Bayern – Arsenal 5-1, this looks a lost case…

By Walter Broeckx

A few changes in this CL match. Ospina continues to be the keeper in the CL and so far he has done nothing wrong in his CL matches to not give him the starting place.

A bit more unexpected maybe was the fact that Gibbs was chosen over Monreal. Maybe because to stop the speedy Robben a bit more? Xhaka also returned to midfield after having a long rest in the PL.

Arsenal team at the start: Ospina, Bellerin, Mustafi, Koscielny, Gibbs, Coquelin, Xhaka, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ozil, Iwobi, Alexis
On the beach: Cech, Gabriel, Monreal, Elneny, Walcott, Welbeck, Giroud

A first shot from Bayern after 8 minutes but a comfortable stop from Ospina. Bayern mostly with the ball so far but no real danger. Robben then with a run from the left flank cutting in and releasing an unstoppable shot in the top corner. Unstoppable for Ospina. You can’t leave him with so much space there. Goal for Bayern. 1-0 after 11 minutes. The next shot from Robben but this time an easy catch. Mustafi with a tackle from behind and a yellow card. This is the CL not the PL.

Arsenal not being able to hold on to the ball so far. Alexis just offside when he would have had a  free run towards  the keeper.  A correct decision.  Bayern keeps the ball like they can do and Arsenal chasing the ball. Arsenal with an attack but the cross from The Ox is cleared. Alexis fouled just outside the penalty area on a rare counter. A yellow card for Hummels. Özil with the free kick and Neuer cannot hold on to the ball but Bayern can clear and the assistant then gave an offside that didn’t look like one to me. Arsenal better in the match now and winning a corner. The corner is short taken and Koscielny is quick on the ball that is intercepted by Lewandowski who kicks wild against the ankle of Koscielny and that is a foul and a penalty. Alexis to take but Neuer stops the effort, Alexis tries the rebound but half misses it but gets a third chance and GOAL!!!!!! 1-1 after 30 minutes!

Alexis then is judged to foul a Bayern player and he thinks he overreacts but then Alexis pushes him and gets a yellow card. A cross hits the arm of Bellerin but as my German commentator explains this is not a deliberate handball so no penalty at all despite the protest of the Bayern players. The corner is headed over by Lewandowski after a short variant.  My German match commentator also said that Neuer hadn’t conceded a penalty goal this season so far. After 38 minutes the stats say 7 shots for Bayern and 5 for Arsenal.  Özil wins the ball and starts an Arsenal attack with Alexis. He gives the ball to The Ox who crosses it to the edge of the penalty area where Xhaka releases a fierce shot but straight at Neuer.  Bayern not getting through the Arsenal defence anymore in the last minutes and Costa tries a desperate shot that goes very wide. Alaba with a cross but Lewandowski can’t direct his header. Hummels heads a free kick wide.  Özil slips through and is one on one with Neuer but the angle favours the keeper who can stop his low shot with his foot. The last chance of the first half. 1-1 after 45 minutes.

Ospina goes down after having to come out a long way on a half back pass from Xhaka. Koscielny has to be replaced with an injury after 2 minutes. Gabriel comes on in his place. That is a big loss for Arsenal.  Gabriel with a good interception to prevent Lewandowski on a cross from Alaba.  Lahm then with a cross and Lewandowski heads it over the line. 2-1 for Bayern after 53 minutes. Ospina slipped when he tried to dive for the ball. Thiago then with a backheel from  Lewandowski to Thiage who makes no mistake and puts the ball past Ospina. 3-1 after 56 minutes. The German reporter said when Koscielny went off that this would be a big loss for Arsenal. He sure was right. Lewandowski with another header but off target this time. Bayern on the counter as Arsenal try to do something back. Mustafi losing the ball but luckily Arsenal can clear.  Xhaka gets a yellow card for a late foul. 3-1 after 60 minutes.

Lewandowski one on one to Ospina who can force him out but he can still have a shot that is deflected against the crossbar and Robben then shoots the rebound from close range against the knee and then the hand of Gibbs. Again no penalty but a corner. Ospina with a great stop but for another corner on a header from close distance. The next corner is cleared just outside the penalty area and Thiago shoots and the shot is deflected by Xhaka so that Ospina cannot prevent another goal. 4-1 after 63 minutes. A lucky goal according to my German match reporter.

