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  1. Goonermikey

    In reference to our one defeat this season, I’ve noticed of late how everybody seems to making a huge deal of Liverpool! and citing their narrow victory at the Ems as evidence of their greatness. Not once have I heard one mention of the fact that we had not only a weak team because of those still not back from the Euro) but at centre back we had what would probably be considered as our fifth and sixth choice in that position and that they had never played together before. Yet more propaganda designed to undermine AFC and big-up the opposition.

  2. Fishpie

    Sorry folks, I think I made a mistake in the piece above. We are just one point ahead of where we were this time last season, not 3. Still good though.

    Also, agree with you Goonermikey about our Liverpool defeat. Part of the reason I felt ok about that result was precisely because we had a weak team out. Having said that, Liverpool can look pretty formidable to me. As we can too.

  3. Walter

    In that Liverpool match they played the best 15 minutes of the season when all went their way. As Fri us with our weakened team we still scored 3 goals and should have equalised from Theo’s penalty. You just felt that with a full team we might have won that one. Injuries during the match to Aaronand Iwobi also didn’t help our case

  4. para

    “I have found myself just enjoying how we are playing”

    With none of the usual failings that seemed to haunt us every 3-4 games, the team looked different, more solid, more concentrated and resolute.

    Most fans are willing to cheer the team on when they see that, win or lose.

    What fans do not like to see is the team losing it, unconcentrated, not trying etc.

    So lets wish this is another corner turned for the team and no looking back.

  5. OlegYch

    my only worry is that the usual pigmob treatment will kick in
    we’ve seen glimpses of it in the last three matches and only by miracle escaped serious injuries in the last match
    otherwise the team looks good and the opponents beatable

  6. Gord


    I see a twit at Arsenal.com, that the team had at that point made it to Sofia. Google says that it is 278km from Sofia to Razgrad. Would Arsenal stay in Sofia and take a bus in, or would they stay closer to Razgrad?

  7. goonersince72

    Well done, Fishpie. I’m enjoying this year’s squad also. Good competition at every position. As much as I’ve enjoyed Alexis, Ozil, etc. up front I think what’s impressed me most has been how Mustafi has really stabilised the back four. There’s skill and grit with Mustafi and Kos in the middle. And while they may not be fast they have enough pace to get back. This team will get better over time as long as they stay away from injuries. They deserve their place in the table. Kudos to AW.

  8. Brickfields Gunners

    Yes , Fishpie , just sit back , relax and enjoy the show. Don’t worry too much about tactics and others’ opinions – you eyes don’t deceive you.
    Put your faith in AW and the team and enjoy the ride !
    PS- wine does help !

  9. Rich

    I’ve tried many times to improve my attitude, without much success so far.

    Sunderland was a case in point : the football we played was excellent from the off, but until we can get into a commanding position, from where it looks almost certain we’ll win, enjoyment is always in a titanic fight with anxiety and the like.

    I have this hope that when the day comes that we finally win a title again,it’ll act like a reset button for me and I’ll be able to accept the old slings and arrows better afterwards.

    Daft, i know, but that’s my hope. Until then I’ll try to improve anyway and to get as much enjoyment as possible from our good football.

  10. Florian

    I’m sue it’s nothing new when I’m saying that Middlesbrough match was the low point so far, and the result was of our own making. But, if that’s the kind of low point we’re going to have through the season, when we get a draw in a match we might have been losing in the past years, I’ll gladly take that. Even in that match, for once having the perspective from inside the stadium as opposed to from the pub, I could see that little extra grit and determination being more obvious, courtesy of duels won and being the first to the ball more often than a physically rested opponent, plus the absence of mistakes at the back, even when stretched by fast breaks. Looking forward to November, to bust another myth 🙂

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