Chelsea finances get worse as they fall to Arsenal yet again

The owner of CSKA Fulham has gained some financial relief after the Russian government has loaned $1.8 billion to the steel company Evraz.  But the situation is getting ever worse for the football club.


Abramovich owns much of Evraz (having sold his interest in Sibneft the oil company).  But Evraz, with debts of over $10bn was on the edge of going bust – taking much of Abramovich’s money with it, when the government stepped in to save him and it.  Mr Abramovich is thought to have paid over $3 bn for his shares in Evraz.

The Abramovich media men who place stories in the press say that although there are huge cuts going on at Chelsea in terms of its budgets, this is quite a separate matter from how the owner is trying to dig himself out of his financial difficulties.

I’ve mentioned one or two points about CSKA Fulham’s financial situation, such as the fact that they can’t have any more Abramovich money, and the entire department of 15 scouts which aimed to emulate Arsenal’s World-Wide Scouting empire have all been sacked.  Additionally the Observer has been reporting that “several major capital projects” have been cut part way through, they have “introduced savings on club equipment and publications and are considering charging players for meals.”

Another area of development – their ladies team – looks also to be hitting the buffers.  In the summer they signed two of Arsenal’s England stars (Sanderson and Asante) and  Arsenal’s reserve team coach Steve Jones, and declared the aim to have the England  international team playing for them shortly.

Chelsea then said,  “These great signings (of Sanderson and Asante) will tell the women’s football world that this could be the place to come and play your football.”

Just to show how far CSKA Fulham Ladies have come was seen yesterday as Arsenal sauntered past them 4-0 in the league cup semi-final.  It seems fairly likely that the cuts that are sweeping around Chelsea will also include the ladies team shortly, leaving those who joined the “place to come and play your football” wishing that they hadn’t moved.

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  1. I bet if were Arsenal in the same position we wouldn’t hear the end of the ‘club in crisis’ headlines!

  2. I really felt for Emmanuel Eboue. I know his performance was shocking but the cheering from Gooners when he was substituted was in my opinion was harsh.

    Gooners pay plenty of money to watch Arsenal and maybe feel that they earn the right to behave how they want at games. I agree to a certain extent but I think it is harsh to single out one player.

    Eboue will never be a crowd favourite and he can infuriate me with his play-acting but you could see how much the crowd’s reaction hurt him.

    He was close to tears and nobody likes to see a grown man cry. To see him so distraught wasn’t a nice sight.

    Wenger says that Eboue is a sensitive boy who wants to do well. I hope we see a positive reaction from him in the next game he plays but I think after yesterday his confidence is shot.

    He is an immensely popular lad in the dressing room and I don’t think he is as bad as some people make him out to be. In my eyes he is a very good right back but Sagna is better.

    Let’s hope it was just an off day for Eboue and he comes back stronger from this. A little more effort from him would be a start!

    I understand that we Gooners are going through a difficult period at the moment and it is frustrating but please lets not start getting on the backs on individual players.

    I think we are looking for a scapegoat and Eboue is an easy target. I know he was shit yesterday but haven’t you had a really really bad day at work before? I know I have and it seems once one thing goes wrong the rest of the day seems to follow suit.

    It’s easy to get on the back of Eboue but lets try not to. After all, he does play for Arsenal.

    A little question is at the back of my mind. Would the Gooners who “turned” on Eboue have done the same if it was Cesc Fabregas having the worst game of his life?

    I think not.

  3. Amen to that, realis.

    JBH, or Tony, for that matter, can you tell me where you got your detailed season and game stats for Denilson?

  4. Note from the site owner

    It has just been pointed out to me that the piece supplied by “Gun5” is in fact directly lifted from a commentary by Alan Hansen which appears on the BBC Web Site

    I thoroughly disapprove of plagarism. Others may think it is perfectly ok to take someone else’s work and then post it as their own, but I don’t.

    Quoting from articles by others (in moderation) is fine – but it is vital to give the full details of the original source.

    I offer my apologies to Alan Hansen, and to the BBC.

    Tony Attwood

  5. Looking around some of the other blogs, a lot of booers have justified the spiteful treatment of Eboue, by talking about the way he dives, rolls around faking injury and his reckless fouling.
    Eboue has been guilty of all the above, but no-one seems to have taken on board the fact that he has changed. I don’t recall any gamesmanship from Eboue this season. Does anyone else?
    I was really saddened by the large numbers of Arsenal fans turning on their own. It does seem that a large proportion of our support has become spoilt, and it’s not just about Eboue. Denilson, Adebayor, Bendtner and Gallas have been victims as well, though not to such an extreme.
    I think most readers of this blog are supporters of Wenger and all he has done. I believe most Arsenal fans feel this way, but our voices are not being heard. Next time Eboue plays make sure you make your support heard. It doesn’t matter if you think he should be picked or not. What is at stake is the reputation of our fans.
    If we gain a reputation of being moaners and unsupportive of our side, we will also lose the loyalty of players we cherish such as Clichy and Fabregas.
    Make your voices heard, loyal Gooners

  6. Thank you, jbh.
    I had an opta page via sky sports but it didn’t seem to have the detail. I’ll give it another go.

  7. The non-stop moaning and scapegoating of individual players by bloggers was the thin end of the wedge that culminated in Saturday’s debacle. A lot of people seem to have been sufficiently outraged that I hope it will make a difference, although unfortunately the most populist and despicable blogs are still trying to justify themselves and the behaviour of the mob.

    I worry about Denilson too as I am sick of reading the sheep like responses about his performances. He has been excellent this season and even when his stats are pointed out, the sheep are dismissing them because they don’t support their prejudices!

    If people can’t support the team, they shouldn’t bother going to the games. Stay home and shout and boo at the TV – the players can’t hear you and be discouraged by it. I’m sure they’d rather have fewer but more supportive fans at the games.

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