Insanity week: 5 out, BBC refuse rethink, Sun copies our story

So there it was, another Insanity Week, suitably crouched around April 1.  Five players whose salary the likes of you and me help to pay, got smashed to bits on foreign fields – Diaby, Nasri, Bendtner, Eduardo and Van Persie.   Carlos Vela has jet lag.

The best bit was the report on the Honduras v Mexico in which everyone playing was called Carlos.  I quote from the site: “Carlos played 90 minutes in Mexico’s disappointing defeat in Honduras. Carlos Costly handed the home side the advantage after 17 minutes and Carlos Pavon made it two just before the break. Carlos grabbed his second 12 minutes from time.  Carlos also picked up a caution.”  OK I tweaked it a fraction, but you see my point.  Eh John?

Anyway Fabianski was for once not an unused sub but an unused player as Poland beat LitchenAndorMarino or someone 132 to nil which must have been fun.

Of the injuries, Nic B seemed alright enough for the Vikings to play him in their second game, I think (the report was a little confusing) but that might have been recklessness on their part.  Or maybe they didn’t let him off the longship.   The others seem to be out for the next thirteen years which is about the average after playing an international.

On behalf of the six or seven people in the universe who agree with me that internationals are an abomination before the Almighty and should abandoned I wrote to the BBC accusing them of disgraceful bias in not representing our views against the views of the fanaticalists who actually like internationals.

They refused to reply – so our voice will continue to be unrecognised as the BBC puts out its eternal propaganda along the lines that internationals are good and no one is allowed to think otherwise.  I am not saying they should say the opposite, rather just acknowledge that there is another point of view.  They won’t.

Back to the front, Eduardo played and scored against AndorLichtenMarino and then got injured but the silly Croatians kept him on the pitch making it worse.  He will not play against Manchester Arab.

Cesc is back in the squad as is Ade and Theo.  Nic says he is ok (he sent a text).

As for the Sun they are running another one of our stories – the one about Sagna leaving.  So far then the Mirror, News of World and Sun are all running items we ran first.  Gives me a real sense of power!  Eh, what?

(c) Tony Attwood, The Century of the Insane.

2 Replies to “Insanity week: 5 out, BBC refuse rethink, Sun copies our story”

  1. Has anyone done a comparison between the number of Arsenal players who come back from international’s injured and comparable teams in the PL or other top European teams?

  2. We do seem to suffer pretty badly on internationals – but generally the same culprits – I think we have a few players who are quite injury prone RVP, Diaby etc – who always pick up one or two per season, plus the normal random injuries – i.e. Cesc’s knee.
    This exposes us further when more players get injured – as it is more likely that these injury prone players are injured too.

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