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  1. Andrew Crawshaw

    I believe that the Nathan Tella transfer is indeed a ‘done deal’. He has already played in an U23 game for Southampton. One of our Academy players who has not made sufficient progress to move to the next level at Arsenal. I wish him luck for the future.

  2. Mandy Dodd

    Apparently Pablo Fornals is another flavour of the month,…the new Cazorla …or something

  3. Andrew Avellino Ken Reyes

    Mr. Wenger must spend big. Bring back David Dein . Get Mbappe at any cost . He is French like Wenger . Bring Tolisso , Koulibally a new world class left back and one or two youngsters of Wengers lchoice.

  4. Middy

    What rumor says Tolisso is replacing Ozil???
    Tolisso is a CM who can play RB, he is more of a B2B type of player…

  5. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    But what have all these players transfer rumours and the lack of them led Arsenal to in the last 12 seasons or so? 2 back to back FA Cup wins in the last 3 seasons and one appearance now in the final yet to be played this season, a 12 consecutive appearances in the Ucl are all that Arsenal have to show for the huge money they’ve spent on new players recruitment and paying their huge wages. And the recruitment of technical and medical staff huge wages are also paid for by Arsenal. Stewards recruitment and paying their wages and other supporting staff recruitment and paying their wages are also on the Arsenal wage bill. The hiring of their manager, senior and junior administrative staff and paying them huge wages are paid for by Arsenal. Service and utility supply are also paid for by Arsenal.

    To me as an Arsenal supporter, 2 FA Cup success and 12 consecutive appearances in Ucl in 12 years is good and befitting a club like Tottenham Hotspur or even Leicester to achieve in 12 seasons who must be spending less than a quarter in a season of what Arsenal spent in a year. But for an iconic super club side like Arsenal, it can only be mediocrely good success and this is not acceptable. For, it’s doesn’t befit their status as a super club side.

    Therefore, the Arsenal management hierarchy should set the ball rolling as from next season by showing ambitiom and intent that they want to see Arsenal re-start winning titles on regular basis again like they were previously winning before these past 12 years. And put a maximum condition of 3 years in place for any Arsenal manager to deliver the PL and CL titles to Arsenal and if he fails to win the PL title in his first 2 years, sorry, let him follow the exit door. This is the title winning mentality policy put in place at Man U, Man C, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus that has been making them to be changing their managers often if they don’t win titles. But if he wins, he stays on if he wants to. The position of manager at this club is solely based on delivering the title within a minimum of 2 years in some of these clubs and 3 years maximum could be allowed at some of them. But why should Arsenal be an exemption in this wise?

  6. WalterBroeckx

    I’m going to start practicing using my accents on all kinds of letters from next season on in my match reports….
    é à ï ë …. ok bring them on 🙂

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