After 65 minutes Walcott comes on for Iwobi.  Vidal with a shot from distance but Ospina with a save.  Lewandowski goes down but Mustafi clearly had played the ball. Giroud comes on after 75 minutes for Coquelin.  Still 4-1 for Bayern.

Lewandowski then goes in needless on Ospina when the latter dived on a loose ball. Lewandowski trying to win another penalty when he runs in to Paulista. No foul says my German match commentator. Robben with a shooting chance but Ospina with a good stop. Costa with a good shot and again Ospina with a good save.  Lahm stops The Ox on a counter and gets a yellow card for his foul.  Walcott goes on the flank but his cross is cut out for a corner. Bayern clear but the counter leads to nothing.  The Ox the gives the ball away right in front of our penalty area and Muller can score the 5-1 in minute 88. What a stupid mistake from The Ox.

In the first half after a good start from Bayern we could level the playing field and score an equaliser. In the second half Bayern was clearly the better team, losing Koscielny was a big handicap and a stupid mistake are things you can’t afford against a team like Bayern.

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  1. We are a team that plays well but cannot keep up the pace against the top European teams like Bayern, etc. That said, Barca had the same fate but didn’t even get a goal as consolation. The score is now 5-2 for Bayern but it would require us to win 4-0 at home, not impossible but against Neuer, very improbable.
    Another nail in Wenger’s coffin according to the aaa who will slither onto UA and defecate all over Arsenal with joy in their hearts!

  2. Body language says Sanchez will be walking sooner than later. 22% possession and Ozil a no show just leaves the obstacle that is Sutton. The team needs motivation on the field but somehow this looks like a long season with no big trophies. Is Wenger paid too much? and hence the hunger being at a minus for the club. Something is wrong and it ain’t the officials!

  3. The plus – great goalkeeping from Ospina, glaring holes in the team visible to anyone, an away goal, Lahm out for the next game.

    The negative – a mountain to climb, further demoralisation caused by the stampede to throw Mr Wenger out.

    Much talk about Mr Wenger’s ‘nadir’ and Brian Clough’s ‘decline.’ Rather missing the point – Bayern are good, sometimes close to the best in Europe, and turned in a good performance tonight. Arsenal, as a more cohesive team, bettered the PSG team who did Barcelona over. What happens in the EPL is not a pointer.

    Thank you Walter.

  4. Bayern were immense today. But they were immense because we allowed them to be. Their midfield of Thiago, Alonso and Vidal were amazing. Because we didn’t close them down and we allowed them to be. Robben and Lahm were awesome. Because we let them create double ups and Robben to cut in on his left. We allowed them to be. It’s like they’ve never watched them play. I have been the biggest fan of Wenger but same shit different year and we never learn. We don’t improve. We allow oppositions to be great because we don’t adapt. Time for him to go. Also, I have been the biggest Ozil fan but he can fuck off and all. Literally walked around the pitch like a petulant little price for almost all of that game. The only player who can hold his head remotely high is Ospina. Without him it could have been 8 or 9. And we would have deserved it. Because we allowed them to be. Pathetic.

  5. We had an excellent referee tonight and lost 5:1.

    Ospina – excellent game, couldn’t do much about the goals. He conceded five but saved number of shots.

    Bellerin – injuries have been messing with him lately and he hasn’t restored his best form yet. He can do better.

    Koscielny – integral to our game. Won a penalty but after his injury, everything went South. Heart and soul of our team.

    Mustafi – did well while Kos was on the pitch but his partnership with Gabriel was awful. Made a fantastic clean tackle on Lewandowski.

    Gibbs – I don’t know why he got the armband. Anyway, his side of defence was leaky, Bayern did everything through his wing.

    Coquelin – the worst on the pitch. He looks lost this season and I am not sure what is going on with him. I think he should focus on what made him a star in 2015 – defending and protecting the defence.

    Xhaka – his miss did a huge damage to us. His partnership with Coquelin hasn’t looked well so far, I think his best partner is Elneny.

    Ox – made an awful mistake to give Bayern their fifth goal but he was left isolated by his team-mates before that one. Had a few sparkling moments in the attack.

    Mesut – fluffed his lines when he should have scored our second goal. Another big game away from home in which Mesut didn’t show why he should be given a new, richer contract by Arsenal.

