Arsenal v Watford-Atkinson. It’s going to be tough.

By Bulldog Drummond

Watford are tenth in the league overall as I write this, and much of their achievement has come away from home as the away table shows.

Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1 Manchester City 14 11 2 1 32 10 22 35
2 Liverpool 14 8 3 3 34 22 12 27
3 Manchester United 15 8 3 4 25 16 9 27
4 Chelsea 15 7 3 5 26 16 10 24
5 Tottenham Hotspur 14 7 3 4 24 15 9 24
6 Burnley 14 4 6 4 12 14 -2 18
7 Watford 14 4 2 8 17 21 -4 14
8 Leicester City 14 3 5 6 20 25 -5 14
9 AFC Bournemouth 15 3 5 7 14 23 -9 14
10 Arsenal 15 3 4 8 16 24 -8 13

Overall our results against Watford are not quite what you might imagine: we have won 14 but lost 12 with one draw.  Much of this is down to a seven year period in the 1980s in which we won one and lost six games in seven against them between 1986 and 1988 under George Graham.

Although to be fair to dear old George the results immediately before that were one win, two draws and three defeats.  More recently after six successive wins against them it has gone awry once more…

Date Game Res Score Competition
13 Mar 2016 Arsenal v Watford L 1-2 FA Cup
02 Apr 2016 Arsenal v Watford W 4-0 Premier League
27 Aug 2016 Watford v Arsenal W 1-3 Premier League
31 Jan 2017 Arsenal v Watford L 1-2 Premier League
14 Oct 2017 Watford v Arsenal L 2-1 Premier League

So the big thing Watford are after is to become just the third side to win successive away wins at the Ems.  The other two were Chelsea (2009) and Swansea (2016).  But we do always score against them – at least we have in the last 11 so there is every chance of getting this right.

If we do concede in this game it will equal another George Graham record of conceding in 12 straight games between April and October 1988.

But enough of the facts and figures, what of the teams?

Sead Kolasinac and Calum Chambers were substituted against AC Milan after suffering knocks but both may be fit.  Maitland-Niles looked as composed as ever when he came on, and Xhaka seems to have upgraded his efforts of late so the team ought to be…


Chambers Mustafi Koscielny Maitland-Niles


Wilshere Ramsey

Ozil Aubameyang Mkhitaryan

Monreal is listed as a slight doubt but with the Milan game coming up I can’t see him being risked.

Which would then leave lurking on the Islington beach

Ospina, Iwobi, Holding, Kolasinac, Mavropanos, Elneny, Welbeck

But I do want to add a word about Elneny; I really think this guy has come on enormously since we bought him, and has put in a number of sterling performances.   You might remember that on 2 April 2016 broke the record for the season of the most passes in one match for a single player with 121.  And he did do a lovely anti-Alexis tweet as he was about to move to Man Utd with his comment about “Who else is coming with me to Russia?”

Mind you with the way the Russians are dealing with things in England these days I wonder how safe the England team will be there.  I don’t think it would be my country of choice if I were planning a trip abroad.  

But let us also have a look at Watford injuries – remembering the old thing about Arsenal always having the worst injuries.  That of course seems like a long time ago because once we started to expose what the real injury numbers were the press backed off and started to find other things to assault Arsenal with.

But still, it is worth noting… Top of the table looks like this…

# Club Men gone Last man down What he do?
1 Watford 11 J Holebas Ankle Injury
2 Crystal Palace 10 Y Cabaye Adductor Strain
3 West Ham United 8 W Reid Conussion

However to be fair it is said that two of these guys (Holebas and Femenia) could be back by tomorrow.

Just one final thing: Watford, along with Chelsea, are the red card specialists this season: each having four.  Arsenal have none in the Premier League this year.   It is of course all up to the referee.

Which brings us back to the main problem with this game.




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  1. It shows what an absolute disgrace the game in this country has become when a team has to plan its tactics as much to cope with how the referee performs as what the opposition might do.

  2. Cech
    Maitland Niles

  3. Arsene keeps Rambo and Kos in the cotton wool for Milan. Clever.

    Burnley are two points off on 7th, Leicester five points off on 8th. 6th place secures Europa League next season and there is this thing called the merit money.

    COYG, show them cojones!

  4. Game hasn’t started and the eggheads are all on the negative….AMN has only started 6 games this season, Holding, same thing, meaning they are not good enough, the season is over, the line-up shows it, only the EL is worth playing, etc etc

    By the look of the first 5 minutes, they may end up having to contradict themselves

  5. One thing I was fearing, was Deeeeeeeeeeneeeeey “helping” to grow us some cajones, and break an Arsenal leg. That doesn’t seem to be happening from the commentary at LiveScore.


  6. Ozil, 141 games in the PL, 50 assists. Better than Cantona who was the fastest to get to that mark – that is what they say.

    So great we signed him again for more years.

