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November 2021
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November 2021

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Arsenal – Bayern : 1-1

By Walter Broeckx

Arsenal : Cech, Bielik, Mertesacker, Monreal, Maitland-Niles, Coquelin, Xhaka, Kolasinac, Ozil, Welbeck, Lacazette
Arsenal substitutes: Giroud, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Iwobi, Martinez, Elneny, Malen, Nketiah, Walcott, Bramall, Nelson, Ramsey.


A last minute change in the starting formation as Per was sick prior to the game and so we had Elneny in his place in the team. That leaves us with a very unfamiliar backline at the start.


Bayern with most of the ball in the opening minutes but only a shot going wide to show for it in the first 5 minutes. At the other end Xhaka fires over and wide from the edge of the penalty area after a first spell of possession from Arsenal. Then a Bayern Munich player goes down in the penalty area and the ref points to the spot. Well it was a nice tumble but I could see no foul and I am watching on 3 streams at the same time. Maitland Niles just stuck out a foot to prevent a possible shot or cross but didn’t really make contact with the Bayern player with his leg or foot. Lewandowski scores the gift from the referee. 0-1 after 9 minutes. Is it written in the laws of the game Bayern should get a penalty each time they play us?


Welbeck with a great cross to Özil but his volley was straight at the keeper. Monreal with a good clearance after a dangerously looking cross from their left flank. And then Kolasinac has to clear when Ribery sends in a dangerous cross. Coquelin limps a bit after a strong tackle on his knee. No card. But a card for Coquelin minutes later when he goes in a bit hard. Bayern score a goal but it is not correctly ruled out for offside. The officials could do with some VAR… Martinez from Bayern is also booked according to my streams but don’t know for what. The passing from Arsenal not good enough for the moment so too many wasted balls. The yellow card from Martinez was for moaning against the ref. After half an hour we get a drink pause. It looks very hot over there.


It did some good as Özil sends Lacazette away but the keeper with a good save prevents the equalizer. A long low arm stopped the effort. A deflected shot from Muller that hits the foot of Monreal is palmed away by Cech. And Cech again has to be alert when another shot is deflected. And another great stop when James is one on one when Kolasinac failed to come back to defend as he was too exhausted. He goes off and Nelson comes on. Maybe an injury as he goes straight in the tunnel…Another error from an assistant prevents a possible Arsenal chance this time. Xhaka at the other end has to clear a ball in front of James who only had to tap it in. 0-1 after 45 minutes. Some players not really showing their best so far.

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Brammal, Iwobi, Walcott, Willock entering the field at the start of the second half. Özil, Coquelin, Lacazette and Bielik leaving the field. And a few positional switches also I think. Cech stops another effort from James when he first slipped but could recover. The ref could come to the Pl when Elneny played the ball and then made contact with the Bayern player who also came in sliding with his foot forward gets a foul and a yellow card. Elneny clearly played the ball. Cech with a good stop on the free kick.


After one hour Xhaka came off and Ramsey came on. Arsenal get a chance after a bad clearance from Bayern but they manage to block the shots and then foul Iwobi outside the penalty area. Cech had to come out very far when Bayern counter but he makes no mistake. The Bayern keeper kicks a clearance against the back of Ramsey but the ball flies back in his arms. After 70 minutes Cech and Welbeck come off and Martinez and Nketiah enter the field. Walcott cutting in from the left but his shot is not well enough placed and the keeper can catch it. Willock gets a yellow card for a late kick on a Bayern player. The last 10 minutes will not really be remembered for the quality of the football. Arsenal not being able to produce any danger and too many bad passes. Lucky Monreal is clearing a possible dangerous cross.


And when nobody expected it Iwobi won a ball deep in our own half, a pass to Ramsey who crossed it back to Iwobi who made the effort of the match and headed it over the line. GOAL! 1-1 in the last seconds of the match.


