Arsenal v Villa. Only half the teams in the Prem next season were there 10 years ago.


A return to voodoo

By Bulldog Drummond.

Yes, it is indeed the ninth season that Untold Arsenal has been around to cover the end of the season.

Our first ever final match of the season was a 0-1 away win at Sunderland, and the main comment was that the team put out for that match had an average age of 20.

The results that day were

Birmingham City 4-1 Blackburn Rovers  
Chelsea 1-1 Bolton Wanderers  
Derby County 0-4 Reading  
Everton 3-1 Newcastle United  
Middlesbrough 8-1 Manchester City  
Portsmouth 0-1 Fulham  
Sunderland 0-1 Arsenal  
Tottenham Hotspur 0-2 Liverpool  
West Ham United 2-2 Aston Villa  
Wigan Athletic 0-2 Manchester United

Now what amazes me is that only the teams in bold are still in the Premier League this season.  That is 11 teams out of 20.  And if you remove Newcastle and Villa from the list (now going down) and throw in Middlesbrough (going up) that means 50% of next season’s Premier League were not in the Premier league of 10 years ago.

Now I know that fourth is not a trophy – but with this rate of churn, just staying in the league for ten years ought to get clubs a trophy.   And we are set up for the 19th consecutive year in the Champions League (which is not a trophy of course, but try telling that to one of the Manchester clubs and Chelsea).

But there is something else I want to share before doing the full match preview.  It comes from this end of season article from Untold on the day of the final game of the season nine years ago – the first end of season we covered.

“It was the most far-fetched plan ever, but after the tackle on Eduardo that nearly cost him a leg, a little group of Arsenal fans felt they just had to act.

“When one member of the group claimed to be able to put a curse on Birmingham, there was general disbelief – but no one objected.

“The reason was not just the tackle itself, but the clubs’ subsequent reaction – their decision to sneak the player who committed the tackle back into football after just three games, and their wholesale resistance to the idea from FIFA of an investigation of the tackle.

“There was no admission of guilt, no sorrow, just a totally self-centered attitude – and that is what upset us so much.

“Of course you might put it all down to coincidence, but since the Curse was announced three events have happened.   First Birmingham’s managing director and co-owner were both arrested by police.   Then the fraud squad turned up and took away much of the club’s paperwork in a dawn raid.

“And finally of course the club (which at the time of the Eduardo attack was not looking threatened by relegation) has gone down.”

So no in-fighting, no anti-Wenger, just good old fashioned voodoo.  I think we should have more of that and I shall be talking to the team at Untold about introducing this in the future.

Anyway, moving on…

Although you probably know it off by heart, here’s the league table.

1 Leicester Curiosity Shop 37 23 11 3 67 35 32 80
2 Tiny Totts 37 19 13 5 68 30 38 70
3 Arsenal 37 19 11 7 61 36 25 68
4 Manchester Airport 37 19 8 10 70 40 30 65
5 Manchester Disjointed 37 18 9 10 46 34 12 63
6 State Aid United 37 16 14 7 64 49 15 62
7 Southampton 37 17 9 11 55 40 15 60
8 Liverpool!!! 37 16 11 10 62 49 13 59
9 Chelsea Impossible 37 12 13 12 58 52 6 49
10 Stoke Violence 37 13 9 15 39 54 -15 48

As you know, a defeat for the Tinies and a win for us gives us second.  Otherwise a win or draw for us gives us third.  A defeat for us and a win for Man City gives us fourth.   Most amusingly however is the fact that two of the three great money machines in English football will miss out on the Champions League next season (although that is not not getting a trophy because fourth is not a trophy), and utterly useless and hopeless Arsenal with the worst manager in the history of worst managers will be there.

Manchester Airport (now renamed following the deal in which in return for being given the state paid-for Stadium built for the Commonwealth Games, Ethiad Airlines agreed to put on more flights to and from Manchester Airport), Manchester Disjointed (which seems a better name than “united”) and Chelsea Impossible (“it is impossible to imagine that Chelsea won’t recover and get into the top four” as many journalists said earlier in the season), have not dominated as expected in the face of the onslaught from the Tinies and Leicester.  (Leicester is renamed after a Charles Dickens novel for reasons that may become more apparent next season).

