Santi update, team v Swansea, more from Özil and Torino story is fake news.

By Bulldog Drummond

When asked if Santi would play again this season, Mr Wenger, the Arsenal manager, said: “I hope so. Santi is far from starting to run again; he had a little procedure and we have a meeting with the medical people. Certainly he will not be available in the next six weeks.”  That is actually what he said.  In the Guardian that turns into a headline that says, “The manager also conceded that Santi Cazorla has had another operation and may not play again this season.”

Not exactly Fake News this time, but it’s getting there.  But on the FN front there is more in a mo.

Meanwhile Mr Wenger also put forward the view that Mesut Özil as a goalscorer and Mesut as an assistant (which is presumably the word for someone who gives assists, although I suppose any moment now the media will start calling them “assisters” or maybe “assiterantariiums”) can both co-exist and that is what he is trying to get Mesut to deliver.

Mr Wenger said, “He is moving in the right way but always, from such a talent, you are maybe a little bit unjust because you always want more. You feel there is no limitation in his game…. The problem is that we have to first realise if we want more, how we get more and then, after, do it.

“I think Özil has a passion for the game. You do not get the technique he has just by the gift of God. You have to focus on every single pass you make from when you’re a kid to get that touch. So that means you have to have a passion for the game.

“I think I have the experience as well to see where I can contribute a little, but 99 per cent is from the player…”

On the newspaper tales that Mesut wants to know what Mr Wenger is doing before he signs, Mr Wenger said, “He would like to know what happens on the managerial front but I don’t think that’s the main part of his decision. There are many other ingredients. I am relaxed … because at the end of the day you can show a player how much you want him to stay, and after he has to make the decision.   Ferguson said I would be a good poker player. Maybe he was right.”

The news today on Carl Jenkinson is that he is not going to be sold to Palace (as suggested in some sources) but rather will be loaned to them in the next few days.

Oh, and here is another surprise, Mr Wenger said  Arsenal has not made a £56m bid for Andrea Belotti or Torino although the Torino manager is quoted as saying he had. “That is what you call today fake news,” Mr Wenger added.   He didn’t also say hat fake news was initially created by football journalists in the British media, but then, he tends to be fairly polite when talking to the hacks.

The Swansea bits

  • Swansea have lost three of their last four home matches against Arsenal in the Premier League.
  • Swansea have conceded at least 2 goals in 8 of their last 10 home league games
  • Swansea have lost 12 of the 14 PL games this season in which they conceded the first goal
  • Incidentally, Swansea have 15 points so far, and fractionally under three quarters of the teams in that position at this stage of the season go down.

The good bits

  • Arsenal have scored in each of the five previous Premier League games at the Liberty at an average of two a game.
  • Arsenal have scored the opening goal in more PL matches this season than any other team.
  • Alexis has scored or assisted 30 goals in his last 31 Premier League appearances.
  • Arsenal are undefeated in 27 of the last 30 league games.
  • Arsenal have scored at least 2 goals in 5 of their last 6 away matches against Swansea in all competitions.

The Oli bits

  • Olivier Giroud has scored 12 goals from his last 17 shots on target.  Just shoot straight Oli, it usually goes in.
  • Giroud has scored in each of his last eight starts for Arsenal scoring ten.
  • Arsenal has scored 11 headed goals this season (not all Giroudian but he did a lot of them) – no club has more.

The not so good bits

  • We have not won any of the last three away games in the league
  • We have also let in a goal in each of the last six away league games.

The team bits

[that’s enough bits I think, – Tony]



Isobi Ozil Alexis

Xhaka Ramsey

Monreal Koscielny Mustafi Gabriel


I have a complaint (yes I know it seems unlikely but I did) about the use of the term “on the beach” for the list of substitutes, the complainant saying that there is no beach, so it is stupid.  We should say “the bench”.   I told him that there was no bench either.  I call that a 1-1 draw.

So on the beach, building sandcastles…

Ospina, Holding, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Reine-Adélaïde, Pérez, Welbeck, Maitland-Niles.

Please note that Reine-Adélaïde and Maitland-Niles both count as one each.


Wenger ponders whether Yaya Sanogo will ever really be good enough for Arsenal. 

78 Replies to “Santi update, team v Swansea, more from Özil and Torino story is fake news.”

  1. Goodness me, eleven goals scored from headers!!!
    Imagine how many more we would have scored if we had a plan B.

  2. I used to think the main difference between real news and fake news was quotes, except where the quotes are deliberately misinterpreted.

    Are we now seeing fake quotes as well?

