Let’s get violent

Another game on TV, so that will be commentators telling us that the opposition to Arsenal should get more violent, should cheat, should block, trip, kick, dive and generally (as they euphemistically put it), “stop Arsenal playing”.

Quite honestly they might as well show a movie of Allerdyce and his disgraceful disgusting team display, and say, “yes lads, that’s how you do it.”

Of course if they wanted to do some real journalism they could start by interviewing top nobs from the EPL and FA and inviting them to explain why they have not called up Allerdyce for interview, and why they are not considering banning him for life.  After all several of the attacks delivered by his players on Arsenal players could have ended their careers once and for all.

But my worries don’t stop there.   As the violence is constantly encouraged by broadcasters who find that cheating and kicking is worthy of laughter or encouragement, (witness Match of the Day on saturday night) there is the frightening news that it is possible that the bunch of joy-riding free-loaders known as the England Team are thinking of picking Theo in their next squad.

The poor guy has only just got back 3 months or so after he was injured “practising” in an FA muck about, is already they are threatening to give him more of the same.  The continued existence of national teams is the prime reason why I think Arsenal and the other major clubs in Europe should pull out of UEFA, FIFA and their national organisations and set up their own competitions.

Still, there is always something to make one laugh – and that is West Iceland United.  They really seriously thought that they had got away with it, doing a squidgy little deal with Sheffield U.  Threeo million quid a year for five years in forged fivers from this guy down the East End who knows my brother-in-law – know what I mean.  Plus another five mill if West Iceland are sold (as if they could not be – but then that will leave the new owners free to argue that they don’t have responsibility for debts run up by old owners).

Then up pops N Warnock and 20 players from the Sheffield team, all saying, yes that might be all right for the existing club, but there’s my career to consider – I could have been in the EPL.   And of course West Iceland won’t be able to resist their claims, because in settling the Sheffield claim, and being found guilty by the authorities for their mucking around with Tevez, they have no defence.   Whoever is insane enough to buy West Iceland must know they are buying into untold compensation claims.

Poor old Zola, who by and large has always appeared a thoroughly decent and nice guy.  After the Sheffield deal was arranged he said, “At least it gives us the opportunity to plan properly for the future. We know exactly what is going to happen and can draw up our plans.”   Five seconds later, there’s two more cases hitting the company, and he’s back in the world of utter uncertainty.   As they say down my street, the light at the end of the tunnel is generally the express train travelling in the opposite direction.

Tonight it looks like no Eduardo, maybe no Arshavin, no Almunia, no Ramsey, no Clichy.  Still, Robin ought to have a bash, and Eboue generally looks good for a goal or three.  And we haven’t seen Wilshere on the pitch for a while.  Vela should get more time on the pitch, and if Song and Denilson can hold the centre again as they did last weekend, we’ll be sailing.

(c)  The-man-what-wants-Allerdyce-banned-from-football-for-the-rest-of-time. 2009

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  1. just seen the hull game. its like playing in porridge. as soon as they scored they sat back, wasted time and then in the 2nd half, parked the bus. phil brown reckons he was cheated. tough shit, its about time we had the rub of the green.

    hull werent particularly violent, and in the first half they came looking for it, but there were a lot of cards. Gallas’ yellow was shown to be referree fantasy just as our second goal was.

    setantas pundits were awful tonight, at least they didnt show harry redknapp in the stands yawning his head off like they did a few weeks ago.

    i had read somewhere that the total sheffield player lawsuit was around 3.5 million quid. it seems that it might be much bigger. oh well.

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