    Iwobi – still too green for the games like the one tonight.

    Alexis – took his goal well but was cut off in the second half.

  6. Good honest report Walter. What did you make of the referees actions just before Bayern’s second goal?

  7. I’m disappointed too. But then I remember that this isn’t the end of the world, and that I have my entire life to be a supporter of this great and glorious club. Furthermore, I’m confident that glory will return in spades one day, so I can take every loss and bad spell in my stride — shrug it off so I can save my passions for the good times.

    What I can’t do is forgive those who use the internet, the stadium, and broadcast media, to trash the manager in an innane and virtriolic manner. Arsene Wenger has given more to Arsenal than any one of these “fans” can claim, but he’s subjected to such disgrace that I now want him to leave and go to France — maybe back to Monaco, or to PSG, where he will be respected by the supporters. I just can’t stand to see this abuse anymore. It’s slander. And the man does not deserve it.

    The WOB’s will get their wish soon. And in the resulting season-by-season flux of managerial staff who will overspend and underperform, there will inevitably be that guy who will win Premierships and European gold. That guy will be our hero… but he too will fail to meet expectations eventually… and then we’ll turn against him and say he’s past it.

  8. I must say the German match commentator was a person who not only had a good eye on what was happening and even predicted that losing Kos would be too much for Arsenal but he also knew the laws of the game in an amazingly good way. Never heard that from an English commentator. Or a Belgian one….

  9. Strongest squad we’ve had in years but there’s just no progression, no learning.
    Time for a change now. But I hope Wenger is allowed to leave with dignity and no crowing.

  10. I’ve had to delete a fair number of comments from people who can’t be bothered to read our rules about comments. Mostly two liners. Sorry if you are looking for your post and it is not here, but really, in any group there end up being rules. Even when a bunch of anarchists are gathered together.

  11. Leon

    I quote myself from the previous thread: The ball clearly went out off Özil’s heel and Masic first incorrectly pointed to the corner flag but reversed his decision in about a second after having looked at his assistant. Trust me, there was nothing suspicious about it.

    omgarsenal; what has the ‘aaa’ got to do with any of this?

  12. the ref team was the best team in this match, just like in psg-barca match, if only this was the case in PL

  13. I felt we were on top heading into half time.
    Clearly the Koscielny injury turned the game but the collapse should not have been so great.

    End game for Wenger I’m afraid.

  14. now tell me, how can Poland and Serbia produce a ref who doesn’t have a fault in a match, and England can’t?

  15. @Zedsaunt
    You talk about Barca but have you forget the amount of Champions league trophies they have won in space of six years even if there is nothing this year they will come back stronger next year…. take look at the mirror do you see arsenal vs Monaco? I think you remember that vividly this isn’t about the team there is something wrong with the club somewhere are we saying that the top 4 is our only aim? Or maybe the FA cup. Been following the news on this site some couple of years now but I think if we look at the previous years it is still the same excuse that me say year in and out ain’t we tired of that? Arsene is the best manager in the club’s history but sometimes you have to question his approach to games he doesn’t have to be arrogant anymore we should at this stage now be tactical flexible and if he knows that the whole thing is telling on him already then he should move on and allow someone else to take over.

  16. The reason we lost is down to poor tactics. We keep playing CL football forgetting that it is of 180 minutes rather 90 minutes. We were level, instead of bombing forward we should have counter attacked sitting deep as we have a team with pace. The second goal was due to a moment of uncertainty from Ospina and not due to slipping. Which I think was the turning point of the game. And having played Bayern the most in the last 5 years and not knowing how to stop them is just ridiculous. The team lacks any motivation to win and a stubborn manager does not help. Xhaka right now is the worst 35 million spend, Kante cost 32 million and we never bothered to outbid Chelsea. And he has made the difference. It’s the same mediocrity year after year. Up until last year I supported Wenger but can’t anymore because he behaves like a grand dad rather than a manager. Sometimes the need arises to shove a boot up the players back side, the manager should not hesitate.

  17. Kamiel

    My sentiments entirely, but more to the point Arsene Wenger does not deserve the lack of performances the players are giving, in return for the loyalty,faith and protection he affords the players.

    I’m hoping this result may change our fortunes for the better.