    Let’s hope he gets to 100 even faster

  7. The fouling has started & Atkinson is using selective vision to ignore the kicks to the Arsenal players.

  8. Oh, is Watford wearing a colour which can be mistaken for the lines on the field?


  9. Jim Beglin the bitcher who commentates picking on Wenger in subtle ways while applying bias to the game being broadcast is probably one of the worst anti Arsenal commentators.

    The twat says the score should be 2 -1 when in reality it sholud be more like 4 or 5 nil.

  10. Arsenal are not giving Atkinson a chance to apply his bias as the passing is crisper that before. If the passing has a bit more energy, I think we could see double figures.

  11. Deeney resorting to bully boy techniques that would be appropriate to the London Stadium fan club.

  12. Not happy with the way we are playing. We are playing right into the hands of Watford, slow through the midfield. We have already missed 2chances and we are just a goal up. We have to play faster, as Watford will score. 2nd half they will go all out.

  13. I know that Watford is only a middling club, but Maitland-Niles is looking pretty tidy, today.

  14. Atkinson allowing fouls to go uncarded – usual PGMOL standard. Kola doing the physical work while his teammates are being fouled.

  15. Beglin referring to ‘cohones’ as physical edge. That’s a cute way of supporting Deeney.

  16. Menace
    What do they do for a village idiot when you’re in India??You really havent got a clue about football have you.

  17. The ground is half empty again.It looks like most of the season ticket holders are making it known they arent happy with the way the club is being run and managed.Its the only way the owner will take note!!

  18. @ Nik,

    why don’t you just enjoy the damn game. It’s been lively and nice for a change.
    Alternatively, there are many other games being played, by so many other teams who are all winning all trophies

  19. 1st Arsenal goal in the PL : Steve Bould
    1000st Arsenal goal in the PL : Shkodran Mustafi

    with all the great forwards we have….

  20. Statistics

    Shots on target 3:3
    _off target _ _ 2:2
    Corners _ _ _ _ 1:5
    Offsides _ _ _ _3:3
    Fouls _ _ _ _ _ 5:4
    Goal kicks _ _ _4:5
    Treatments _ _ _3:3
    Arsenal Possession (Cumulative)
    _5 77
    10 68
    15 60
    20 63
    25 55
    30 58
    35 57
    40 57
    45 56
    45+3 53


  21. Kolasinac does bring a physical element to the side and makes some nice runs in the middle third. Unfortunately, he’s often on the wrong song sheet around the box. Hopefully, with more playing time he will start connecting with the forwards.

  22. Commentator on Sky says we haven’t won a ‘significant’ trophy for years, or put in any kind of challenge for the title.

    So the FA Cup is no longer a significant trophy ?

    And finishing 2nd and 3rd in the PL is not even a challenge.

    So that leaves just the Champions League and Premier league that count does it?

    Yet we should be fawning over Spurs who are out in fact out of the Premier League title race, and have been for weeks, and the Champions League.

    I wonder if the FA Cup would once again count as a trophy should they manage to win that?

    Honestly, the bias anti Arsenal ravings of this people is beyond mad.

  23. We need a quick second, don’t let them use the crowd to create pressure and give them any advantage.

  24. The egheads are wonderful…commenting Spurs meltdown :

    – yes they need time. It is not easy to build a team that can win. They have last won a trophy in 2008, so you need to give them more time….

    I mean, seriously ?!?

  25. We need to freshen things up, been on the back-foot this half and for the last 10 minutes of the first. Really want that 200 clean sheet for Cech.


  26. 55 minutes in, and 3 treatments to each side, and Arsenal get the first yellow. Suspicious.


  27. Those damn eggheads

    well the penalty was not shot right, he got lucky to stop it…

    So glad the stream is not costing me anything. At least I am not contributing to the ‘nicking a living’ salary

  28. Great save by Cech. Wasn’t a pen in a million years as the cheat was diving without touching anyone or anything. But Atkinson is a cnut of the first order & gives the pen. He doesn’t see Miki being fouled nor does his assistant. Cheating PGMOL not getting Gods help.

  29. Great job Cech! I think that was Cech’s first penalty save in an Arsenal shirt.

    And of course, Atkinson’s misses Mkhi’s penalty a minute later!

  30. It really is unbelievable how often Xhaka gives away the ball. You just can’t have a DM like that.

  31. Deeney was too busy counting his ‘cohones’ before the pen & thought he had lost one as it was hiding in fear.

  32. Menace.
    Have a go at Atkinson for missing the penalty at the other end but to deny that was a penalty for Arsenal is plain stupid.

  33. That was an obvious penalty, not sure how anyone here can pretend it was given incorrectly. Glad to see we’re still looking excellent even after that, though. It’s a welcome change from typical Arsenal (of late).

  34. Hey I don’t care one way or the other but in view of your striker options with the AC game coming up so quickly does it make any sense bringing on Welbeck?

