Can you call yourself a supporter if this is how you behave?

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Call yourself a supporter if this is how you behave?

By Walter Broeckx

I usually don’t go to certain blogs as they are so depressing at times that you really wonder that we support the same club.

In fact when I go there the first thing I always do afterwards is go back at, check the league table to find that we still are in 3rd place.  I even check the BBC website as according to some of the “fans” is like the old Pravda in the old USSR days and just to be sure that I don’t get fooled by I check the league table on BBC and yes we are third over there to.

So I think it is fair to say that we are in fact in 3rd place for the moment as I thought we be.

If you read the comments, much supported by the articles, we have not one good player in our squad. Well just one in fact but most of them know for sure that Cesc is off this summer anyway so why even bother to count him.

I know that on this site we have the habit to give our opponents some nicknames. It can be the team name, it can be the managers name, the players name but when we change names it is always of the opposition. Yes we do give our own players nicknames at times but this is always done in a humorous way and with respect.

But on other sites people are calling names at every player we have. The most common victims are always the same. Denilson, Diaby, Almunia and of course Wenger.

Let’s start with Denilson. Some name him Denilcunt and others who want to be the number one in how do I disrespect my own players name him Denilshit.

Diaby is Diabolical, Almunia is Almuniawful, and we also have Flappianski and Shitvestre.

Now I actually think I would like some of the names if those players would play for another team. Well I would have liked theme when I was 3 or 4 years old and when it’s funny to use words like shit which you aren’t allowed to use but that makes it even more fun when you actually do.

And then we have our current cunt, I mean manager. And his name is now spelled Wengker and that is even worse than a wanker. His full name is Cunt Wengker. Just in case you missed it on the internet.

No, these are not the words and names used by MU fans, or Chelsea fans of Liverpool fans. If they would say such things we would shake our head and say: ‘Oh, its part of the game’ to give those names to our players and managers and we call Ferguson red nose, and we say fat Sam. And yes this is all part of the game when we talk about other teams and when fans from other teams talk about our players.

But when people who call themselves supporter of The Arsenal and the only thing they do is give ridiculous names to our own players and our manager I really can not believe they are fans. Or better said, I think they are fans but not supporters.

They are fans from the word” fanatic” – and they express their fanaticism in their hate of our players and our managers. They are fanatics because they only can support a team that wins, wins and wins. They need the silverware to show off to their mates and friends. They need to win it now and today and every day if possible.

Now I’m not saying we need to find all the players the best in the world, I can tell you most of them are not the best in the world. But to start giving our own players and manager such names then I cannot think those are real supporters.

Even the owner of the blog, who is always very busy telling us how rubbish we are, how bad the manager is and thus attracted a crowd filled with catastrophists has noticed that the atmosphere is getting more negative than usual. I would say: you only get what you call for.

Some of them also say they are season ticket holders. And this is the worst part in fact. They go to the Emirates each home game to see all those useless players and that cunt of a manager. I really wonder, why do they keep on going? If the team is that bad, okay that is their opinion and they are entitled to have that opinion. But why would any person torture himself week in week out to go and see crap players managed by an even bigger cunt? You have to be some kind of sadomasochist I think.

If I had a season ticket to the cinema and I found this week’s film had as its star an actor I really cannot bare to see I would not go. I would leave my seat open and I would say to other people who can appreciate that actor: here is my season ticket and from now on I will stop coming over and you can see all the games of those bunch of overpaid cunts.

Nest Sunday I will be coming over to the Emirates and I will support my players on the pitch. I will stay there till the final whistle and even after that I will hang around for a while and enjoy the fact that I have been there once again and that I was able to support my players and my club.

Because that’s what they are: MY Club, MY manager, MY players. And as long as they wear our shirt they will be mine and I will support them. And once they are gone in search of something else, I will still keep a place in my heart for some…if they keep our club in their heart also.

And for those who think Arsenal is not good enough and want to leave and want to tell bad things over my club: those can be sure that I will throw them out of my heart and I will call them any names I want. But never will I do this with our current players. If I did, I would be a failure as a supporter.

BTW: last time I checked we are still third in the league. Not bad for a team full of crap players and a cunt as a manager I would say.


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75 Replies to “Can you call yourself a supporter if this is how you behave?”

  1. Nice words and totally true ofcourse. But although a lot of “fans” act bad, you should forgive them for being frustrated. As a fan you should ofcourse always be behind your team and support it, but frustration tends to make people a little unfair against the team and the manager. I have to admit that I have also been shouting at Silvestre. That guy simply does not belong at Arsenal and is just a bad player. Maybe it is his MU history, maybe it is because he has cost us 30 points or so, I can`t help it.

    I guess I want to say that it can be hard to keep on cheering for the squad, without being a little angry sometimes.

  2. Wholeheartedly agree with every word. If anyone wants to see first hand what a true fan is, take a look at portsmouth fc fans. Defeat after defeat they come in their numbers to support THEIR club. Through rain and shine they’re there and you’ll never hear them bash their team. Puts some ‘gooners’ to shame tbh.

  3. Good one Walter. I wonder how 3rd place or at worse 4th is burning the arse off those who wrote us off before the start of the season? Even worse, managing to do it with a shit side full of cripples, absentees, old age pensioners and babes in the wood?

