Ben E Tez speaks exclusively to Untold Arsenal

Following his outspoken comments to the press about Sir Alex F Word I thought it might be good to get further insights from the Liverpool manager on the state of the game.  Here he speaks about yesterday’s tedious and dull goalless draw against Stoke City.

I had to make a selection of players for the game against Stoke, and the League she tell me, I can only play eleven of them.  Is that fair?

I say that some of these players cost me 30 million pounds, and I pay them.  I don’t pay them not to play.  But still they won’t let me play more than eleven.

In the game against Stoke Stevie Baby he hit the cross bar.  It should go in but it comes out.  That is not fair.

Diego Maradona was there.  At least he speak Spanish. I ask him to go and play for me, to flick the ball in the Stoke net, but he said he was not registered with this league.  So I asked Mascherano to play, but he was busy watching Diego watching him watching Diego and no one scored.  This is not fair.

Shawcross scored with his head, and the flag she went up, so the goal she was not given.  This is fair.  I like this.

As for Stoke, her approach was to throw the ball – I thought this football not throw ball.  So they throw the ball, and then we give it back to them.  I ask my players why they give the ball back to Stoke.  They don’t speak to me.  I don’t know why.  One of them say in a paper I am “nutter”.  This is not fair.

Then my Stevie baby she hit the free kick when the ref she is looking the other way, and the ball hits the wall which the ref is trying to push back.  So Stevie gets booked.  This is not fair.   Stevie is a simple baby, he doesn’t know how to cheat.  He just hits things.  Like the ball, or men in nightclubs.

Sir Alex F-Word is not even at the ground. I have to go to this match to watch this rubbish and he can sit at home in front of his fire watching Sky Sports.  That is not fair.  I keep telling everyone but no one listens to me.

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Dribble dribble liver dribble, Ferrari, moan moan

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  1. This place really is a haven (someone said that on the other entry). I don’t always agree, but I am always learning from you (not to put undue pressure on your young shoulders). I’m 19, and I’m sure there are younger, impressionable youths reading this stuff. So please, try to make fun of the tiny totts as much as possible.
    And I love the humor.
    I post quite regularly on an Arsenal messageboard and I am one of the delusional Wenger supporters (not enough of us around), and I am known as the optimist. Thank you for giving me the strength to have belief. 🙂

    oh and please be a Radiohead fan!

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