  35. A second goal and a penalty save, and still no positive comment from Nik the SNAF.


  36. @Scuba
    How can that be a penalty when the Watford player blatantly throw himself into Maitland Niles. Surely when it is the attacking player that “creates” the contact, it can’t be a foul against the defender…

  37. How do we continue to get players needing medical treatment, with no involvement of the other team? Surely there has to be fouls in there somewhere?


  38. Atkinson gives Arsenal an advantage then gives us offside.
    Ridiculous officiating.

  39. Menace/Vince


    He dived through a gap that wasn’t there, but as much as I think Atkinson’s a cheating b*****d, I can see why he gave it because in real time I thought it was a penalty.

    But either way there is no excuse for not giving ours. An absolutely terrible decision.

  40. Knobby

    Not quite sure how that worked out the only thing I can think there was an offside before Wilshire was fouled

  41. without a doubt we are playing robustly but we are getting called for every Watford player that gets shot by a sniper.

  42. Even when we win there is no doubt this is a terrible performance from Atkinson, yet again.

  43. Atkinson really is something else.

    Spot on from the Bulldog.

    200 clean sheet for Cech today and he earned this one.

  44. @ Mike T,

    I agree about Welbeck due to the intensity of this game and need on Thursday.

    In regards to the penalty, I’m not going to say it wasn’t a penalty, but the penalty standards for an Arsenal supporter are much higher because Arsenal does not a) receive such soft penalties and b) do not get penalty calls for much more extremely blatant fouls on our players in the box.

    It is a product of the poor standards and selective vision of PGMO refs.

  45. Xhaka even got booked for being fouled.

    Despite Atkinson, a good performance, a good win, and Cech finally gets his clean sheet.

    Well done Arsenal and congratulations Cech.

  46. Atkinson, I hope you have a car accident on the way home. Or get hit by lightning! Twice!


  47. Statistics

    Shots on target 3:3 _7:4
    _off target _ _ 2:2 _3:5
    Corners _ _ _ _ 1:5 _4:9
    Offsides _ _ _ _3:3 _5:3
    Fouls _ _ _ _ _ 5:4 12:8
    Yellow _ _ _ _ _0:0 _2:1
    Goal kicks _ _ _4:5 11:7
    Treatments _ _ _3:3 _8:3
    Arsenal Possession (Cumulative)
    _5 77
    10 68
    15 60
    20 63
    25 55
    30 58
    35 57
    40 57
    45 56
    45+3 53
    50 53
    55 51
    60 51
    65 49
    70 49
    75 48
    80 48
    85 48
    90 48
    90+4 47

  48. Nitram

    It was the backward movement of Maitland Niles which was the issue the contact came about because he in effect stuck his leg backwards that meant there wasn’t a gap was because it was closed by player movements. Had they stood their ground then that’s one thing but you run the risk once you move at all of being ruled against.
    The advantage would have come about if there had been a foul but looking at the incident as I thought there was an offside immediately before the foul.

  49. Mike T – thanks for calling me stupid. You are obviously super damned intelligent. The Laws state that it must be a foul for a penalty to be awarded. The Watford player was not fouled but played for Atkinson. Going between two players & falling over is not by any stretch of any sensible football followers imagination a foul.

    Atkinson is a cheat & even booked Xhaka for being fouled. Xhaka questioned the reason & after several seconds was told some shit that displeased him more. If I were at home I would have played the footage back & lip read what Xhaka said. It was not abusive but was certainly not complementary.

  50. Jerry

    As I said earlier moan , justifiably, about you not getting a penalty but theirs definitely was.

  51. Damned!!! Nitram how dare you see the same game as me!! We must be missing a lot of similar brain cells! I’m just glad that I’m the only stupid one.

  52. Come on Bournemouth!

    16-0 to Bournemouth would be nice, even 6-0 to Bournemouth would be useful as well.

  53. When you listen to Jammie Redknap talk such bollocks you have to wonder what chance is there.

    Regarding the penalty and talking about AMN part in it he said:

    “He (AMN) shouldn’t of left his leg there”

    Deeny didn’t touch his leg so WTF has that got to do with anything.

    “He should of got out of the way”

    No he shouldn’t. It is NOT the defenders job to get out of the way. Can you imagine if he stepped aside at let Deeny go through ?

    The other 3 just sit there and agree with the idiot.

  54. The Watford player looked like he was halfway down even before he reached Maitland Niles leg.
    Was a difficult one to call but from one of the three angles on sky it was a dive, but difficult to see from the other two.

  55. Menace

    Xhaka said:

    “Did you give me a yellow card for that”.

    Atkinson obviously said yes, to which Xhaka said:

    “You are joking.”

    I did lip read it and that is basically what he said. Without seeing it again I cant be sure I’ve got it word for word but that was the gist of it.

