FA Cup final live blog: Arsenal vs Aston Villa

Welcome to Arsenal vs Aston Villa LIVE from Wembley Stadium – brought to you by Arsenal’s Official Car and Van Rental Partner Europcar.


Arsene Wenger only has Danny Welbeck as a removal from the list of players we might expect in the team, given recent form.

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  1. She wore
    She wore
    She wore…

    Yyyeeeeaaahhhhh gunners yyyeeeeaaahhhhh

  2. So Prince William is a villa fan, let’s hope that won’t be playing on moss’s mind, not to upset royalty.

    Come on boys, put the icing on the cake. COYG!!!!

  3. Guardian trivia:

    > It’s being sung today by a choir made up of 64 fans, the oldest 100, the youngest 18, one for each of the clubs in this year’s third round. Another lovely touch. Emotional times at Wembley, with the big match fast approaching and the nerves kicking in.

    Arsenal, take note that in the last couple of days, Chuba Akpom has scored twice for the England U20. Keep up the scoring!


    (and tomorrow, COYYLG!)

  4. The commentators were starting to slate Ozil but he has firmly shut them up. Very good performance so far, just the goals missing.

  5. geeeeeeeeeeettttttttttttttttt iiiiinnnnnnnnn tthhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhereeeeee! Theo!!!!!

  6. Mesut Özil, what a classy player, great play again and again.

  7. I seen about 15 minutes of that, as soon as I sat down, I had to go to the kitchen to separate frozen chicken. But, I seen 4 missed yellow cards. Damned PGMO.


  8. Sorry didn’t clarify which commentary I am listening to; watching on bbc and it’s that cretin Danny Murphy who was having a go at Ozil in the first 5 to 10 minutes. I haven’t heard him mention Ozil since though, wonder why 🙂

  9. Ozil seems to bend time, he has so much more than any other player

  10. The German commentator on Eurosport is on his knees to Özil.Nice to have a different perspective!
    COYG!!! Two more please Theo!

  11. The BBC and Guardian have noted missed bookings by Moss in their commentary. Probably not as many as should have been given, but usually they spend the entire game in denial.

    What little I’ve seen of the game, I thought Szczesny had been coming out to challenge high balls quite well. Maybe get that leading knee a little higher in the air to protect himself.


  12. Arsenal 13: Nice to see you here today enjoying the game. Hope you will contribute another article sometime articulating the view of those of us who are fans from elsewhere in the world.

  13. Guardian has a picture of Grealish not wearing shin pads. When did that law get relaxed? That shouldn’t be seen, there are good reasons for shin pads (blood diseases like hepatitis).


  14. what a fucking goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get in there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I got to the TV just to see the replays of Sanchez’s goal. What a strike!



  17. Ppaaaeeerrrr meerrttteeerrrr sucker…



  18. Is Ozil ever pissed at the ref!

    Why was Bellerin down for so long at that one time? And endless play on.


  19. Gord, I thought Algbulgwore smacked Bellerins face as he went past him…

  20. Something said Theo has no brains has no technique!

    Remember that guy..

  21. Agbonlahor trying to buy a penalty. Sure had thar happened with scores level or at 1 nil the ref would have bought it. And sure some aaa tw*t will be here soon to say the ref proved us all wrong by not awarding villa a penalty. That was never a penalty; agbonla-whore trod on Coq’s foot.

  22. Well done Giroud, glad you got a goal.
    Well played lads. Enjoy your summer hols and don’t get drunk in the celebrations, leave that to the fans.

  23. Thanks 13.

    AV had 2 shots, neither on target.

    I think Moss has just shown the world what a LOUSY referee is. He was bad from what I seen most of the game, but somewhere around 75 minutes, he just gave up. Then he missed all kinds of stuff to both teams. Grealish should have gotten a penalty I think, Coquelin definately fouled the Ag…, but it wasn’t in the box.

    Congratulations Arsenal! Nice to rub it in Giroud!

    Moss you useless twat, get out of referee’ing. You aren’t fit to do U6.

    Remember, tomorrow Arsenal U17 Ladies play AV in a Youth FA Cup.