  18. What cost us today ?

    Wrong team selection..
    Weak mentality..
    Lack of discipline..
    Wenger can’t motivate the boys again.
    We need change,fresh idea,
    we all known the problem of this team apart from Wenger bcos we have nothing to fear against Bayern bcos we’ve played each other before and Wenger is the only big coach in Europe that one team or coach will be beating every time they meet.

  19. dieter… some of the Wenger out laments on this site,that appear ONLY after a defeat and then tell me what the aaa has to do with anything.
    I don’t know if you support AFC and Wenger at all but surely you see what damage these whiners are trying to do to the club they supposedly love!
    there are some excellent posts on here, supportive of the club and sympathetic to our players BUT there are far too many whiners and told you so’s like Mac, who is such an expert that he only shows up to crow about what he thinks he knows…..

  20. Hi guys. This has been a bad day at the office. But why?
    We have a top, top manager. So I think. Or am I wrong?
    I believe we have a top manager but our players are just not the top, too quality needed to win the big trophies. Maybe we will one day do a Leicester and win the Champions League or maybe the Premier League title with this group of players.
    I am surprised Wenger manages to get this group of players to Top 2 or Top 3 in the Premiership.

    My greatest fear is that Wenger will leave or be pushed out this season. The calls for Wenger to go are getting louder and louder. I believe if we can add a super striker who is very clinical plus two or so other world-class players to this squad we will be a very competitive team in Europe and have a better chance of winning the league title.
    It will be a big disappointment for me if we lose Wenger but retain £250m in the bank (or maybe it will have grown to £300m by the end of the season).

    For too long, we the fans that like Wenger have been concentrating on bad refereeing to justify why Arsenal under-performs.
    For too long, the aaa have been focussing on Arsene Wenger for the reason why the team underperforms.
    We have never really looked at the players. I say too many of the players in our squad are not Arsenal-quality. (In a way I suppose it is Wenger’s fault if we say several players are not of Arsenal-quality).

    For too long we have celebrated buying an average player on the cheap (that no one thought we were interested in buying!!!).
    If Wenger buys an average player (whose fair value is £10m) for £7m or £5m, certain sections of our fans celebrate. The only people who should be celebrating are the shareholders. We the fans should celebrate when Wenger buys world-class players like Sanchez for £35m or whatever.

    Imagine if Arsenal had bought Saido Mane for £30m instead of Wellbeck for £15m?
    Imagine if we had bought Suarez for £50m instead of offering the reported £40m plus one pound?

    Previously Wenger could buy gems on the cheap because many other clubs were not as active in the world markets looking for talent. These days even shiite managers like Sam Allardice have scouts in Europe, Africa, South America looking for talent. It is now very difficult (if not impossible) to get players of the level of Patrick Viera on the cheap. The players you might get on the cheap are of the Elneny-quality.
    Elneny is an average or good player. He is not a great player. If Elneny played for Stoke or Liverpool I wouldn’t wish he was an Arsenal player. The same applies to Gibbs or Iwobi or The Ox or Welbeck and several others.

  21. Maybe an early exit from the Champions League is what we need to boost our chances of making Top 4 again (and qualifying for next year’s Champions League).

    Are we in this Champions League competition to win it or we are there to collect the money offered?

  22. A disappointing result unfortunately. I don’t blame this on the ref, but he did seem too lenient on Lewandowski, who could have been booked for diving & who fouled Mustafi for his goal.

    Once Kos was injured we seemed to lose co-ordination at the back with disastrous results. But, our midfield, which once dominated matches, seems to have lost that ability. We need to regroup quickly. Lets hope the Kos injury is not too serious.

  23. Wenger has been a great manager for us.
    He deserves to retire after he has taken us back to the very top (again). I really want Wenger to lift the Champions League title before he retires so he can shut the mouths of the aaa and the WOBs.

    Let’s hope our season ends with a good challenge for the Premier league title. I believe Chelsea can still get caught.

  24. Zuruvi, without the CL money we would not have been able to pay off the stadium debt so quickly, and thus not able to start buying players again, as opposed to relying on youngsters.

  25. Yes bjt, our midfield is nowhere near world-class. We good enough to dominate West Brom or Stoke or Sunderland but not good enough against the really good teams like Man City or Bayern.
    Against Bayern we only had 26% ball possession. That’s bad. Really bad.

