Arsenal 4 Everton 2, Man U 1 Arsenal 1


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Arsenal Ladies and Arsenal Youth both win

by Tony Attwood

Arsenal Ladies have won the last ever Premier League – for the seventh year running.  Although this year there was no double or treble (they lost in an earlier round in the league cup, and in the final of the FA Cup last weekend) they have strolled along to yet another victory in the league – beating Everton 4-2.

The ladies are eight points clear with two games to go, and will get the trophy at the Ems on Wednesday when they play the game against Leeds there.

The Premier League is now being wound up, and a new Super League of eight clubs starts next March.

Full details of the ladies games, and the game at the Ems are on the Arsenal site.

And meanwhile the youth team is heading for further glory.

The youth league is divided into four sections, and at the end of the season there is a play off.  Arsenal won their play off against Man U on penalties in the semi-final of the play offs, and the club is waiting to hear who they get in the final – which is again going to be played at the Ems.

In fact Arsenal youth team won their league weeks and weeks ago, and were so far ahead that they started to do their own version of the big boys and the Carling Cup team.  In one recent league game against Crystal Palace, Arsenal put out a youth team that was in fact the youth team of the youth team.

It was unrecognisable from the normal squad we see on match days – and although the youth youth got beaten it shows just how far ahead the club now is in youth development.

The team against Manchester United was


Yennaris, Evina, Boateng, Miquel

Frimpong, Deacon, Aneke

Henderson, Afobe, Freeman

So what we now have here is the first great youth team (who won the Youth Cup and the league last year, most of whom joined the squad aged 11, are now 18 and have been out on loan this season.)

Below them we have the second youth team – that’s the group of kids above, who have just won the league.

And below them the youth-youth team who will get their turn in the next two years.  Rather neat really.

And in case you are thinking of asking why none of the youth team make it into the first team, the answer is in the text above – the oldest ones from the process have only just made it to Championship level.  But we are seeing the first signs – Lansbury at the Ems on Sunday, and Wilshire, are the obvious examples.  There will be more.

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15 Replies to “Arsenal 4 Everton 2, Man U 1 Arsenal 1”

  1. The youths are playing Forest in the final tomorrow at the Emirates.

  2. Thanks Ian, you are as ever ahead of me. Are you going to start work as a regular columnist for Untold?

    Incidentally the match is, I believe, tomorrow afternoon, and admission is free. The ladies game is Wednesday evening, admission is £3.

    But please check on the Arsenal site. We had a big party chez moi on Saturday night, and what with getting to the Ems on Sunday, meeting up with the Benelux gang, and the usual crowd, it has all got a bit much for me and I could be making mistakes.

    But the spell checker is working. (I know that because “chez moi” has come up in red).

  3. Match to be shown live on arsenaltv.
    Finally something worht watching after they stopped broadcasting the reserves.
    I hope I can take a look tomorrow

  4. Tony, great great blog. It has been fun reading here. You, Walter, and a lot others here have kept our feet to the ground. As an Arsenal fan it is never easy reading other blogs.

    I have one question that has been bugging me for awhile. Are there more injuries in the PL than other top European leagues? Is there any stats available anywhere season to season? Or may be it’s not to anyone’s best interest to make that available? I may have asked this before, but Tores’s comment renewed my interest.

    Oh, you may not like this , but unlike you Tony & Walter, a lot of us can’t wait for World Cup to start. For us that’s the ulitmate, the mother of all soccer games. I know, I’m a sucker!

    Happy summer!

  5. It (the Bleacher Report article on Arsenal) mostly says much the same as has been commented on here, but then throws in lines like

    For example, it was reported that Aaron Ramsey was offered £850,000 by Arsenal compared to £350,000 by Manchester United.

    Because most of the piece is straight reporting comments like that can slip through – but all the contentious stuff in the article is based around supposition like that. My view is, beware an article that half way through says, “it was reported that”. By whom? On what evidence?

  6. Tony:

    To clarify my comment;
    Your blog entitled “15 loans: a survey” seems incomplete.
    Is the problem at my end or am I just impatient?

  7. Gooneraside I have the same problem at my end so I think it is at Tony’s end.

  8. I can’t see any problem myself – I loaded the piece from my computer at home, and it looked ok then, and have just checked it on the computer at work, and that looks ok too.

    I did notice that earlier today one of our web sites was down, but then came back again, so it might be a server problem – but either way can you email me Tony @ with details of the problem and I will investigate.

    The full link is

    Sorry about this – I will try and fix as soon as I can see where the problem is.


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