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January 2020
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Transfers for the big spenders are not working, so why does the media want more of them?

Untold Updates and solving the mobile problem:

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Football corruption and scandals. Why is it all so under reported? Part 1 Football corruption and scandals. A few stories that did get reported. Part 2 Football corruption and scandals. How we tipped off […]

After 21 games this season: it’s not the defence that is the key problem.

By Tony Attwood

There is something of a feeling of elation after the win against Manchester United, as indeed there should be. For after five games without a win and indeed just one win in 16, a win against a traditional “top six” club was very welcome indeed. After all it stopped what seemed an […]

The 14 men tipped to be Arsenal’s next manager (although hopefully not all at once).

By Adam Up


Untold Gooner News video: A lesson in how to silence the critics


The Daily Mirror has done an update of the list of men said to be “in the running” for the job of Arsenal coach, and what do you know. Although the list is remarkably similar to the […]

Do we want Arsenal to wait 30 years to recover. Or is there a shortcut?

by Tony Attwood

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We are developing our own video channel. It’s still at the experimental stage but you can get a feel here…

Untold Gooner News


We recently published research that showed that only 20% of clubs in the PL that have changed managers in the past 18 months are now better […]

The journalist code: Treat the audience like children, treat the players as worthless.


Latest news:

We are developing our own video channel. It’s still at the experimental stage but you can get a feel here…

Untold Gooner News


By Tony Attwood

I suppose one of my biggest gripes about football journalists is that they treat their audience like little children who will gobble up anything […]

And so now we know what their victory looks like

By Tony Attwood

And so now we know. Just as our ancestors allowed the Hill-Wood family and their allies to force out Henry Norris – the man with the vision of a club owned by its members, and with the best manager in the land – so our generation has allowed that combination of journalists […]

Why the Sun decided to support Manchester City against Uefa

By Nitram and Tony Attwood


The Sun’s coverage of the Manchester City story concerning whether or not the club has been engaging in financial activities that breach Uefa rules is something to behold.

Of course given the way that the Sun presents stories, and given the literacy and intellectual level that […]

Does Arsenal Have a Shot?

Could it at least make it to the Champion’s League?

No, would likely be the most appropriate answer. After all, we’re looking at a club that doesn’t have the roster and the continuity of management to compete with teams such as Liverpool or Manchester City. Even Chelsea, though lacking the depth to […]

Gambling on football matches: is there really a way to make it pay? Let’s try with England.

By Bulldog Drummond

In the early days of Untold Arsenal we regularly ran a match preview looking at the betting deals on offer and where the best offer was. But sadly our correspondent moved on, for wholly understandable reasons (and remember, Untold doesn’t pay its writers, so eventually most of us decide they’ve done their […]

In the past it was the clubs lower down the league that fouled most. Now it is the clubs near the top.

By Tony Attwood

The web site Footstats has recently produced some very interesting league tables of its own, and through their kind permission, I am able to bring you one or two of these, starting with the Premier League Table of fouls.

You may remember (if you were paying attention) that in the early days […]

Say what you see Pat Nevin, say what you don’t Danny Mills

A view of world cup commentators from an Arsenal perspective.

By Rob Lackey

I travel a lot, consequently I usually watch games with foreign commentary or often listen in the car to 5 live. 5 Live can truly suck when it comes to football commentary, but often excels in almost all other areas.

I was […]

The plans of the ECA for football – part 3. Third Party Ownership, Agents etc

By Walter Broeckx

In the first article I wrote about the ECA I made it clear that the FFP rules are not an invention of Arsenal’s that we are forcing upon the oiler teams. Arsenal have supported the new rules but the idea was carried by the majority of clubs in Europe. The majority of […]

Does Chelsea shake when the USA uses the language of the AAA?

By Tony Attwood

Does Chelsea shake when the USA uses the language of the AAA?

