Tottenham announce naming rights for new stadium

Following their great announcement as to their ability to build a 58,000 seater stadium for 87p plus the coupons they got from people leaving Tesco’s Tottenham have announced the name of their new stadium.

It will be called Woolworths.

And in other news, as they say, the thing on the left about injuries is an add on over which I have no control.  I rather like it, and it is mostly right, but today it is showing that Nasri still has the virus he picked up in Northumberland Avenue, whereas in fact he is clean and has trotted off to Spain.  Theo’s gone with him.

Eduardo and VP are at home, looking after Tomas.

One Reply to “Tottenham announce naming rights for new stadium”

  1. I’m burning to see if AW is starting 2 holding midfielders behind Cesc tomorrow as he did on Saturday.

    That game we ran riot anyway and Arshavin all but had one play in the first half so it’s hard to see if the sacrificed striker was missed.
    My theory is that we won’t need two holding CM to stop Sevilla because they aren’t the muscular type. We’ll need to hold on to the ball more than trying to break plays.

    Probably Eboue will start with Nasri on the flanks and Denilson sitting behind Cesc. We’ll play with two strikers. Theo will be the added tonic for the last 30 mins if a goal or three is needed.

    Most of you don’t like Eboue but I think he has an edge over Theo in defending and he’s not the risk-taking player. The way Theo plays he has to take on defenders with speed at the risk loosing the ball. That’s why Eboue was the starter all last season.

    Tony: about being at the game – I envy you. There is a chance I’ll live all this life never been to a game. But I’m working on it.

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