  4. It’s one thing to be a fan, and a totally different thing being, for lack of a better word, a robot. Anything that is near and dear to you warrants expression of emotions and these are what build attachment to them. So yes, right now I feel a bit low because the team has not done as well as I’d hoped. How people express their feelings is different and that is as it’s meant to be.

    Let us for a moment consider that as fans we are merely supposed to cheer on the team regardless. What is the team’s obligation to its fans?

  5. Glory hunting fans, i hate them. They’re like a bad smell that lingers on long after they have gone. If we are so bad why don’t they just go and support someone else. I’m sick of them, i honestly believe that if these so called supporters spent the same energy actually supporting the club and players rather then bringing us down then maybe we would have won something. I’m sorry to say that we have to be one of the worst supporters of a team in the world. I hate to say it but i wish we were more like Liverpool and Fulham fan. What a shame…
    In Arsene We Trust

  6. What really pissed me off yesterday was the lack of effort when blackburn had the ball, something we should learn from barcelona. When barca loose the ball three of their players always put pressure on the player forcing him to play the ball quickly and it usualy goes straight back to a barca player. If arsenal would have done this against blackburn we would have won the game because the blackburn players are basiclly shitty footballers.
    To all the cunts who are calling our players cunts you are even bigger cunts, denilson will be a great player wait you will see, but i do agree we need a new keeper someone with premierrship experience.
    I am coming to london for the final game of the season i hope we win by 7 goals

  7. Useless article about a useless subject, and as if written by a 10 year old. The real topic in question is Arsene Wenger did not aim to be third this season, he aimed to win the title. We are not against him for that. But we are not in support of the fact that he refuses to spend the money given to him because he keeps, ” believing in this team”. We need to address issues such as why Spurs are now getting so close to us ? how we have dropped from 1st, to 2nd, to 3rd, and God knows next season if the right players are not bought.

    This is just my simple comment.

    I know this is a pro -Wenger site (different from pro Arsenal) because on this site you are not allowed to criticise the god, otherwise you will be called an idiot, but when the results are not good enough surely any intelligent person will ask questions as to why they are not.

  8. @joe71 Arsene Wenger did aim for 1st because he is a winner, but i just wonder what you aimed for? 5th? 6th? 10th? so surely we have over achieved by your expectations.

  9. Walter

    If you are someone who shells out more than those frustrated fans in hard, hard cash to buy a season ticket, shirts etc etc,
    rather than watching on Sky or in the pub, then you possess the right to throw stones.

    Until you do, do not presume to attack those who shell out what you do not.

    Please state, on this site, how much a year you spend on supporting Arsenal FC.

    It’s easier to be less critical if your wallet remains full. And I get the impression you come to just a few games a year…again, correct me if I am wrong.

    I don’t agree with how these unknown folks express their anger and frustration, but better that it comes out that way than putting a fist through the face of a fan, eh??

    You don’t need to read it and, quite frankly, we don’t need to hear about it.

    If, by the way, you are a boxholder, then I am in awe of your generosity in the light of what you shell out………

  10. We finished 3rd after EVERY SINGLE football fan, writer and broadcaster said we were going to finish outside the top 4. This was supposed the season where arsenal fails to make it to the CL next season, where we lose our top players in the summer and get relegated in a few seasons! lol

    I never make fun of any of the players, but i have to say how diaby played yesterday was a letdown.

  11. gr8 read indeed toby……go arabs…..they will ensure our 3rd spot, coz i don’t see arsenal winning at ems..

    off topic…some fans complaint about high ticket prices at ems, how high they are in comparison to other biggies like charity fc, manure….

    how long is our shirt naming deal and stadium naming rights???also i keep hearing that it’s peanuts in comparison to utd and charity….ASHBURTON GROVE….good name for the stadium…

  12. I 100% agree with joe71……….absolutely ridiculous article………losers only talk like this…….r u satisfied with being barren for 5 yrs?……. first answer this question………author seems 2 b vry happy sitiing in 3rd place…….where has our ambition gone??…answer these & then talk about d manager & d team………

  13. I don’t think Chelsea, Man City or Man U or Liverpool have naming rights on their stadia do they? They tend only to be on offer for new stadia, not established ones.

  14. Rabie
    Can I just say that I thought Arsenal would finish 3rd.
    I think they’ll finish 3rd next season as well.

  15. @rhys
    completely agree with u bro, it’s another thing to be patient when u watch from home in another country and it’s altogether a different ballgame when u actually shell out lots of money for nothing….i can only agree with ur frustration….wenger should make last game of the season free for season ticket holders….every top manager is a winner but i seriously think that wenger says the same thing start of every season because he in a way justifies high ticket prices….if he comes out and say “we want title but cl qualification is more important and our 1st goal” his life wud have been more simpler…

  16. @tony
    no i think u r wrong their, anyone can sell their stadium naming rights but arsenal are pioneers in this department, as we were in need of money to repay the debt. Usually fans r emotional about their clubs and it might not go down well with them if stadium is renamed for money..

  17. Critic, I don’t mean you can’t have naming rights on any stadium, but if one tries it on an existing stadium, it is hard to make much money out of it, simply because the fans go on calling it what they want. Emirates managed to get the media and many fans to call the stadium the Emirates. I think Man U would find it very hard to get anyone to call their stadium anything else, and so the naming rights are virtually worthless.