  26. Thanks Tony for the explanation.
    Maybe we have over-prioritized repaying the loan at an accelerated pace plus keeping hundreds of millions in the bank. Maybe we should have invested a bit more in our squad to get better players.
    Bayern built a new stadium but kept buying top players so they could compete domestically and in Europe whilst they paid off their stadium.
    Tony, I fear the level of noise against Wenger will reach a very high level and we could lose our great manager. I never thought I could imagine Wenger leaving this year but now I think our great man might even say he has had enough of the criticism and these big humiliating defeats. We as Arsenal seem to have more big humiliating defeats than other top clubs. Is this a fact or I just notice it since I am a Gunner who suffers big pain after such defeats?

  27. Deiter
    So that clears that issue up. Nobody at the time bothered to explain what happened and it wasn’t shown in replay. I’m glad it was the correct decision because that was a significant goal, and despite what one or two people have said Lewandowski jumped fairly.At 2-1 it was till salvageble but we completely self exploded.Good referee who got most of it right.

  28. @ademiniyi

    It’s still Mr Wenger’s choice what he does. Something about this word ”aim.”

    As you were writing out your post with ”the top 4 is our only aim?’ I was recalling a goal Gerd Muller created for Bayern in a European game in Copenhagen in the early 1970s – he just moved his body weight from one thigh to the other on the six yard box, the defenders moved out of position, a channel suddenly opened, the winger ran into space and scored. How do you take ”aim” against that?

    ”but sometimes you have to question his approach” I don’t. Forty-odd years later I still cannot work out how, on the six yard box, Gerd Muller could act with such cool genius. How do you manage a team of brilliant footballers – I don’t have a clue.

    Tonight Arsenal came back and held their own in the first half, in the second Bayern played to the standard of their quality. I mentioned Barca last night not because they are champions and were outplayed, but because Arsenal had more than matched PSG, who were very impressive last night.

    Arsenal did not do justice to themselves in the 2nd. half. They did not play to their quality. There was a gaping hole from the back to the attack and as the game continued people stopped playing. I called it a plus because it was so visible. Will it be fixed? Will Mr Wenger go and win the Champions League with some other team? Will we see him in the World Cup as an international team manager? Will he go off and enjoy glad retirement?
    It’s his choice, whatever.

  29. Well, Barca had a big humiliating defeat yesterday and I don’t see people calling for the manager’s head.

    We can only hope for a miracle in the second leg.

    But if we go out, we can concentrate on the league.

    I know, I’m just trying to offer myself some comfort! Really, I’m sad.

  30. As an avid supporter of AW my hope is AW does go.Can you imagine the media backlash that is going to happen now, or even if he was to stay.He does not deserve it.The players have let him down badly, this being our best ever squad.I believe he has been too loyal to certain players.
    Clearly Sanchez will quit and I can understand it, although I think he was going to go regardless.
    We need a big name Manager.No world class player will come otherwise.A re-building job I think.Very sad times.Mr Wenger, go and prove all your doubters wrong.You have been a truly wonderful Manager.

  31. Very poor performance against a team I think will most likely win the competition.
    There were faults in play and in tactics, you cannot defend like that at this level and not be found out.
    Looks like an exit, but plenty to fight for, just backing the team, the future can take care of itself

  32. A truly poor second half . Our midfield had no bite and offered neither help to the defence nor any aid to the forwards . They were very composed and so accurate in their passing .

    A very ,very poor day at the office . Hope they snap out of it stat .

  33. The result is quite disappointing and frankly embarrassing, how the team concede 3 goals within a 10 minute span is beyond me. I agree with Josif’s player assessment and I hope the players take a look at themselves. Bayern Munich second half performance should be our benchmark and I hope our players strive to better it.

    Not suprise after a loss that the anti-Wenger brigade come out in force, it must be their moment of joy.

  34. The officials had a decent game, though some of the game management by Bayern players should have been picked up. Arsenal were out paced & out performed by a team well versed in the ‘performing arts’. It is an aspect that even video cameras will not pick up, but good officials will. There were some unlucky deflections & some slow reactions that allowed an offensively aggressive team victory. Bayern outplayed us & we let them. Our left side of defence has always allowed freedom of access & Robben used it well.