  24. Tim ‘gooners’ Sherwood is happy isn’t he. Poor guy can’t show it.

  25. Arteta and Mertesacker lift the cup, and Mertesacker is so much taller, Arteta almost gets his arm pulled out. 🙂

  26. What a performance

    Best performance from a team in the Cup final I’ve seen for many a year.

    Every player at least 8 out of 10.

    Simply stunning.

  27. London gooners….be there. Parade tomorrow. Make it a super success

  28. Podolski sent in a twit.

    Courtesy of Opta Joe/Daily Mail

    > 2 – Alexis Sanchez is only the second Chilean to score in the FA Cup final after George Robledo for Newcastle v Arsenal in 1952. History.

    Another Opta thing

    > 13 – This is only the 13th time that a team has scored 4+ goals in a FA Cup final. Drubbing.

    I didn’t know we had a goal disallowed for offside. Oops. 🙂

    Nice description from the BBC:

    > Unforgiveable defending really. You can’t leave a 6ft 7in German unmarked six yards out. He’s even wearing a fluorescent yellow shirt, he could hardly be more obvious,

    From the BBC:

    > How about this for a challenge then? No team has scored more than four goals in an FA Cup final since Bury beat Derby 6-0 in 1903.

    > That’s the biggest win in the FA Cup final since Eric Cantona scored twice in a 4-0 win for Manchester United over Chelsea in 1994.

    I think TH owes Ozil an apology. Congratulations are not quite enough.

  29. Gord, do you know Mr Wenger reads Untold.

    Looks like thats challenge accepted for the next season. 2016 cup retained with scoring 7 goals……

    BTW, is there a record for consecutive cups won!!!!…

  30. I managed to see the game from the 1st whistle but didn’t see the line-ups.
    Nice of Tim to play without a striker! ;D

  31. OH TO BE A GOONER!!!!! Arsene Wenger, he’s done it again.

    Please spare a thought & a minutes silence for the aaa 😉

  32. Just heard Tim Sherwood’s interview on BT Sport.

    All I can say is, Class.

    Villa should be proud of him.

    Also I don’t think they shouldn’t be too hard on there players because when we play like that it’s tough. Nothing to be ashamed of.

  33. 13, you think I said something wrong? Or incorrect?

    From Wikipedia:

    > Four clubs have won consecutive FA Cups on more than one occasion: Wanderers (1872, 1873 and 1876, 1877, 1878), Blackburn Rovers (1884, 1885, 1886 and 1890, 1891), Tottenham Hotspur (1961, 1962 and 1981, 1982) and Arsenal (2002, 2003 and 2014, 2015).

    It would seem that Wanderers and Blackburn Rovers both have a triplet, nobody more than a triplet.

  34. What a brilliant display of devastating attractive attacking football – very very well done to the team and manager!!

    Even the disingenuous prats who pass as pundits couldn’t put this performance down – try as they might – it was good to see that collection of misfits being put in their place by a superb display.

    It was also good to see the confident and happy way our guys played – and what goals!!!

  35. Double negative there but hey, I am floating around the room as I type this 😆

  36. This may come as a shock to some regular supporters but I think at some time way back in history, Arsenal apparently lost an FA cup tie. Tony, as the eminent historian can you confirm if this is true and do any records survive?

    ‘We are the Arsenal, we don’t do loosing!!!!!!’

    Congrats to Arsene, the players and Gooners everywhere!
    Roll on August.

  37. Jambug, I would agree. Everything I’ve read about Sherwood, is that he is an honourable man who will probably be a fine manager.

  38. Well, I looked back in the one thread that mentioned a popup problem, and there are no comments after I posted a way to get around it. So, I think everyone found a way around the popup, that had nothing to do with my suggestion.

  39. I thought Villa would gives us some real stick in the second half, their marking was pretty good in the first half and they certainly didnt make things easy. I expected them to equalize.Then came Sanchez, what a great goal.After that Villa sort of faded. Im really pleased for the lads and Arsène.The lads played so well, keeping cool and building it up and up, then just taking over.Nice that we could cruise and Cup Final, not a regular occurrence over the years.
    I wonder how it was in the Emirates for Walter and Mandy? Also big shout to the Villa fans who stayed on till the end.

