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January 2019
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New referee research is valuable but is still fundamentally flawed

By Tony Attwood

Research appears to show that match officials in England are maybe seven times more likely to suffer verbal abuse than those in France and the Netherlands.

I say “appears” and “maybe” because although some who are quoting this research are giving that figure as a fact, the research in England has […]

Is everything really ok with football or are we just following a blind faith?

By Tony Attwood

Given that every day football is in the news, and given that this daily feed of news does not generally include any questioning of the actions of referees, the way journalists report the sport, the coverage of matches by TV, the behaviour of Fifa officials, the allegations that one club threatened to […]

Women’s Super League – the weekly review and a preview of the final round of Continental Tyres Cup group matches

by Andrew Crawshaw

This weekend saw the start of the second half of the League Season for most clubs – as you all know by now one team sits out each round of matches as there are 11 teams in the league and this week it was our turn. This was something of a relief […]

Racism? What racism? The media denies any responsibility.

By Tony Attwood

It is one of the themes I write about a lot – perhaps beyond Arsenal itself it is the theme I write about most of all: that the way the media reports issues affects the way we see the world.

For it is hard to argue that a particular topic is […]

The FA is trying to impose a major shift in the Home Grown regulations

By Tony Attwood

It is quite hard to remember an interlull that had so much happening on the football front. We have had the new president of Uefa and some clubs unhappy with Manchester City over the way they were able to spend the money they did, Fifa unhappy with Chelsea and Manchester City […]

Is FFP legal or could it be challenged in the European courts?

By Tony Attwood

Many objections have been raised, mostly but not exclusively by supporters of Manchester City, to our coverage of Financial Fair Play, which has been our main topic of conversation during this period without any men’s football (although it has been wonderful to see how great the women’s team has become – boosted […]

The unsavoury face of youth transfers raises its head. Enquiries are being made.

By Sir Hardly Anyone

It seems we live in interesting times, and as the Chinese saying would have i,t that is not always a good thing.

For we are told by those who claim to be in the know that Manchester City are getting close to being given a one-year transfer ban from Fifa. This […]

Arsenal not interested in Euro league but there is a breakaway brewing

by Tony Attwood

Breakaways, breakaways, everywhere we look are breakaways.

But not it seems involving Arsenal.

Arsenal has become the first (or if I missed it while arguing with Man City fans, one of the first) clubs to put out a statement saying that they are not interested in the notion of the European Super […]

A defence of Manchester City appears in the press, and it is very worrying

By Tony Attwood

The Manchester Evening News has evolved a staunch defence of Manchester City in an article under the headline “Man City Football Leaks revelations are missing a key piece of information”

The article is by Stuart Brennan who is best known to many of us who watch the ducking and diving of […]

And now another major set of football allegations. Who’d have thought it?

By Tony Attwood

There is a simple point at the heart of the scandals and allegations so far and that is that Man City and PSG, according to the released documents, have broken Uefa rules and threatened to elminiate Uefa from the landscape unless Uefa is complicit in covering up the affair.

And while […]

Why do some home teams commit so many more fouls than away teams?

by Andrew Crawshaw

With no Men’s Club games for a couple of weeks and my back now allowing me to sit down in front of my computer again, I thought I would take a look at some of the data I have been recording and see if there was anything new that jumped out at […]

Renaming Manchester City to make it sound more in keeping with its sponsors’ activities

by Tony Attwood

According to Amnesty International, Manchester City’s Abu Dhabi owners are “brazenly trying to “sportswash” their country’s “deeply tarnished image” by pouring money into the Premier League club.”

And indeed given the level of support that Manchester City has, their success in the league, and the utter reluctance or perhaps inability of any […]

Which teams are benefitting most from referee decision making this season?

By Bulldog Drummond

As we saw in Gordon’s super-analysis of referee actions earlier this week, Arsenal have inflicted the need for treatment on the opposition 11 times this season while Wolverhampton have inflicted the need for treatment on opposition players 5 times. So we shouldn’t have too much worry about fouls from them resulting in […]

How Infantino, now head of Fifa, fixed FFP on behalf of PSG and Man City.