    There isn’t a single fan nor pundit that can hold a candle to Wenger. Any call for his resignation is made by short sighted unintelligent reasoning. Our success as a club is due to our regular appearance in the CL. It has both financed us & allowed us access to quality players. We still have to earn every penny we spend – we do not have oil wells, governments, banks, auto companies or pharmacies funding us.

  35. No leadership, no tactics, no heart. We were whacked by a Bayern team who have struggled this season and who last night were not that impressive. Groundhog season yet again, oh so predictable.

  36. You said the Wenger doesn’t deserve the lack of performance but can a silver ever become gold.. nope silver is silver and gold gold. Have you forgotten that Wenger himself said in about 2gamws this season that his boys wasnt mentally prepared for some guys… so what’s it work?

  37. Thanks for the clarification it’s nice when you have a nice argument with a fellow fan that said I think Wenger should have changed his approach I am not calling for his head but I think his loyalty to some of these guys in embarrassing if Leicester coach said it’s high time he wielded the ax on some of the players who won the premier league couple of months ago but I believe Wenger won’t do that nope he won’t and that’s one of our problems

  38. Arsenal collapsed against a side that showed cohesion and ruthlessness. We have none of that. It is character that is missing, a quality that is very hard to pin down but which seems to consist of:
    Self belief; belief in the team ethos; knowledge of what to do; ability to adapt; experience of success in applying learned methods; any others..?
    That these traits are lacking within the players who wear the shirt is palpable, even when a non-PGMO set of officials is in charge.
    Mr Wenger seemingly can no longer instill these traits within this bunch of mostly ordinary players because I believe they have lost faith in his methods and his ability.
    When he was unearthing gems like Henry, Anelka and Fabregas, we were ble to punch consistently abive our weight. As others on this site have have pointed out, that pool of unknown and undeveloped talent is no longer there.
    That is a shame, because as a manager, he has overseen a transformation at the club but, as a coach, he has been found wanting again and again.
    5-1, 8-2, 5-2: it’s been an ongoing embarassment
    I don’t advocate that he should leave, but I can’t see any degree of change beyond the ‘always the bridesmaid, never the bride’ situation we have had for the last few years while he is in charge.
    I have enormous respect for the man and will always support the club, but there is no ‘evidence’ that his methods are applicable nowadays if the Gunners are to be challenging at this level.

  39. josh:
    This is what CL money is for.

    5th Gen Gooner:
    So true.

    It’s sad that some do not realise that this team is not performing to it’s ability and that must lie on the team and on the manager too.

    We showed some initial spark, after their goal, we slumped, then picked up and started to look like Arsenal again, then we scored after some “direct” play instead of the laboriously slow “walk it in the net” play.

    I thought we would continue in 2nd half but we ended up defending. Against a team like Bayern you do not defend like that.

    All in all, Arsenal are showing more and more to be what everyone else says, after all, our eyes can not really lie that much.

    Arsenal is stagnant at the moment and who can deny it?

    A massive win v sutton utd will not, i repeat will not make things right in any way. This is to be expected, but after this season, again we start to wonder if Arsenal will ever make the grade.

    That they can we know, but will they?

  40. Anyone who thinks the anti-wenger lot are happy think again.

    It is their pain that causes them to react this way, they hurt bad, and now want to inflict pain on someone too. This is the “anima” taking over the “mind”.

    And, it does not matter if Arsenal were to win FA, CL and PL cups now, they want him gone. Their opinions and perspective.

    Some of us just want to see change in the right direction.
    Players pulling their weight(or is this all they have?)
    AW adapting to the changes and preparing his team better(if he cant, delegate someone else to)
    Arsenal will need to spend more on wages if it wants to attract more top class players(else Arsenal stays where it is)

    That’s it really.

  41. I am of the opinion that wenger should leave and am been fed up with some excuses that he has been let down by his players ( after-all he assembled them there)..I have realised that not that wenger is not a good coach but he is too soft on his players and which makes people question the attitude of our players on the pitch… sometimes players needs a discipline man that takes no nonsense for them to perform at their very best but wenger has been lacking in this against the big teams. Arsenal players can give more than that but if the have the right man to motivate them.

  42. hahhahhahaha,

    I dont understand, Why after every defeat people come in calling for Mr Wengers head!! If you guyz are honest enough, then remember you weren’t expecting us to win this game anyway.

  43. Pat, there certainly are some loud calls for the Barca manager’s head to roll.
    Maybe you have just missed them since you are not a Barca fan.

