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January 2021

Does the rise of Leicester and collapse of Chelsea really represent a seismic shift?

15 comments to Does the rise of Leicester and collapse of Chelsea really represent a seismic shift?

  • Barry L

    Tony, you make two great points.
    1. The media and the AW haters always have 20/20 hindsight: AW should have signed Schneiderlein, Schweinsteiger, Kondogbia etc to cover for Coquelin; Benzema, Higuain etc to cover for forward injuries and so on. They also have bottomless pockets and zero experience of actually coaching the best out a diverse set of individuals.
    2. For a Leicester, Palace, Stoke or Tottenham to win the EPL their players have to cope with and conquer the pressure ratcheting up game-by-game up to the end of the season. And this is often a time when key injuries happen.
    Having said that, the new TV money will enable formerly mid table clubs to sign better and better players , levelling out the playing field.
    We have a good chance to win the EPL this season, and can look forward to some key players returning after Christmas

  • colario

    I quote:

    ”if you have been following the series on the Arsenal History site about Arsenal in the 1970s you will be aware of it as we published the league table for December 1972 this week. Man U were very much bottom.”

    That is where manure belongs at the bottom!

  • proudkev

    Tony, good piece.

    Barry, well said.

    This all goes back to the FFM – Fantasy Football Managers with their degrees in hindsight.

    Spend some fking money……….! (and we’ll win everything!!)

    Chelsea and Man City have invested over a billion quid on players, not money generated by the club. Chelsea may have won the Premier League somehow last season but they also lost at Home to Bradford in the FA CUP and fell away at the end of the season. This season, their managers win at all cost attitude led to an on/off field bust up with their medical team when Hazard was wasting time. Chelsea are now 3 points off relegation after a third of the season has been played. Despite the investment, they dont have world class players to come in and replace, world class players.

    Man City, despite their investment, failed to win the PL last season and struggle to win games when their key players are missing. Without Kompany and Aguero they are a fraction of the team and yet even they cannot have two world class players for every position, despiet the investment.

    Man Utd changed Manager and the wheels fell off. Failing to finish in the top 4, out of the cuups early and playing a brand of football that only Chelsea can emulate – boring. They decided the way out of this malaise was to sell players they didnt deem good enough and spend heaviliy on ‘proven’ quality. A £20m loan deal for Falcao, £60m on Di Maria, £30m Herrera etc. The result was a struggle to finsih 4th. So desperate for a striker (and so few available) they payed nearly £40m for Martial.

    Meanwhile, over in North London, a team avoids buying the players the FFM want and follows a path of stability. Two world class players are signed but the balance of the side remains consistent. Two FA Cups arrive on the back of this and Champions League qualification is assured. Another world class player is added in Petr Cech.

    Yet despite the evidence before them, it is assumed that Arsenals key to success is sacking the manager and buying loads of players. In fact, the real irony is that those who have signed up to be a WOB, actually discredit their entire argument by claiming we only need two players without reflecting on who actually built the team we have now, which is ‘two’ players away? Two players, against teams who have spent ridiculous amounts of money compared to us.

    Why is it only Arsenal who should have ‘two’ world class players for every position? Man City struggle when they lose Aguero and Kompany far more than when we lose half the team! Have Cheslea been able to replace their key players when injured or out of form? Costa? Cesc? Hazard? Aguero, Kompany, Rooney etc

    Why is it only Arsenal for whom it is expected any player they sign will improve the team and play at a world class level, without risk of flopping? Di Maria, Falcao, Balotelli, Schnederlein, Schweinsteiger, etc

    Why is it only Arsenal who injure their ‘own players’ or play players when they ought not? Aguero has a repeating issue with his hamstring, Kompany is struggling, Rooney over played etc

    It seems to me that Arsenal are the only team that gets criticised for everything: Despite all these negatives, somehow the Manager keeps the team at a consistent level, helps finance a new training facility and a stadium,has to sell his best players yet finished top 4 EVERY season. He has never been able to spend £300 – £950m, yet he’s expected to compete with those that do/have, win titles, suffer no major injuries and have two world class players for every position. Who else could do that?

    Step Forward Mr Peter Wood from London. You are clearly an exceptional football manager who any team in the world would want to appoint. Give us a call after your next Marketing pitch or when you’ve finished on the Xbox and give us a call. Thank you. Ivan Gazidis, Arsenal Football Club.

    and bring in new ones. Net spend of around £300m.

  • nicky

    On the subject of liking and disliking teams opposed to Chelsea, I’m afraid our Night of Infamy against Man Utd is still sufficiently raw in my memory, that I would favour ANY club against the GBH experts of Manchester. 😉

  • colario

    Yes there is going to be a lot more cash in the EPL and that will mean that clubs that finish in the middle of the league will have more ‘cash to splash’.