By Tony Attwood

At the heart of the story that has been revealed by the hacking of emails concerning Financial Fair Play, Manchester City, PSG and Uefa, is the involvement of Gianni Infantino who is now the head of Fifa.

It is a story that many, I suspect, will choose not to believe. But before […]

How the media was persuaded not to follow Man City / Uefa corruption story


By Tony Attwood

There is so much pouring out from the leaked documents concerning Uefa and Manchester City it is getting hard to follow it all. But if we thought the complexity was why a lot of the English media has stopped running the story, we were wrong. The media have been directly complicit […]

Yet more Man City allegations, Etihad financial problems, La Liga puts complaint to EU

by Tony Attwood

The latest round of suggestions of wrong doing by Manchester City takes us into an area that not only concerns Uefa and Financial Fair Play but also that rather tenacious leg biting dog: Revenue and Customs – the British tax collector – and a complaint from Spain to the EU. It’s all […]

FFP, Man City and Uefa. Some of the new allegations that are being reported.

By Tony Attwood

This article continues from my earlier piece: Did Uefa collude with Man City in an FFP cover up across the last four years?

Both articles continue from the investigation we did four years ago which resulted in a series of articles, the last of which was Man City decides to take […]

Did Uefa collude with Man City in an FFP cover up across the last four years?


by Tony Attwood

Now here is a turn up. The Untold Arsenal Editorial Board (also known as that bunch in the corner of the Toppled Bollard public house, on the Rutland / Northants border, along with our friends in Switzerland and other exotic places) was very much of the opinion that “Financial Fair Play” […]

Arsenal to be a founding member of the proposed new European super league

By Tony Attwood

According to Der Spiegel Arsenal has been invited to be a founding members of a new European Super League which will launch in 2021. Of the other PL clubs that gained a place in European competitions this season, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United and Manchester City are also invited, but Tottenham Hotspur and […]

You know the one about Fifa doing something bonkers? Well, try this…

By Tony Attwood

Here’s the premise. Fifa is a corrupt organisation which enables fraud and money laundering to be at the very centre of international football. Pathetically, national organisations such as the Football Assocation bow down to Fifa, throw millions of pounds at it, and no matter how often they are humiliated continue to […]

All the things you are not allowed to say about football because, well, no one does.

by Tony Attwood

It is a great tragedy within football, in my opinion, that there are so many ideas and opinions that seem to be beyond acceptable conversation in the media, and indeed for most fans.

While it seems perfectly ok to say that (for example) Arsene Wenger was the cause of all Arsenal’s perceived […]

3pm Saturday is exactly the wrong time to have football kick offs.

By Tony Attwood

3pm saturday kick offs are sacrosanct. You can’t show a live football match between 3 and 5pm in the major heartlands of football. That is England, Scotland and er… Montenegro.

And why?

Ah well that is where it gets tricky. There is the suggestion that 3pm was the historic time to kick […]

In football, why are individuals called to account, but not whole nations?

By Tony Attwood

There are two stories floating around at the moment. One involves the possibility that the royal family of Saudi Arabia might be thinking of buying Manchester United, the other involving a West Ham coach of their under 18 side who has attended a rally held by a right wing group.

Which is […]

Would you trust a bankrupt corner store with £600 million of taxpayers’ money

By Tony Attwood

When it comes to England games something strange happens to the reporting. and not just with the delicate way the media handles the FA, suggesting that they might be reasonable decent set of people trying hard to do their job (as opposed to them being a bunch of charlatans happy to […]

Is Europe sliding back to 1930s? In football the answer looks worrying.

By Josif Broz

Those who still watch the car-theft-like international tournaments may still have fresh memories of World Cup 2018 hosted by the human right’s role model, Russia.

One of the biggest upsets at the competition was Germany going out after the group stage. They lost 2-0 to South Korea but only few people […]