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August 2021

Following Uefa’s ruling, Arsenal, not Tottenham enter the Europa League

by Tony Attwood

The key point to note from the latest Uefa rulings on what happens next in relation to football, is first that national leagues will not be banned from European competition if they don’t finish their seasons. That ruling has been overturned.

But more importantly from Arsenal’s point of view is that this […]

Ridiculing one, praising another. How the media treat Arsenal and Tottenham over building a stadium.

By Walter Broeckx

Ever since the stadium move around 2006 we had a bit of an argument amongst supporters about spending money.

The fact that around that period Chelsea first was spending money as if there is no tomorrow and then were followed by Manchester City a few years later, made it all more difficult.


How Tottenham always fall apart how Arry is always good for a larf, and how Motd rearranges reality.

By Tony Attwood

The Telegraph, now in its hour of desperation at seeing the Tinies demise, quickly got Arry the Red on the blower, and out of his vague ramblings concocted this headline today…

Arsenal are lucky to finish second – they need to spend this summer to get anywhere near Spurs Arsenal were […]

Tottenham fans object to the way tickets are sold

If you are a season ticket holder at Arsenal, and you can’t get to a game, you can try and sell your ticket on Arsenal’s Ticket Exchange which is owned an operated by Arsenal.

It is not perfect, and as I found when trying to sell my ticket for Arsenal v Tottenham in the FA […]

Spurs will be Spurs will be Spurs – but what exactly will that mean next season?

By Phil Gregory

While “Sky Sports understands…” may or may not ever be true, it seems Spurs are closing in on their new manager which could well be Andre Villas Boas of Chelsea acclaim. This got me thinking about their squad and chances for next season, particularly with Gareth Bale signing a new contract recently.


Mr Redknapp: The Coincidence Man (and what those earlier Untold articles were all about)

Woolwich Arsenal, the club that changed football. Have your name in the book as an official sponsor. Updated information here

By Tony Attwood

If you have a long memory, and take note of the occasional ramblings of mine on this site you might recall that I’ve written a few things about the Redknapp […]

The FA and League has only themselves (and the police, and Tottenham) to blame for the racism mess

By Tony Attwood

According to reports Tom Adeyemi who plays for Oldham, on loan from Norwich City, was racially abused by one or more Liverpool fans at the Anfield ground last night. He gave a statement to Merseyside Police in which it is understood he claimed to have been racially abused twice by a supporter.


News from down the Lane. The occasional doings of our neighbours

By Tony Attwood

PKF is a firm of accountants engaged by Tottenham Hotspur, a club which until 1965 was part of the county of Middlesex. In that year it moved (along with the rest of the county) into London.

They (PKF) have been asked to look further into issues of Olympic Stadium stuff. Somehow […]

Details of Redknapp’s attacks on refs revealed. So why does he claim he never does it?

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“Making the Arsenal” – is available on Amazon, Arsenal on line, the Woolwich Arsenal site and in the Arsenal store. All the doings down the Lane By Tony Attwood

“I never complain about referees’ decisions – I have not done it in 30 […]

What the Mirror and Sun might have said about Harry if he’d worked for Arsenal

We’re on Twitter @UntoldArsenal

By Tony Attwood

. The Sun newspaper is in a bit of a pickle at the moment. You see, Harry Redknapp is their columnist and (presumably) paid lots of money to write stuff, which means that when the big news in football is that Harry Redknapp is going to […]

New stadium anyone? Let the tax payer pay.

By Tony Attwood

We’ve talked a lot off and on about the Olympic stadium – a stadium which by the EPL’s own rules can only go to The Orient, since they are the local team (and before you ask, no, such rules did not exist when Woolwich Arsenal moved from Plumstead to Highbury).

But Tottenham, […]

Has Tottenham Hotspur been naughty again? And “worst toilet” competition is suspended.