  56. Menace

    Not super dammed intelligent but able on occasions to see a wider pictu. I am not sure I have ever read a comment by you that is anything else other than through AFC tinted glasses.
    Their penalty was indeed that.
    As for Xhaka he wasn’t booked for the foul he was booked for his reaction immediately after the incident and not when he approached and spoke to the ref.

  57. Knobby

    I agree, not an easy one, which is why I can give MA the benefit of the doubt, but as usual if there’s any chance of a penalty being given against us it is given.

    And by the way, as usual (unless I’ve missed it) not a word from SKY about the penalty not given for us. Again, can you image that if it was the other way around.

    Cheating refs.

    Bias commentary.

    Nothing changes.

  58. Gord – our players were being fouled, stepped on and all that not being seen by Atkinson. Xhaka was able to take all the fouling & still play as was Mustafi until he eventually realised that Atkinson was not Angel Gabriel. I think Miki was lucky not be maimed. Ozil was also fortunate to be able to walk away from the permitted abuse that Atkinson allowed.

    It is truly a sad state of affairs that we have to put up with such sick officiating.

  59. I don’t care that he gave the penalty (certainly not after Cech saved it) but the foul from the late tackle on Mkhitaryan was a 100% penalty foul. Anywhere on the field it would have been given as a late challenge and a yellow card (there is a case for a red card even) would have been given. But not by Atkinson. And we could have predicted this (and probably Andrew did) in his preview. If things are so predictable then there is something wrong.

  60. I can accept Maitland Niles’ penalty. He was in a poor position and got beaten and left his foot out. That was never going to end well. Either being beaten or a forward hitting the deck with a penalty shout.

    However, Mikhitaryan was not only taken out in the box just after he passed the ball but the defender actually landed on his right ankle. That is a clear penalty. And, probably a sending off.

    So far all you so called neutrals – **** off! This is what we are talking about when we mention an unfair playing field! Troy Deeney can crawl back under a rock. It takes COJONES to keep playing when you KNOW those bent referees are not going to sanction the thugs that aim to separate parts of your body when you try to play football. Does Xhaka come in hard – Absolutely. Should he be sanctioned – yeah AND HE DOES. The fellow in black – trotting around in his dotage – was probably thinking of a nice cuppa afterwards and couldn’t be bothered to even react when the defender grabbed a hold of Mikhitaryan after almost ending his season…Git

  61. Mike T

    You are Chelsea fan are you not?

    In which case why do you persist in coming on here ?

    All you ever do now is take the exact opposite view of anything any of us say.

    Do you not think posting on a Chelsea board would be better for you, what with being a Chelsea fan and all ?

    Just wondering.

  62. @ Nitram.

    No nothing said about the decisions, just a quick slagging off by Sherwood, sly dig about the half empty stadium and let’s watch the greatest team ever.(with lillywhite tinted glasses)

  63. WOO HOO , HOO ! Well done the lads . Not made easy , but we stood firm and persevered –

    It was a most standard scenario, and not unexpected –

    -Crap officials.
    – Manufactured fouls and phantom offsides .
    – A penalty against the Arsenal.
    – But it was to be expected that the Watford player not refuse the AMN invitation ?
    – A great save by Cech.
    – A clear and not given nailed on penalty for us.
    – No booking for Marippa for stomping Miki’s ankle ?
    -No booking for Deeny’s stamp ?

    Congrats Petr for that record . Richly deserved , I’m sure.
    Up the Gunners!

  64. GoingGoingGunner

    Well said.

    Apart from, I’m not even sure if the Xhaka booking was a foul. At worst I thought it was a 50/50, never a bookable, but as there was no replay it’s hard to say.

    But knowing SKY as I do, given there was NO replay suggests to me it was a harsh Yellow.

  65. In defence of Mike T. I find his comments measured and civilised even if I don’t always agree with his point of view. He is a long time poster and has never sunk to personal attacks on other posters.

  66. Mike T – I love football. I enjoy good football played by any team. What I dislike is the cheating that has been introduced by poor officiating. I am a passionate Arsenal supporter & despite that I see the game as it should be played within the Laws of the Game. The penalty given against Arsenal was not a penalty according to the Laws. Sorry perhaps not the Laws written for Arsenal by Mike ‘bum boy’ Riley.

  67. The assistant ref missed the penalty on Miki but somehow they can spot offsides against Arsenal clearly, it’s incompetence and it’s a joke.

    Anyway great win so hopefully the team keep on winning.

    Did anyone notice Ozil wasn’t to happy when Miki scored the third goal? Or maybe he’s disappointed that he didn’t score a goal today. Somebody need to remind him he’s just broke the record for the fastest 50 in assist, cheer up.

  68. @Chris

    Auba’s goal was second created by Mkhitaryan as Auba’s very first (against Everton) was scored after Micki’s assist (though that one should have been disallowed, the one today was a good one).