Still, never mind.

Today I proclaim that the team will be


Bellerin  Koscielny  Gabriel  Monreal

Coquelin  Wilshere

Alexis  Ozil  Iwobi


If that is right, Jack makes his first start since the final day of LAST season.  But another way of doing this would be to have Elneney and Ramsey in the middle – all depends on what Mr Wenger makes of Villa.  Coquelin played in midweek against Villa under 21s so he might be rested.

Lurking on the beach in what I am told will be some sunshine, and based on the starting XI I’ve listed above, we may or may not have …

Oooooospina, Chambers, Gibbs, Ramsey, Elneny, Cazorla, Walcott

So we end the season with three injuries: Alex Ox and Mert who should be fit for the new season and poor Danny who is out until next year.

We’ve ended the season (before today’s games) with 42 yellow and four red cards while Villa have 75 yellow and three reds – quite a difference.

Villa also have injuries with Veretout (pelvis), Richardson (calf), Agbonlahor (lazy bugger who can’t be arsed), Hutton (knock), Clark (knock) and Amavi (knee) all out while to add to the fun Okore has been suspended by the club for being a very naughty boy.   Cissokho is available after a ban and Gestede may return from injury.

In the build up to the game Mr Wenger once more pointed out how the journalists just go around and make up any old story that they feel like, and then get the person thus insulted to deny something that was never the case.  This time it is the issue of an extension to his contract – there never was one, he has not signed one, and the journalists just made it all up.  And then have the nerve to sit in front of him.

Aston Villa acting manager Eric Black made a couple of interesting comments too, saying, “We need to be disciplined and show an immense amount of energy. We must be switched on.   The game means something to Arsenal – and it certainly should mean something to us too. It’s a big challenge this weekend but one we are looking forward to.”

Meanwhile Ozil needs three assists to break Henry’s record.  All in one game?  Could be.

Oh, and while I am at it, here is a chart from the BBC which I quite liked.


We are undefeated in 32 of the last 35 games against Villa in all competitions, and unbeaten in the last nine Premier League matches played.  Also we generally score three or more goals at home against Villa (or rather we have done in the last eight games.  But don’t worry if we are drawing at half time – that is the normal Villa thing.  They then normally go on and lose.  Indeed they have lost all of their last away games.

However just to show there are always two ways of seeing things, Arsenal have been winning at both half time and full time in their last five matches against Aston Villa.  Villa have lost their last three away games 1-0, but the general predictions around for this match are for higher scores.

The last time Villa beat us at the Ems was on the opening day of the 2013-14 season. Only Chelsea have been more successful at the stadium, having won here four times.   But that Villa victory in 2013 saw some of the most bizarre refereeing I have seen…  However unless Tottenham are engaged in it, there is not going to be any Type III match fixing (in which a club influences a ref to fix the result of a match involving two other teams, for their own benefit) in this game.

Arsenal have won their final league match of the season in seven of the last eight years, drawing the other at Fulham in 2010-11.   And there is the fact that Giroud scored his first goal in 16 league games last Sunday. And he has scored in each of his last five appearances against Villa in all competitions.  Let the flood gates open.

Oh yes, and Alexis Sanchez has scored six goals in his last seven Premier League games.

As for Villa they avoided a club record 12th successive league defeat last week, by…..  drawing 0-0 against Newcastle.  Their last away win was the opening day of the season at Bournemouth.  Imagine seeing that result and then deciding to buy an away season ticket.  Only Derby County, (in a dreadful 2007/8 season) have won fewer matches in a top division season.  And to cap it all Villa are the only team in the Premier League not to have scored more than two goals in a match in 2015-16.

And that’s about it from me for the season.  We’ll have a final look at the Fair Play League and the end of season injury league in a few days time, but meanwhile I hope you have found something interesting, amusing, or even interesting in the match previews this season.

