Is it wrong to laugh at Farraris?

This is actually one of two headlines that have made me giggle of late.

It is on the Guardian’s web site, and I’ll come back to it in a moment.

And the other headline was “Barca tell Arsenal to stop talking about Yaya Toure”

So starting with BarBarBarcaSheep…

Of course it is just dribble from a journalist in a bar, but still it is funny.  After manipulating the transfer gossip for their benefit over the years, it is just possible that the boys at Barca might actually have got a little annoyed.

There are only three ways to run the transfer revolving door.

One: you come out and tell the truth.  This hasn’t been tried, as far as I know, but you never know, someone might do it one day.

Two: you try to upset everyone else by letting out that you might be interested in taking x or y, and thus effectively tapping the player up, or at the very least, disrupting the whole squad.  This is often used in the latter case – you let it be known you might want Adebayor, but have no interest in him at all.  Of course it can go wrong… Barca said they wanted Hleb, when I suspect they didn’t – but ended up getting him, and now don’t know where to play him – so he doesn’t get many games.

Three: you let the rumours rumble, and even say the odd word here and there about them, saying, well, yes, perhaps, maybe, and of course he is a fine player…  And all the while you are secretly going after someone else.

This third approach is mostly (but not always) the approach of the Lord Wenger – particularly over the Eduardo deal, where I picked up very little chit-chat about Eduardo, while everyone was talking about lots of other people.  It gives you a comfort area to work in, without idiot journalists running around telling you what’s what.    Although the Nasri transfer did not use this model, most Arsenal transfers go this way – and I suspect we have got one of these going on.

Back to the Guardian’s question:  Is it wrong to laugh at wrecked Farraris?   75% of those voting said, no it is not wrong.  I should add that the Guardian did put in the fact that if no one is hurt, is it wrong?   Incidentally it seems that the jolly chap who drove the car might now find it impossible to get any insurance anywhere.  Hey ho.

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2 Replies to “Is it wrong to laugh at Farraris?”

  1. Excellent site Mr Attwood.

    I’ve been reading you for a few days now and your standard is high plus you take a different angle than other Arsenal blogs.

    Love the positive nature as well.

    Can you explain why no journalist is capable of the sort of insight that would expose the current premiership model as unsustainable?

    Surely it can’t be because that would require going aganist the pack (and becoming persona non grata at Old Trafford)?

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