  18. listen mate, everyone has the right to an opinion. this site is basically for the hard core supporters who watch every game week in week out, so they are entitled as you are to a valid comment.
    the fact is yes ,we are in 3rd place, which is great, (roll on wed and man city/spurs) and yes, all the supposed best players are missing.
    however, my main issue is the keeper. that has been our downfall this past month. even the established press(not tabloid) ,commentators to the matches, and opposing managers outright say they think the keeper is the weak link. i really dont understand why mannone is not used, seriously fabianski and almunia have to go.
    i would love to see joe hart be the man..
    rant over.

  19. Rhys & Critic – you don’t need to splash out loads of cash to care about the club.
    I have had a season ticket for over 20 years, but this year I couldn’t afford it as i lost my job last April. I haven’t been to nearly as many games this season as usual but i still care the same. It hurts just as much at home watching the TV. It is worse in fact as you have to listen to Andy Gray or some other idiot.
    Walter’s point is simply that as fans we should stick behind the team. And Arsenal fans shouldn’t call the manager a cunt.

  20. As an arsenal fan from sweden i need 2 different tv subscriptions viasat sport( champions leeague,fa cup 15 pounds\month) and canal-plus for premier league and carling cup 20 pounds\month and i have these just to watch arsenal games otherwise i wouldnt need them.
    Then there is the trip to london, i am coming for the game on sunday and it will cost me about 400 pounds(flight,hotell,match ticket) and then there is the arsenal merchandise, i usualy spend about 100 pounds per season.
    So that makes it total of 920 pounds spent per year and i also have a arsenal tv online membership.

  21. I’m sorry but you are missing the point. I agree that some supporters exaggerate the downfalls of our team and certain players, but you cannot as an Arsenal fan say things like ‘Last time I checked we were still 3rd place’
    Um…; excuse me, but when the hell did we become a team that was satisifed with mediocrity? AND…… although mediocrity would be deemed as worse than finishing in the top 4 – NOT for a team like Arsenal.
    Yes some pundits and fans suggested we wouldn’t finish in the top 4, and if you compare that to where we have finished then we have overachieved. But just because pundits don’t think we will win the league, it is still rightfully so as an Arsenal fan for our expectation to be winning the league.

    When it is glaringly obvious we are only short of 3, maybe 4 players from competing at the highest level all season long, then it is the fans right to be upset when the obvious is not satisfied.. OR AT VERY LEAST, we deserve the respect from the manager and the club to be more honest with us.

    Not the same old bullshit he spoonfeeds us with;

    – We have a good enough team to compete, and we are improving each year (LIE!!! we have the same points as last year, lost 3 games more this year, got zero points against Chelsea & Man U whereas last year we got 7)

    – The players are still young and improving (LIE!! Denilson is as bad this year as last year, and except a short lived purple patch, then Diaby also. He claims that they are only 22 & still maturing – well Rooney and Ronaldo were 22, 2 years ago and were fighting with Messi who by the way is only 22 now for best player in the world – so I am bored of this excuse. You are good enough or you are not – and I will include Nasri into this 22 year old still maturing myth!!)

    – The other team played unfair tactics (fcuk me – we are playing a Sam Allardyce team away from home, what the hell do you expect. How about spending the week before in training working out ways of how to combat this tactic, rather then moaning when the inevitible happens)

    No doubt we will get the same crap this summer regarding signings and we will never get the truth before during or after it doesn’t happen. Even tho WE are the ones who pay their wages.
    I go to the Emirates and will always cheer on my team, including Denilson and Diaby, Almunia and Silvestre – but I think I, as YOU do have the right to an opinion when the money I spend and the love I feel are undermined by a wall of lies and denial.

    If you are happy with 3rd place every season, even though we could’ve still finished 3rd and at least had a good effort at winning a FA CUp or Carling cup, then I feel sorry to be you.

    No ambition and no desire to win. Sums up Arsenal football club right now and it fucking well HURTS!!!

  22. Im tired of the argument that the tickets cost a lot therefore we should be winning the title etc. If you find the tickets too expensive DONT BUY THEM! It doesnt mean you dont support the team, it just means you’re sensible with your money; and they would have to lower the prices in time if everyone was more sensible. But please stop buying tickets for games and then complaining when we dont win. You know when you buy the tickets there’s a risk we wont win anything. The expectations from everyone outside arsenal at the start of the year were that we would finish outside the top 4, yet so many fans clearly decided to pay the money – if winning was so important to you people, why did you pay so much???

  23. @Rhys

    In defense of Walter, I believe the committment he shows to the club is exceptional. While he may not be a season ticket holder, it’s largely due to the fact that he lives in a different country. Just to get to one game, the amount of time and trouble he takes must be considerable. I don’t know how much he spends, but the effort he makes to support a club in a different land should not be belittled.

    Then again, who am I to speak? I’ve not been to a game since the days at Highbury as I live halfway across the world, so I’m experiencing an entirely different fan experience to those fans who support the team every week in every game.

    I’m sure you’re a season ticket holder, so perhaps you could fill me in on events and general talk among the fans at the stadium? Watching on TV makes it difficult to make out what’s really going on in the crowd – are the majority of people upset? Or is it a minority? I have absolutely no idea, and depend on others for first-hand information.

    One thing I’d be curious to see though, is (as you said) how many of these posters on Untold really do go for the games? As Walter would be going for the game on sunday, who knows? He could be having a pint and a laugh with Joe71 and they’ll get along fine without knowing each other’s virtual identities.

