Insanity Week: Arsenal injuries so far; News of World censors Untold Arsenal

It turns out to be quite difficult to get information on the inevitable damage done to Arsenal players by the insanity of the international week, in which players who we pay turn out for countries which they may or may not have been born in, to play games of no particular interest to many people in mostly empty stadia.

But as far as I can tell so far…

Fabianksi has food poisoning

Carlos Vela flew eight million light years to Mexico and then didn’t even make the bench.

Robin Van Persie was taken off with an injury in the defeat over Scotland

Nic Bendtner was taken off after half an hour or so with a knee injury which is expected to keep him out of the game for some time.

Meanwhile the News of the World has censored every single email left on its site pointing out that we covered the Fabregas is leaving story, first.   I’ll try and keep a look out for any other Arsenal player leaving story and just let the paper know: we told it first.

Childish maybe, but it gives me a sense of power.

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5 Replies to “Insanity Week: Arsenal injuries so far; News of World censors Untold Arsenal”

  1. RVP maybe in trouble as latest news say it isn’t a head injury but i am about 75% sure he ‘ll be ready for city’s visit
    ps i also heard that arshavin was lucky not to get injured

  2. Hi Tony,

    You’ve been speaking about Red Actions’ actions with their st georges flags recently.

    Now it seems that Arsenal have changed their policy about the national flags at the stadium and they will be allowed again.

    This on the same day that they publish and article from Red Action. A result of this will hopefully be that the EMS can be a little more colourful!

    Looking forward seeing you waving a Togo-flag on match-day! 😉

  3. Vela was suspended, old chap.

    I expect he will pick up his injury on Thursday.

    Still time to lose another 12 or so from the mid week bore feasts. I find watching England an excellent cure for insomnia but as I don’t have Setanta I have to struggle on.

  4. Newspapers that engage in censorship of their readers hmnnnnn. That’s just a whole new take on Irony. No doubt it is completely lost on them as a concept though.

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