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  1. Gord

    As I understand things, there is a bit of a story to the TH picture above.

    Apparently TH was drafted to present an award to a 16 year old high school student in south Wales (and the best article I seen on this, was a newspaper article on the Internet by a south Wales website) at her school. I don’t know if there is any particular reason why TH decided to dress up as Austin Powers. The girl in question had been nominated for the award by her coach at the school.

  2. para

    “In the evening I sometimes watch Match of the Day to see what happened here and there and to see how we have been perceived. Sometimes I think it would be better to watch it with the sound turned down!”

    Many of us are doing just that. I myself do not watch it as i have no TV in my house.

  3. nicky

    Those who still consider that the EPL is not just about money, have only to read your post.
    The reward of qualifying for the CL speaks for itself.
    It also emphasises precisely what Arsene Wenger has achieved for Arsenal over the past two decades.

  4. Gord
  5. Jammy J

    Does Pap Cisse

  6. Jammy J

    *doesnt Papiss Cisse have a better scoring record of once every 92 minutes? Not that this takes away from Giroud at all, but he isnt the best scoring player per-90 minutes in the PL

  7. Al

    And people forget Giroud won his previous club the French championship against much fancied opponents, as rubbish as he is supposed to be.

  8. Jammy J

    Matt Hummels (the CB all of the aaa are drooling over because hes one of the best defenders on FIFA) also said that Giroud was one of the top 4 toughest strikers he has ever had to play against. I cant remember all of them, but one of the players he named alongside Giroud was Messi

  9. Mandy Dodd

    Giroud is just one of those people who will keep on proving his detractors wrong. The foolish media and AAA should wise up to that. Seems like only yesterday the aaa wanted giroud replaced by jovetic , Benteke, or higuain. Whatever does it for them, I say.

  10. menace

    On flight back to watch our boys in FA semis. Good to see Skirtle join Gerrard on the beach.

  11. Pete

    Off topic, but see that Scudamore is becoming PL Chairman. Does that mean there will become a new CEO?

  12. Brickfiields Gunners

    I’ m sure that Giroud was just throwing ‘them’ off the scent with that remark ! You know , just as how a ventriloquist ‘throws’ his voice , so too has he lobbed a stinker into their midst.
    And apparently this IS a good thing ! Confused ? Read on…..


  13. Brickfiields Gunners
  14. Brickfiields Gunners
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