    So… who are we really, beyond our avatars?

  24. to imply ur allowed to disrespect arsenal cos u hav a season ticket is jus ignorance plain and simple. if u were a member of the board then maybe. but not even then. cant say im suprised tho.the western world in general seems get more narcissistic every year. I believe we need a new no1 and a couple of defenders, and finishing 4th would be a real dissapointment. but that its. after every defeat i always wear my shirt afterwards with pride. sometimes i wish arsene would hav brought more players this season but who knows of the sort of politics that may hav played a part in him not doin so? no one but a handful id guess. assumtions based on little facts or hearsay is what seperates the fake and the real, not season tickets. im a student living in wolverhampton. rest assured the day my career takes off url be hard to keep me away frm the emirates win or lose.

  25. Ian – with respect, it’s worse than ‘they shouldn’t’.

    Look not at just what Arsene has achieved in terms of success (for which he deserves unending respect from all Arsenal fans) but at his anguish and torment at every defeat, injury and injustice. On top of this he puts up with sickening and defamatory personal abuse from many opposing fans (which he has taken with incredible stoicism and quiet fortitude) and, as if that was not enough, he now frequently gets called a cunt (amongst many names) by a sack of inbred ingrates masquerading as supporters.

    You can disagree with Wenger’s methods and you can be upset with his results but to call him a cunt is unforgivable in my book.

    It’s a particularly unpleasant insult, but my understanding of it’s correct use is that it describes someone who is deeply unpleasant or evil – someone who has a very, VERY nasty streak (and not much else besides).

    Given that Arsene has been one of the clubs greatest and most tireless servants and has shown no capacity for evil or nastiness – it seems to me that the people who are using this word to describe him are infinitely more befitting of this description than he ever will be.

  26. You make the point better than me Jonny. To me Wenger is the greatest since Chapman.

  27. With the resources available to him Mr Wenger has done an amazing job and we should applaud him not act like a bunch of spoiled brats because we don’t go and spend 30 million on a player. Id much rather let the mans vision come to fruition then over spend and end up like leeds or portsmouth

  28. Excellent Blog. Nice to go to one that supports ARSENAL FC. nGIYABONGA (Thank you)!

  29. joe71 appears, to me, to be a BBC journalist or a Spu*s “fan”

  30. Personally, I don’t think Wenger is the man to lead us back to glory. He’s stuck in 1998 and had refused to move on. He won’t acknowledge tactics, he doesn’t punish poor performances and he rewards failure. Not just that, instead of raising the bar, he’s in a constant battle to lower it. No manager should be telling the fans 3rd place in an over achievement.

    Wenger, unlike Fergie, looks unable to adapt for a second time. He wants plaudits for how he plays the game, not for the amount of trophies in the cabinet. We’re now known as the nearly team and judging by Wenger’s comments on transfers, we’re probably not going to address that this summer. He constantly reminds us that his players are extremely young. Well Arsene, I’m sure Titus Bramble was young at one point… he was rubbish though and he grew up and turned into a rubbish player. Being an average young player does not mean you’ll become a great 25 year old. Look no further than Senderos for evidence on that front.

    Watching the demise of a once great manager has been slow and painful. I no longer have faith in him. I’ve wrestled with this in my mind for a long time, but watching our season go from potential greatness, to painful mediocrity has been awful. Listening to his ever familiar press conferences about the youth of his team and how he will be sensible in the transfer market is an all too familiar sound.

    Deep down we all know the truth… Wenger hasn’t got it in him to change his ways and the board don’t have the balls to tell him.

    It’s a sorry old situation we’ve got ourselves in.

  31. nice one walter.

    i have to admit that i’ve been too busy lately to read legroan or any of the rest of the pits of negativity that exist on the net, so I was blissfully unaware and deeply saddened that c*nt is the latest handle that arsene has assumed in these places.

    as for expenditure over the course of a season, i think it’s a bit churlish to go down this route. season tickets are a grand or so? if walter comes over twice a year from belgium with his family then he has surely surpassed that. then add in tv subscriptions, arsenal online, merchandise etc and the argument gets lost in idiocy. i also visit a couple of times a year with my lad. with flights, hotels, tickets and merchandise i easily spend a grand on the two trips. sky and espn cost me in the region of 70 euros a month as well.

    i think the main point of the article was that if other teams’ supporters spouted the sort of shite that is being spouted we wouldn’t and shouldn’t care or bring it to everyones attention, but when it’s gooners doing the name calling etc then i have to ask, what sort of world are we living in? not mine anyway.

  32. omg dont these people see it has cost Chelski and Manure about 1 billion pounds to buy the prem off the invincables.We in that time have spent nothing on the team ,built a new stadium,and still play football that Roman envys.i think i know who the real Cunts are.

  33. One more thing
    As much as i think that the old same method
    Will not be able to take us forward next season
    But name calling like Cunt Pedophile is a disgrace
    I think we can express our opinion in much more sensible way
    I believe most of the fans have educations

    The worst thing i have called our player is Tweety
    Sorry he really do look like that cartoon bird
    Cracks me up sometime

  34. I have paid for my season ticket for the past 50 odd years & I am very grateful for Walter to spend the time throwing the stones for me, Rhys!!

