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June 2021

Sorry – we can’t post at the moment

The EE network is down and so unfortunately we cant get on-line to post at the moment.  We have no idea how long we will have this problem but we will be back with you as soon as we can.

6 comments to Sorry – we can’t post at the moment

  • Jax

    Thanks for the heads up. I was considering a switch to EE when my current ISP contract expires.

  • bullweed

    It’s probably a good time if there is such a thing.I don’t think there is much that can be said that hasn’t been said.Now at least you can sit back and let the story unfold without having to worry about what is said and done (probably lot’s said and nothing done)

  • Jack

    Surely posting to say that you can’t post suggests that you can post?

  • Allow me to explain in simple terms jack.

    Untold is run from my home, and I have EE broadband, which went down. I have several friends who also have access to the site for the posting of articles, so I phoned one of them who is not with EE and asked her to post that note. It’s not quantum mechanics.

  • Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    Sorry for the posting hiccup I hope remedy will soon be found to it. But am as well use this opportunity to air my view on the media Arsenal transfer rumour that I read this morning in which it was reported that Man City could still poach Alexis Sanchez from Arsenal before the window closes next tomorrow by offering Raheem Sterling plus cash to Arsenal in a player swap plus cash kind deal.

    My own take on this is if at all I have any and if the story is true, is Arsenal should accept the Man City offer. More so if the cash side of the offer is good. There is no point for Arsenal to keep an unhappy Sanchez at the Emirates Stadium this summer if they cannot pay him the wages he was reported to have asked for and expect him to give Arsenal a premium performance in games this season before his current deal at the club expired this season. It will be insane if Le Prof takes a gamble on Sanchez extending his contract at Arsenal having not given him the wages he has asked for. Which Sanchez knows if he leaves, he could be paid such a wage elsewhere. But which ever way it may come, singularity or combined, Arsenal should cash in to allow Sanchez to leave within days or be prepared to lose him on the free next season if he can’t be tied down to a new deal. And that will turnout to a foolish decision taken by Arsenal. NAH!!!

  • Goonermikey

    Well done Jack. You sound like a typical AAA. i.e. you’re not in possession of the facts but you’ll reach a conclusion anyway……………..