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  1. Andrew Crawshaw

    The Moscow keeper got a card for. Kicking a spare ball into row Z of the stand rather than being a god boy and handing it back to one of the ballboys!

    Good game, both teams could easily have scored more goals but overall I’m happy with four one. Should make next weeks second leg comparatively safe.

  2. Andrew

    A great first 45 minutes, Ozil and Ramsey completely dominated CSKA. Shaky defence but we got away with their poor finishing. Wenger should know by now that if you need goals don’t play Iwobi and Welbeck. Wilshere probably had his worst game of the season, gave the ball away umpteen times and produced one good pass at the end of the game and his lack of pace is worrying. He was as bad as Ozil was brilliant. Ramsey was excellent, a great attacking midfielder who knows how to finish. Get the defence right and we might have a great team next season.

  3. Gord

    From the post-game interviews, OOOOOOOOOOOSspina is out 2-3 weeks with a sprained ankle from training yesterday. Mkhy has a knee problem, not sure how bad. Will miss Sunday at the least.

    Thanks for the report Walter, and for the info Andrew.

  4. Brickfields Gunners

    There were times in the game, especially in the first half , when , because of the pace and directness of our play that I was reminded of Arsenal past.

    It is moments like these that one’s faith in our team gladdens the heart. And in the beautiful and delightful form that the game should really be played.

    I like to think that each and everyone played well and contributed to the overall performance . But they had their chances too ,and we did make some mistakes.

    Their fans cheered them on even when the game was way out of their reach .

  5. WalterBroeckx

    Thanks Andrew. Was watching on a (legal) stream from my TV company as my wife wanted to see something else on our TV. Decent HD stream but had turned the sound off to avoid the stupid commentators. The images didn’t show the yellow card itself it only came on top of the screen.

  6. WalterBroeckx

    The difference between the PL and European football is that in most European matches you get a more open play as both teams are more used to play in an attacking way than in a park the bus way. Combine this with better refereeing in general and you get to see excellent matches most of the time. Both teams looking to score more goals during the whole 90 minutes. Football as it should be played. I must say I enjoyed it a lot and credit must be given to CSKA Moscow. They could have scored a few goals but then again we should have scored at least 2 or 3 more goals in the second half. We have a good advantage but still we must stay focussed in the return match next week.

  7. Josif

    Excellent report, Walter. Yes, I was impressed with the level of refereeing as well. Kralovec is not on the World Cup list but he did a great job, especially given that he had to manage this end-to-end stuff.

    Özil (especially Özil), lethal Ramsey (insert your Ramsey-killed-someone-again joke here), Xhaka and Lacazette were brilliant. I have criticized Xhaka a lot but he was superb again. He made a few delightful Özil-esque passes last night and hopefully he’ll get only better. Lacazette seems to be a better player than Aubameyang who, in return, is a better goalscorer (Bergkamp v Henry comparison might be far-fetched so let’s leave it there).

    We could have easily won the game with, say, 8-3 and it wouldn’t be undeserved result. Our defending was poor which is, maybe, understandable given how many attacking players we had on the pitch.

  8. JP


    Did anyone notice that West Ham has still not been charged by the FA for their fans’ behaviour nearly a month ago?

  9. Pat

    Plenty of noise in the Clock End yesterday. Many appreciative chants for Ozil. I agree with your comments about CSKA’s style of play, Walter. It certainly made for a more entertaining game. Maybe that’s why there were a lot more people there than when we played Stoke!

  10. Menace

    So much to comment on the match last night but just gat a message from the Arsenal app –
    GOAL! -Lacazette scores! (22 pen) Arsenal 5-1 CSKA Moscow.

    Technology with its quirks!!

  11. Menace

    The foul by Kos that gave them the goal didn’t look like a foul from behind the goal but seeing it on TV it was clear & poor from a quality player. The defence seems to be unsure of positioning and their jobs. There were too many errors & chances given to an unfortunate attack. Musa was better than Hector all night but just didn’t have the teammate to support him.

    We were also unfortunate in attack or perhaps just not ruthless in front of goal. The passing into the net does not work sometimes. It needs a blast rather than the softly directed placement. It’s back to kicking technique Mr. Wenger.

  12. Pat

    I was very near the Moscow fans. There weren’t enough of them to fill the space, probably because it is a fair old distance to come, maybe also because given the recent Russophobic hysteria in this country they did not expect to be welcomed.

    They caused no trouble that I could see. They chanted and sang a bit. At the end some of them took off their shirts and waved them at the players. They clapped their team off the pitch. They received the customary abuse from certain British Arsenal fans. Churlish to say the least since we were winning.

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