    As far as I am concerned we have had good value yet again from a Wenger team that for most of the season has punched above its’ weight, whist generally giving excellent entertainment.

    Yesterday was an end of season game, lacking that certain extra motivation because the main prizes had gone. For some weeks we have been carrying 2+ injuries too many, 3 more added before the start & yet with even adequate refereeing we would still have won an awful away game quite comfortably.

    The problem is that of the unreasonable expectations of juvenile minds. We want to be the best but it not yet our time.

    Excellent comments from Jonny & Ian.

  35. I’ve got to say I agree with Rhys and his earlier post. The OP seems to be reacting (possibly to the comments on here yesterday). If another blog want to react the way they do, then fine, if you don’t like it don’t read it. I’m sure the people who run the blog do not call the manager the expletive mentioned, though I know the regular posters do. And if that’s how they choose to vent their anger, fine, it’s only words after all. Luton fans took it all a shade too far with their version of venting anger.

    The anger that stems from various other blogs is because they do love their team, and I’m sure many are regular season ticket holders and therefore genuine supporters. They aren’t happy because recently we’ve been spoilt by some of the best players and football this league has ever seen, and they want more of it. Some people really cut back on life to buy their ticket, and you really are gutted if you wait all week for the game and you don’t see that free flowing football you’ve come to expect of the Arsenal of recent years.

    I’m a season ticket holder at the moment (and I may have to give it up due to redundancy) and the sense I have from talking to regulars at the ground is one of a growing discontent. People are starting to grow a little unhappy with some of the current squad and I’ve heard many people remark on certain players not being the quality of some of our recent and more succesful squads, and this to some degree I agree with. We are the team of reknowned flowing football, that’s lost a bit of that spark this year, and the fans want to see it re-kindled.

    I think the board and the manager have done a fine job of maintaining a squad that has been able to play ECL football every year since our stadia project began and was completed (even if not wholly able to really compete for the prizes) but they now should show the fans that winning is important by recognising what is required to compete with the very best, and that means a (much) better squad than we currently have. One of the other things I’ve noticed this year is the growing number of empty seats at the Arsenal. On some occassions I’ve been shocked at the number of seats vacant. I can’t quite understand why people aren’t turning up, and I hope for the clubs sake it doesn’t get worse.

    Their are clearly those pro AW that will no doubt go on supporting him even if we didn;t get close to winning another trophy in the next 5 years and those that want to see new blood. Both have some subtance to their reasons, however its expressed.

    Me, I sit right on the fence at the moment. The squad is obviously not as good as we’ve had in the past, and yes I’d like to see certain players have to fight for their positions a bit more. But we’ve also had unprecedented injuries (perhpas just bad luck)this year, that if repeated next year might just unveil deeper issues. I think I’d just like to see AW make a few decent purchases and win another title for the fans.

  36. We all have the right to critisize our manager and players. Maybe those who spend a lot of money on the club even have a bigger right to do so. But it should be done constructively, with respect.

    I don’t care how much money you’ve spent on the club. If you insult our greatest manager of all time, you are not a true supporter.

  37. RVP – Obviously you do not know your maths! being a winner means 1st not 3rd. So this makes Wenger a loser.

    Lets be serious – we are in it for the success of the club aren’t we ?I was an Arsenal fan in the mid 70s and 80s when we were not doing well (sometimes 5th from bottom) yet Wenger is doing much better than this. But the problem is he has always refused to take that next step and bring in quality experienced players, because he does not want to “kill the kids.” This lets be honest is unacceptable.

  38. hats off to u walter i believe they still exist sum sensible arsenal blogs which r writen by true arsenal fans who potray the true sentiment of a gooner….i always try and catch up on articles written by tony cos hes has a fantastic insight into the club and its affairs…..i mean this blog is the diffrence between a true gooner and the armchair supporter who can onli see winnin as the option for the club…..i mean if u cant stay on longer to see arsenal win a trophy then u should fuck off and support spurs maybe….keep up the good work guys urs if the best arsenal blog by far

  39. joe71 – why unacceptable?
    Our true goals are to challenge without spending too much money. We’re trying to be responsible, pay off the stadium but still maintain some degree of success. Fair enough that success hasnt come in the form of winning things, but we have maintained a high level in the league, and we are a team that is still respected throughout europe as we ALWAYS make it past the CL groups.
    We could easily have spent lots of money and ended up like liverpool, but we have been a little more intelligent. I think your aims have been heightened by those recent successes under wenger, but the game changes. Utd and chelsea HAVE to spend big to stay at the top, we are still pretty close without spending. Lets be honest as well, if we had only had injury problems comparable to Utd or chelsea we would still be well in this thing. It was only after the barca tie where we lost literally every big player apart from van persie, who came back soon after. No team can cope with that, but these constant injuries are certainly an issue that needs to be addressed.
    Personally I think the over the top tackles that seem to be encouraged against arsenal do play role, although the magnitude of that role is debateable, but more-so I would suggest there is something wrong internally with the way we treat injuries, and/or the players we have signed are somewhat prone to injury. Our manager could have rotated players more as well to be fair.