I hope to be writing these previews again next season.  (There has been the suggestion that Untold might run previews of the summer’s international matches, to which I replied “but I know nothing about international football” which of course got the inevitable “so it will be just like the normal previews” – so you never know.)

Meanwhile, if you have been, thank you for reading.

Please note that the Untold team (including Walter, who has already made it in from Belgium) are having something of a massed get together today.  This means the normal post-match review won’t be published.  We will be back either later this evening, or Monday morning, depending on how the party goes.

Untold Arsenal has published five books on Arsenal – all are available as paperback and three are now available on Kindle.  The books are

  • The Arsenal Yankee by Danny Karbassiyoon with a foreword by Arsene Wenger.
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  • Woolwich Arsenal: The club that changed football.  By Tony Attwood, Andy Kelly and Mark Andrews.
  • Making the Arsenal: a novel by Tony Attwood.
  • The Crowd at Woolwich Arsenal by Mark Andrews.

You can find details of all five on our new Arsenal Books page

New and recent series on the Arsenal History Society Site



129 Replies to “Arsenal v Villa. Only half the teams in the Prem next season were there 10 years ago.”

  1. Am chilling a bottle of white wine to either celebrate St.Totteringham’s Day tonight with the Arsenal universe , or ….(shudders ) ….drown my sorrows if god forbid , the Spuds celebrate a new and yet-to -be-named-Day this year !

    Am hoping the the Gordies finish their season well , thus giving hope to their supporters that they will immediately bounce back next year.

    Up the Gunners !

  2. It’s funny when you see that Middlesbrough v Man City result eight years ago. Since then, Middlesbrough (who basically took the title off our hands that season and handed it to United as we lost five points against them) have been relegated and after a number of big unsuccessful attempts they are going to return next season while Man City have won two league titles, FA Cup, two League Cup trophies and played a CL semifinal.

    Imagine if someone said to Kolo Toure, Adebayor and Clichy after they had seen the results: “Lads, you will all sign for Manchester City within three years.”

  3. And as so you have observed and lived on earth , so too just will be your reward in heaven ….

    Three nurses sadly pass away. They rise up into heaven, and there they approach the gate keeper to plead their case for entering paradise.

    So the keeper points to the first nurse, who says: “I worked in an emergency room. I treated many people, and always did my best to help. And although sometimes we would lose patients, I still think I deserve to enter.”

    The gate keeper glances at her file and admits her to heaven.

    The second nurse then says, ” I used to work in the operating room, assisting surgeons. It was a lot of stress, and we lost many people, but I always did my best.”

    The keeper glances at her file and motions her to enter.

    “And you?” He asks the third nurse.

    “I was a case manager for an HMO. I worked with thousands of patients.” She answers confidently.

    The gate keeper takes a long and careful look at her file. He pulls out a calculator and starts entering digits quickly, looking back from time to time at the woman’s file. After a few minutes like this, the keeper looks up, smiles at her and says:

    “Congratulations! You’ve been admitted to heaven… for five days!”

  4. Do dreams repeat themselves ? If so do bet for the team that narrowly missed relegation
    this season , to win it next year . Sunderland , anyone ?

  5. Good luck to them all today, but especially Arteta, Rosicky and Flamini, thanks for all you have done, sometimes, at difficult times for the club.
    Wish Arteta was staying on, but if not to be, hope he puts himself in the running to come back one day

  6. Looked at the odds to be Champions next season and there were a few teams at 1000-1. Wonder how many people are looking at the teams and deciding which one to bet on after Leicester. I’m tempted with Watford lol.

  7. Thank you very much indeed Mr Drummond and good morning to you and all Untolders. It’s a good article you’ve written out, and it’s fascinating to read through.

    I have a preferred Gunners’ starting XI for our today’s Villa game at the Ems. I want to give 1 or 2 fringe youngsters Gunners a game to play today despite the Boss may have concluded his starts and informed the starters and the benchers.

    My starts:

    But I doubt if the Boss will accept my reason and my selection.