    Just because there is more money available to buy better players, does it mean there are better players available?

    As this and former articles have pointed out for all the ‘splashing out on players by the likes of mancs, manure, cescski it has not meant better football. None of them are ‘running away with the league’ and many of the ‘media must by player’ has been bought by these clubs and other clubs and the player has failed.

    So much so that I heard one moron pundit on the BBC on Monday night say: ‘spending big money on players doesn’t guarantee success.’

    However spending only £8 million on an international goal keeper is an inspiring purchase. Yet another season when Arsene has outwitted the media and every Britain who thinks they know better than Arsene when it comes to football transfers.

  • WalterBroeckx

    off topic : the passing away of 90 years old Ernie Crouch has even made the media in Belgium. An article in the newspaper and it even got mentioned on TV when they talked about the storm that raged over the UK last weekend.

  • Pat

    Yes, Colario, as Bob Wilson says on, the most experienced and best all round goalkeeper in the world. And he’s ours!

  • colario

    So much for the pundits moronic claim: ‘Arsene doesn’t do defense’.

  • proudkev


    The manner in which Ernie’s life was taken is probably what has upset so many people.

    A man in his 90’s going to watch the team he loves when he freak wind blows him under the wheels of a bus. Tragic.

    This man was a proper supporter, one that very few people can compare themselves to. I find a lot of what we see from the negative Arsenal fans as an absolute insult to blokes like Ernie.

    I am saddened by his passing and especially the nature of it. I watched Arsenal Fan TV and found myself choked up listening to those who knew him speaking so well of him.

    Football is a sport, a game of fun for us to derive huge pleasure. Sad events like this should make a lot of people take a very large dose of perspective and reality.

    I hope Arsenal Football Club do something to honour this great man; I am sure they will.

  • Andrew Crawshaw

    Walter and Proudkev,

    I have drafted my ref preview for Sunday and started with a brief mention of Ernie’s death. I too was shocked when I realised that he was the person killed in this tragic way. The main story was covered in the London news on Saturday but it was only a couple of days later that his Arsenal connection was made public.

    I met Ernie’s only once, at the recent Ladies Continental Cup final when we were on the same coach for the journey to and from the game and I thought it remarkable that he was still travelling to games. He was somewhat frail and couldn’t walk that freely but was in great spirits.

    An inspiring person for all followers of Arsenal and someone who has seen it all since 1934. I just hope he can now exert a little influence when we need it most.

  • Andrew Crawshaw

    On another matter the U19 game v Olympiacos is being shown live this afternoon on BT Sport Europe starting at 16:00 before the first team game starting at 19:00.


  • WalterBroeckx

    Thanks for letting this know Andrew! Should be able to find a stream then I hope!

  • Tom

    “Yet despite the evidence before them, it is assumed that Arsenals key to success is sacking the manager and buying loads of players.”


    Over the years of mine going to Arsenal home games( on average three times a season), I have sat all over the stadium , since I’m not a season ticket holder. Every time I go ,I get there early and leave late, which gives me an opportunity to talk to other fans and supporters sitting nearby.

    Not a single person I have ever spoken to on the subject of Arsenal chances, player recruitment or managerial appointment, shared the sentiments you are expressing in your passage.

    My suggestion to you is to stop visiting LeGrove comment section.
    It warps your perception of Arsenal fandom.

    From my personal experience over the last ten years or so, the overwhelming majority of Arsenal fans( and virtually everyone I have ever talked to in the stadium) still support Arsene Wenger and don’t think wholesale changes are required, but rather selective additions here and there.

  • Porter

    Precisely that Tom .Throughout time teams that were dynastic always freshened their squads, not necessarily with superstar quality but with players that plugged the little gaps in their lineups. That is all most of us wanted just to support the existing squad with a bit more depth.

  • Yellow Canary

    @Tom, very well said. I don’t think the majority of Arsenal fans want the manager marched out the door or for us to spend every penny we’ve got but a couple of additions would probably enliven the team. I know it’s easy to slag off Schweinsteiger, Di Maria, Falcao etc. but perhaps under Wenger these players would have flourished. Sometimes players just don’t work well under certain managers. Jeffers did very little at Arsenal and Gervinho shone after he left. One can never know the reason why fortunes change.

    As for spending money and success the very fact that you’re tipping Leicester to collapse seems to undermine your point. The fact that they aren’t as rich as many PL teams will inhibit them, you suggest. Very likely and we’ll see just what they’re made of in the next four or five games. I hope Chelsea do get relegated but I doubt that’ll happen but I’ll take great pleasure in seeing them finish out of the CL places but money does equal success, City, Chelsea and Manu have all won the league in the last ten years and only City have failed miserably in Europe. The season Chelsea is having is rare, enjoy it while you can.