  40. For me, ‘cunt’ is a very positive thing – both wonderful and necessary. Never understood why it’s used as an insult.

  41. I feel ashamed to be associated with such supposed supporters. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and like all I get so pissed off if we lose or I don’t think players have put in 100%.
    However, when you consider what we’ve won in the last twelve years I am surprised that so many supporters think so little of Wenger. 3 league titles, 4 fa cups, an unbeaten season that we may ever see repeated ( in the season when Chelsea spent over 200 million), and let’s not forget a champions league final and semi final.

    There can only be one winner at the end of the season and we are always going to be at a disadvantage because we simply don’t have the funds to compete. Take away Roman’s money, united’s debt and City’s new found wealth and Arsenal win the league hands down. I understand the frustration especially given the season ticket prices but I’d sooner be scrapping for the title and not buying my way to win it.

  42. What is most frustrating for me is not our inability to compete and get to silverware, but its rather Wenger and his patronising approach to the fans.

    Arsene, if the club does not have resources to bring in the necessary players then state it. For you to play games with our emotions off season after off season is NOT wanted. Im sure if you are upfront with us with regards to what you are planning to do, will you get the backing of us all.

    And to those who want to use the media predictions as a point of defence. Guys, please dont try to console yourselves with that nonsense. We have to measure ourselves against ourselves, not some rubbish reporting year after year. Let us look at Arsenal FC 09-10 in relation to 08-09, 07-08, 06-07. Are we improving at a good rate? Here is where we see the truth, here is where we have to go back to Wenger and say, its time to do something to speed up the process.

  43. To add…

    Yes indeed, we have built a new stadium and transformed the club tremendously. This cannot be denied, and Wenger deserves all the respect and praise in this regard.

    But its like I have said in my first point, be upfront Wenger. Tell us what the state of affairs are, failure to do so results in you losing more and more support regardless of your history with us.

    Take note Walter and Tony, this is why I question Arsene, and dont blindly lap up everything he says. Because he has shown to me of late that his word cannot be trusted.

  44. walter

    thhose players with nicknames have them for a reason
    its because there not very good
    if u want to back silvestre almunia denilson fabianski walcott then thats up to you

    you probably are one of the deluded ones who chant THEO THEO THEO every time he runs down the wing and leaves the ball behind him

    the players mentioned above have all been at the club long enough for us to pass judgement

  45. Dear Walter, what you mentioned regarding abusing our own players in the blogs is luckily done by a small minority. What we cannot ignore is that the vast majority of us are extremely let down after having genuine cause for optimism just few weeks ago. We are too angry, jilted and disappointed right now.

  46. Thanks for this article, Walter. Maybe some will read this and get it into their heads that slinging insults at their own team is not really effective ‘support’.

    For me it is simple –

    If you are supporting a club and having a bad time of it, if your team irks you so much and you despise its personnel; go and support another team that better represents your values.

  47. In fact I never calculated how much I spent in a season and now you ask I will do it.Sorry it is in Euro but I will put the total in pounds at the end.
    Arsenal tv: 4,50 x 12= 54 euro
    sports channel to watch Arsenal : 15,00 euro x 12= 180 euro
    Red member 32 euro
    Live games:
    Standard – Arsenal 80 euro
    Arsenal – Aston Villa : 200 euro
    Arsenal – Burnley : 200 euro
    Arsenal – Fulham : 200 euro

    Arsenal merchandise this year about 100 euro
    Emirates legend tour : 200 euro

    So in total this gives me 1.066,00 euro which means some 914 £.
    If you may think that paying 200 euro OR 171 £ for one game is much this is because I included the transport in my price. And as we have someone inside the railroad company who can buy us the eurostar tickets at a very low price we are very lucky.

    I hope my wife doesn’t read this.

  48. And I must say that next season I hope we draw another Belgian and Dutch team in the CL so I can go another game, our supportersclub gets tickets for 2 games in a season, and I hope that with my red membership I can order some more.
    And who knows maybe next year I can get another helping hand for the game we win the title so I could come over. 😉

    I would have gone to the AZ game also but because I had obligations at work I could not let go I couldn’t go to that game.

    And yes maybe you pay more as a season ticket holder but I could afford it I would be glad to come over every homegame.
    If someone could give me the winning numbers of the euro millions I would be there every game. 🙂

  49. If Wenger would have stated that the club does not have the resources required to sign big players, it would have been a lot harder to keep the squad and attract new players, since money is a shortcut to silverware.

    Therefore I think Wenger has done whats best for the club; saying he has got SOME money and that he believes in his current squad. Wenger isnt foolish, if he would have had the means to buy Essien instead of Denilson he would have. But when you only can afford Denilson you have to say that you have faith in him, even to the fans.

    Benitez has been doing the opposite: saying he needs more money to strengthen his weak squad. In the end it has not done Liverpool much good, because it does not change the fact that there is no big money available.

    The same goes for the big signings everyone is crying out for. For the sum of Aquillani and Torres we have bought four-five players who has kept us in the CL and pushed for the title.

    Judge Wenger the day his wonderkids are niether a wonder nor kids!

    One thing I do miss is a Viera or a Ljungberg (Freddie’s a winner!) who will play against Blackburn, Burnley, Wigan as if they were ManU. Cesc, Rvp, Vermaelen, Gallas, Clichy and Song has got that kind of spirit. Jack and Ramsey aswell, but some of the other players I dont know sometimes… Hopefully Campbell has tought the boys a lesson!

    How great wasn’t it to sell Adebayor for 25million. Genius. Bendtner and Chamak for free instead. Thats how you run fotball club!

