Robin said nothing of the kind

It’s saturday morning and nearly time to get the Morris Minor out for the long treck south, across the dusty wastelands where capitalism once flourished before the evil bankers came in and stole everything, leaving the poor asking why we didn’t fight them in the high street and on the landing grounds, as they took our money from under our noses.

But before setting off, a quick note about Robin.  I can’t be arsed to read all the papers, but I am sure they are going to be packed solid with Robin is a leaving because we don’t win enough.

Just in case you are eating your heart out, here’s what he actually said

“I want to achieve more. I feel I can play an important role in bringing Arsenal to a higher level.”

Hopefully that eases the pain.

Remember, as with Bendtner, the words of our great and glorious players are as spoken, not as stated in the press.

Last thing – a letter has appeared in our discussion pages from a Manchester United fan congratulating me on an article.  I have spent much of this morning debating with myself (as I do) if this is a prime example of postmodernist irony,  or a genuine compliment.

I shall choose to believe the latter.

Now, where are the car keys?  (Did you know that if you can knock a banker over whilst driving it counts double points?)

(c) Tony Attwood 2009

PS: Some of my own rambling comments do have an element of postmodernist irony in them, and I am not actually advocating driving cars into bankers.  Although its a nice idea, I do accept the modern justice system of the United Kingdom, and will be quite happy when they are all behind bars doing life for crimes against humanity.

4 Replies to “Robin said nothing of the kind”

  1. I think Tony, if you want to be at the cutting edge, then you should be striving to be ‘Aftermodern’ according to the Head of Tate Britain.

    Postmodern is just so yesterday.

  2. I believe we’re in a ‘late’ period. An idea posited by Edward Said. Not to be confused with a ‘late period’, though perhaps this does adequately describe our times; bloated and expecting.

  3. I love your blog. I quote you all the time in my little Arsenal loop. We all love to hear that our opponents are skint. Keep on rocking.

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