    Next season we might have one of the most exciting attacking tridents in Europe. Hopefully Mesut won’t be too tired after World Cup. If he was only English so he could come back home early…

  69. It is always to interpret someone’s body language from far away. Oezil put the ball in the box and it was pushed out by the keeper and came out to Aubameyang who teed it up for Mikhitaryan. Sometime’s Mesut is criticised for body language whereas in fact it is simply how he is built…sort of like criticising a woman whose face does not naturally rest in a smile position.

  70. @ Nitram, the yellow Xhaka received was for dissent not for the foul, ridiculous but Xhaka should know by now that he’s an Arsenal player and he must be careful.

    @ Menace, I think it was a penalty as AMN didn’t retract his leg, he kept it there and it impede the Watford player. I understand your frustration, and that many times Arsenal players get impede like that but never given a penalty. Plus it’s Atkinson so no surprise there, somehow he missed the foul on Miki in the box and no penalty but can see the foul against AMN clearly and give a penalty.

  71. @GGG, maybe you’re right but it didn’t look good when seen on tv.

    Big congratulations to Ozil and Cech on their new PL records, let there be more to come.

  72. GoingGoingGooner

    “He is a long time poster and has never sunk to personal attacks on other posters.”

    Mike T to menace

    “…..but to deny that was a penalty for Arsenal is plain stupid”

    He might disagree? But hey, menace is not averse to the odd insult so I doubt he’s too bothered.

    But anyway, I did not suggest for one moment Mike T was anything but civilised did I ? In fact I used to think he was a decent poster but now all he does is simply take the contrary point of view to almost everything said on here.

    So given that I just asked, what with him being a Chelsea fan and all, why he spends so much time here. A fair question don’t you think?

    If I didn’t know better I’d think he had a little crush on us. Ah, bless.

  73. Hello
    Just enjoy the win, the 3 points, the clean sheet. There is so much nitpicking – even from posters who are supporters. No player is perfect, no team is perfect or plays a perfect game. Yes Atkinson had some dubious calls, all refs do in every game. that is not to say Arsenal are treated fairly, I don’t think they are. It affects the players the most and yet I saw atkinson and Assts. congratulating and laughing with Cech after the whistle. He shook Atkinson’s hand. Gentleman, true sportsman. So let’s just enjoy it and on to THE AC Milan home tie. Let’s keep the form – on the front foot from the off! COYG!

  74. Polo

    “@ Nitram, the yellow Xhaka received was for dissent not for the foul”

    I don’t think it was.

    “I think it was a penalty as AMN didn’t retract his leg, he kept it there and it impeded the Watford player”

    A) Deeny never touched AMN leg, so where his leg was is irrelevant.

    B) And anyway, show me in the rules where it says he has to ‘retract his leg’ ?

    “but he can see the foul against AMN clearly and gives a penalty.”

    For the reasons I’ve said above, I still don’t think it was a penalty, although as I said, I can see how in real time Atkinson gave it.

    But more importantly, and as you allude to, whether it was a penalty or not, it’s the knowledge that we rarely don’t get penalty’s like that, or even nailed on one’s like we saw today.

  75. If you notice poor refereeing when you lose you are a bad loser.
    When you notice it when you win you are nitpicking. 😉

  76. goonersince72

    If you think laughing with, and shaking the hand of Cech, makes being a biased cheating c*** acceptable, that’s up to you.

    Personally I would of told him to go f*** himself. But maybe that’s just me.

  77. knobby and Nitram
    Like you I’m a long time supporter of the club and Untold. The biased refereeing is a given. And it’s not acceptable. But you’re preaching to the choir hear. Pester the Board, the Owner, Manger, etc. to go to the PGMO c***s and DEMAND it stop. It worked for the Moaner in Manchester. I’m only saying enjoy the win, and I’m criticised. Funny, that.

  78. Things are serious for Spurs. Kanes right ankle has finally given way carrying that fat arse of his around.

  79. Nitram, like me you’ve got a bad attitude. Don’t worry because it’s a sign of intelligence.

    What is good is that Cech saved a pen & kept a clean sheet & still shook Atkinsons hand. He counted his fingers after that.

  80. It may just be me, but one of the main topics of this site and the posters is the referees.
    The detailed analysis of each referee and the performance is fantastic and takes great effort.
    I didn’t realise that it was a taboo subject if we are winning.
    So I apologise and won’t post about them again until the next match.

  81. @ Nitram, I might interpreted this wrong:—fouls-and-misconduct

    A direct free kick is awarded if a player commits any of the following offences:
    handles the ball deliberately (except for the goalkeeper within their penalty area)
    holds an opponent
    impedes an opponent with contact
    spits at an opponent

    I think AMN impeded the Watford player with contact. I’m no expert so hopefully the Walter or OMG can clarify.

  82. goonersince72

    Not really criticising you. Just not agreeing with you. There is a difference.

    If you can ignore the cheating because we won, as I said, that’s up to you. I cant.