  44. Koeman is being named as next Barca manager this morning. Of course they’re calling for his sacking. It started Tuesday night.

  45. I just listened to Wengers press conference & he says that the 2nd goal was conceded following a quickly taken goal kick with 2 balls on the pitch. It was not shown on TV but there appeared to be an issue with a corner being given (players then move toward the opponents goal) & then changed to a goal kick with ‘multiball’ giving an unfair advantage to a team allowed to play with a second ball on the field of play.

  46. Yes… we are not expecting but why are we always been easily predictable, why have we always been finding it hard to beat big teams and be humilated with high scores always…why have we been let down and always claim our players let us down… I think the manager needs to take some blame sometimes also….Athletico madrid have been a torn in the flesh for this same bayern munich for some years now with barca, madrid and all other big european teams but Arsenal remain the club the big european teams beat with easy….. why cant we be like those big teams, why cant we take european football our own too…….we needs to change something… @ Arsenal 13

  47. BT showed after the game that a corner was given. This totally threw us positionally. I always thought a ref’s decision was final? Seemed to have been persuaded by the Bayern intimidating tactics that went on all game. I’m surprised he didn’t change his mind with the penalty after they contested it. This refereeing problem doesn’t just seem confined to england!

  48. @Pat

    Actually, there have been calls for Enrique’s head and he has won the league back-to-back + CL two years ago while playing fantastic football. It’s not that only Arsenal “fans” make stupid demands.

    We have been underperforming in big games for quite a while – 1 victory in 16 games since the beginning of 2016 says it all. And we are yet to play Liverpool, both Manchester clubs and Spuds. In fact, the whole 2017 has been poor with two notable exceptions being our away games at Swansea and Southampton.

    Number of players should think about fulfilling their obligations from the running contracts on the pitch before even dreaming to ask for a wage rise. They should make a serious talk with themselves about what made people and the manager believe in their quality at the first place and do that again.

    My feeling is, the players know Good Guy Arsene won’t be there next season and whoever takes his place won’t let them get away with gutless and heartless performances week in and week out.

    I’m just sad because the manager had always had a huge belief this squad would deliver big things but they have failed to repay his faith in them.

  49. Arsenal just looked like a team without confidence because of the last big away games results so without Kos, the only man who knows where the defence has to stand, that was too much for the Gunners!
    Maybe in the second leg we will see a team which will have nothing more to lose and will play with no fear. Arsenal seems to have a lot of technical players but doesn’t manage to use that to their advantage but the players will have to if they want a little confidence back.

  50. The second goal:
    The referee correctly changed his mind and gave a goal kick. Neuer called for a ball from the ball-boy behind the goal as he’s entitled to do. Ozil brought the second ball onto the pitch.
    Lahm carried the ball down Arsenal’s left wing; Mustafi could clearly see Lewandowski moving slowly into the penalty area and did nothing to stop him. Lewandoski sprinted into the space behind Mustafi. Great cross from Lahm and Lewandowski rose fairly over poorly positioned Mustafi.
    The third goal:
    Mustafi on the right of Arsenal’s penalty area; is talking and pointing to Bellerin as Thiago is moving in an arc to collect the flick from Lewandowski.
    Two self-inflicted wounds after Koscielny had to go off.
    I don’t want Arsene to leave the Club. He still has a lot to offer and experience like his is hard to come by. It’s no coincidence that Ferguson is still on hand at Man. United even though the Odious One is manager. Clearly, from the distressed look on Wenger’s face at the post-match interview he is stressed and hurting. Has he lost the dressing room? Maybe. Should Arsenal appoint a new first team coach. Probably. Arsene Wenger’s role? Technical Director with a role on the Board. We owe him a lot.

  51. Menace

    I queried the referees actions in the build up to the second goal during play (9.01pm), but at the time thought it was a free kick he’d awarded against Ozil after first giving a corner. I do remember seeing two balls on the pitch, but can’t say if it was at this play. The commentator briefly mentioned it, but nothing was shown in the subsequent replays.
    This was a key moment in the game as until just before (Kos injury) we had been pressing Bayern and actually looked the better side and most likely to score.
    Dieter replied earlier on this incident.

  52. I think the point is being missed. Ozil was at the corner flag about to take the corner. Lineker had great delight showing this. This is when Neur took the goal kick. Ozil clearly didn’t know the ref had changed his mind. Unfair advantage given to the home team.

