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October 2018
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All the things you are not allowed to say about football because, well, no one does.

by Tony Attwood

It is a great tragedy within football, in my opinion, that there are so many ideas and opinions that seem to be beyond acceptable conversation in the media, and indeed for most fans.

While it seems perfectly ok to say that (for example) Arsene Wenger was the cause of all Arsenal’s perceived […]

3pm Saturday is exactly the wrong time to have football kick offs.

By Tony Attwood

3pm saturday kick offs are sacrosanct. You can’t show a live football match between 3 and 5pm in the major heartlands of football. That is England, Scotland and er… Montenegro.

And why?

Ah well that is where it gets tricky. There is the suggestion that 3pm was the historic time to kick […]

In football, why are individuals called to account, but not whole nations?

By Tony Attwood

There are two stories floating around at the moment. One involves the possibility that the royal family of Saudi Arabia might be thinking of buying Manchester United, the other involving a West Ham coach of their under 18 side who has attended a rally held by a right wing group.

Which is […]

Would you trust a bankrupt corner store with £600 million of taxpayers’ money

By Tony Attwood

When it comes to England games something strange happens to the reporting. and not just with the delicate way the media handles the FA, suggesting that they might be reasonable decent set of people trying hard to do their job (as opposed to them being a bunch of charlatans happy to […]

Is Europe sliding back to 1930s? In football the answer looks worrying.

By Josif Broz

Those who still watch the car-theft-like international tournaments may still have fresh memories of World Cup 2018 hosted by the human right’s role model, Russia.

One of the biggest upsets at the competition was Germany going out after the group stage. They lost 2-0 to South Korea but only few people […]

FA kick tiny team out of Cup over £10 fine dispute, but still won’t reveal Grenfell money

By Tony Attwood

On 23 June 2017, the Daily Mail ran the headline “Grenfell Tower: £1.25m Community Shield proceeds pledged”

On 18 August 2017 Untold Arsenal wrote “What happened to the Grenfell Tower money collected from the Community Shield Match?” We published that because in the two months since the announcement in the Mail, […]

The Football League is finally sharpening its teeth over the over-spenders. Maybe.

By Tony Attwood

When the Premier League refused to join forces with the Football League over the issuing of fines for running up huge debts there were a few of us who noticed – and a few of the few who were disappointed. As a result of the PL’s decision not to get involved […]

What’s coming up in the Europa League draw; all you are every likely to need to know and then some

By Tony Attwood

Several newspapers are daring to venture into the “All you need to know” department for the Europa League draw, and based on what people like the Daily Beast are saying, that is precious little. In fact the less you know about it, it seems, the better, at least as far as they […]

Top football TV presenter charged with armed robbery

by Tony Attwood

I suspect most people are aware of what fake news is. And are aware of Mr Trump’s turning the phrase on its head by calling “fake news” any seriously reported news with evidence that notes his odd doings as President of the most powerful nation in the solar system.

It is […]

How we can tell there is still something seriously wrong with Premier League refereeing.

On Monday 20 August Untold may disappear for a while. For details please see the home page.


by Tony Attwood

In March this year, the Sky Sports website opened an article on refereeing with the comment by Keith Hackett that players and pundits criticising referees in the Premier League is “a little bit […]

Critical safety systems: those rather annoying hiccups that get in the way.

By Tony Attwood

From my perspective the move from Highbury to the new stadium went rather well. It was only after we’d got there that I realised just how much impact it was having on the club in terms of its ability to compete in the transfer market. And since we’d already had the phrase […]

Why are two PL managers feeling miffed about the change in transfer window rules?

By Dr Billy “the Dog” McGraw

It is always rather encouraging when one hears managers of other clubs moaning, whinging and whining. Of course much of the time, the moaning is all made up to cover what is happening, but even so, there seems to be a certain level of uncertainty in one or two […]

Untold’s predictions for England results and scores: five out of six right.

