Hull & Blackburn must logically be handed disrepute charges

There is no doubt about what has to happen now. The FA has the report from the ref, and has called for evidence from Hull Spit to back up their claims against Arsenal. These claims are now fourfold:

Cesc spat at the feet of the assistant manager of Hull
Cesc was on the “field of play” when he should not have been
Cesc was inappropriately dressed
The Lord Wenger did not shake hands with the Hull manager.

If any of these claims are found to be actual offences and are found to be taken place then Arsenal and the player should be notified and a full hearing should be arranged.

But if any of these claims cannot be backed up, then the matter is extremely serious for Hull Spit.

Serious allegations cannot just be made for the hell of it. They impinge on the good nature of the club that is accused, and leave a bad feeling. They can be used to cover up all sorts of other issues, and of course they potentially are slanderous.

If it is found that any of the allegations are either untrue or they have no basis for action under FA rules, then clearly the FA absolutely must take action against Hull Spit in order to preserve the good name of football. To fail to do so would be to bring the game into disrepute.

Considering allegation 2, for example, it is said that Cesc was on the field of play when he should not have been. There is no doubt he was on the field of play – we all saw it – but the question is, is there a restriction on who enters the field of play once the final whistle is blown. If there is no regulation against this, then Hull must be severely reprimanded for wasting the FAs time.

Allegation 3 is interesting because it raises all sorts of issues about the level of control the FA has – does it actually state how players who are not playing should be dressed? I suspect not, for if it did, it might well be considered an unreasonable requirement of trade. Hull Spit must know about such things, and thus if they have raised an unreasonable allegation, again they must be sanctioned. The same is true of Allegation 4 – wherein it is suggested that managers must shake hands. I don’t think there is a rule on that, and so again, Hull are guilty at the very least of wasting FA’s time.

Back with allegation 1, the most serious, clearly Hull would never have brought forward such an allegation without evidence. But if they have done so, then again the FA must take firm action against them for bringing the game into disrepute. I would also hope that Cesc will personally sue the management team of Hull Spit and the club itself.

Further action needs to be taken against Blackburn and Allerdyce, as Allerdyce has now claimed that diving is the fault of the referees. The argument behind this claim is so bizarre it is impossible for me to follow, but I do think Allerdyce should be charged with being drunk in charge of a football team – for I can find no other reason for this allegation. He too should be charged by the FA also with bringing the game into disrepute, and for being a total prat.

(c) Tony Attwood 2009

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  1. Many in the media have brought out Cesc’s famous “spit” at Ballack in the Bayern game. But the ref booked Cesc for shouting an obscenity at Ballack, NOT spitting. Cesc himself said that he cursed at Ballack, he didn’t spit at him. Ballack also said at the time that Cesc cursed at him, he didn’t spit at him. The news reports at the time also made no mention of spitting, just cursing.

    Also, I need some clarification on Hull’s 5th round FA cup game. Didn’t they beat Sheffield United to advance to the 6th round? Wasn’t there a dodgy goal (that won the game) scored by Hull that the ref later apologized for allowing?

    Re Brown’s total sore loser mentality: according to him, Hull lost the game because his keeper got booked for timewasting. That’s it, the only reason they lost, and AW was responsible for getting his keeper booked. And Hull fans think that’s an acceptable explanation for their loss?

    I strongly believe that Brown has a deep, personal hatred of Wenger and Arsenal, fueled by Allardyce. Brown’s conduct (along with some of his staff) toward Arsenal supporters and the Arsenal dugout was blatantly an in-your-face wind-up act in which he openly (and in exaggerated manner) gestured and laughed when they got the better of us, when they scored, when their players time wasted and fouled. On Tuesday’s game, one of Brown’s assistants openly jeered at Wenger when they scored.

    Also, on the pre-game Setanta coverage, they show the players from both teams coming out of the team buses and greeting gunnersaurus. The Hull players are friendly to our mascot and high-five it with him. You can hear the voices of the players and people around them over the mike. When it’s Brown’s turn to pass by gunnersaurus, you can hear him say something like “I’m not shaking your hand.” I think he comes to the Grove with a massive massive chip on his shoulder.

    So here’s a question abou this alleged spitting incident: whether it happened in the tunnel or on the pitch (conflicting stories from both Horton and Brown), WHY DID NO ONE ELSE SEE IT??? You have journalists and cameramen, Hull players and staff all milling around both the pitch and in the tunnel.


    You don’t think any member of the press would’ve reported it had they seen it?

    What has me and many gooners especially angry about all this is not the fact that Brown has insulted our manager (which we are all unfortunately used to), nor even their attack on Cesc (even to the extent of attacking HIS CLOTHES, ffs!). Again, we’re all too used to seeing our players attacked by the media and other managers. That’s enuf to get us angry but it’s much more than that.

    Phil Brown has INSULTED AND SMEARED OUR CLUB by saying “that’s what their club is all about.”

    That’s much more than attacking our manager and player. He has insulted our great club.

    Arsenal Football Club lent Hull City Football Club our training ground last season so they could prepare for their playoff at Wembley, a playoff they won to get to the PL for the first time in their history. Our staff was there to help them in their preparations.

    And this is how this lowlife scumbag talks about us.

    The man is a cynical, filthy, lying hypocrite.

  2. Hull Spity is better than my idea – but maybe it should be Spitty – after all it is spotty with two “t”s.

    These things are important.


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