    I suggest an article exposing fake quotes.

  3. Good morning Mr Drummond, and how do you do? Greet Mr Attwood for me please.

    I like your starts and bench for our today’s PL clash away to Swansea City at their Liberty Stadium this afternoon. Your starts and bench are the same with the ones I have in mind to post in this my comment but for one change on your bench which has no cover for our left back on it. Since your starts & bench almost tally with the ones I have in mind to post in this my comment, therefore, I need not to have them stated in my comment. But who should I’ve removed on your bench and who could I’ve brought on it. But after having a careful look at your bench, it has proved difficult for me to do any change to it because of the quality of the Gunners that are on it despite my desire to have a cover for our LB for on it. I’ve had in mind to have Marc Bola of our Under 23 team there, since Gibbs is not available and we can’t have Cohen Bramoll on it now as he’s yet to learn his trade at Arsenal.

    Before I say this, I know Le Prof and the Gunners have already known that, Arsenal have no margin for error again in their PL campaign this season if they are to win the title. Therefore, come what game the Swans will play against the Gunners this afternoon, Arsenal cannot afford to drop any point in this game but play to collect all the points at stake in the game to give themselves a breather in the table for haven’t not won a PL game in 3 consecutive away matches as they have a catch up work on their hands to do against four of their title rivals who are currently ahead of them in the table.

    The looking to be rejuvenated Swansea City team who won away against Crystal Palace under their new manager from Real Madrid could prove hard to beat if the Gunners fail to take their goals scoring chances in the match and convert them appropriately. By so doing the Gunners will win this match. More so with the strong starts and bench you and I are proposing to Le Prof to embraced and use them for this match which I strongly advice Le Prof not to overlook but accept them with open heart.

    Final score @90m +
    Swansea City 0-3 Arsenal.

  4. Why would we want Carl to go to Crystal Palace?

    I can see that getting experience some place other than WHam might be useful.

  5. real shame about Santi C… of our most vital players….not east to replace, would say Jack ….but Wenger it seems might not…..if some dodgy reports are to be believed.

  6. Hmmm, things not going so good at Black Heart Lane. Come on WBA, tie that game up.

    Mandy, what kind of reports would you like? Chevy? Fordy? BMWy? 🙂

    (Sorry, I’ve got an old Dodge Dart in the shed.)

  7. We have to keep pressure on teams, keep them closed off and making them work hard if they want to score. Sometimes we let them dictate a little too much, and then have to make a tremendeous effort to regain ground.

    From the off, give them no quarter, allow no easy path so that anything they achieve will cost them much effort and skill.

    Thats the battle plan so get out there and do win.

  8. Forgot, some of that meditational music is good when watching football with the commentary down. I’ve noticed i do not get too over excited now. 🙂

  9. From the twit feed, we have:

    Gabriel Mustafi Koscielny Monreal
    Ramsey Xhaka
    Alexis Ozil Iwobi

    Beach: Ospina, Maitland-Niles, Holding, Reine-Adelaide, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Lucas, Welbeck

  10. Blimey Gord if that is right Bulldog got it right. Mind you it wasn’t the hardest one to pick – but even so he’s on a glass of wine from me for each one he gets 100% so it looks like I will have to cough up.

  11. If a person wanted to start with a slightly offensive lineup, I was looking at:

    Maitland-Niles Mustafi Koscielny Oxlade-Chamberlain
    Lucas Welbeck
    Alexis Ozil Iwobi

    Good thing I don’t pick line ups.

    Grrr, the spuds won.


  12. Tony,

    Drink is on you. Bulldog is spot on – as you said not the most difficult of teams/beach this week.

  13. The difference in the match between Tottenham and West Brom at the Lane as I can see it is, Tottenham are hungry for the points and they go after them devouring all the points, but the lazy in the game and looking to be dead WBA team want the points to come to them on the cheap as they didn’t go after them fighting to get them. Thus, there are lost to Spurs 4-0.

    This win by Spurs over WBA has put the pressure on Arsenal to win their own match against Swansea City later so as not to fall behind Spurs in the table by more than the 1 point they’ve already fallen behind them.

    The starting XI and the benched Gunners team that will play this match have no any excuse to give for not winning this match against the Swans despite not having Bellerin and Coquelin in their starts today. They MUST win the match because they are a very strong starts & bench side who are going to play the match.