    Despite our not winning any trophy title this season that is ending today, Arsenal have had a good season as they have already gotten a guaranteed 4th place finish in the League table. We all know that the 5th place Man United can no longer overtake us whatever be the outcome of today’s final results.

    But I think Arsenal will secure a 3rd place finish in the table today provided they didn’t underrate the Villains who might turnout to be the spoilers as they’ve spoilt Newcastle’s relegation escape fight last week.

    Therefore, Arsenal should be on their guards to guard against being complacent in this crucial game. Crucial in the sense that, a win over Villa will guarantee us a 3rd spot in the table and as well possibly delivered a 2nd place finish in the final table to us.

  8. After the end of this afternoon, all will be revealed.
    We know we will be in the CL yet again next term, and whether or not we will have to undergo the test of pre-qualifying.
    We should dispose of Aston Villa and hope that Newcastle United defeat Spurs.
    Whatever the outcome, it’s been a somewhat disappointing season, which promised so much. We have no divine right to success though, and lessons will no doubt have been learnt on mistakes and shortcomings.
    On the bright side in the close season, no Emirates Cup which will give our stars extra rest.
    On the transfer front, I expect some dealings provided the right players to strengthen the squad are available. However,we must be prepared to pay the current market value for them.
    All in all, the future looks good.

  9. I hope the supporters in the ground can give the 3 lads leaving, an appreciative send off. Flamini (we’ve been calling him Scissors, after the shirt with the cut-off sleeves) – a get stuck-in player; TR7 such a driving forward midfielder, scored some great goals; Arteta, under-rated by some, but not us – a top man, committed and a leader on and off the pitch. A heck of a lot of experience is walking out the gates today. Thanks guys, best of luck wherever you go next.

  10. Oh come ye Saint.Totteringham in these black-thorn winter dayes, and banish the fowl pretender backe to the Poop-Coop of failure,feathers all tattered and torn!Please do thy workes and help the mighty Cannon to blow the Villeins away,and go to the Geordies,like, and there do thy works against the rural types,yes, I speake of country matters–the very named “Cooper-Poopers” and we can celebrate thy feast-day righte and proper! Say no! to Chas and Dave! Say No! to Cooper van Beethoven!Say no! to Citizen Kane and his gang!Begone!

    Blesséd thanks to Capt.MA, Little Mozart TR and Flattuso MF, great servants to the club.Forever grateful are we,be of good fortune wherever thou goest.Except if thou goest to the Coop in which case may the Gods have mercy upon thee!For the nighte is long downe that country Lane.Fifty five years tis said.


    Brickfields are you tucking into the wine yet?

  11. Nicky
    I think the Emirates Cup has been suspended this season to give players involved in Euro 2016 a better chance to recover before the PL kicks off. Expect The French & Germans to miss the start of the season due to Arsene giving them the usual four weeks off. Add to this Sanchez and any others involved in Copa America and we may have a seriously depleted squad for a few weeks, although I would expect the Brits to be ready & fresh due to early elimination.

  12. @ Kenneth Widmerpool May 15, 2016 at 12:44 pm – Very nice and eloquent sentiments !
    As I imbue God’s sweet gift to mankind , I too shall start singing praises in honour of birds , but of magpies in particular !

  13. To prevent any misunderstanding , fire and brimstone retribution and of course eternal damnation , names in this joke have been changed so as to observe religious and political correctness .

    A old farmer named lived alone in the countryside except for a pet dog he had for many years.

    When his dog sadly died, he went to his local priest, saying: “Father , my dog is dead. Could you possibly have a prayer service for the poor creature?”

    The priest told the farmer: “No, we can’t have services for an animal in our place of worship. But I’ll tell you what, there’s a new denomination down the road, and – no telling what they believe in – maybe they’ll do something for your pet.”

    The old farmer said: “I’ll go right now. By the way, do you think $50,000 is enough of a donation for the service?”

    The priest quickly replied: “Why didn’t you tell me the dog was of our dominion ?”