Wenger had said before the match that this match was more about defending than about attacking. And so it happened with Arsenal doing most of the defending during the 90 minutes against the Bayern machine.  Let us hope we have no injuries or no virus has entered the tour as some looked a bit pale today.


25 comments to Arsenal – Bayern : 1-1

  • WalterBroeckx

    F*ck it seems we had a penalty shoot out after the match. We won that one according to

    I’m sorry by my streams stopped after the match and went adverts so stopped them….

    I then went to to the live feed and they said that makes it 3 wins in preseason… I thought my god they are drunk as it was a draw…. LOL

  • Damilare

    Arsenal 1 – 1 Bayern
    Arsenal won 3-2 on Penalties.

    Why Penalties?

  • Menace

    This is the way they want football to end – always with a winner.

  • locomotif

    Elneny the new Dante

  • Hisham

    So Wojciech had left the Emirates for good. But we’ve got the Emi! Well done. With Emi around, we can face any penalty with confidence!

  • Magneto

    Both teams were competing for the international champions cup, so there had to be a penalty shoot out at the end of the match, to determine who should win the trophy.

  • Goonermikey

    So we are already International Champions………….fantastic lol

  • MickHazel

    Considering our makeshift defence was up against Ribery, Lewendowski, Muller and James, a very creditable performance to limit them to one goal. I like the look of Bielik, I can see him and Holding together with Mustaffi forming a formidable back line in a couple of years time when Kos and Monreal have retired.

  • Dom

    Maitland-Niles looked as though he had been pulled out of bed and played poorly…as did a few others! We also do need someone creative in midfield otherwise we will be doing a great deal of defending all season long. Along with some outstanding goalkeeping by Cech, I think we used up all the luck that we were entitled to for the first 10 games of the season 🙂

  • Josif

    It’s always good to win games, especially against the giants like Bayern. Beating Germans on penalties is equal of beating the Argentinians in a tango competition so I reckon we danced well. (May Tony correct me if I made a wrong parallel and the Argentinians actually suck in tango.)

    Speaking of penalties after a draw, Yugoslavia had that rule in the late eighties and at the beginning of nineties – after a draw, the penalty-shootout would decide which side gets the only point from the game. It was a weird rule and I have seen a lot of criticism about it but I think that rule had its positive sides. We wouldn’t have draws that – conviniently – suits both sides just fine which leads to boring 0:0 games. No, at least one side – the one with worse goalkeeper for penalties between the sticks – would have to attack to avoid ending the game empty-handed.

    And, that rule helped Red Star to reach the greatest ever result for a Yugoslavian club.

    Most people remember that Red Star (Crvena Zvezda) won Champions Cup on penalties against Olympique Marseille in 1991 but what most people outside Yugoslavia don’t know is that normally free-flowing attacking-minded Red Star took a rather conservative approach in ECC Final as they hoped their experience on penalties would give them advantage over Olympique. It worked well as Red Star won 5:3 – their players converted all penalties while Stevan Stojanović saved Amoros’ penalty. A weird trivia from the game: Dragan Stojković, the Red Star legend (“Zvezdina zvezda”, just like our ex-player Vladimir Petrović Pižon-Pidgeon) and one of favourite Arsene Wenger’s players, played for Olympique against his former club but didn’t want to be among the five designated penalty takers.

  • Gunnerjoe

    I wonder Dom did you notice how close Munich’s team was to its first choice just one player missing.

  • Chris


    we could take a page out of the book of ice-hockey rules

    After normal time, winner gets 3 points
    If a tie, both get one point
    Then overtime and if still tied, penalty shootout.
    Winner of overtime/penalty gets a second point.

    In football we could just do with penalties, and winner gets 2 points and loser gets one.
    This would give good experience in penalty shoot-outs to everybody.

  • Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    Well, a win is a win as long as the match referee gives the win. And for this giving of a win, Arsenal have beaten Bayern Munich 3-2 on penalty in an ICC game that was played today in China after playing a 1-1 draw at full-time plus the added 4 minutes. But this our win over Bayern today is Albert a Bayern genuine goal by Tolossi on 21st which was made not to count by the referee assistant linesman who incorrectly flagged him offside when he was onside. Had the referee assistant lineman did not commit this plunder of a wrong flagging, would we have won? This is the question I asked myself after the result of the match had gone our way.

  • Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    Well, a win is a win as long as the match referee gives the win. And for this giving of a win, Arsenal have beaten Bayern Munich 3-2 on penalty in an ICC game that was played today in China after playing a 1-1 draw at full-time plus the added 4 minutes. But this our win over Bayern today is Albert a Bayern genuine goal by Tolossi on 21st minutes into the match which was made not to count by the referee assistant linesman who incorrectly flagged him offside when he was onside. Had the referee assistant lineman not committed this plunder of a wrong flagging, would we have won? This is the question I asked myself after the result of the match had gone our way.

  • Dom

    yes Gunnerjoe I did, and consequently appreciate your dig 🙂 but nevertheless without Cech and Lady Luck…could have been very nasty!
    Our performance can only be described as rather disjointed and quite disappointing. I know these games are for trying out different combinations and to give our youngsters a good run out but the season is only a few weeks away and i am not convinced we have an obvious starting XI.
    If you saw the energy(or lack of) M-Niles, Welbeck and Ramsey as re-assuring…I didn’t. Perhaps they all have the bug after all.
    I guess I expect too much.

  • Damilare

    @Magneto 19/07/2017 at 2:58 pm

    So it is a fact that Arsenal just won the first trophy of the season. An ‘international’ champions cup for that matter. That’s not bad. Let’s win every winnable silverware this season, not minding which ones the commentariats and aaa would see as important or not.

    AW mentioned that (paraphrased) we have been playing CL for 20 years and ‘they’ complained if that’s all Arsenal could do as if its nothing. Now we are not playing CL and we are suddenly sh*t. I guess he knew it is a case of ‘damn if you do, damn if you don’t’

  • Menace

    SAA so good you say it twice! There was no second goal because it would have been saved if the flag did not go up. There were many chances & we could have got Muniched! but we hung in & won. History only shows the result. We know that well enough after having been officiated by PGMOL for over a decade.

  • What I didn’t know was that there was going to be penalities. So have sneaked off to watch the match, once it was over on 90 minutes I turned off, and only later discovered that we had won a penalty shoot out. So it goes.

  • Menace

    The squad has been hit by food poisoning. Must be some of the spuds bugs in Chinese cooking.

  • Stevo


    It was nice to see the Chinese officials are well versed in how to referee against Premier league clubs. Perhaps Riley could get a few of them over here so they we don’t get so many matches with same referee as we have experienced in recent years.

  • Polo

    The referee screwed up with the penalty decision and they amended that by flagging offside for Bayern’s second goal. Justice done.

    Well done on getting the win especially adapting coming from cold climate to hot climate

  • SamuelAkinsolaAdebosin

    A transfer news that is currently running on the net is saying that Man City have agreed a fee in the excess of £30m to sign Real Madrid’s Danilo this window. And I don’t think the news in the media is a fabricated transfer rumour but a genuine transfer news that is running. And again, another transfer news that has been running forcefully in the media yesterday and today is the very likely of the Real Madrid’s Alvaro Morata transfer to Chelsea. Should the sale of Morata to Chelsea for a reported £66m in transfer fee materialized, would Real Madrid not be armed with close to £100m that will enable them to submit a bid to AS Monaco for the transfer of Kylian Mbappe to Real Madrid this summer?

    Should Mbappe transfer to Real Madrid come to fruition this summer, would Arsenal not be asked, what are they doing to have let Mbappe slipped off their hands to Real Madrid this summer? Whereas, Mbappe has been reported to be an Arsenal target last summer when his transfer fee could reasonably be managed by Arsenal to pull the lad transfer through to the Emirates Stadium. And he is reported to still be on the list of Arsenal incoming transfer targets this summer but for his transfer fee which has skyrocketed beyond proportion, Le Prof looked to have surrendered in his pursuit of the lad by saying: Arsenal have not submitted any bidding to sign Mbappe this widow.