  50. its just frustration.

    if your not frustrated at arsenal of late i would have to questoin your sanity.

    have a few beers down the, pub, moan and call the players cunts…

    its the same on the net.

    if you cant see there is something seriously wrong with the arsenal squad, then fair enough, spend your time writing articles about other blogs and convince yourself arsene wenger is the messiah.

    boring blog.

    see ya

  51. Hey i came for the usual Financial Prudence article after every disappointing lost

  52. Arsene ask us, the supporter to judge him come may this year..
    again,he and his beloved babies failed to deliver..
    is it wrong as a fan to feel disappointed and start express it after we failed again this season walter?
    are we really want to compete or just to balance the book every season?
    no cup=is a failure,to hell with progress.

  53. This year is my 40th anniversary as an Arsenal supporter and I consider myself as a Gunner through and through. To those of us who have been through the rather barren ’70s and ’80s, the Wenger era is a gold mine. Our team, and yes, it is OUR team, have transitioned from a mid-sized European club to be a world brand. AW has build a club to be proud of; new training facilities, a new stadium, a youth set up second to none in England, our team play arguably the most entertaining football in the world (along Barca) and he has done this in a time when the other top teams pay silly money for players and are looking at huge debts without permanent infrastructure being build. He has managed to get Arsenal, as 1 of only 3 clubs, to progress to the knock out stages every year of the history of CL.

    I can be critical of our players, e.g. Eboue for his theatrical falls, but at the same time, his heart for Arsenal can we never question. As long as a player tries and puts in an effort – he is in my good book. Those who behave badly towards the club or doesn’t bother – in my shit book.

    Most supporters have an outlook measured in days or weeks. Look at all those who campaigned for Flamini to be shipped out, the next season, he was a saviour. Same with Song this year.

    To those who have forgotten what

    League Champions (13)
    2004, 2002, 1998, 1991, 1989, 1971, 1953, 1948, 1938, 1935, 1934, 1933, 1931.
    FA Cup Winners (10)
    2005, 2003, 2002, 1998, 1993, 1979, 1971, 1950, 1936, 1930
    League Cup Winners (2)
    1993, 1987
    Charity/Community Shield Winners (11+1 shared)
    2004, 2002, 1999, 1998, 1991, 1953, 1948, 1938, 1934, 1933, 1931, 1930
    European Fairs Cup Winners
    European Cup Winners Cup Winners

  54. I think we need to go back to 2006 when we had Martin Keown as a defensive coach on our run to the champions league final.

    Thats season the stats compair more favourably than most other seasons under wenger and half at least of the invicibles were gone.
    What annoys me the most is looking at the defending and how the defenders let the blackburn players push fabianski about.

    Keown and Adams would not let it happen when they played.
    Its things like that when ordinary joe soaps can see that having one of our old guard help out was a success and we still fail to bring them back despite them been quoted as wanting to help out in that area.

    Not everything MrWenger does is right or wrong but I can see why some have negative comments concerning where we are going in the future.

    No one can fault what AW has achieved at the club what most supporters are concerned with is where we go from here.

  55. again the article out pours pro wengerism …walter one must realize that if ‘le grove’ which you are referring to in ur article belongs to a negative spectrum you are doing no better…you are on a totally positive specturm full of a mirage and optimism which is un-warranted for…

    a 1000 odd people who visit and comment on le grove or untold are not an entire fanbbase…out off the millions of arsenal fans i assure you that more than 90% of the fans do not want wenger to leave…what they do want is little bit of change that the manager is not willing to implement…like for example “we really need a goalie”…dat is so damn trivial….

  56. i watch from another country. i’m also a die hard vancouver canucks supporter, i don’t have a season ticket because then i’d be hard done by


    then you wouldn’t be such crabby cuntscabs. (that was uncalled for, i apologize)

    seriously though i hear people slag off nasri or glass bones van persie (did anyone see the challenge on him?). it makes no sense and i question the intelligence of those supporters, i will support the club no matter who’s in charge (to a reasonable extent), and if it has to be wenger, who better to have.

    i think you guys at untold should make this article, or some article and get everybody who actually still supports the arsenal to write something,

    just so the club knows they actually have support.

    starting eleven.

    i admire almunia’s fantastic reaction saves, i think he can improve in many departments, especially distribution, and the costly errors. i think as a team we can improve this position

    bacary sagna, he’s rock solid at the back, maybe his crosses are poor, but he can certainly provide good link up play at times, keeps it simple and rarely makes mistakes

    william gallas, i hope he stays. him and verm are a very intelligent pair. with an intelligent cohesive team in front of them i believe the pairing is still phenomenal

    TV, no point saying what’s been said by everyone else lately

    clichy had gotten into form, if he stays injury free and works in the summer he’ll be ready to go next year, i love his marauding runs, people forgot he’s a real patriot of the club on his salary

    alex song, his interceptions have been crucial, very strong to start up the play and it’s been amazing to see him grow. he was hated last year, he’s loved now. this may be why i support the majority of wengers decisions

    cesc fabregas, no one can pass like him, it feels like a privilege to watch his play on many occasions

    samir nasri, my favourite arsenal player. if the supporters support his play, he will be up there with cesc, i have no doubts. his play demands exquisite play around him. he is a one touch player, his dribbles perfect, and his overall vision amazing. with robin up front his game is elevated because robin has an exquisite first touch, completely opposite of bendtner. i agree the play of all the players has been lacking, even samir. but i hear people slagging him off because he is not quality at all times. cesc needs quality around him as well.

