Watch David Ospina; man of the match and making an unbelievable penalty save

By Tony Attwood

I don’t normally run too many video clips on Untold, but I am very happy to make an exception here.

Do you remember how Ooooooooooooospina was criticised for one error?

“Arsenal legend Ian Wright blasts Arsene Wenger for selecting keeper David Ospina following Champions League defeat” screamed the Mail at the time.

But it was all gibberish – show me a goalkeeper who has never once made an error and I’ll show you a keeper who does not exist.  In fact I won’t, because he doesn’t exist.  If you catch my drift.

As you would have expected, Mr Wenger responded calmly saying,  “Looking at Ospina and Cech, I think I have two world-class goalkeepers and it’s the easiest choice I have to make because I can pick any of the two and I am very comfortable.”

Of course the idiot press sneered – one semi-skimmed journalist called that comment “a rant”.


But in the match against Peru he made an incredible save from a corner in the match against Paraguay

Ospina makes the save at full stretch

Anyway, we’ve seen a lot of games which prove how brilliant Ospina is.  But if you want a little more proof, watch this: David Ospina vs Peru, as he takes his country through to the semifinals.

I hope you enjoy it.

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31 Replies to “Watch David Ospina; man of the match and making an unbelievable penalty save”

  1. We have in fact 3 great goalkeepers! And in fact Fabianski was also a very decent keeper!

  2. Yes. And did you see the man embrace the Peruvians who missed their penalties and at the point when his team made the semis? What class!!

  3. Thanks for the clip Tony. One other noticeable thing is how Ospina when he has saved, likes to throw out quickly to get his team on the counter-attack.

    We have a strong squad which will get stronger in the transfer window. Plus we have a younger generation which is maybe 12 months away from PL and CL experience.

    I wonder if AW is going to be around for 2 or 3 more seasons to see this come into fruition

  4. thanks Tony, very much enjoy it. people always criticizes and showed bias toward A.Wenger. on May 22, 2016, Wojciech Szczesny has claimed he has learned more in the past four months of his loan spell at Roma than he did in 10 years at Arsenal. that mean he did not take his time at Arsenal seriously and think he’s indispensable. maybe A.Wenger realize that and thats why he decide to let him go out on loan in hope that Szczesny will maturing and be more responsible. but of coz the media people dont see that way. as we all know to them and many others, A.Wenger are useless manager in contrast to, many of the past and present football players who play under A.Wenger claims the positive impact he had on their playing career and life. in Wenger we trust

  5. Tony

    Thanks for that, and great points.

    “Do you remember how Ooooooooooooospina was criticised for one error?”

    I do indeed Tony. Conversely I think we’ve already had to move on from the latest Hart howler. Rest assured Harts still World Class and Ooooooooooooooooooospina’s still a dud.

    “Arsenal legend Ian Wright blasts Arsene Wenger for selecting keeper David Ospina following Champions League defeat” screamed the Mail at the time.”

    One has to ask, when ISN’T that prick wright ‘blasting’ Arsene Wenger?

    As you will recall Tony, yourself and many of us UA regulars where roundly criticised for having the temerity to suggest that with Ospina between the sticks the acquisition of Cech was unnecessary.

    I’m not having a pop a Cech, he has done okay, but I defy anyone to show me those 20 points he was going to earn us. Funny how they haven’t mentioned that in the media isn’t it?

    As far as I recall Ospina made that one big error in the CL and that was it. He’s crap. End of. I don’t recall a single other goal that could be put down solely to him, although I’m sure Bob will come up with something !

    Cech was by no means faultless last season, but as is the way with these things, everyone just moved on with a shrug of the shoulders.

    Fat chance of Ospina being granted such tolerance?

  6. Yes if only he cn catch the ball with confidence in the bpl instead of fumbling every time. At copa, against other shorties, perhaps he’s Gd enuff. Can’t wait to see him go. He is second only to alumni ain’t the calamity stakes

  7. If anything, I’d put Ospina a little ahead of Cech on current form. Peter has missed a couple of shots from distance, while David has made no mistakes at all.

  8. Ang, you said,

    Yes if only he cn catch the ball with confidence in the bpl instead of fumbling every time.

    Perhaps you would be kind enough to supply us with the evidence to back up this comment.

