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  1. nicky

    This story about the alleged billionaire Aliko Mangote becoming de facto owner of Arsenal plc is nothing more than rumour. Unlike the Kroenke takeover when shareholders succumbed to his offers, the position now is that unless or until the Yank decides to relinquish control, nothing changes.
    Nothing short of nationalising Arsenal FC (perish the thought) can alter the status quo.

  2. fabrechenko

    i hope this game signals the onset of tailwinds for us against chelsea, what are tailwinds btw?

  3. Chris


    Not sure if it stems from saling or flying, but I’ve always heard it associated with planes

    Tailwind is a wins blowing into your plane’s tail….you fly easier/faster
    Headwind is a wind blowing from upfront, and it will slow you down – or help you take-off or land.

    Correct me if I am wrong

  4. fabrechenko

    @chris, i guess they are contextual terms related one way or the other to economics, my opinion tho generated from your opinion.

  5. Mandy Dodd

    If we get even handed refereeing today, think we have a very good chance of a result as the team build momentum.
    If we don’t get even handed refereeing, hope the crowd put pressure on the ref as they did with Mr Atkinson in the last home game against Leicester.
    As Wenger says,,they cannot,get involved, Coq and Xhaka might have to be careful…..an early booking for Coq should he start will not be ideal.
    Chelsea are still settling under a new manager, the boys really can win this.

  6. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    What Dangote is saying is, when he finished building his Lagos petroleum refinery he will then have the financial capacity to fulfill his ambition of buying Arsenal FC by “making an irresistible offer to the 2 major owners of, Stan Kroenke and Alisher Usmanov which they won’t resist”. But Dangote is talking of 3-4 years time before he can start to put his plans to buy Arsenal into action and that is quite some years to come. So we wait to see if it will happen.

  7. finsbury

    Mike Dean and Mourinho.

    A record that tells a consistent story.

  8. Gord

    Dangote will make Arsenal the strongest team in non-league. And the most boring.

    I think he should go find another play toy.

    I wish the medja would go find a brain cell or three.


  9. Polo

    Swansea 0 manC 1, the ManC team looking scary.

  10. Polo

    Wow 1-1 now, I take my previous comment back ?

  11. dan

    We were awesome, we were awesome, we were awesome. Brilliant brilliant brilliant.

  12. Menace

    Untold Banner is the only one with Wenger’s portrait.
    He was smiling at our players & fans, & laughing at Chelsea.. What a match.

  13. Gord

    Corruption News


    BBC is running a story, about UEFA sitting on corruption news for 5 years.

    In the story:

    > Forest goalkeeper Hans van Breukelen said: “For me it was building up that the referee was cheating.

    And the BBC and others, can ignore what PGMO has been doing since the beginning of the EPL?

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