Is this a new Bankrupts ploy, or are they out of control?

This week’s game in the press has been to suggest that Arsenal is falling apart because there have been changes at Board level.  My guess (which is of course just a guess) is that the change arounds can only be for the good of the club.  They will have no effect on the short term, and will have a very positive effect next year.

What is interesting though is that there is little on the way in which the management of Manchester Bankrupt seems to be following the finances of that illustrious club.

We have had an extraordinary outburst from Sir Alex F-Word about Real Mad, which was very neatly side-stepped by Real Mad’s top dog who calmly said “we’d never talk about anyone in such a manner”.

We also had the outburst about Evra who clearly did something a bit dodgy at KGB Fulham.  We then had some very ill-judged criticism of the FA which led to the FA replying (for once) by publishing the hearing’s full findings.  What was interresting about those releases were that they said that the Bankrupt’s assistant manager Mike Phelan and fitness coach Tony Strudwick were “unreliable witnesses” which is legal shorthand for saying they were liars.

So instead of letting this slip away into the Christmas piss-up that Manchester Bankrupt always have the Neville character (who according to the report behaved in an abusive and provocative manner” in the KGB affair launched another assault.

Everything about this looks like the Bankrupts have gone out of control, except for one thing.

Supposing they have invented a new rotational system – rotational press releases, or I suppose you could call it, rotational abuse.

They work their way around the club each one abusing the FA, another club, a ref, the EPL, anyone you like, and no one gets done because it was just a one off incident.

I am not sure if Manchester Bankrupt staff are that clever to organise such a process, but it would but quite amusing if they were.  Having failed to deal with rotational fouling and rotational time wasting, the FA and EPL are hardly likely to deal with this which means they can get away with anything they like.