  40. Gord,

    I was responding to this :

    “From the BBC:

    > How about this for a challenge then? No team has scored more than four goals in an FA Cup final since Bury beat Derby 6-0 in 1903.”

  41. The scorers page at BBC has us scoring 103 goals in all competitions this year. Which I think is missing some.

    I have no idea if that piece of trivia from the BBC is true (I could look), but it does give us something to work towards for next year. But I think Tony wanted us to score 7 today, and I had seen one prediction of 8-0.

  42. I’m still dancing about. and to recall before kickoff, Danny Murphy had a ‘sneaky feeling’ Aston Villa would win. I wonder what sort of sneaky feeling the turd has now. Many congratulations Arsenal! As for the haters and negatavistas and AAA, you can dig a hole and rest in peace.

  43. Kenneth Widmerpool

    “I wonder how it was in the Emirates for Walter and Mandy?”

    I bet it was awesome. Cant wait to read about it, as well as the match report.

    Looking forward to hearing from menace as well.

    But oh what a day my friend.

  44. Assuming I didn’t make a mistake. A final score of 0-0 has happened 4 times. The score 1-1 happened 7 times.

    The most common score was 1-0, which happened 43 times. The score 2-0 happened 23 times and the score 2-1 happened 22 times. The score 2-2 happened 3 times.

    The score 3-0 happened 9 times, the score 3-1 happened 13 times, the score 3-2 happened 9 times and 3-3 happened twice.

    The scores 4-0 and 4-1 both happened 4 times. The score 4-2 happened twice. A 4-3 scoreline was observed once.

    No team has won with 5 goals.

    There is a single occurrence of 6-0 and a single occurrence of 6-1.

  45. Simply fantastic!! Villa outplayed and out-thought. We were sublime at times and totally committed the rest of the time. Everyone was superb. Proud to be a Gooner.

  46. Gord

    “…..he is an honourable man who will probably be a fine manager.”


    Taking it on the chin. Not trying to make excuses. A couple of late calls that could of, but didn’t go Villas way, not even mentioned.

    Not looking for excuses, facing the truth, as hard as it may be, bode well for the future.

    Would love to see him do well at Villa.

  47. Tough on Tim, but we completely overwhelmed Villa to the extent that they didn’t even have one shot at goal ( or did I miss one). Four goals and probably another four good goal chances and nothing controversial this time

  48. Just for the record, for the second year in succession, Arsenal have won the FA Cup without really leaving London (Brighton being more or less a sleeper town for London). 😉

  49. Jambug, I bet it was too!I would have love to have been at either stadium. Would be great if a load of us from UA could really get together in person,–one day!What about Sanchez, that guys a power house.I love his confidence, the fact he went for that goal and knew it would go in, it really was great. For me one of my three favourite goals this season, Jacks last week, Ramsey V Gala, and Sanchez’s today. I love how he keeps tackling and fighting. Mesut was just magical today again and again reading the play, creating chances out of nothing, what a player!Bellerin too, what a season that guys had.So pleased for him, long may he be great.Fuck lets face it all the lads were great today.So pleased for Monreal too, that guy also had a great season consider the amount of poop he was getting.
    As you say,what a day! Thank you Arsenal, thank you Arsène!!!!! Pers face when he scored, so funny he knew that was it, the cup stays with us.


  51. Superb display full of energy and purpose. No lack of concentration , no let up. That is how we CAN play.
    We need to buy a striker to really go for the title now. Neither Giroud or Walcott are the answer.
    Cazorla, Ozil, Alexis , monreal, Coquelin were simply brilliant today. Mention for Mertesacker who easily took care of Benteke. No mean feat.
    A season that turned out to be good with that result.

  52. Kenneth Widmerpool

    “Would be great if a load of us from UA could really get together in person,–one day!”

    Yes it would.

    Don’t get to many games at all. As a Red member get the odd chance but it has to coincide with work, which is tricky.

    Will be there for the Emirates Cup though on the Sunday.

    Also gone on the season ticket waiting list in the hopes that I can afford it when I retire in 15 years or so, which is how long I’ve been told my wait will be.

