Tottenham celebrate The Invincibles

The Tiny Totts are today celebrating an Unbeaten Season and have produced a second DVD to celebrate their unbeaten season… against Arsenal.

Actually, they haven’t (although after putting out a DVD of the 4-4 it wouldn’t surprise me if they did) but I just thought it would be amusing to speculate…

But what did strike me over the last couple of days was that if you think Arsenal supporters are being a bit negative at the moment, you should read what the Tiny Totts are saying.

According to the Mirror and likeminded papers, the Tiny Totts are really working hard for their fans by cutting their season ticket prices for the next two seasons.

I took a look at the official club fans forum to see what the thinking was about the issue (page ref at the end – I’m not giving them the comfort of actually putting it as a link) and the fans had rumbled what I think other slightly more alert (ie less drunk) commentators had realised.

The discount comes from the fact that VAT has gone down by 2.5% – so the club is not reducing any price as such.  Further to get the “discount” you have to buy next year’s ticket, and the year after’s ticket, now.  So you stump up two lots of dosh now – just to pay the same price as this year (minus that bit of VAT – which for a £1000 ticket is worth £25.00

Worse, there is no knowledge that the Tinies will actually be in the EPL next season – but hey, no worries, because if they are in the Championship, there will be two more games, so that will be even more value for money.

It somewhat restores my faith in human nature that the Tiny fans actually realised this, and are saying so on their own club’s official web site.

Perhaps the most shocking thing about the story is that papers that should have known better just ran it as a “aren’t Tottenham wonderful” piece.

Here is the entire Mirror piece – no editing, no cutting off the end.

Tottenham became the first major club to slam the brakes on runaway season ticket costs last night by freezing prices for up to two years.

And fans will pay less for their seats than in 2008-9 because the prices take into account the reduced 15 per cent rate of VAT.

A Spurs spokesman said the move reflected both the economic slump and the loyalty of supporters who have stuck with Harry Redknapp’s men on four fronts – fighting relegation, the Carling Cup, FA Cup and UEFA Cup.


Tinies own web site

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  1. adeybayor isnt a one season wonder. he worked best with hleb ( no longer playing) and cesc who hasnt played more then two good games a whole season. if flamini was inplace for denilson we would probably be worse off as our problem isnt conceeding goals its creating and scoring them , and denilson is better at that then flamini. alex song and almunia where our best players on sunday. ive noticed that alex song gets better in games as they go on. especially if you compare 1 st half to 2nd half ( chelsea & spurs ).

  2. It’s a war Tony. Arsenal versus everybody else. I’m just glad that i’m on the right side.

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