Oh joyful day

What a jolly day for news this is.

Take that bunch of loveable rogues the Tiny Fantasits form White Hart Lane.  On the last day of the last January transfer window they sign Gilberto from Hertha Berlin.   He plays a couple of times in the space of a year, and after that the fantastic man-manager that is Harry Hedgehog says, “that’s the last time he’ll play for us”.

What a wonderful way to deal with your team.  Gives a real sense of togetherness.  And a sense that anyone has any idea what is going on.

Then there’s that bunch in Spain and Italy.   What is supposed to happen just two weeks prior to the transfer window being wiped down and creaked open is that Cesc is supposed to go to BarBarBarcasheep and Ade goes to Milan.  That’s what always happens.

But instead, Real Mad are mucking around with Sir Alex F Word and I don’t really know what Milan are up to at all – they seem to be broke.  No one is making calls on our players.

I demand an explanation.  Are our players not good enough all of a sudden?

Still, there is always jolly West Iceland.   Totally bust following the collapse of their owner’s bank, up for sale at a knock down price and without bidders, Eggert Magnusson who used to own some of the club is suing Bjorgolfur Gudmundsson who does own the club but wishes he didn’t.

Magnusson wants 200m krona (£1.1 million), and a bucket of wet fish because he didn’t get all his severance pay.  It’s tough up north.

They are even crying buckets of tears at Birmingham, where they possibly think it is safe to come out of the closet now that Eduardo has played half a game.  But the dustmen are about to come and I haven’t put my bins out yet so I must dash…  more on that story later.