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  1. WalterBroeckx

    Thanks Andrew for this excellent summary.
    I do keep an eye on the ladies (that sounds dubious in a way 😉 ) and watch their matches even on streams when available.
    A bit of a dip last season but after winning all and everything for so many years it had to happen. Here is hoping for a better season this time

  2. Gord

    Thanks for writing this Andrew.

    I am still looking for news about the racist cheering in Cyprus.

    Maybe the Army and the FA are hoping it will go away?

  3. Andrew Crawshaw

    The change of manager last season seemed to make a big positive impact on the team. Hopefully that will be carried forward into this campaign. Last year also saw a major turnover in our players. So far this year everything looks far calmer and more measured. I’m aiming to get to the Millwall game on Sunday and should have a summary later.

  4. Andrew Crawshaw


    I’m sure you’re right.

  5. Andrew Crawshaw

    Gord, I’m sure you have seen this BBC report of the incident. http://www.bbc.com/sport/0/football/31778776.
    It sounds unpleasant in the extreme, totally mindless and unnecessary!

  6. Gord

    Andrew, I read many different news reports about the sexist (sorry, not racist) chanting in Cyprus. It was apparent that all of the authors were working from the same set of data, and only differed in how they reduced the data to publishable length. Or that they just copied what someone else had worked on.

    It is disappointing that only Walter, yourself and me have commented. If people (typically children, not always) want to learn how to play football, they are much better watching women play. An obvious reason, is that women seldom play with an intent to injure or cripple. But women tend to be better technically (on the average).

    The only negative I have noted, is that women tend to play in straight lines. That will change with coaching, and might be a limitation of the coaches they had when learning.

    Oh, and they are predisposed to knee problems a bit more than men, because their hips are wider. This also leads to more broken tailbone injuries, but I don’t think broken tailbone happens much in football.

  7. Menace

    The Arsenal Ladies have been winning trophies while the men have been competing. The greatest sporting achievement by any football team in my opinion was the quadruple in 2006/7 when the Ryder Cup golfers pipped them to the BBC team sports trophy. The media have a lot to answer for not giving the Arsenal Ladies front page publication. The stats for the Arsenal Ladies that year was mind blowing. They were undefeated all season in all competitions and won all domestic matches (drawing only one UEFA match).

  8. Menace

    Gord – sorry but there are more curves in the womens game than in the mens!! They play better passing & technically a more skilful game than the men.

  9. Gord

    Menace, we almost agree. Most of the women’s football I’ve seen is Canada versus some other team. Maybe it is just Canada playing the straight line? I agree that the women are better technically, and better for people to watch if they are looking for examples.

  10. Arvind

    The other interesting bit is that many of the players do not seem averse to coming back to the parent club a 2nd and even a 3rd time. Is it because Arsenal is a top club? Or is it because there aren’t that many great options? Or maybe something else?

    Gord & Menace: Your idea of watching more women’s football is an interesting one. Not only coz maybe they play better but also there’ll be better reports writen about them all over instead of the tripe we get to read in men’s football. Utter tripe.

    I wonder what I’d do for discussion if Untold wasn’t there.

  11. john

    I agree that women generally rely more on skill and technique, rather than strength and aggression. My observation has been that the game is slower than men’s, but none the worse for that. Certainly there are far fewer long balls (or aimless “hoofs”).

  12. Rantetta

    I want to know what really happened over the last two seasons!

    Arsenal had points deducted/taken away because they played an unregistered player? It seems amazing that reading about this, it appeared to me that the authorities main concern was to get Northern teams the championship and entry into the CL.
    And what was goin on/happened with the (Northern) woman who became manager, and then left?

    Arsenal appear to classy to openly dispute the ruling about unregistered players (that’s my take),
    Next thing you know. arsenal ladies will have different rules for fouls, etc?

    Come on, help me out here!

  13. para

    It says something about Arsenal that both(female and male) teams did amazing things, things not yet repeated by others.

    Let’s wish them both to go on and do even more extraordinary things indeed.

  14. Gord


    There doesn’t have to be a significant speed difference. Sure, if you look at world record pace for short sprints, the men are consistently a little faster. Back when I lived in Edmonton, one of the guys I played soccer (football) with, coached U14 girls as well, and his daughter was on that team. They went to a tournament in BC, and at this tournament was the boy who won U14 100m for the province of BC. She raced this boy, and beat him. Had the boy detrained significantly in 6 weeks or so (since the provincial tournament)? It’s possible.

  15. Menace

    Gord – these young Canadian boys must really have fun to lose that much pace!!!

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