  14. Good luck to the guys today, to the ones leaving us a massive heartfelt thank you. To Arsene Wenger thank you once again for taking this club into the CL for the 19th year which some of our biggest rival’s over the years have failed to do this season. It’s a day to come together as one and celebrate our club, players, back room staff, ground men who keep the pitch beautifully and our manager. Enjoy the game all who are going and all who are watching at home or in the pubs. Lift a glass and toast that team they call The Arsenal and thank your lucky stars that we our all Gooners instead of Spuds, Blues or State Aid Utd. Once a Gooner always a Gooner.

  15. @ Linda May 15, 2016 at 1:29 pm – DITTO ! First glass lifted , toasted and downed !

  16. Be as a bird perched on a frail branch that she feels bending beneath her, still she sings away all the same, knowing she has wings.
    Victor Hugo

  17. Since the medja cannot be fair and comment on games, for today’s game I am going to read the commentary of Birmingham Mail.

    I too am hoping for a Newcastle win. 🙂

    And since in presenting things, Bulldog said “knock” twice:

    Knock, knock.
    Q: Who’s there?
    A: Amos.
    Q: Amos who?
    A: A mosquito bit me.

    Knock knock.
    Q: Who’s there?
    A: Andy.
    Q: Andy who?
    A: And he bit me again.

    (Completely ignoring the fact the biters are female.)


  18. This is really some fine shit !

    A Spurs fan walked into a pub, and says “oh youre the new landlord here,youve only just moved in a fortnight ago?”, the Gooner Landlord says “yes Ive made a few changes, weve got opening night tonight,going to be a big night really busy, sandwiches laid on, weve got pool we got snooker,new fitted carpet, all Arsenal games on big screen TV,going to be an Arsenal theme pub-we’ve spent a few quid here”.

    So the Spurs fan says said “look pal, dont get too busy Ive come in here for twenty five years,we’ve always had snuff on the counter,you get some snuff on that counter,its a good tip for yer,I’ll be back myself in a couple of hours-and good luck with the opening night, all the best,even if you are a Gooner”.

    The Gooner landlord thinks, “where the bloody hell am I going to get snuff at this time of night?” So he goes out and scrapes some dog shit off the pavement, and goes inside and dries it to a fine powder and then puts it into a shiny silver box and places it on the bar.

    The Spurs came back a few hours later and upon seeing the snuff says “now youre talking!The lads will a appreciate this”and proceeds to have a few good snorts on the snuff, “you have no (sniff) idea what (sniff) this will mean to the (sniff) lads in here”, and then taking another nip of snuff the Spurs fan said to the Gooner landlord, “phoar, can can you smell dogshit in here?” and then checked the bottom of both his shoes.

    The Gooner Landlord said ” theres no dogshit in this pub,my wife’s been cleaning for the last two weeks”.

    “Well I can f*cking smell it” said the Spurs fan checking both soles of his shoes again.”its getting worse and all, it f*cking reeks in here!”.

    At that point a Chelsea fan walked through the door,and the Spurs fan said to him, as he reached the bar,”Listen pal, can you smell dogshit in here?” “No” said the Chelsea fan sniffing the air of the pub,”well I can smell it anyway” mumbled the Spurs fan and goes back to his drink,and checks the bottom of his shoes for a third time.

    Having ordered his drink the Chelsea fan sees the silver box filled with snuff on the bar, and takes a good pinch and snorts some up and then after a few moments turns to the Spurs fan and says “Phew,I tell you what pal, that snuff really clears your head, I can smell that dogshit now!”

  19. The lineup has been out on the twit thing for a while. Here is the copy from

    Arsenal team to play Aston Villa: Cech, Bellerin, Gabriel, Koscielny, Monreal, Wilshere, Coquelin, Cazorla, Ozil, Alexis, Giroud

    Arsenal substitutes: Ospina, Gibbs, Arteta, Ramsey, Elneny, Campbell, Iwobi

    So, Bulldog only missed on Cazorla/Iwobi for starters. A couple of errors on the beach. Arteta is there, in case we need penalties. I think Andrew’s tally has us getting 37 penalties today. 🙂

  20. Birmingham Mail have pulled out all the stops for today’s final game of the season for Aston Villa. They found 5 of their own fans to bitch about Aston Villa’s lineup.