“Making the Arsenal” – the book of Arsenal’s decline and rebirth Untold Arsenal on Twitter @UntoldArsenal


Sign the petition to make sure YOU are not helping fund Tottenham’s new stadium

By Tony Attwood

If you don’t live in the UK you might not know that this country is awash with […]

The Olympic Stadium Fiasco – A Tiny Tott Perspective

The Christmas gift for the Arsenal fan with (almost) everything

By Tony Attwood

I recently stumbled across The Olympic Stadium Fiasco – A Spurs Fan’s Perspective by Gigwise. It popped up on my radar because it contained the hallowed words “Woolwich Arsenal”, with the phrase “This is the original North London side, the […]

Arsenal outmanoeuvred by Tottenham PR machine again

By Tony Attwood

In 2008 Hampshire police announced the investigating of racial and homophobic abuse directed by Tottenham fans towards Sol Campbell at a Portsmouth v Tottenham game.

The police said they would report the matter to the Football Association because it was not possible to make arrests due to the sheer numbers chanting.

The […]

RefWatch – Tottenham Hotspur Vs Arsenal (02-10-2011 – 16:00)

Untold Arsenal on Twitter @UntoldArsenal

By DogFace

Referee: Mike Dean Assistant 1: Stuart Burt Assistant 2: Scott Ledger 4th Official: Anthony Taylor

Good morning stat-fans and welcome to RefWatch.

This weekend we face our old foes Tottenham and this time it’s a match that our friends in the […]

Inside the mind of H Redknapp. London in the EPL next season (continued)

London in the EPL, part 2 By Tony Attwood . As Mr Redknapp prepares for his day (or perhaps week), in court, defending himself against charges related to fraud and corruption during his previous managerial life, he has taken on a new life, doubling as the man asking the Tiny Totts chairman Daniel Levy to […]

Trading places: Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur

By Walter Broeckx

Sometimes lessons can be learnt from what happens to other teams. That is if one is interested in just more than ‘did we win anything this season?”. If not you can stop reading now. For those who like to see things in some perspective they can read on.

Arsenal supporters are so […]

We won the league at….. or did we lose it there

By Walter Broeckx

We all love to sing the popular Arsenal song: We won the league at White Hart Lane…. I bet you are all signing it right now. So am I.

But when looking back at the season I wonder if this season we should sing: We lost the league at White Hart Lane. […]

The Tiny Totts: what do these footballers all have in common?

Arsenal on Twitter @UntoldArsenal

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Editor’s note: this article appeared previously on Gooner Talk. When Untold published the piece we were unaware of this fact, and we do apologise to Gooner Talk for running their article without permission. Untold is very much against plagiarism […]

Tottenham, anti-Semitism, the FA, the League, the police, and the fans

By Tony Attwood

In 2008 Hampshire police announced the investigating of racial and homophobic abuse directed by Tottenham fans towards Sol Campbell at a Portsmouth v Tottenham game.

The police said they would report the matter to the Football Association because it was not possible to make arrests due to the sheer numbers chanting.


What a strange season it is

Arsenal on Twitter @UntoldArsenal

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By Walter Broeckx

What a strange season we are seeing this time around. In fact when you take a look at the league after the same number of games compared to now you can see a few surprising things.

Let us start […]

The Real achievement at the Lane

The Real achievement at the Lane

By Ian Trevett

It hasn’t been much fun reading some of the posts on less supportive Arsenal sites this week, with lots of vitriol aimed at the boss and various players. However, there was a short post on Arsenal Insider that really took my eye. It went along the […]

Snooping around Sp#rs Blogs (Beware: health warning)

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By Sammy The Snake

Snooping around Sp#rs Blogs

Oh Lord… Not you Tony!

Oh Lord… Not you Arsene!

Oh Lord… Yes, you, Big Man!

Oh Lord… Forgive me for I’ve sinned… I’ve been to the other side, and it wasn’t pretty… I’ve […]

Tottenham’s journey to the east end, Liverpool’s descent into the land of mirth

By Tony Attwood & the research team of the 10th best blog in Northamptonshire (and other places).

Tottenham’s new stadium plans have been accepted by Haringey council’s planning committee.


While the committee in fact got quite excited, bubbling over with enthusiasm for what it calls “an overhaul of north Tottenham”, in a £400m project […]

Barca announce the signing of Cesc. Five year contract agreed

By Billy “The Dog” McGraw

“Footballers, like measles, should be caught young”, Sandro Rosell.

It was one of the most amazing moments in football that the world has ever seen. Cesc Fábregas, champion of the universe, master of his destiny, prophet to the masses, and player of the year in the Sidereal Daily Mentioner, descended […]