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June 2021

Spanish League demand investigations, WHU demand satisfaction, Tottenham only have 21 adult players for Europe

Latest in the wild and wacko world of football

By Dr Billy “the dog” McGraw

While in the world cup France played a goalless draw with Luxembourg with Giroud starting and Lacazette taking over, it is being said elsewhere that the Spanish League wants Uefa to investigate Manchester City’s spending, and to expand the ongoing enquiry into PSG and financial fair play.

Meanwhile Uefa have said that there is no current investigation into Manchester City’s spending although that doesn’t mean too much because the review of club spending hasn’t started yet.

Spain also wants an investigation into PSG over FFP, on the grounds that the club’s actions are “irreparably harming the football industry”.   That investigation seems more likely to happen although Uefa is not willing to concede that with PSG there is a “history of noncompliance”.

As for what is happening with Manchester City’s tapping up case currently before the Court for Arbitration in Sport, no one seems to know what’s going on.

Elsewhere our old chums Don Balon have said that it was Messi who stopped Barcelona from attempting to sign Mesut Özil in August.  And that as a result of being fed up with Barcelona’s incompetence Messi is going to go to Manchester City in the summer of 2018, always providing Man C are not prohibited from signing anyone by the CAS.

In other wild speculation it is said that Monaco’s vice president, Vadim Vasilyev, has confirmed that said Lemar wanted to join Arsenal or Liverpool but then had his mind changed by… V.Vasilyev who said, “It was not easy. Thomas wanted to go to Arsenal and to Liverpool, but we had discussions and we took a communal decision so that he could stay here. He is a very important player for us. We could not have sold him, it would have affected the entire team and the individuals.”

Meanwhile our old chum Bac Sagna is clubless after being waved farewell by Man C, however he is thought to be going to Leicester. He doesn’t want to play for them, but has heard there are a couple of nice shops in the town centre.  Crystal Palace, West Ham, Brighton and a variety of clubs in Portugal, Turkey, Italy and elsewhere all appear to be fascinated.

Quite what Alexis Sánchez, Virgil van Dijk and Philippe Coutinho make of it all no one quite knows.  Will they sulk, will they tell their chums never to sign for their respective clubs, or will they knuckle down and get on with it, so people notice when they leave at the end of the season?  I haven’t a clue.

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As for Tottenham, now proudly the Champions League, it turns out that they only have 21 players on their list of players to take part – still I am sure they will make do.

The Champs League requires a registration of a minimum of eight ‘locally trained players’. If a club have fewer than eight locally trained players in their squad, then the maximum number of players on is reduced accordingly.   These locally trained players can be players who were on a club’s books for three years between the ages of 15 and 21 or association-trained players – players who were on another club’s books in the same association for three years between the ages of 15 and 21. No club can have more than four association-trained players among their eight nominees on List A.

Can you just imagine what people might have said if Arsenal hadn’t had enough players to meet the requirements?

At Everton Ross Barkley, Kevin Mirallas and Oumar Niasse, all look a bit out of touch with the club.  At Liverpool there is Lazar Markovic while at Newcastle it is Jack Colback.  West Ham of course are always different though.   The story is that Diafra Sakho went to Rennes for a medical even though there was no transfer in the offing.

Speaking of West Ham United, football wouldn’t be football without some wild, whacky and woolly wobblyness and this year is no exception.  For after the most successful stadium transfer in history they are taking legal action against man from Sporting Lisbon director who called chairman Mr Sullivan a “liar” and a “parasite” after Nuno Saraiva said they had never made an enquiry to buy Carvalho.   But still Mr Saraiva is the director of communications.   Mr Sullivan claims his reputation has been damaged by a potential libel.

Mr Saraiva then said, “Sporting Clube de Portugal is challenging Sullivan to publish the proposals that he said were made, as well as the proof that Sporting CP received them.

“One thing is clear: Sporting CP, as we have said, does not cut the legs off its players. But we have nothing to do with the behaviour of businessmen or family members who live off the players and who go around offering them from club to club at bargain basement prices, without any mandate, as if they were cheap supermarket produce. It devalues players, it devalues the club, and it creates unfortunate situations like this one, which has forced Sporting Club to take drastic measures to defend itself from these characters who live off some players like parasites.”

According to Wikipedia Mr Sullivan produced a series of low budget sex films in the 1970s staring Mary Millington.

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21 comments to Spanish League demand investigations, WHU demand satisfaction, Tottenham only have 21 adult players for Europe

  • Phil Ster

    Despite the call from Spain for City to be investigated, a UEFA spokesperson said: “There’s no investigation into Manchester City with regards to FFP regulations. Any reports mentioning such an investigation are unsubstantiated.”

  • Chris

    Personnaly, I like this Mr Saraiva and what he and Sporting are saying. And if it is true, then I commend them.
    Maybe if this were done more often, we’d see the situation far better.
    Or maybe one day an injured player goes to court over a agression and challenges the other player, his club and the PGMO….

