Cursed Hull start the downward spiral

Having been granted the Curse of Arsenal, in honour of their activities in the FA Cup, Hull Spitty began their descent into the depths with a defeat to Wigan.  Now they are starting to watch a greater unwind as they struggle to control the results of their wild and crazed allegations against Cesc Fábregas.

The “Horton” character at the centre of the problem has now left the country, although he was at the Wigan game on Sunday.   That might not be too odd, but what is funny is that he failed completely to do what the FA demanded following the claims of spitting at boots – that is to submit his “comments”.

This is an important point – the FA didn’t actually ask for any “evidence” (because as we all know, there is no evidence) but they wanted “observations”.

Paul Duffen, following the stance taken in the past by KGB Fulham and Manchester B opened a “dossier” (an A4 ringbinder to you or me) to gather “evidence” (heresay as m’learned friend would call it).

But the assistant manager (“horton”) failed to provide any report, data, evidence, commentary or chit-chat, so the “dossier” remained empty, blank, lacking in paper, and somewhat non-existant.     Horton then skipped the country, and is seemingly not available by phone or email.

Always willing to see the other side of the coin, when one side is Arsenal, the FA has now given Hully Spitty another 5 days to come up with the goods.

What is worrying Hull S is that not only will they lose this case, they will also find themselves done for bringing the game into disrepute with an unproved allegation for which there is not a shred of evidence, they could be sued by Cesc for slander, and there is a strong chance that Arsenal might make a complaint against the disappearing Horton to the effect that he repeated swore foul abuse at Fábregas.

In desperation the mysterious and seemingly invisible Horton has gone to the the League Managers Association to get them involved.  The LMA seems a bit bemused by that.

Elsewhere allegations that Cesc spat in a Champs League game two years ago, allegations which were spittled around the red tops for a day or two after the Hull S game, have now been put away as the papers admit that the incident did not happen and that photoshop and video editing techniques had been used.

The same is not the case with the wild and inarticulate attack by the Hull S manager on the Lord Wenger over his failure to shake hands after the first Hull S match.   Photos from many sources clearly show the two shaking hands as the game ended – and such insane comments make it impossible for any evidence from the Hull Spitty Nutters to be taken with any seriousness.

Oh what fun the Curse of Arsenal can bring.

Coming shortly: Manchester B’s debts being sold off at a discount (honest I didn’t make that up) and a complete run down of every Arsenal player being sold this summer (so you don’t have to read the papers).

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3 Replies to “Cursed Hull start the downward spiral”

  1. It’s extraordinary what Brown has done. Until that game, I’d venture to say that most gooners (myself included) wished Hull well. The only thing I appreciated about Hull’s victory at the Grove in September is that they proved (just like Southgate did last season when we lost to Boro) that it is perfectly possible to beat us playing good football. That you don’t have to kick us and park the bus in front of goal in order to beat us. And that it’s not only big teams like Man Utd who can do that.

    The attitude of Brown and his staff when they came to the Grove for the FA cup game was very different from the mindset they came with in September, and when we went to the KC.

    On the setanta broadcast you can hear Brown say “I’m not shaking hands with you” toward our mascot. Brown and his staff came with a planned, meanspirited, highly aggressive attitude and showed it throughout the entire match. Our staff and players were the target of abuse from their bench throughout the game. And apparently we’re just supposed to not react. Horton shouted obscenities at Wenger throughout without any intervention from the officials.

    Brown’s entire manner was blatantly and deliberately in-your-face wind-up — he laughed and punched his hand in the air when his player elbowed RVP and knocked him down, and when 3 of his players passed the ball to each other for a throw-in in their deliberate plan to waste time.

    Then Brown goes on national TV and lies about our manager in a deliberate attempt to smear his reputation, makes an accusation (with different versions) about our captain regarding an incident that no one else saw and that he can’t prove and then goes on some wild rant about Cesc’s clothes. But the worst thing is his “that’s what their club is about” smear.

    That is something I can’t ever forgive. It’s not only our manager and captain he insulted publicly — it’s our great club. I wasn’t paying attention to Hull’s games but now I am. I was rooting for Wigan to beat them and was glad to see they did. I want them down.

    Interesting to hear about Horton’s disappearance. What I don’t like is the possibility that Arsenal will just let this pass. They should lodge a complaint against a man and a club who’ve pubicly smeared us with lies.

  2. The general consensus amongst the guys on GU’s Football Weekly is that PB has completely lost the plot. I have to say I agree; it’s like watching people teasing a rabid animal. The affair is really starting to leave a bitter taste.

    It’s clear there was never any substance to any of the allegations. And all this indignation from Arsenal fans is really just thinly veiled bloodlust. We know we cannot lose here, so we’re going to town.

    Of course my whole opinion would change if Cesc does get get charged on the basis of hearsay, but it seems to me that it’s a lame stab in the dark by a wounded club desperately scrabbling for survival.

    After all this I’d quite like Hull to stay up. And then I’m sure PB would benefit from a well earned break this summer and in that time phone Arsene to apologise.

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