  14. Iwobi at midfront right is new to me. The last time at the Deepdale, he played behind Giroud as playmaker. He must be a versatile midfront three player able to play in all the midfront three positions as he has also been playing at the left side of the midfront three,

  15. Love the BBC commentry ‘ if this was a dish served to me in a restuarant I’d send it back ‘ bland very bland .

  16. That’s interesting form LiveScore. A pass by Aaron, a miskick by OG, two unidentified passes, and OG scoring in some unmentioned way.

    How to go _______! 🙂


  17. It was a superb attack. Mesut passes to Rambo. Rambos peach of a pass, just missed by Giroud. Alexis collects. Slips. Then crosses. Ozil heads the ball towards goal. Block falls for Giroud…Who scores….

  18. Oooohhhhhhhh…….That was close…. If referee saw that!!….I don’t see why referees can’t decide on some balant penalties….

  19. Exactly. That too one effing difficult to judge.

    Only after multiple replays….it looks like a simulation….

  20. wanna know why we have so many long-term injuries?
    because we allow a player to limp for 10 minutes before subbing him off
    remember Theo vs totts, Wilshere vs MU, Santi vs Norwich?

  21. ARSENAL 13
    looks like Ozil heads the ball towards Giroud to me, who then scores.

    Still we are making some horrible passes and losing concentration at times.

  22. Very good call there by the ref, first two replays didn’t werent clear, but the third replay clearly showed it as a clear dive by Ki.

  23. Arsenal possession:
    _5 45%
    10 67
    15 53
    20 57
    25 56
    30 58
    35 60
    40 60
    45 59
    45+1 60

    Which translates into us getting 2 shots on target, and Swansea getting 1 shot on target and 4 off. Swansea winning on fouls, 8:4 (supposedly).


  24. When you see referees getting difficult decisions right…..You wonder then why they get the obvious wrong?? Unless therz an agenda….

  25. My few cents…

    Swansea had looked like a team with more passion for 20 minutes or so. I told to myself (yes, I talk to myself sometimes…it’s not sick, right?) that they would exhaust themselves sooner or later. We should kill the game at the beginning of the second half. That was a big goal from The Big Man. He picked an injury but stayed on for the rest of the first half despite his desire to be subbed immediately after the goal. It seems Ox will replace him after the break which means Alexis will move to the middle.

    Jones made a big decision with Ki’s yellow card for diving. I already thought it was seventh penalty for the opponents. In case you were wondering, after 20 league matches last season, our opponents had been given 0 (zero) penalties.

  26. well, time for a story saying : Arsenal have only 3 players with double figure goals….
    And If Ozil sinks one, they will only have four…

  27. How to go Iwobi! How many does he need to get to 10? 8?

    LiveScore says deflection. Is that going to get called an own goal?

    Oh, half time was at 45+2, not 45+1.


  28. Iwobi forces another own goal?

    What do we have, 1 goal for OG and 2 goals for og.

    Oh gee, what a scoreline.


  29. @Arsenal 13

    All three goals from OG (Olivier Giroud, Own Goal x2).

    BREAKING NEWS: Swansea have offered 45 million pounds for Alex Iwobi because he has assisted two Swansea players for goals today!

  30. Hmmm, I think Alexis needs to change his name so his initials are O.G.?

    How to go Alexis, and nice work from Aaron!

    SAA was looking good for the score prediction, but who picked more than 3?


  31. I won’t miss Swans when they go down, that’s for sure. Too many points dropped against them and they now kick as madmen.

  32. Do we have the highest number of away goals??? And have we the highest number of goals in total??

  33. @ARSENAL 13

    We have the joint best attack together with Liverpool (48) and five more away goals than the second best team in the league.

  34. What’s going on? First Koscielny goes down injured at the beginning of time added on, and now Mustafi?


  35. When we are winning like this we need to try keep the ball away from our defence, to give them a rest and avoid injuries.

  36. Final Arsenal possession stats:

    50 58%
    55 59
    60 60
    65 59
    70 ?
    75 57
    80 57
    85 58
    90 58
    90+4 57

    Swansea had 3 on target and 8 off. We had 6 on target and 2 off. Fouls was 12 to Swansea and 8 to us.

    And we have 3 possible injuries to find out about.

    How to go OG, however you expand it!

  37. I really enjoyed the own goal from ex Spud Naughton who should have been booked for a couple of over zealous tackles.

  38. Careful now. Any minute you are going to be asked to produce some sort of medical credentials to corroborate your claims.

    Also, Ozil v Chelsea in 2014 and Ramsey v Liverpool this season, when both complained about fitness at halftime, both were sent out and both ended up with long term injuries, ACL and a hamstring.

    Hopefully, Giroud’s is just a knock.

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