    Where’s Arsenal13?


    Go Newcastle! Go Totteringham!

  21. I went to check satellite TV coverage. There are 6 TV channels carrying EPL games, 4 are regional clones of each other. We have the game at Swansea, the game at ManU and the game at Chelsea.

    And I get back to the computer, to find Newcastle have scored! Go Totteringham!

    And I see the 13 has arrived.


  22. Birmingham Mail says that the Emirates is quiet. The only noise the home fans have made, is when Newcastle scored.

    Come on Gooners, support the Gunners! Come on Totteringham, support Newcastle!


  23. ManUtd game abandoned!!….

    Gord check sattelite TV again…. Hopefully when you get back… Newcastle will be up again

  24. I will go check TV. They are showing Chelsea on that channel. Looking in “news”, it says a suspicious package was found. Does that mean Bournemouth win 3-0 by default?

    I see that there will be no penalties from the Clatt for Arsenal.


  25. Wait…who is this Kuzaala in our midfield!!! Is the transfer window open???

  26. Quite the crew AVilla have at Wenger Stadium: Crayons, Mary Poppins, Bert the Chimney Sweep.

    Let’s go Gunners!

  27. Kind of confusing having a Snachez on both teams. Come on Alexis, put the ball in AVilla net!

    Newcastle scores again. Go Totteringham!

    Let’s go Gunners!

  28. Gord….. Your ‘sattelite TV curse’ is working.

    More do it more.

  29. Man, i really don’t feel comfortable with Gabriel in defence. Was really impressed with him when he first joined, but he’s been extremely dodgy for a while. Lets just hope it doesn’t take him too much longer to find his feet again!

  30. PremierLeague.con front page still hasn’t clued in to the ManUre game being abandoned due to bomb threat.

    Looking at the standings, I think Bournemouth should win that game 3-0.

    Let’s go Gunners!

  31. Chelsea player purposely keeps his trailing leg straight when running over a Leicester defender and is tripped, PGMO steps tot he rescue and gives penalty to Chelsea. Fabregas converts. Score: Leicester 0 – PGMO 1.

    Come on Totteringham!

    Arsenal, another goal would be nice.

    Let’s go Gunners!

  32. away the Tooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!! FOYS!!!!

  33. It’s all going on at St. James. N’Castle with a player sent off get a penalty.3-1.

  34. come on St.Totteringham give the Arsenal a couple more goals!!!

  35. The amassing thing is ST Totteringham Day is still
    alive working and active. But it’s edgy as the Gunners are yet to kill off the Villains by scoring the 2nd goal in the match.
    Newcastle 3-1 Tottenham and Arsenal 1-0 @75m on the clock.

  36. According to the Birmingham Mail, the Arsenal game has stopped. Hasn’t been an update in 21 minutes.

    Come on Alexis. Giroud. Someone, goals please.

    Let’s go Gunners!

  37. get in theeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  38. Wijnaldum has scored 11 times this season, all of them at home. This is apparently a record of sorts.

    Come on Elneny, get the Gunners scoring more!


  39. What are Daniel Levy, Mauricio Pochettino and Harry Kane going to say now after being boastful as Arsenal look set to finish above Tottenham Hotspur for the 19 consecutive season.

  40. 5-1 now
    So in subsequent seasons we’ve finished 4th, 3rd & 2nd which sets things up for a top spot next season

  41. Shamefull that the crowd cheers came only when Newcastle scored. 🙂 Wow.

  42. HAPPY ST.TOTTERINGHAM’s DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Happy St Totteringhams Day to all gooners.
    It comes round every year, no fail.

  44. Hahahahahahahaha

    Power what!!!!
    Its St totteringhams day again gooners….hahahahahahahaha

  45. Well, I think that will do instead for Arteta! I gather officially it is an own goal. But, Arteta has a Bunn in the oven.


  46. The power shift has failed to materialize.
    Spurs challenge has gone down the drain.
    Who are the bottlers now!!!