    Oh well. Still being alive by then will do me 😆

  53. I know a lot of you are going to watch the parade tomorrrow (starts on Arsenal.com at 10:30am), but remember the U17 Ladies team is playing Aston Villa in the Youth FA Cup tomorrow (12:00).

    Arsene’s interview is up at Arsenal.com

    > on what he will do to celebrate…

    >> The players have organised it all. I don’t know where we’ll go but I will follow. I organised the whole year so tonight I just want to follow!

    > on Alexis Sanchez…

    >> I will push for him to have a good holiday because we’ve played 56 games. Now he goes to the Copa America and it’s not ideal. The Copa America finishes at the beginning of July and I will give him four weeks’ holiday, so that’s of course important.

    And on about the 3rd or 4th transfer question:

    > on Arturo Vidal…

    >> Arturo Vidal? You must be from Chile. We have good midfielders and at the moment we are not looking at Arturo Vidal.

    Those medja people, they will not give this endless transfer market a rest.

  54. I see it took 110 comments or so before the disingenuous Jayram showed up with his two faces – with a typical sneaky comment. Waster!!

  55. Thank you, mr. Moss. After you gave Benteke a “talking to” instead of the yellow card his action deserved, I got afraid. Afraid of seeing the same thing I see over and over again. But you didn’t go that way. You actually gave a yellow card for the next big foul Aston Villa commited. In the end it was 5-0 in yellows, so you didn’t even try to “even things out” by giving yellows to Arsenal players for nothing-fouls. In fact, you might have even given Villa a penalty…..I must be dreaming.

  56. Just got home from Wembley. What a fantastic match despite all the hurdles. Alexis scored an absolute beauty that was poetry to behold.

    Loved every moment of the celebrations. We got what we deserved at last. Oh Arsenal we love you.

  57. @Nicky,
    You forgot Arsenal traveled to a place up north in Manchester?

    Go Gunners! 2 years in a row! Let’s keep the good times rolling! And let us fans show Chelsea how to do a real victory parade!

  58. Walter, dont worry mate,!!Keep on dancing!!!!!!!!!Hope youre having a brilliant time!!

    Jambug,who knows mate, sometimes these things happen (us all meeting up)once people start thinking that way.Bit like Arsène and the philosophy of the Invincibles…!where theres a will…
    The Arsenal were really superb today!

    I wonder what Dial Sq.Dave, Darren Manure and Granny Furter are up to?

  59. Walter, Grandad dancing round the streets of North London.

    The mind boggles. 😆

  60. jesus christ jayram, how ungrateful can a person be? did you see how Theo created the space for himself and subsequently attack the space for the first goal? have you ever kicked a football in your life? i reckon you must be the striker Arsenal needs.

  61. Jambug.

    Sherwood has a rebuilding job. He is going to be a good manager. There are rumours that Jenkinson will be loaned again. Sherwood doesn’t want to play park the bus.

    I think that might work for next season. But, it’s not my decision, and it doesn’t need to be made for a while.

    Oh, it is apparently 18 days until the 2015/16 schedule comes out.

  62. In German Cup news, Wolfsburg beat Dortmund 3-1.

    Lord Bendtner was on the bench for Wolfsburg, and never came off the bench.

  63. @Gord

    Not sure if anyone else has answered your question re goals scored – I think it is 109 – I have a spread sheet to keep track of a lot of info & it is not as yet quite up to date, so this is an estimate.

    Re pop us – I find the present car hire advert on this page a nuisance – it keeps appearing in both margins – any thoughts?

  64. The perfect day, congratulations to all at Arsenal. A bit naughty, but what the hell, my first foray onto the Emirates pitch at the end of the game, along with most of the others in the stadium! Gooners had taken over the streets around Holloway.Amazing performance by the team, we need to sign that they up.
    Three pots in a fraction over a year, and some said Wenger would never win another trophy.
    Wenger got a load of massive cheers when he appeared on the screens at the Emirates.

  65. I did not expected such brilliance in the FA cup final. All Arsenal players, take a bow sons!

  66. Maybe they should just give the trophy to the great man and design another!

  67. Some Villa fan got a tatoo before the game, Aston Villa 2015 FA Cup Champions (or something to that effect).

    One place rating players, ranked Ozil last for having a lousy game. I guess if you watch the game with an electric arc shield in front of your eyes, you might (not) see things that way. Turkish-football disagrees:


    Oh, how long has it been since Arsenal last won a cup? 🙂

    It has been reported that the Cesc banner at Emirates got torn down.

