent and I want him to sign da thing as soon as possible.

And finally Coquelin. General consensus on the way home in our bus was that he was once again superb and was our man of the match. What a transition he made. Oh and he already seems to have his own song. It made a lot of us chuckle when from block 6 the chant came : “We’ve only got one Coq.” The language of the street wasn’t that far away with that one.

A great performance from the whole team and the returning players are getting better and better. More of this please. Oh and we didn’t have Alexis playing.


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  1. Your take on the penalty is interesting Walter. Rarely does a keeper stand still for a penalty and if Guzman dives either way, the penalty is virtually down the middle and nobody criticises it. Sure it looked awful but I’ve wondered for some time now whether keepers will remain standing on a regular basis since more and more penalties seem to be hit down the middle…….although I have no stats to prove it!!!!

  2. Nice report, Walter.

    Surely modern parlance will now deem the “Coq up” to be something positive?

  3. Another person talking the penalty. 🙂

    If the keeper had of been moving sideways just a little faster, the ball could have hit his head, and likely bounced away, instead of what did happen. But watching the replays (yes, I seen the second half), the ball was travelling so fast, the keeper didn’t react at all. Or if he conciously moved his hand, it was only something like 1cm. Cazorla was lucky, but he also put a lot of power on that shot.

    The only thing that occurs to me, is that Cazorla doesn’t want to establish a pattern, which is probably a good thing.

  4. I’m a Nigerian, and av been reading your article every day for the past 3 years except 4 d occasional miss, and I must say that it has broadened my horizon and given me a sound perspective 2 analysing and reacting to things. A big thanks to Mr Tony,Mr Walter and the Untold writing crew for this.
    As this is my first post, I av quite a few comments as concerning the match and other matters usually discussed on here.
    -As they happen to do more often than not, Our darling coach and the team gave us a fantasy football experience, which I believe is one of the great wins we are bound to experience consistently over the coming years all things being equal. I av long believed Mr Wenger to be a perfectionist who wants to achieve something beautiful with Arsenal without the malady of desperation embedded in football nowadays, and I’m starting to c dt my belief is coming to fruition.
    -Concerning Mr Taylor’s performance, I can only say it was average. The force of the studs-up challenge on Walcott by Clark should av bn a red card-it’s a matter of what could av bn if Walcott hadn’t jumped hysterically high.
    -Also, the myth of the manager wasting Ozil on the flanks was also debunked. If the manager has his squad quite complete in all depts which brings balance and fit, he is able to make the team as a whole play well thereby managing the weaknesses of certain players in their ‘positions’. It’s laughable dt it’s this same set of ‘experts’ who run thru the manager of discrimination weneva he puts Cazorla on the wings and Ozil in the center-the goodness and pleasantness if there is any word as such can be destroyed on some of this aaa blogs n by the bile they spout.
    -There r also lots of aaas’ in Nigeria who come to viewing centers, pay to c an Arsenal match and rain abuses on the manager and certain players virtually thruout. From my observation, most of their comments are not genuine, they r just the repetition and modification of the false narrative of the media and aaa foundation-leaders.
    -Finally, to affirm and show my concurrence to the ideological position of this site, As much as the negative propaganda of the media has corrupted the minds and reasoning of many, I hope and pray our dear manager will succeed in the coming years irrespective of mitigating factors and shame the media and dispel their myths(I doubt they will back down though coz there is an adage in our place that says “when someone tells lies convincingly and aggressively up to a point, it becomes their nature”) as I believe he did on dt nt so famous day for the press at his first press conference.
    A big shout out to jambug, menace, AL, bootoomee, gord, and all the Untold faithful. Respect.

  5. Glad you and your wife had such a day. Coq has been a bit of a revalation, I hope he stays. I recently read Keowns take on our current solidity…he rightly praises Coq for his role, but significantly, also mentioned the energy and discipline Ramsay is showing in MF, his work rate has been picked mentioned in this article. Ramsey seems to have taken advice on planning his runs and attacks, and not putting so much of his considerable energy into scoring. Wherever he plays, and what ever he does, he is some player, that Ramsey.
    It seems to me that Wenger has made a few plans and changes during the last summer, which, back in the autumn, were initially scuppered by world cup hangovers, incessant injuries,
    strange refs, constant interlulls. But now, the squad are clearly spending much more time…together..on the training fields, and it is starting to show. Even a genuis needs a bit of time, and Wengerball is not something most players are born with, but it is worth waiting for.

  6. A kind of match I’d like to view over and over again especially the 2nd half.

    Walcott showed lack of sharpness in the game. If he were, Arsenal would have been leading by 3-4 goals at the end of the 1st half.

    Ozil had a brilliant game but still lacks strength/steel hence he is easily pushed off the ball.

    Overall, a game to remember. Kudos Arsenal, more of that at the NLD.

  7. Sorry for this Walter, but “Guzman” isn’t a goalkeeper, he is a midfielder in Napoli. “Guzan” however is.

  8. A good report Walter.

    The important thing for so many Untolders was that you and your wife had such a good day, and that the team put up one of their most devastating performances for you.

    Well done the team, well done the manager!

  9. Thanks Walter-san

    Wish you and your wife lots of happiness .

    Great to hear she is enjoying the game while under medical treatment.

  10. ThereisnootherArseneWenger,
    Welcome to the Untold family.
    Thanks Walter for this article. I can’t resist any write up on a win like this. Even the aaa blogs couldn’t manage to be pathetic.
    Great win Arsenal, more of same gunners.

  11. Speaking of the Aston Villa goalkeeper, the word “guza” on Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian means “ass”.

    It would be funny if Coquelin scored against him. 🙂

  12. Walter, thank you for a true story of the travelling supporter.

    I am sure that the Arsenal bench, has heating. That is why Mr Wenger has a problem with the rotation?

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