  47. Its happened again,
    Its happened agaaaiiiiinnnnn,
    Tottenham Hotspur,
    Its happened again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Happy Lasagna Day fellow gooners!

    Arteta with tears in his eyes, my goodness, what a sign off, what a great day!

  49. Brilliant!
    Congratulations to the team on finishing runner up, well done Giroud, Arteta….all of them….and Newcastle

    Bad day for the WOB, media, and Spurs players and fans…..probably in that order.
    Wenger owns Spurs

  50. The Guardian noticed it was St.Totteringham’s Day. And Szczesny sends a twit: “Oh Spurs.”.

  51. Arsenal Men: 12 FA Cup wins
    Arsenal Women: 14 FA Cup wins
    Arsenal: 21 Consecutive finishes above the spuds.

    How to go Gunners!

  52. Great match, well done the team & manager!!!!

    As for the Tiny Thugs – good to see them tottering today! 🙂

    Adding a possible 29 points – lost due to poor ref decisions, would have given us the league by a long way, however congrats to the team on leapfrogging into second.

    @Brickfields – I have not put any wine on ice – but I am planning to open a nice bottle of single malt later tonight! Cheers!

    Overall, despite the PGMO, a good end to the season.

    Also, hope Walter et al have had a good day!

  53. Well done Arsenal. Should have been our title this year if some men who wear black did their job properly, but…

    Today was a classic example of how a team defending in numbers can frustrate you from scoring. Trailing 1-0 Villa still defended in numbers, but after the second went in they opened up. And one could see the 3rd, 4th, or even a 5th had we not run out of time, going in.

    Think will watch motd tonight 🙂

    Now for a glass of wine 🙂

  54. And almost the perfect sendoff for Arteta- as he is not going to be credited with the goal.. A true gentleman
    Only wish that Rosicky had played today..

  55. @Leon,
    Re. your 12.45, the reason the Emirates Cup will not be played this year is because the Emirates pitch is being dug up and replaced. Can’t recall why.

  56. It happened again!!!!

    Walter and his wife should have the key to the Emirates!!!!

  57. Guys, before anyone says otherwise, I called St. Totteringhams day last week.

    not bragging.

  58. HAPPY ST. TOTTERINHGHAM’S DAY to all the awesome , believing and faithful AKBs on here !
    You guys really rock , and never waver in the support for the club, manager and team .

    WOO HOO , HOO ! Up the Gunners ! Well done the team , have a great break , come back refreshed next season for another tilt at the title .
    Second place is an improvement from last season , as most of us had predicted . Another FA Cup would have been luvly , but then again I’m ecstatic .

    Thanks to Walter , his Mrs , and the rest of the Belgian AKBs – 3 points and 4 goals. It suddenly struck me after the third goal , that they were there and that maybe we were only going to get 3 goals . Sorry , for that momentary lapse of confidence ! Please guys , do get your tickets for the opening game !

    And to all those stupid and gullible wishy-washy newbies and most especially to ‘them ‘- get the f*ck out of this site ! Get a life ,too ! Try working for a living . Use your brains , or grow one !

  59. Why didnt Wenger played Rosicky?
    He deserved one last match in the Arsenal shirt.
    Goodbye Tomas Rosicky 7 An Arsenal legend.We will miss you at the club.
    Hope to see you in Euros.

  60. We always enjoy St. Totterinham’s Day but today is something special.

  61. We always enjoy St. Totteringham’s Day but today is something special.

  62. Good bye to those leaving, thank u, you’ve helped us through our hard times, we live forever we welcome you back, once a gooner always a gooner and our legend.

  63. @ bjtgooner – May 15, 2016 at 5:08 pm – Do enjoy you whiskey , as I did /doing my bottle of wine !

    And when Tony gets back , I going to ask him to sack the numbskulls in maintenance who have yet to fix my LIKE buttons ! The dislike button may work , I don’t know ,as I never use at all. Too negative and shit !

  64. A great win to end a perfect week. The U21s promotion on Tuesday night, the Ladies FA Cup win yesterday and St Totteringham’s day today. It can’t get much better for a Gooner.