    Let’s hope we’ll see the day

  • Chris

    Well the guy who is nicking a living just scored against Norway after minutes
    And if I understood the commentator right, since he’s in the ‘Mannschaft’, he’s been directly involved in 50 goals

    But then again, he is invisible….wonder if he was really in the German World Champions team 2 years ago or if this was fake news… ;=))

  • Chris

    Here comes no 2, assist from Ouzil

  • MickHazel

    No wonder he is voted German footballer of the year on a regular basis.

  • Gord

    I wonder what the German population would vote for Ian Wright? Ignorant loud mouth of the year?

  • Brickfields Gunners

    I wonder if there are any parasites around Arsenal claiming to have a direct conduit to all the inside and exclusive information ? And whose arse are they biting for such scoops ?

  • Phil – I think people are playing games with tenses. The Spanish League want an investigation (in the future) Uefa say there is not one going on now.

  • Ken

    The comment section of this site is pure comedy gold, it’s the only reason I come here lol. It must be great to be totally blinded to reality. I’m actually kind of jealous. I’d swear we could end up in league two and the regulars here would say everything is still smelling of roses.

  • tobi

    When was the last time the guy nicking a living scored for Arsenal, when was the last time he won the player of the month, when was the last time he won Man of the match award. The criticism was too much at a stage but he needs to up his game at arsenal or the criticism would stay that way and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Nice goal though

  • Nitram


    “I’d swear we could end up in league two and the regulars here would say everything is still smelling of roses.”

    The way you whinge and whine you’d think we already were.

    In fact we’ve just:

    Won the FA Cup

    Won the Community shield

    Finished 4th in PL

    Won the FA Cup

    Won the Community shield

    Finished 3rd in the PL

    Come Runner up in the PL

    Won the FA Cup

    Won the Community Shield.

    And you still moan moan moan moan.

    For comedy gold can I suggest you take a long hard look in the mirror.

  • Ken

    Lol, moan moan moan??? I only normally read the comments and they make me laugh just like you just have… You must be seeing things buddy but whatever, that’s making me laugh too, cheers..

  • MickHazel

    ‘You must be seeing things buddy but whatever, that’s making me laugh too, cheers..’
    What on earth is there in Nitrams post that makes you laugh, all he has done is pointed out Arsenals outstanding record over the past few years.
    You must have a weird sense of humour. Go and troll somewhere else.

  • Nitram


    Seems our Ken has been so busy laughing he’s missed all the fun the likes of you and I have been having these last 4 years.

    After all, it had been a while since I’d been impelled into manic dancing round the living room, and singing in the garden. Sheer joy.

    Maybe Ken was too busy moaning to of noticed?

    Given how the last 4 years successes only seem to of made him unhappy, and a list of trophies we’ve won made him laugh, I can only conclude poor old Ken has a very odd sense of humour.

    If things are so bad maybe he should just jump of a roof. It might even make him laugh?

  • Goonermikey

    @ Ken

    And I swear that if we won the league with 37 wins and one draw people like you would moan about the draw……

  • Flares


    I think Ken might be Sir Alex in disguise….

    “It wasn’t championship form from Arsenal; they had too many draws,” he insisted. “Without hitting championship form, they had to go undefeated to win it. Normally you’re going to lose about four games a year when you win a title but, with all the draws they were getting, four defeats would have cost them first place.”

  • Menace

    Ken, I’m sorry we Untolders do not laugh with you. Go & find Barbie & play in the bushes, maybe you will find some joy.

  • Pat

    Flares – you have made my evening with that quote from SAF. I had to read it twice to make sure I understood it, it was so amazing.

  • Nitram


    That quotation is really quite bonkers. I’ll be honest and say I don’t recall him saying that. I do recall it being derided by the likes of Adrian Durham on Talkshite, but that’s only to be expected from that fool.

    “Normally you’re going to lose about four games a year”

    To actually use the fact you’ve managed to avoid those 4 defeats as a reason to criticise is quite bizarre.

    Surely avoiding those 4 defeats, and presumably turning them in to draws, is what a ‘really special’ team is all about, isn’t it?

    On that cold night up North when the rains pouring. The winds howling. A hostile crowd and a homer for a ref.

    It was a night for one of those defeats, that only ‘Real Champions’ suffer. (I know, the more you say it the more ridiculous it gets).

    But the team digs in, and somehow against all the odds they sneak a draw.

    Or you just have a bad night on the South coast. Another one of those defeats looks inevitable. You don’t deserve it, but somehow you hang on for a draw.

    Or you go to United , and they are flying. You go toe to toe, but this could easily of been yet another one of those defeats. On the day, they are the better side. But again the team keeps going and a bit of Henry magic salvages a point.

    Surely this spirit. This force of will. This determination just not to loose is something to be admired ?

    Surely turning those 4 defeats into 4 more draws (hence so many draws. Odd that) is actually something very special ?

    To actually turn these achievements on there head, as Fergie and other dimwits in the media have done, shows just how far these people will go in an attempt to turn anything and everything Arsenal do in to a negative.

    And some people still believe we don’t get extra abuse and a totally over the top and disproportionate amount of negativity from ex players, managers and the media as a whole.

    Given the shite storm Arsenal and Wenger has had to endure following the Liverpool match, I defy anyone to deny there is a massive anti Arsenal agenda within the media.

    If anyone now has the audacity to claim we are paranoid then I really do despair for there grasp of reality.