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June 2021

The Top 5 Underdog Teams in the Europa League


As the next season approaches, no one can know where Arsenal will end up but it is worth taking a look at the Europa League, just to get the feel of what might come along!

They could wind up in the Champions League or the Europa League. These sorts of details can change very rapidly, and that amount of change actually causes some confusion when it comes to the betting markets. However, if you are prepared for any eventuality, you can get a leg up on your competition. Betting on the big names in each league to win the league or to win specific games is a more stable way to win some money on the games. However, when you bet on what is thought to be a sure thing, you get much smaller margins.

Conversely, if you take an underdog in the betting, you stand to win much more. So let us assume for a second that Arsenal does end up in the Europa League. Here are some of the biggest underdogs for the season.


Arsenal has a long history of always being in the same league: in the top division in England since 1919 (by far the longest run of any time in the country) and being in the Champions League since 1996 – a run only beaten by Real Madrid.

So moving between into the Europa is going to be different – although Arsenal of course have this long experience of playing in two leagues a season, which will be highly beneficial if the Europa is where they end up.

But if Arsenal do enter the Europa League, they will be underdogs by virtue of being the new guys. It will be difficult for many bettors to assess where they might end up. Arsenal is a good bet for many games. Be sure to check Arsenal in the football league betting odds on


The teams coming out of the Ukraine are frequently undervalued in the Europa League. They are undervalued often since they do not get the same press coverage as some of the Western European teams. You likely don’t see some of the Ukrainian league games on in the pub, so it can be difficult to assess how good their teams are. Keep your eye out for a team from the Ukraine to make a good run.

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Liverpool is often undervalued because of the exact opposite reason as the Ukrainian teams. Liverpool are often seen playing on TV against some of the best teams in the UK and Western Europe. When faced with that level of stiff competition, it is often difficult to rack up the number of wins that some other teams might get. Liverpool is frequently undervalued in the betting odds and are a good team to keep an eye on.


Sporting Braga is usually in the upper third of the Portuguese Premier League, but more often than not they have a difficult time breaking out. If you find them in the Europa League next year, you should definitely watch for them.


Porto often leads the Portuguese Premier League. If they are in the Europa League, they might start out as undervalued, but you can expect them to impress a lot of people. The level of football being played in Portugal is often overshadowed by the larger country of Spain. They do tend to share many of the same players and coaches, though. Portugal is poised to produce a breakout star soon.

Betting doesn’t have to be a huge gamble if you just keep your eyes on some underdogs and do your research.

5 comments to The Top 5 Underdog Teams in the Europa League

  • Menace

    Please do not bet money you cannot lose. If you can’t lose don’t bet.

    There is one good thing about betting & that is there is no PGMOL to slope the pitch.

    There is a side to betting that is not advertised. If you win regularly, the bookmaker will ‘black’ your account & stop taking bets from you. Even they do not like losing!!

  • Stephan

    So we’re now underdogs?
    stop living in this bubble of yours where everything is good with the world
    News flash,it isn’t.
    If we get to the EL,which I actually hope we do for all the folks who want Wenger to remain for all eternity
    If Arsenal by chance get to the EL they will be favorites
    That’s for sure

  • Jared

    Had this happen to me in the past betting on American Football. Bookies’ “collector” always showed up to take bets and collect money, but when I won a 5-6 team parlay he simply vanished.

  • Sammy The Snake

    I think UA is better (or should be) than promoting gambling, and serving a link to your sponsor is a bit too commercial…

  • Menace

    Sammy – I agree with you. Promoting gambling & Alcohol are not good for those without good will power & is generally considered as anti social.