  9. With due respect to UA i think cech is a better goal keeper than Ospina.
    Cech being first choice Gk at Arsenal is ample proof that he is better than Ospina. No disrespect to Ospina though.
    Wenger knows better than UA.

  10. Rosicky@Arsenal

    Cech better than Ospina?

    Ospina better than Cech?

    I don’t think that’s the point Tony, or myself is making.

    The point is, if you believed a fraction of what the media where saying you’d think that Ospina was incapable of even catching the ball, let alone making a save.

    The fact is Ospina is a World Class keeper, and if he was playing for any team other than Arsenal, he would of been credited as such.

    Alas, one mistake in an Arsenal shirt and you’re forever crap.

    Unless of course, as per Cech, you’ve been sanctified by the Odious one himself, in which case you can do no wrong.

  11. Jambug
    Agreed the AAA were suggesting that Ospina is poor when he had a bad CL match.It could happen to anybody.The media and blogtettas are a place to criticize even the slightest mistake of a player without seeing the broader picture.
    Re who is a better Gk everyone has his opinion.I expressed mine.No offence.

  12. OT – Czech Republic have confirmed that their captain Tomas Rosicky has been ruled out for the rest of Euro 2016 after suffering a thigh injury that rules him out for 3 to 6 weeks. feel really sorry for him.

  13. Jamburg, are Arsenal the determinant club to know how good a goalkeeper is? I believe goalkeepers are not the issues that’s bothering the Boss at Arsenal for now as he has already has 3 top keepers of, Petr Cech, David Ospina and Wojciech Szczsney in that Boss’ preferred pecking order.

    But he doesn’t want to keep 3 top class goalkeepers at Arsenal at the same time. Hence, he decided to send Szczsney to Roma on loan. But would the Boss keep him or resent him out on another loan deal? The Boss shouldn’t sell him because he’s an assets top goalkeeper for Arsenal who could be recalled at any time during the new season campaign if the need arises for such. And Szczsney could continue to improve on his goalkeeping art at his loan club before he finally returned to Arsenal to reclaim his no1 spot.

    Oga Tony, I login to UA when the Ospina goalkeeping heroric penalty save video article posting for his country against Peru was still fresh. And I tried to assess the video but it kept breaking. After I found out my MTN Nigeria SIM is an old configured SIM that is only 2G compliant – just to browse but not high quality to assess video which I didn’t know because I often use my Etisalat SIM. I removed the MTN SIM from my phone and put in Airtel Nigeria SIM that’s 3G compliant i.e. high definition – H+. But I hadn’t mobile data on any of my 2 SIMs of Etisalat NG and the Airtel NG to watch that Ospina’s video.

  14. Let me 1st congratulate Mr Walter Broeckx on the 3-0 victory of his country, Belgium over their Republic of Ireland counterparts in the current Euro 2016 football Championship.

    My inquisitiveness, by the way, is Cristiano Ronaldo only a marquee club player and not one for his country – Portugal in international tournaments? Are only Manchester United and Read Madrid clubs, he can only play incredibly for? He had a poor outings for Portugal at the last World Cup in Brazil and he has started showing signs he may have the same poor outings again for Portugal this time at Euro 2016.

    He has missed a penalty in his outing tonight for Portugal. And 78 minutes into the match when I looked on the updates of the match on BBC – Football, the game was still goaless. I had used this my Nokia C3 which I used some few minutes ago to assess the UA to assess the BBC – Football site as I couldn’t continue watching the match live on Super Sports 1 when the CISCO took light and they’ve not brought it back up till now. And I am not keen to have my gen put-on because the match is not that a big match to watch for me.

    After posting this my comment, I’ll go back to the web to know the outcome of the match. And I hope Cristiano Ronaldo will not make me swallowed my criticising him.

  15. Wonder why people say Ronaldo is the greatest player of all times.
    I think he is the most over rated player of all times.
    Pathetic player
    Selfish individual

  16. We all know the media,aaa and other general moaners’ refrain by heart:AFC players are only as good as their worst game, or their worst mistake(s), Wenger and the Club are only as good as their worst transfer (that United player-Sylvestre), our trophy drought is eternal regardless of how many useless cups we win, etc. Why should Ospina and Cech be free of this knee-jerk crowd?

  17. Curious that the EPL golden gloves winner is Cech and that he and Ospina combined to give AFC 26 shutouts in all competitions since the start of the season in Singapore? But my what useless players they are according to the pundits, aaa and media!