  53. Arsenal 13 posts

    ”f you guyz are honest enough, then remember you weren’t expecting us to win this game anyway.”

    You can’t say that!!

    Bayern played to their pedigree. They have been a top notch European team since the early 1970s. Arsenal are a top 4 team in the EPL.

  54. If I can be allowed a rant.

    I am getting pissed off with the blatant anti-Arsenal views taken by jug-ears and his ilk.
    The smug look on his face before the game and at the end. The seemingly constant pressure put on Arsene Wenger; will he go? should he go?
    In all sections of the media; Arsenal, who haven’t won the League since 2004…”
    Why never “Liverpool, who haven’t won the League since 1990…”?
    In fact, only six clubs have been Premier League Champions and that includes Blackburn and Leicester!!!
    “Arsenal players don’t have that killer instinct”. Yet, when they allegedly did and received yellow and red cards all we heard and read about was “Wenger’s shame”.
    Yes, Coquelin should have dragged down Hazard at Chelsea and taken a yellow card; I’m certain Matic would have done it to Ozil and got praised for his professionalism. But what would have been the response if Coquelin had acted “professionally”?
    Perhaps a poor analogy but: years ago Richard Nixon was impeached by Congress and resigned the Presidency of the USA. For many years, since the 1950’s, he’d courted controversy. When he left office he said about the Press, “Well, they won’t have Richard Nixon to kick around any more”.
    Wenger’s controversy since day one were disgraceful, false allegations; being French; changing boring Arsenal to a footballing delight;, standing up to Ferguson; standing up to the reptiles in the Press and TV; bringing in foreigners to ruin English football; having an active involvement in the building of the new training ground and stadium; competeing in the Champions League for seventeen seasons; failing to win the Champions League; generally being successful.
    With a crime sheet like that what will the Press do when they don’t have Arsene Wenger to kick around?

  55. @Zedsaunt,

    Of course I can say that.

    Look at the people bashing Mr Wenger since yesterday evening for the result, and see what they had to say since we got Bayern in the draw. They were expecting a defeat, a thrashing. So what are they angry about now?

    This is exactly the reason why our opponents/referees/media get away with murder when playing against us. Its was Wilsheres weak ankles and not the illegitimate tackle. It was Eduardos/Rambos/Diabys soft legs, nothing to do with challenge. Bellerin dint want it more. Xhaka is a dirty player. Arsenal are spineless. Wenger is a dinosaur. Anything to suit their agenda. We as ARSENAL fans have to stand up against it, but sad, disgusting, that some of ours are in their camp. SAD.

  56. ARSENAL 13 – I agree with you. My take is simpler, all you who don’t like Wenger – kiss my ass!! Just go somewhere where you are welcome. You are certainly not welcome here on Untold. …..even less after we have lost to a good Bayern team.

  57. @Menace, let them have their say, and if the WOBs got their wish and AW leave after this season, then let history judge whether we are on the right side or wrong side. For now, just ignore them and let’s keep supporting the manager until he leave. I believe history will be kind to AW.

  58. Phew!! Not a pleasant match report to read, that. In fact another’ fan called me long distance after Bayern’s 5th goal asked whether I was watching the match and I told him that I was not, being preoccupied with other matters. He advised me not to bother and he told me the scores. That we lost the match did not surprise me, but by 5 – 1 was the surprise. Still the last time I checked the Sun is radiating its energy from the sky. People are still going about their businesses. Chelsea is still atop the EPL league table and …..

    If our men are not shell shocked yet I expect them to respond at the next match. Sutton watch out. AW has been continuously let down by these men in red and white but we should retain some perspective to it all. One team must win otherwise you have a draw. We lost but it is not time to throw out the baby with the bath water. Why not 4 nil to the AFC in 2 weeks? ”Never say never’.

    My only fear is that perhaps AW might have lost the dressing room, what with the rumors that he favors Ozil to start regularly even though he may not be pulling his weight in recent matches. If that is the case it is going to be down hill going forward until something gives for AFC on the field of play. AW must take decisive action to stop the rot or he could end up being the sacrificial lamb. These professionals, I dare venture, many a time act like paid mercenaries and will go to the next highest bidder if AFC’s fortunes start to decline.

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