Extraordinary! Three excellent articles about Arsenal in the press

In fact I can’t even think of when the last piece of balanced, honest writing about Arsenal turned up.  But then suddenly the Times came up with by far the best Wapping Swamp piece on the Lord Wenger since I don’t know when.  Well yes I do know since when.  Since the 1930s.

Then the Guardian followed up with the piece on Clichy I mentioned in passing yesterday.  Not a brilliant piece, but worthy of a moment’s comment because it recognises that Denilson is developing a very special role in the club and actually shows a knowledge of the subject matter by the writer.

Now finally today the Observer – the Observer of all papers – has a good piece about Robin VP – which includes a bit of info I didn’t know – that his parents are both artists, and one of his father’s works hangs in the Ems.

And all that in the newspaper which, when Arsenal beat Leicester to complete the Unbeaten Season, celebrated the occasion with a series of snarling pieces saying that the club really weren’t that good, and that it was all a fluke, and anyway they didn’t win the FA Cup, and what’s an Unbeaten compared with a Double, and anyway Manchester will do it next year.

It is of course not my job to suggest what you might read.  I’m just here for the chirpy off the wall comments and to rave over the fact that two days after scoring a most sensational goal against the Even Tinier Totts in the FAYC, Murphy scored another against the Baby KGB.  (Not to forget Coquelin’s contribution to that goal against the Even Tinier Tines).

But, just in case you want to be astonished, and to stare and gasp in utter amazement and bemusement as journalists reverse years of snarling and sniping and actually say something decent about our club, here are the links:

We Should Bow Before Arsene Wenger

Robin Van Persie: The Ball Artist

Clichy Backs his Mentor’s Vision

Read them (if you have a mind to) in that order.  You will find something quite extraordinary is happening here.  It is almost as if…


As if….

Someone read Highbury High and Untold Arsenal and suddenly realised we are telling the truth.

(c) Tony “much more of this and I’ll start scribbling for the press again” Attwood 2009