    I don’t see popups. Almost ever. So, I don’t know where this one is coming from. Are you enough of a geek (or know someone who is) who can tell me what site that popup is coming from?

  68. Mandy Dodd

    Must of been a wonderful day.

    I hope you didn’t damage that wonderful pitch !

  69. Sure was Jambug! Can assure you I treated the pitch with the utmost respect, just a quick walk on and walk off. Unfortunately, there were a few climbing up the screen and speaker frames, all seemed friendly, with minor elements of the idiotic. There was a pitch invasion last year as well, but with the people climbing things, I do fear they might not do it again on health and safety issues. Nice atmosphere outside the ground at the end as well, at least from what I saw. I did see a guy in a spurs shirt near the ground, did worry for him, wrong place wrong time, wrong shirt, but fortunately, he got nothing worse than the usual chant comparing Spurs with excrement and vice versa.

  70. I see at the BBC, that there is a MOTD program which is going to show highlights of the FA Cup Final. How are they going to do a 1 hour show (if that is what it is), without showing anything about Arsenal? All those muppets are going to be choked.

  71. Bevan Trivia (from his player ratings)

    > Szczesny is the first goalkeeper since Joe Hart in 2011 to not have to make a single save in an FA Cup final.

    > Bellerín made more interceptions than any other Arsenal player (4) and had 82 touches.

    > Monreal had 81 touches on the ball.

    > Three of Arsenal’s four scorers today had all previously scored for both club and country at Wembley (Walcott, Sanchez, Mertesacker).

    > Koscielny made seven clearances and two interceptions. I think the reason he didn’t score today, is because he has not previously scored for France at Wembley.

    > Coquelin completed 92.3% of his passes.

    > Cazorla, who provided his 15th assist in all competitions this term, and had 100 touches on the ball today.

    > Ozil Kept popping up in pockets of space between Villa’s defence and midfield to do damage.

    Oh, and Mesut has never lost a FA Cup game (10 out of 10).

    Bevan is like that Jayram twit, he just has to insert the knife and twist to say anything nice about Mesut.

    > Ramsey attempted more shots (5) and made more tackles (5) than any other Arsenal player.

    And was too tired to chase one long ball played for him. 🙂

    > Alexis is the only Arsenal player to have featured in every round of this year’s FA Cup, was the Gunners’ top scorer (with four goals) in the competition and, after setting up Walcott’s opener, also provided the most assists (three).

    > Walcott has scored seven goals in seven starts for Arsenal this season.

    > Nine of Wilshere’s 11 attempted passes were in the opposition half.

    > Giroud has scored eight and assisted four goals in his 14 FA Cup appearances, and has scored in each of his last four games against Villa.

    > Oxlade-Chamberlain has provided four assists in his last six FA Cup games.

    And he was only on the pitch for 3 minutes today, and provided an assist.

  72. This was a strange game to watch because we were so much in control from start to finish. The match made me feel a bit like 2004 when I had so much confidence that we would win every match. Yes, there were two penalty shouts for Villa and if even one had been given maybe I would have felt differently, however the first on Abgonlohar was after it was already 0-3 so…meh.

    It’s great to be a Goonah!

  73. The last time Arsenal won the FA cup back to back, we went the next season unbeaten!!!! Watch out!!!

  74. A great day to be a Gooner. Well done to everyone have a great night and enjoy the parade tomorrow.

  75. GGG, yes they had a pen shout, or two, think the agbonlahor one a foul but just outside the area, but we had a decent shout as well for handball, think it was Hutton. Even if they had scored one, or even two penalties, we would just have moved up a gear. Villa are getting accused of not turning up, but that was one of our best performances of the season.
    We really were quite amazing. They racked up the yellows, think a couple were cynical fouls, but others were mistakes that happen when chasing shadows.
    With a little luck, that scoreline could have reached figures compassionate people would not wish on a team in a cup final, especially a team managed by a gooner.
    Let’s show Chelsea what a proper victory parade looks like tomorrow!
    2015, the year the AAA became an irrelevance

  76. The official site now showing photos of fans celebrating on the pitch at the Emirates today…..don’t feel so naughty now!

