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  1. OlegYch

    um, i might have missed something but how come chelsea doesn’t have any points gained or lost? diego costa should have been sent off in two of their matches..

  2. Mick

    I think I am right in saying that in both those matches Costa scored the winning goals after having committed the fouls which should have seen him dismissed, so surely Chelsea should be 4 points worse off.

  3. ozziearsenal

    Great to have video evidence so you Can believe your own eyes not only the written word .

  4. Nonny

    An extensive report that must taken a lot of time and pain to produce. Kudos for the job well done and I hope you keep it up.

  5. Pat

    A picture is emerging! A hearty thanks for all this work.

  6. Andrew Crawshaw

    @ OlegYch andMick,

    I’ll have another lookout that and discuss it further with Walter and Usama. As he wasn’t actually sent off in either game we have always started the next game with the players as actually on the pitch. From memory his misdemeanours were judged not to have actually affected the results of either of he first two games.

    It doesn’t alter the fact that I find him an odious toad and cheat of the first order. We do, however try our very hardest to keep those personal thoughts away from our work in putting together these articles.

  7. Andrew Crawshaw

    It was good to see Aguero getting a retrospective three match ban, should have been joined by Lamela as well though.

  8. OlegYch

    thanks, Andrew
    i accept that there were mistakes against Chelsea in those matches which might have cancelled out those in favor, but since Chelsea did win those matches it starts looking like a pattern
    similar to all those handballs and penalties in Leicester matches last season

  9. Leon
  10. OlegYch

    honestly, i think this issue of ‘the ref didn’t see it’ is the most trivial of them all, and in all likelihood ‘the revelation’ is orchestrated by pgmol to divert public attention

  11. Usama Zaka

    Mick and OlegYch,

    Andrew is right, this is a point that can be discussed further.

    My view is that, we try to establish the change of points in any match using only the major errors that cause/could-cause a direct specifc advantage/disadvantage to any team at that specific moment.

    Example 1.
    This week it was spurs liverpool 1-1, here is how we came to conclusion that spurs were denied two extra points.

    1. Wrong penalty against spurs led directly to goal for Liverpool. Hence a wrong advantage for Liverpool. So the hypothetical score is 0-0

    2. Lamela should have been red carded, but wasn’t. Here Liverpool were denied of an advantage. So the hypothetical score is 0-1.

    3. Mane should have been sent off, but wasn’t. Here Spurs were denied an advantage. So the hypothetical score is 1-1.

    4. Now later in the game spurs themselves score a clean goal. Which changes this hypothetical score to 2-1 to Spurs.

    Example 2.
    Watford v Chelsea week 2. Chelsea won 2-1.

    1. Watford score clean goal. 1-0 hypothetical score.

    2. Min 66 Costa should have been sent off. But wasn’t. Watford denied an advantage. Hypothetical score 2-0.

    3. Min 68 Britos should have been sent off, butwasn’t. Chelsea denied an advantage. Hypothetical score 2-1.

    4. Min 71 Chelsea denied a clear penalty. Hence chelsea were denied a clear advantage. Hypothetical score 2-2

    5. Costa scores for Chelsea even though should have been sent off earlier in the match. I take this goal in to account hypothetically because it was not a direct consequence of any major error by the ref, even though it was scored by player that should have been sent off. Just like last season when we played at west ham where andy carroll scored a hattrick even though he should have been sent off 3 times in that match.

    Hypothetical score 2-3.

    6. Michy scores a clean goal. 2-4.

    7. Behrami should have been sent off. Chelsea denied an advantage. Hypothetical score 2-5 for chelsea.

    Hope I cleared some confusions (or rather created more 🙂

  12. OlegYch

    thanks, Usama
    that’s fair
    although with that much bad decisions the match should have been cancelled, and with more matches like that Chelsea really looks in trouble

  13. Rosicky@Arsenal

    Brilliant effort but i disagree on 2 of your judements.

    Week 2

    Leicester should have been give penalty as Bellerin tripped Leicester player in the box even if leicster player did some trickery to get the contact .

    Week 3

    Liverpool penalty seems to be correct as the contact was on the line and the ref had a very close call.

    But a lot of applause for the review team for such a time consuminf excersise.

  14. Leon
  15. Pat

    If the pressure to conform was as powerful as we suspect, no referee would report these things to his union. Too risky for his career etc. to bring it out in the open.

  16. Fishpie

    Hello Review Team

    I have been unconvinced by the idea that Arsenal lose more points each season due to bad/mistaken ref decisions but vowed, as such great effort and dedication was shown by the the Review Team each weekend over many years, that I owe them the respect of taking their work seriously and become more aquatinted with it.

    So I have read the above review and the comments so far submitted. It is astonishing work. Hat’s off.

    Picking up on @Rosicky’s comment above, I too would have given the penalty to Leicester when Bellerin tripped the Leicester player. When it comes to controversial/difficult/close/pivotal decisions such as that one, is there a case for you seeking a majority vote from a number of non-partisan people rather than to base it on your own judgement? So, when it’s too close to call, you can at least say you went to a wider view, a democratic view and thus minimise potential accusations of bias. I appreciate that requires setting up an “independent panel” but wondering if it might add to the trust factor.

  17. Omo r’Arsenal

    I cannot thank Untold Arsenal enough for keeping the good fight going on, even though solo. But someday, all these will be corroborated by FATE!

  18. Usama Zaka

    Rosicky@Arsenal and Fishpie,

    Many thanks. Firstly about the Firmino-Lamela penalty, just at that moment of foul contact by Lamela, the right leg of Firmino was well outside the penalty box. It was this right leg that came in to foul contact, thus not a penalty.

    About the Leicester-Bellerin penalty, my personal view after going through every possible angle was a penalty (with still possible hints of no penalty). Walter agreed of it both as a non-penalty and a penalty. Walter explained it in the ref review here. http://untold-arsenal.com/archives/55520

  19. Gf60

    And if anyone is thinking that Riley is pure as the driven snow…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mM747L9Wf8M

  20. ThierryHenry22

    Really great work. Love the tables. This is going to get very very interesting over the course of the season. can’t wait to see how it pans out- of course my hope is for zero unnatural patterns to occur but we’ll see!

  21. Menace

    Thank you for this incredible effort & such a beautiful review. It really puts the media, Sky, BT & the BBC to shame.

    Whilst I am singing your praises, I must also praise the singing of the Welsh supporters. It is a joy to be serenaded by lovely voices watching the game I love.

  22. Florian


    Re Bellerin penalty, I’m afraid we will have to respectfully disagree. I looked at the recorded stream, and I was able to see the Leicester player throwing his leg outwards while running, after he entered the box. By now he was running in a straight line, almost parallel to the goal line, and his body was positioned towards continuing the run. The stray leg was in no way contributing to helping him run, but intended to engineer the contact. By the letter of the law, the Leicester player (sorry don’t remember his name) tripped Bellerin, so there should have been a free kick awarded to Arsenal. Though I guess this move will remain in history as “the Hazard move”.

  23. Menace

    Right on Florian. It was Musa who has been taught the art of cheating. Should be straight red for unsporting conduct with a view to profiting.

  24. Rantetta

    Superb reporting. Thanks.

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