    As knobby said, if we point out the cheating when we lose we are just bad losers, if we point it out when we win we are nitpicking.

    So what would you suggest? We just point it out when we draw?

    Sorry mate, but I think a game like today is THE PERFECT time to point it out, precisely because we cant be accused of sour grapes, or being bad losers.

    And today Atkinson, and that linesman on the far side, (2 ridiculous off sides and not giving the penalty right under his nose) were terrible.

    And don’t worry, pointing this out hasn’t for one second spoilt my enjoyment of a great win, with a great performance.

    I just feel a great win and a great performance should not mean Atkinson is allowed to get away with yet another biased performance.

    In my opinion, win lose or draw, the referees have to be called out for the cheats they are.

    And come on, every time Wenger mentions the possibility that we get a poor deal from referees he is laughed out of town. Similarly our players.

    I think both Ozil and Bellerin have been mocked in the media for making such suggestions. Paranoid I think was the term used.

    Do you think it would be any different if the Club said something?

    And anyway, how do you know they haven’t said something behind the scenes?

  83. Polo

    “I think AMN impeded the Watford player with contact. I’m no expert so hopefully the Walter or OMG can clarify.”

    Neither am I, and I’m sure the lads will clarify it, but my take on it is that AMN has no obligation to get out of the way, and contrary to what others have suggested, I don’t believe he mad any movement to block Deenys run.

    From what I saw Deeny simply tried to go through a gap that wasn’t there.

    Worse in fact, he threw himself through a gap that wasn’t there.

    look, as I’ve said, it’s just a matter of interpretation. I, and others see it one way, you and others see it another.

    All I know is, by and large we don’t get them like that, but refs invariably give them against us.

  84. The gift that keeps on giving, Ozil comes alive and supplies, that’ll do wonders for Shkodran’s form!.

    Panic buy scores assisted by panic swap!

    Panic swap scores, assisted by Panic buy!

    Arsenal become secondnto hit 10,000 goals in Premiere League era! Wenger Out!

    That milestone goal goes to, I come to help!

    Meant breaks Cantona record for fastest 50 assists! That was a panic buy!

    Cech registered his 200th Premier League clean sheet, the first goalkeeper to achieve this feat in the competition’s history. Saving his first penalty for us to do it!

    Four of Mustafi’s five Premier League goals have been assisted by Mesut Ozil (two from corners, two from free kicks) – all four of the Ozil assisted goals have been at the Emirates.

    Watford have now lost all five of their away Premier League matches in the month of March.
    Henrikh Mkhitaryan now has the same record this season in nine appearances for Arsenal in all competitions as he did in 22 games for Manchester United (2 goals, 5 assists).

    Silence fools!

    I know nothing, IWIT

    We still can fit another 2 preference starters and strengthen the options and bench with 4-6!

    Corner turned!

  85. @ Nitram, ‘All I know is, by and large we don’t get them like that, but refs invariably give them against us.’

    I totally agree with you with the above comment.

  86. A foul by Wilson – a tiny little push on a Spud given, but when Aguerro pushed Mustafi it was ok. What a cheap load of cheating bastards the PGMOL.

  87. The PGMOL assistants are yards behind play yet they give offside for an Arsenal boot. The off sides can never be seen by these pathetic examples of slugs. What an absolute corrupt game we have to put up with. Spuds off side but the assistant is 3 yards behind play – I bet the media do not even pick up on the off side goals.

    Mike ‘the dancing spud’ Dean officiating with his usual excellence.

  88. Menace you’re even too kind… That’s not even a little push, rather a slight contact, kind of that happens hundred of times in any game!
    How to turn a result from a 2-2 draw to a 4-1 that means nothing! Dean is really, really a disgrace.

  89. Only twice in the last 10 seasons has a club gone the whole season without having a penalty awarded against them. Extraordinarily it was the same team on both occasions and extraordinarily it was Mike Riley’s favourite club. Don’t you just love how it’s always a level playing field…………well I guess you would if you’re a Man U fan anyway.

  90. Spurs lose Kane t ankle ligament injury, England’s darling, gets husband just desserts, try elbow Jack. mind Danny don’t play for you and bang em as always for england! -Premium price for then players

    In the same game they lose Ali to groom, that’s 2 weeks minimum!

    Nitram has said a lot spot on lately!

  91. Polo

    Your quote is what we used to call obstruction. The hint is in the fact that it is penalised by way of an indirect free kick which as we know wouldn’t mean a penalty

    If there was contact here’s the law

    Direct free kick
    A direct free kick is awarded if a player commits any of the following offences against an opponent in a manner considered by the referee to be careless, reckless or using excessive force:
    jumps at
    kicks or attempts to kick
    strikes or attempts to strike (including head-butt)
    tackles or challenges
    trips or attempts to trip
    If an offence involves contact it is penalised by a direct free kick or penalty kick.