  77. @Mandy

    You are right – it was a superb performance, Villa tried hard but were totally outclassed and outplayed. I am looking forward to the victory parade – hope the head is not too sore!!

  78. Totalling up the BBC scoring chart produces 103 goals, and I (and others) think we have more than that this season. I found 1 for Sanogo. In any event, here is my list of names. With the proper diacritical marks if I could find them.

    Alexis Sánchez _ _ _ _ _3 _ 0 _ 4 _16 _ 1 _25
    Olivier Giroud _ _ _ _ _1 _ 1 _ 3 _14 _ 0 _19
    Aaron Ramsey _ _ _ _ _ _3 _ 1 _ 0 _ 6 _ 0 _10
    Santiago Cazorla _ _ _ _0 _ 1 _ 0 _ 7 _ 0 _ 8
    Danny Welbeck _ _ _ _ _ 3 _ 0 _ 1 _ 4 _ 0 _ 8
    Theo Walcott _ _ _ _ _ _0 _ 0 _ 2 _ 5 _ 0 _ 7
    Mesut Özil _ _ _ _ _ _ _0 _ 0 _ 1 _ 4 _ 0 _ 5
    Laurent Koscielny _ _ _ 0 _ 0 _ 0 _ 3 _ 0 _ 3
    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain 2 _ 0 _ 0 _ 1 _ 0 _ 3
    Tomáš Rosický _ _ _ _ _ 0 _ 0 _ 1 _ 2 _ 0 _ 3
    Héctor Bellerín _ _ _ _ 0 _ 0 _ 0 _ 2 _ 0 _ 2
    Per Mertesacker _ _ _ _ 0 _ 0 _ 2 _ 0 _ 0 _ 2
    Jack Wilshere _ _ _ _ _ 0 _ 0 _ 0 _ 2 _ 0 _ 2
    Mikel Arteta _ _ _ _ _ _1 _ 0 _ 0 _ 0 _ 0 _ 1
    Calum Chambers _ _ _ _ _0 _ 0 _ 0 _ 1 _ 0 _ 1
    Mathieu Debuchy _ _ _ _ 0 _ 0 _ 0 _ 1 _ 0 _ 1
    Mathieu Flamini _ _ _ _ 0 _ 0 _ 0 _ 1 _ 0 _ 1
    Kieran Gibbs _ _ _ _ _ _1 _ 0 _ 0 _ 0 _ 0 _ 1
    Nacho Monreal _ _ _ _ _ 0 _ 0 _ 1 _ 0 _ 0 _ 1
    Yaya Sanogo 1 against Dortmund

    Francis Coquelin
    Lukas Podolski
    Abou Diaby
    Serge Gnabry
    Joel Campbell

    Gabriel Armando de Abreu

    Wojciech Szczęsny
    David Ospina
    Damián Martínez

    I think the Ox would like everyone to start using Gabriel’s proper name (so that his name is no longer the longest on the team).

    And the last 3 guys on the list, they don’t seem to ever score goals. I have no idea what we keep them around for. 🙂

    How long has it been since Arsenal won a cup?

    Sorry, I am not getting up at 3:30 in the morning to watch the parade. I will try to get up at 5am to try and find commentary of the Arsenal U17 Ladies attempt to beat Aston Villa in the Ladies Youth FA Cup (or whatever name it has). I live 7 hours west of London.

  79. One of the most amazing things that I will take away from this is the sight of Koscielny with his shirt pulled up and over his head as our BMG was heading in goal number 3. We shall never know whether that would have been called had Mertesacker’s header (shoulder) not gone in. And, no one at BT commented on it!!! Amazing.

  80. To think that to get to the final Villa beat Loserpool. Loserpool must be really bad.

    What a time to be a Gooner!

    Thank you Arsene. Merci.

  81. GGG
    Yes, that was even worse than Smalling’s attempt to strip Giroud a couple of weeks back. I initially thought what a weird way for Kos to celebrate, then realised that he’d been fouled. But yes, no mention of it whatsoever. And a villa defender blocked Ramseys goal bound shot with his hand, so we could have had two penalties.