  18. Inspiring goalkeeping from Ospina. Thanks for the clip, Tony. Yes, we have three great goalies. And it has been nice to see Fabianski doing well in the Euros too. Very sad about Tomas Rosicky, but at least he got to play two matches and got an assist.

    Maybe his enthusiasm, leadership and good footballing brain can be used in the coaching field, because I fear now for his playing career. So I’m glad he got to perform in the Euros. And who can forget his fantastic send off from the Arsenal.

  19. Brilliant saves by Ospina. You need to have really good reflexes for that penalty save. And he does not hold the ball too long. Sends it out to play so quickly and most of his long kicks to the middle were very accurate. I am sure Ospina and Cech train together and the selection is based on how good they are on the weekend. I just wish Arsenal would use one for the PL matches and the other for the numerous cup matches so their both able to keep their form going and get regular game time.

  20. ……..and they both train together with the same coaches Gerry Peyton & Tony Roberts

  21. The reason why Cech was deemed to be better than Ospina is simply because Cech is older and has a lot of EPL experience and has been consistently good in his time in Chelsea. Whereas Ospina before coming to Arsenal had little experience on the big stage e.g. Champions League, EPL where things can get physical. This inexperience showed itself in the Champions League game he played. As such, I think that he can get better, although at present it is probably still wise to play Cech and rotate with Ospina when needed.

  22. Jambug
    I remember quotes by ex players and managers of Cech possibly gaining Arsenal 10-15 points, but 20?

    Ospina is a very good keeper, no doubt. His athletic ability is superior to the one of Cech’s , but there are other qualities of importance at the keeper position where Cech is still superior to Ospina.

    Positioning , physical presence, experience, and last but not least, ability to communicate with the defenders.
    Keeper is the only position player on the pitch who can see all other players, teammates and opponents, and “directing traffic” at times is of huge importance. Ospina , whether by his temperament or lack of language skills, is sorely lacking in this department at present.

  23. Ospina is a very good keeper with fantastic reflexes. I think he’s one of the shortest goalies around too, which just shows how good he is coz as a keeper height certainly helps. Seems the user has removed the video from YouTube , but will search for it.

    Rosicky@Arsenal 11:47pm
    Spot on. I find the debate about who’s the better player between Ronaldo v Messi a bit ridiculous really. That guy is only good at tap ins, tries one trick (a step over) and that’s it. He’s petulant, arrogant, selfish, a cheat.. all things Messi isn’t. I can’t remember Ronaldo pulling a move or goal that leaves you speechless, yet Messi does that every other game (only a few days ago he nutmegged a keeper, a move that had fans on their feet, unfortunately the lino flagged him offside) but the little man is a genius. I think all this Ronaldo love in is to do with him being an ex Utd player, and a lot of it is from Manchester fans, and those that are always asking that pointless question ‘will Messi be able to do that on a cold night at Stoke….’, as if Stoke are the epitome of beautiful football. I think I’ve seen Bale score better goals than Ronaldo, actually.

  24. Wow, the post above mine had 2 dislikes when I started composing my post. Some five minutes or so later, after hitting submit button to my post, the post above mine had gained 7 likes!!

    Now I’m not accusing anyone of anything, but I’ve seen posts from the same poster previously gaining a ridiculous amount of likes, and I always thought it was a little strange. Curious.

  25. Dear Al
    Just to answer your curiosity, here’s what happened.
    I realized (don’t ask me how) you were composing a post below mine ,so I quickly contacted Rupert, Dex, Rolf, Serfer-X, Andy 1886 and another two posters who often disagreed with you in the past, all of whom are on my speed dial and I asked them to “like “my post at that specific time.

    Now ,I never asked them to “dislike” your post in equal measure.
    They must’ve done that all on their own, the rascals that they are.

    I hope your curiosity has been satisfied and also I hope you are having a great Summer.
    Cheers! 🙂

  26. It is odd that after many years of problems getting a No1 GK (and when we maybe had one, we had problems finding a decent No2 GK), now we have 3 very good main GKs (Yes Szczesny need to improve his consistency) and we also have 2 exceptional youngsters just behind them…

  27. Hahaha Tom, you’re pathetic at lying too. Funny you should come up with that list, all disgraced posters who were found out to be using fake creds. I guess serferx was meant to be serge? Looks like you forgot to mention one name in there, leon 🙂

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