    Careless is when a player shows a lack of attention or consideration when making a challenge or acts without precaution. No disciplinary sanction is needed
    Reckless is when a player acts with disregard to the danger to, or consequences for, an opponent and must be cautioned
    Using excessive force is when a player exceeds the necessary use of force and endangers the safety of an opponent and must be sent off
    A direct free kick is awarded if a player commits any of the following offences:
    handles the ball deliberately (except for the goalkeeper within their penalty area)
    holds an opponent
    impedes an opponent with contact
    spits at an opponent

  92. Major calls this weekend.


    Rashford should of had 3 yellow cards. He received 1.

    1) Was correctly yellow carded for a dangerous challenge.

    2) Was not yellow carded for going into the crowd. This is not a difficult one. It is an automatic card.

    3) Was not yellow carded for kicking the ball away.

    He scored 1 goal after he should not of been on the field.

    He will not miss a game.


    Crystal Palace have goal incorrectly ruled out for offside. This could of resulted in Chelsea dropping 2 points.


    Spurs take the lead with off side goal;

    Bournemouth have potential equaliser ruled out for the slightest of pushes. A push similar to one that we were told recently is perfectly legal.

    Son refuses to move back 10 yards from the ball. As Dean failed to act and Yellow card Son, Bournemouth in there haste to get on with the game passed sideways, gave the ball away and Spurs broke away and scored.


    Watford awarded the type of ‘soft’ penalty we are so familiar with.

    Arsenal not awarded what must be one of the most blatant penalty’s of the season, despite the referee having a perfect view and it being right under the nose of the linesman.

    Just another typical weekend in the land of the ‘we get 103% of decisions correct’ PIGMOB.

  93. Nitram

    Palaces goal wasn’t dis allowed for offside. It was a deemed high boot.

  94. Knot ear..
    (don’t forget Morata knocking the Linos flag out of his hand)

    No second booking.. Or match suspension.

  95. Atkinson nearly turned himself into the main event for his diabolical refereeing of today’s match. The men in black form the psychological block affecting AFC’s free flowing playing style.

    The PigMob knows it and they up the ante each time our players are in close encounters with the other side. They almost always give the advantage to the opposing team and this is usually followed with a card against Arsenal. They are so clever at it and try to avoid creating a pattern by limiting their dubious calls to those encounters and hardly any is ever in our favor.

    Where is the payoff or is Arsene the sole reason they are cheating AFC repeatedly and not one peep from the British Press? Where is the fairness and unbiased reporting of events? It was a remarkable achievement by the boys today in spite of the deliberate poor officiating by the men in black. One or two could have been maimed and it would still be Arsene’s ‘fault’ for playing kids against ‘men’.

    This tilting of the playing field by PigMob especially against Arsenal is so obvious but the FA, The English Press, EPL and the referees’ association must be living in with their heads in the sand if they think the rest of the world is blind.

  96. My comment posting on Le Boss rotation starts and bench for this our Watford home game on the likely anti-Arsenal match officiating referring the Gunners could face from referee Martin Atkinson and from his 2 match assistants and how the Gunners will negate it never saw the light of the day after my posting it as it wasn’t published. But why? I wonder.

  97. Blimey, it was up to 105% for a second there but thanks to Knobby, well Mata actually, it’s back down to a mere 103%

    Honestly, anyone who tries to defend these morons in black, need to open their eyes.

  98. If I may add, re Xhaka’s yellow card, he had every right to be incensed. The Watford player grabbed his shirt and stopped running, falling as a result. It was never a foul, I guess all that Granit can take away from this is to learn to control his temper (which he was known for even before joining us).

  99. Knobby

    What, dream you mean?

    If only my friend. Cant see it getting anywhere unfortunately.

    Too many vested interests in allowing referees to manipulate games, as and when required I’m afraid.

  100. We play the best match we have in weeks, and half the comments are complaining about a clear pen. This place amazes me sometimes. We never focus on poor performances when they happen, we look to find something else to assign blame to. When we play fantastically, we still look to bitch about the refs instead of celebrating a great showing.

    Enjoy the result and the performance today. We played great. Finally. Accept that we had an iffy moment in defense, but generally looked good today. Congratulate Cech, and stop moaning about the damn refs. If we play well, they don’t matter.

  101. @Scuba,

    The refs should not matter whether we play well or not. The referees job is to ensure the rules of the game are followed and applied in an unbiased manner.

    Everyone here enjoyed the result. They are also able to call a spade a spade. A ref tilting a match should be unacceptable no matter what the match result is.

    It is sad that people like you who hide your head in the sand about the pattern of dubious referee decisions will be the first ones to criticize the team when they lose points because of those dubious decisions.

    If fans like you put half the energy into criticizing the ref that you put into criticizing the team after every point dropped, just maybe the refs might have got their act together or at least the media would have spoke out against the dubious decisions like they do for Manchester and Liverpool.

  102. Scuba

    People like you amaze me.