    niklas bendtner, i thought he really dragged us through a lot of the games at the end, he offers us a lot of things we don’t have, but i feel his first touch often is lacking, and therefore doesn’t function as well as van persie in the central striking position

    andrey arshavin, he can perform miracles, the goal at man utd almost lifted our season to the peak. consider that

    robin van persie, the man, really when he’s on his game i believe he’s right at the heart of arsenal’s attack, he really moves into different areas to create passes. but with a lethal shot and inch perfect control, i believe he makes the perfect striker for arsenal. let’s hope he toughs the season right out

    and there, it doesn’t look so bad to me. with the 25 rule we are equipped. i believe the boss feels free to make additions this summer, and the team will fight to have us a good season, that’s all i will ask of them, i’ll just enjoy the football.

    yes i live in canada, but i get up at 3-11 in the morning to watch the arsenal. you go to your season ticket seats in the am to watch the arsenal for every game?! how fucking unlucky you are. BOOM right there is why half of the arsenal D&G brigade make me want to puke everywhere

    greetings from the sunny beaches of vancouver, canada!

  57. What i don’t get is people debating the writers
    This site is clearly 110% Pure Arsene FC
    Wenger Till I Die Wenger Always Right Wenger Is A God
    Arsenal Is Nothing Without Wenger
    Wenger Is Bigger Than Jessus
    If Wenger Jumps I Jump
    Type of site
    The exact opposite of Myles Negative Palmer

    They are entitled as well with their Blind Faith
    Why argue?
    I came to this site to read another opinion
    Even thought all i get is Financial Prudence and economic lecture
    But hey opinion is opinion, right?

    But clearly now they throw their frustration to other fans
    So be it
    I know deep down the writers know not all open minded gooners are foul mouthed
    It is just their way to release anger
    It’s okay we understand

  58. i mean you go to your season ticket seats at the Ems in the PM.

    love the site guys. can’t agree with everything you guys say, it’s human nature, but agreed with damned near all of it

  59. I agree with Ian Trevett and all others that say that spending loads of cash is not the only way to care for a club. I live half way across the world and the time difference is a good 12-13 hours ahead. I am yet to miss a match, albeit on TV. Come on THE ARSENAL. No selfrespecting gooner calls Arsene Wenge a c*nt!!
    Mind you, I wouldn’t mind a season ticket for next season if I lived in London!!

  60. C1gooner, i’m on the same boat as you mate but i still wake up in the middle of the night to watched the game to support MY TEAM either they lose or win. I would love to have a season ticket if i live in london but then again that would be hard for me to go as i will have my missus nagging at the background.


  62. Just want to say that I can understand that people are down after a defeat. So am I. My wife doesn’t have to look at the tv to know if we are winning or losing.
    And yes during games I can swear at our players when they lose the ball or do something stupid. That is in the heat of the fight one could say.
    That’s natural, that’s being a fan and wanting your team to do well and win.

    But you don’t have to give abusive names to your own players. That is something you do when you talk about players from the opposition.
    And if you don’t like a player, fine. That can happen. But you still can just say : I don’t like player X. In fact there is not much wrong when you say I think player X is not good enough for Arsenal because he made a mistake doing this or that.

    You don’t have to call him shit or a cunt. What if that “shit player” wins us the league next year? Will those “fans” not cheer then?

  63. Maddy, were you moderated on Le Grove?
    Well that is not that bad. They could also just modify your reaction you know.
    Change your reaction so they can spit on you and then ban you when you ask why someone changed your reaction.

  64. We have to recognise that not every gooner is signed up to the Arsene project. Some did not want to move to a big shiny stadium- only to find the only way that we can afford it is to run a team on the cheap.
    who can blame them when the reason given was to be able to compete financially. We have these fantastic revenues (paid for by the supporters)- but we still cant compete with the top 2.
    We dont all get the bigger picture – we can’t all wait till tommorrow when tommorrow never seems to come. Some gooners I speak to don’t believe it will come with this team, they have either lost faith in the Wenger project or never had it in the first place. They see most of all that the team themselves lack belief and they see others like Spurs improving at a faster rate than us. They also hear from sites like this one about catastrophies about to befall other top clubs but dont see any tangiable evidence of it happening.For many seeing is believing.
    The truth is we have to be more patient and stop shooting ourselves in the foot by turning on our own club in this way. I dont share all of this sites rose coloured view of the quality of players coming through next season-but I do believe we have an exceptional manager who deserves our support despite his foibles.

  65. good post i like reading your blogs you are a true arsenal fan and i love it i love arsenal and always will no matter about trophies. Yes i agree we need to win something but no matter what i would never turn my back on my team. Have you all forgot what wenger has actually done for our club? he has been very sucsesfull. I believe he has done so well with the funds hes had available to him. There are so many fake supporters who are quick to jump on wanting wenger out. i love arsenal, wenger and our players. Ok wenger has made mistakes in some signings but he had to do it on the cheap. I believe wenger will buy in the summer and will di wisley.Istill have the faith and belive we will be very strong contenders for all comps next season you wait and see. Has any one got a spare ticket or two for sunday i really want to go to the game can any one help? many thanks

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