Or come to that does Liverpool worry that no statement from the club will ever be believed again after the admitted lying over Suarez’ contract? Do Rangers fans worry that their club has to pay 30% p.a. interest on a […]

‘West London is wunderfulllllll!’: untold Lower league on tour

This article is part of a series in which Untold writers have travelled the length and breadth of the country (well, the Midlands, London and the south) visiting other clubs on days when there is no Arsenal game. Today…

Brentford FC 2-0 Port Vale (Attendance 8,327)

On Saturday my brother and I made our […]

AB follows AVB into the dole queue at Xmas

Untold Non Lower League: Northampton Town 1-4 Wycombe Wanderers

Attendance: 4,353

Weather: atrocious

Result: Another managerial casualty

Flags and optimism at the start

Tony and I had intended to watch Poole Town (Tony’s local club when his parents moved out of London during his teenage years) travel to Corby Town today, but a […]

Match Preview: Arsenal – Norwich/Probert

Dominic Sanchez-Cabello

Two defensive mids may be a bit much for today’s game. After all: we’re at home and they are Norwich – what is there to fear?

Lee Probert, of course… but unless we have Flamini steal his whistle whilst Arteta distracts him, I don’t see how it helps us.

Rest Arteta for Dortmund; […]

Untold Non-league: Robins run out of town in the cup

Stamford AFC 4-2 Ashton United (attendance 301)

With no Arsenal game this weekend Tony and I scoured the fixture lists and came up with what looked like an interesting tie in the FA cup.

For most us the FA cup doesn’t start till January when the 3rd round proper sees the big boys enter […]

End of season top of the table predictions – post transfers edition.

The club that changed football Making the Arsenal

By Phil Gregory

Following on from my last article looking at the summers movements and likely additions, I took the plunge and made some predictions for the top of the table come May. With the close of the transfer window and a couple of games under our […]

Hands up if you thought we would be fourth at year’s end

By Tony Attwood

I will make this quick. As I have mentioned in passing before, I live in the Midlands, and have a season ticket in the North Bank, so going to Arsenal is something of a day trip for me.

I am just back, and need to change for the evening’s celebrations with the […]

Arteta is a gem, but spare a thought for poor sad Everton


“Making the Arsenal” – the book of Arsenal’s rebirth

Twitter us on follow (or the other way round) @UntoldArsenal

By Tony Attwood

If there is a man in football who seems to love his club and be doing all he can for it, it must be Bill Kenwright, who appears […]

How the transfer window really works – and the January version has started already

“Making the Arsenal” – the book of Arsenal’s decline and rebirth Untold Arsenal on Twitter @UntoldArsenal


By Tony Attwood

During the summer when it was unclear to us mere mortals if Arsenal would get the transfers the club wanted, there was much comment among the blogworld to the effect that the supposed failure to […]

Arsenal’s new approach is not rocket science. It is much more complex than that.

“Making the Arsenal” – the book of Arsenal’s decline and rebirth Untold Arsenal on Twitter @UntoldArsenal


By Tony Attwood

Goals are on the up – more are scored in the Premier League than in the top leagues in Germany, Spain and Italy. Good for us. Except when we lose 8-2 of course.

Meanwhile club […]

Uproar at silent protest at Marseille, as manager is called a Japanese chicken.


“Making the Arsenal” – the book of Arsenal’s decline and rebirth Untold Arsenal on Twitter @UntoldArsenal


by Billy le chien

I do like to keep the occasional eye on French football, particularly our loan player, ex-player and indeed the surrogate Man City that Paris St Germain has become. But of course […]

UNTOLD at the AGM. What the reports don’t say: Silent Stan’s great joke.

The Christmas gift for the fan with (almost) everything

By Tony Attwood

The AGM of Arsenal Holdings plc lasts an hour – several hundred people and a bunch of journalists turn up, there’s tea and biscuits before and after, and this year it was held in the Woolwich section of Club Level, which was nice […]

Do we need for a defensive coach, or not?


The Christmas gift for the fan with (almost) everything


By Walter Broeckx

We know that one of the things that some part of the fans throw at Wenger is the fact that he can’t organise a defence. And that he is stubborn. And then they come up with the […]