  82. If anyone sees a slightly inebriated Belgium Gooner, ‘Grandad’ dancing his way around the streets of North London, could they tell him to stop enjoying himself and get typing, he has a match report to write ! 😉

    I’ve got up early especially to read it, well, for work actually, but that’s beside the point I still like a good read in the morning.

    Work or no work, I think today is going to be a lovely day. 😆

    To those going to the parade, have a great day and give them a cheer for me.

  83. Jayramfootball
    Giroud and Theo are good enough to play as strikers. They are two different kinds of striker who gives us different options and will do good next season. You cannot replace both of them with one striker.
    We do not need a “superstar” striker, this unbalances the team i think, and we know it. But hey, football is so that you may get your wish.
    What ever happens, Arsenal for the PL next season.

    On another note. Ozil seems to really need MUCHO love and care. I noticed him sitting alone after he came off, and his face did not look content, he probably was wondering what he did wrong and mulling things over in his head if he did something wrong, i was really scared for him.
    THEN one of our players came and sat next to him and started talking, WOW, the sun came out. The transformation on Ozil’s face was amazing.
    If i am completely right i do not know, but that is what i observed.

  84. @Bootoomee &Jerry,
    Sorry guys, after a few extra tinctures of Calvados, I quite forgot Citeh….as you do. 😉

  85. @para I do think so. It was Flamini who sat next to him, wasn’t it?
    Waiting for the parade today!!!

  86. @Bootoomee & Jerry,
    And before you write again. I also forgot the noisy Manure from up the road from Citeh. 😉

  87. @para
    I agree on Ozil. Seems the type who won’t seek recognition but really appreciates it when it comes. He has been brilliant this season.
    As for Walcott and Giroud they frustrate me with the number of chances they miss. It’s a problem I think. Walcott should play wide. No surprise his goal came when he had moved out wide briefly yesterday. Giroud? He can be good in short runs of games but he is not consistent. I want to see a top striker at the club. Fast and clinical. Maybe that player doesn’t exist or is not available but we need more up front to win the league and challenge for the CL in my view.

    Whatever, season over. Good marks because of the FA Cup win.

  88. para,

    What are you going on about Ozil? Can we stop reading meanings into every little things that these guys do?

    Ozil is an easy going and very quiet guy. He was just being himself. I saw nothing sad or ‘disturbing’ about him. If there is anything I find surprising, it is the fact that you are expecting Ozil to be jumping around or going crazy – that is what i would have found disturbing because it is just not who he is.

    There is no shock that jayramfootball, the 2-faced Arsenal hater agrees with you.

    As for me, I am just enjoying the victory as I trust Arsene Wenger to sort out whatever might be wrong with the team.

  89. I didn’t mention the PGMO plant -Moss. I was on his case from the first whistle. I knew he was going to do his share of cheating the Laws – and he did. I called all his cheats & baptised him son of Blatter. There were so many cards not given for fouls against us – both on & off the ball. There were advantages not given when clearly more appropriate. The usual chats with perpetrators – all Villa.

    Despite all of that Arsenal were fantastic. Knowing that we would be Premier League Champions this season IF the officiating was fair remains in my mind. The shame is very few supporters know what is going on in the corrupt world of the FA & PGMO.

    I did tweet ‘As long as there is a Septic Bladder in FIFA, corruption will fester.’

  90. @ apo Armani – May 31, 2015 at 1:20 am – LIKE !
    Go for the lot next season – and with basically the same team .
    That ought to piss everyone who is not an AKB off !

  91. para

    About Mr. Özil and his expressions…He didn’t look morose to me…it seems that when he is tired he just looks WAY tired. Not sad. He sure beamed when Flamini sat down beside him…Hey, who knows what they were talking about or what his state of mind was at that moment. The team was up 0-3 with 20 minutes left…Two other points…Mr. Özil has been playing consistently well since he came back from injury. He doesn’t seem to be the type that has such swings in mood. Additionally, it would seem strange that he would need such personal love and attention at this stage of his career and if that were the case we would hear a lot about it from all his former teammates.

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