    Well done Arsenal

  65. @ GoingGoingGooner -May 15, 2016 at 5:53 pm – You can say that again !
    And you did !

  66. The Mirror noticed that Podolski has acknowledged St. Totteringham Day. Have a great day Lukas!

    And for some reason, The Mirror thinks Szczesny is a former Gunner. He is on loan to Roma, he wasn’t sold to Roma. But as mentioned earlier, Szczesny noticed the Saint has struck again.

    I believe that was Giroud’s first hat-trick for the Gunners. A St. Totteringham hat-trick.

    Apparently Hodgson left Wenger Stadium as soon as Wilshere was subbed off.

    One medja outlet felt obligated to show yet another protest banner.

    Giroud has scored 19 headed goals since he arrived at Arsenal. More than any other player in that time frame.

    No Telegraphs were read to compile this.

  67. Just watched about 30 mins of Sky Sports after the final whistle – is it a wrong impression or do all the commentators look a bit sick – what a pity! 🙂

  68. Nicky
    I’m not often right, but I’m probably wrong again. It’s just that I read somewhere that they wouldn’t be able to fit it in with the Euros etc.But I’m sure you’re version is correct. It still stands that we’ll be missing late returning players from the Euros & Copa America. Arsene always gives them a long break to recover.

  69. Missing Proudkev. He must be really happy after we finished 2nd.
    Come back Proudkev.

  70. Glorious game on a beautiful day. The joy of St Totteringham visiting us on the last day of the season.
    The youngsters of the Arsenal players entertained us with some amazing skills. What a result! Gladly some beggars will not be there next season & with some blessing the pigmob might disband. Have a great summer.

  71. I’m on my way home from the ems. I didn’t see any banners. There was an idiot who ran into the pitch probably Riley’s cousin.

  72. You only needed a draw but you got 5-1, oh Tottenham you never disappoint.

    On a serious note, thank you to the leaving Arsenal players, Rosicky, Arteta, and Flamini, you have been a great servant to Arsenal and I wish you all the very best in your next endeavor. Once a Gunner always a Gunner! Legends.

  73. And a dishonourable mentioned here for Malaysia’s worst pundit , Shebby Singh ( Am sure the Blackburn fans still remember him fondly !), a Spuds fan , who predicted ( Snorted actually !) on Fox Sports a few weeks ago , that Arsenal will NOT qualify for the CL .

    At least he is consistent that he always gets it wrong ! Hint , Shebby – don’t read the ‘popular ‘ British press and think for yourself , and get your foot out of your mouth !

  74. Have a lovely summer everyone and enjoy,
    Yet again I got one or should I say 21 over on my Spurs loving brothers.
    To say they are not amused is putting it mildly, bloody joy for me yet again.

  75. I predicted last week dat Arsenal will finish d season 2nd afta Tott’s collapse at Chelsky;I knew d collapse will continue onto d final game cos of their despiracy,disorientation nd loss of confidence occasioned by d realisation dat d ref assisted dem to remain in d Chelsky game where at least 7 players shuld hve seen d RED. Congratulations Wenga nd U gunners, u hve put sand nd acid in d mouth of ur unrepentant Critics,SHAME on dem ALL;bloggers,PGMOL,Media,Pseudo Fans/Supporters,Abusers nd Haters,Ill-Wishing Fans,Critics nd Cynics,Trouble makers nd Protesters,Placard carriers,D. EMS’s Foulers et al; all these odious groups shuld take their support to oda clubs next season, leave Arsenal alone, winning trophies nd Titles is not Arsenal’s birth right,there is always ‘a next tym’ in sports nd we believe we will win next season; those witout faith nd believe in d Club shuld chill out Now;leave Wenger,Korenke,nd d Club Alone, we hve had enough of their negative activities, EMS shuld become a fitting fortress next season! Bravo Wenger nd Gunners!!!

  76. @Leon,
    We are both right.
    The pitch requires renewing and this, coupled with the shorter pre-season window due to the Euro Championships, has led to the cancellation of this year’s Emirates Cup.

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