By Bulldog Drummond

Doing predictions of scores for England international matches is not exactly what Untold is about – after all we’ve railed against the FA, its ineptitude and its catastrophic spending of taxpayers’ money for ten years. Not to mention the campaign against Fifa which the FA continues to fund and support, exactly as […]

Does the FA need more anti-foreigner regulations to help England do better? The evidence.

By Tony Attwood

The World Cup is wonderful. OK it is run by Fifa one of the most appalling groups of gangsters and crooks operating on a worldwide basis. But that aside, the World Cup is wonderful. OK the English team is run by the FA, an organisation that has consistently refused to say where […]

England v Columbia: how to work out what the score is likely to be

By Tony Attwood

You will recall that we have tried a few times so far this world cup to predict the score of a specific game. There’s been some success but I think I would be exaggerating a little if I claimed that we were always getting it right.

Nevertheless here’s another go… and I’ll […]

Premier League heads for Winter Break and Man C win appeal in kangaroo court

by Tony Attwood

Two news items appearing today of wider interest: the advent of a winter break in the Premier League, and the fact that after the longest running case in the history of the Court of Arbitration in Sport, Manchester City have been allowed to sign their 16 year old. (Or at least he […]

Maybe FFP isn’t dead after all: and maybe the Court of Arbitration is finally stirring

by Tony Attwood

It has taken a long time to get there, but Uefa has let it be known that Paris Saint-Germain is still under investigation for breaches of the financial fair play rules that some of us had assumed had been buried in a box marked “don’t open under any circumstances or the rich […]

That annoying little thing called Video Assisted Refereeing; where has it all gone so wrong?

By Tony Attwood

Watching the newspapers and UK media outlets discuss VAR while I am in Australia has been illuminating to say the least.

Two days go the BBC announced that the Premier League clubs were not expected to announce that VAR is being introduced next season.

The next day the Daily Express announced that […]

Premier League is now only second to Germany in lack of competitiveness

By Tony Attwood

It was rather sad in a way to hear Alan Greene on Radio 5 doing the Liverpool Tottenham match and being utterly restrained in what he said about the refereeing in the game. Even if he thought all the decisions near the end of the match were completely right, in the good […]

Child trafficking allegations return to haunt Chelsea

By Tony Attwood

According to the Guardian “Chelsea have been accused, after an initial Fifa investigation, of breaking the rules on the signing of 25 foreign players under the age of 18. The number of cases could rise, with the matter now in the hands of the governing body’s disciplinary committee, which has the […]

A report from the FA’s Christmas Eve party at Wembley Stadium

By Sir Hardly Anyone

And what a fabulous night at the Sweet FA it was. As the representative of Oakham and Rutland Football Association, one of the oldest FAs in the country I was delighted to join in the big bash at Wembley Stadium. The speeches, although largely incoherent were spectacular. And the entertainment supplied […]

As the Premier League embraces the Euro model, competition is more or less deceased

by Tony Attwood

Bayern Munich have won the German league five times in a row.

In fact they have won it 27 times, which is a record. And they are currently eight points above their nearest rival at the top of the league, so that might well be six times in a row, come next […]

Contempt: the prime way in which broadcasters and clubs and the FA treat football fans

By Tony Attwood . There’s been a bit of annoyance spreading in the world of football of late. First off we had “the inability to confirm the time and date of the Tottenham Hotspur v West Ham United Premier League fixture in late December is both unacceptable to fans and symptomatic of a deeper […]

Things don’t always work out as expected… From AC Milan to Everton

Two unrelated stories

by Josif

When AC Milan signed Leonardo Bonucci from their rivals Juventus last summer, it was seen as the final statement of intent from the new owners of the Italian and European giants.

Bonucci, one of the best central defenders in the world and a member of famous BBC-trio in […]

Why, as another Fifa corruption case starts, will the FA not say, “we don’t deal with crooks”?

by Tony Attwood

Imagine your ran a business. You were trading with a company and suddenly you find a whole stream of its senior people being hauled into court and charged with corruption in general and taking millions of pounds worth of bribes in particular.

One after another they are charged and they eventually plead […]