    In as much as Le Prof might have wanted to submit a bid to sign Mbappe this summer, his failing to do this is as a result of his being transfer kitty handicapped this summer as only a reported £100m has been made available for him by the Arsenal board to do his incoming transfers this summer. The inability of Le Prof to flex his muscles as strongly as he wants to in the transfer market this summer is connected to his refusal to sell some of his top Gunners (not Sanchez) who could fetch him some handsome sum of money in the transfer market which will equip his hands with sufficient money to bid for Mbappe transfer if he ambitious to do it this summer. The sale of Wojciceh Szczsney to Jeventus has only fetched £10m for Arsenal according to reports. We don’t know how much the Arsenal outcasts of Gibbs, Jenkinson, Debuchy and Perez will fetch at the transfer market for Arsenal as they’ve been put on sales. Probably £25 – 30m for the quartet if we are fortunate to get good buyers for them at the market.

    Assuming Arsenal get £35 – 40m from the sales of 5 Gunners this summer and as they still want to sign Thomas Lemar this summer for a reported £40 – 45m all in all submitted to Monaco for the midfielder transfer which was reportedly rejected, let’s assumed Arsenal will make a very last final bid of £50m all in all to Monaco to sign Lemar, and haven paid £46m to sign the lackluster looking Lacazette in two friendly games for Arsenal this summer, that leaves Le Prof with £54m remaining in his current summer transfer kitty out which he could use £50m to sign Lemar. How much then will he have left after selling his quartet progidies for £25 – 30m perse? He’ll be left with £40 – 45m which won’t be enough for him to do another marquee signing after he has succeeded to sign Lemar. What can £40 – 45m do for him in the signing case of Mbappe? Save, if he sells 2 of his first team Gunners of Giroud and Chamberlain for a combine fee of £70m then will he financially be in position to attempt bidding for Mbappe signing. But any sales of Giroud and Chamberlain this summer has been completely been ruled out by Le Prof. So, Arsenal won’t attempt to sign Mbappe this summer. But they can sign Lemar and a top quality true and thorough holding midfielder second to Coquelin this summer as Le Prof has said he’s open to do more signings for Arsenal this summer.

  • Menace

    Stevo, we have enough cultures in England to warrant a multicultural football league but our officials & FA remain in year dot. I would be happy if a few officials from across the world were invited to officiate in the EPL for two ‘game weeks’ just so that some of our youth can understand the game better.

    I use the term ‘game weeks’ because the 3.00 pm Saturday game has been fucked by Sky, BT & others for bitcoin, & games can be played anytime.

  • GoingGoingGooner

    I wasn’t sure what formation we were playing in the first half. 3-4-1-2? 3-5-2? It looked like our midfield was being overrun and when we did some pressing they bypassed us easily and had a lot of breaks. I acknowledge that they played a lineup much closer to their starting 11 than we did but there is going to be a lot of work needed in front of the video. There seemed to be a change at half and we were more solid thereafter.

  • omgarsenal

    I cannot fathom why some of UA bloggers are moaning already about our performances. Here are the facts;

    1)Wenger brought two teams to try out different players and formations….of course we’ll look a bit disjointed because neither team is the final version.

    2)We are missing Alexis,Perez, Santi, Wilshere,and Gabriel….At least two of the four are world class players that will reinforce our final 11.

    3)We have a boatload of youth and trial players, plus two new regulars who need to be brought up to speed (Lacazette & Kolasinic)so expecting any superb performances is a bridge too far! yet we won a trophy already!!!

    4)We played 3 and won 3 so far, not bad for a shit team without any worthwhile players! Chelsea awaits and since one game can determine the entire season, even if it is a friendly, we can expect more criticism, win ,lose or draw.