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  1. don’t believe the hype

    Do you really think this scenario will happen? There are so many vested interests here, I’m sure there will be some kind of fudge. Although it would be great if the authorities actually started regulating football to stop the financial doping that is going on.

  2. jbh

    Many good points. I’m thinking that Liverpool’s current owners are in an incredibly weak position. Potential buyers are in a strong position as effectively they have to sell within 6 mths or go under – so offers will be low. Without wanting to take a big hit Hicks and Gillett are up a creek without a paddle.
    Being self sufficient and having a strong youth policy will be key moving forward if UEFA get their changes in. Only know of 1 club in this position.

  3. Consolsbob

    Thing is, even if your projested scenario actually plays out like you think, then new buyers equals new money and the whole sorry show rolls on until the owners become disillusioned, move on, new buyers, etc.

    Don’t get me wrong, I hate the way so many clubs live on their tomorrows that will never come. Not sure I don’t hate the idea of EU legislation more. It’s screwed up agriculture, fishing, competition and so many of Europe’s traditions that survived centuries of upheaval. Who is to say that it will not screw up football?

    This all precludes that a certain fat Russian does not make us into one of the clubs that we love to hate. Less likely now for sure but possible.

  4. Valentin

    Already UEFA is under pressure to better regulate financial doping. Until now the Italian and the Spaniard were against it, but now with the Russian oligarch money and the Middle East Petrodollar threatening out of the champion’s league, they have changed their tune. Even Berlusconi is now in favour of regulation !
    UEFA would issue license to play in its competition only for team that can show that
    1) they will be able to live until the end of the competition,
    2) their budget is in surplus or at least not vastly negative. On going operational loss will not be accepted.
    3) their debt and wage ratio to their turn over stays within some criteria. What is often proposed is Wage

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