    We get shafted by a ref, yet again, and you’re quite happy to ignore it, as long as we win.

    You, can ignore the cheats in black as much as you like, but don’t expect everyone to.

    And if you don’t like us ‘bitching’ about it, you don’t have to come on here with your own bit of ‘bitching’ do you?

    Why not just enjoy the victory and leave us be ?

  103. I would be happy to discuss any subject that Scuba brings up, I would never dream of trying to censor him or his opinion.

    What you wanna talk about?

  104. Arsene Wenger said he had looked again at the penalty awarded against us and thought it was not a penalty.

  105. Well done the lads. It was nice that Miki tweeted ‘I enjoyed that.’ That’s when it really starts!

  106. Atkinson clearly true to form.
    But well done the boys, if Santi sadly cannot come back, maybe Mikha leading the team into a post Santi world.
    I believe the loss of this remarkable spaniard ihas been one of the main causes in our declining form in the league. Cazorla is wengerball.
    Nice to see the refs looking after Spurs and Utd, again.

  107. Brilliant introduction to the Arsenal game on MOTD.
    Showing ten years of unravelling and defeats.
    Does any other team?

  108. Pat

    According to Arsenal .com he didn’t say that it wasn’t a penalty he said it was a generous one

  109. Markyb

    When or if Tony or Walter decide to ban me then so be it but if you can’t handle another view then that says an awful lot about the type of conversation you clearly want


    Brighton; today we were better as with Milan, but not good enough!

    But I like what is said, “once Arsenal find their form and give Aubameyang the right ammunition, there is no doubt that he is going to be a hit”

    Make sure you have your EL 18 shirt!

    Lacazette isn’t even back yet! 4-4-1-1 staggered!

    Aubameyang 14
    Lacazette 10
    Ozil @ Pires
    Mikhi @ Hleb/Freddie
    We were more stable with Mo and Elneny

    And the back four is improving, Rob deputised well, he Callum and Niles all fast tracking!

    I loved Willock, Nketiah and Nelson on the bench!

    Ospina/ Danny freedom will be your reward!

    Why Aubameyang; pfft are you mad!

    Ryad please sir! Niles made the grade today, he’s understudy to Hector! Perfect! LB?

  111. No Mike T, it says everything about your inability or unwillingness to read the basic rules of conversation and comment on this site and the level of forbearance that I bring to running the site.

  112. Mike T if Wenger says it was generous, he means it was not a penalty. The difference between ‘generous’ and ‘not a penalty’ is £50,000.00 and a ban from all football stadia. So use that intelligence I credited you with and read between the lines.

    Please remember that the corrupt FA & PGMOL are above the law & can only be fought in court if they invite you there. I’m surprised that the fraud squad have not picked up on the funds manipulation that must be happening.

  113. knobby

    12/03/2018 at 9:58 am

    Brilliant introduction to the Arsenal game on MOTD.
    Showing ten years of unravelling and defeats.

    Does any other team?

    Yet we still have some people that come on here and tell us that every team gets the same level of ridicule/abuse we get from the media.


    1 trophy in 10 years (and that’s a league cup for pities sake)

    No title since the 80’s


    1 Trophy in 10 years (and that’s a league cup for pities sake)

    No title since the 60’s.

    Despite that embarrassing record, when ever would we get something like that for either of those 2 ? In fact Spurs get better press after getting knocked out of Europe than we do for getting a great result in Milan.

    Mourinho gets media support when he moans about City’s money

    Pep gets media support when he moans about treatment of his players.

    Poch gets media support when he says he encourages his players to dive.

    Poch gets media support when he claims Juventus employ ‘dark arts’ and intimates he’s ‘learnt’ from that.

    Measure that against the total lack of support or sympathy Wenger has received for having a zero budget for 10 years.

    Measure that against the total lack of support or sympathy Wenger has received for having players maimed by Neanderthals.

    Measure that against the stick Pires received for his dive against Pommpy.

    Measure that against the stick Eduardo got for a dive that wasn’t even a dive against Celtic.

    Measure that against how Wenger is treated if he ever suggests there are ‘dark’ forces at work.

    The difference in the way we are portrayed in the media is simply staggering, yet some still deny it.

  114. talking of the media and particularly MoTD. As pointed out, no concentration on the failure to give us a penalty but even worse, not even an acknowledgement of Ozil’s achievement. They’re despicably biased.

  115. Gooner Mikey

    I’ve recorded it but haven’t got round to watching it yet. Don’t think I’ll bother.

    Sorry about my potty mouth but they are a bunch of c***s.

  116. Knobby and Gooner Mikey

    Regarding MOTD. It’s not as if they haven’t got form.

    This from:

    “Despite having the better chances in both halves and controlling the game, MOTD’s highlights were edited to make it out like Tottenham dominated and should have won.

    That was far from the case, of course, which Arsenal fans rightly pointed out while watching the football programme.”

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