Bias figures beyond belief. Newcastle v Arsenal Sunday 15 April 2018 – The Match Officials


by Andrew Crawshaw

Before I start thinking about our Men’s match on Saturday a quick reminder that our Ladies have their FA Cup semi-final against Everton with a 12:30 kickoff on Sunday.  That match is being covered by the BBC and is available via their Red Button.

I’m sorry about the clash in the timings of the game but that’s what you get with two different broadcasters covering the events and neither one even thinking that some people might like to watch both games.  I hope to be at the Ladies game as I have been visiting my daughter and family in Bolton which isn’t fat away from Liverpool. Match report early next week I hope.

On to what for most will be the main event.  On Sunday at 13:30 our first team visits Newcastle where they will have the dubious pleasure of the following match officials :-

  • Referee – Anthony Taylor  Age 39 From Cheshire and FIFA accredited
  • Assistant Referee 1 – Gary Beswick  from Durham and FIFA accredited
  • Assistant Referee 2 – Adam Nunn  from Wiltshire and FIFA accredited
  • Fourth Official – Kevin Friend

So the three main match officials are all FIFA accredited (Mr Friend is too old).  We’ll have to see if that gives us confidence to not. (Not, I suspect based of past performances).

This will be the fourth time this year that we have had Mr Taylor in charge of one of our games, so far its one win, one draw (referee inspired) and one defeat.

Arsenal v Bournemouth (3 – 0) 9 September with both Gary Beswick and Adam Nunn as Assistants.  There were two controversial incidents; King should have had two yellow cards when he first elbowed Kos then trod on him  a foul was given but nothing else; the second incident was when Smith blocked a Kolasinac shot in the penalty area with his  arm away from his body, this should have been a penalty. See clip 10 on Usama’s thread.

Arsenal v Chelsea (2 – 2) 3 January with Adam Nunn and Lee Betts as assistants.  Here again there were two controversial incidents. Hazard grossly exaggerated any contact from Bellerin to win an undeserved penalty and Wilshere should have had a second yellow card for a dive (clip 35).  The Chelsea penalty cost us two points.

Spurs v Arsenal (1 – 0) 10th February again with both Gary Beswick and Adam Nunn as his assistants.  Kane scored for Spurs, we didn’t score and so lost the match.No particular interventions from Mr Taylor in this case.

I did a very thorough examination of our past history with Anthony Taylor in my preview for the Chelsea game and have seen nothing since then to make me want to change my mind.

Here is my Summary from that report :-


  • Mr Taylor is definitely not a referee to be trusted despite us winning more games than we lose when he is in charge.
  • His bias figures against us are biblical
  • If we can establish a three goal lead then he tends to change and become an ‘honest broker’
  • Only the most blatant of penalties will be given in our favour
  • Virtually every match an opposition player is given a ‘licence to kill’ and is then allowed unlimited fouls against our players without fear of being given one let alone two yellow cards.
  • Arsenal players are never ever allowed any freedom at all and will always be sanctioned to the maximum allowed in the rulebook.
  • Make no mistake our task to win will be made much harder by Mr Taylor and his team of FIFA accredited match officials.

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  1. Having Mr Taylor and his FIFA accredited supporters in charge for this game does not ease my fears that things will be even handed and controversy free.
  2. Mr Taylor is a good PGMO employee and will usually deliver the desired result for his masters (whatever that is).
  3. Look out for the Newcastle player with the number 007 on his shirt.
  4. Watch out also for Aubameyang being called offside when level with the last defender
  5. For our Women – you are one game away from a Wembley Cup Final, win it!



27 Replies to “Bias figures beyond belief. Newcastle v Arsenal Sunday 15 April 2018 – The Match Officials”

  1. Sorry to be OT, but apparently Roma were selling tickets for their match against Liverpool before they had even been drawn together. Regardless of what damning evidence this is, I imagine this story will just vanish into thin air and will not be spoken of by anyone that actually matters. It would seem that Liverpool have been chosen and I expect to see a helping hand from their referee at some point throughout their two-ties. Yeah, no corruption to see here folks..

    It also seems that Man U and Chelsea were among the clubs against VAR; how very predictable. Sounds like Arsenal were for it, so at least the higher-ups are aware of us getting fucked over week in week out, I mean, how couldn’t they be.

  2. ‘Mr Taylor is a good PGMO employee and will usually deliver the desired result for his masters (whatever that is).’

    Really? So there is a wider conspiracy. What evidence do you have for this.

  3. Alexander Henry no matter what email address you offer or what IP you write from you just don’t understand what is being said on this site. I am (as I have ventured before) completely willing to accept that it is my inability to express myself properly or to edit articles on this site well enough, that leads to your lack of understanding, but clearly if your representation of what Andrew says at this point were to be true, then most employees in this country would be engaged in a conspiracy. Employees tend to do what their employers want, or else resign or get sacked.

  4. Really interesting to see that once again Arsenal has an early Sunday kickoff after a Europa League game, especially after a long distance away game.

    That got me thinking, I went to check every kickoff time after a Europa League game this season
    Koln (home) => Chelsea (away) 13:30
    BATE Borisov (away) => Brighton (home) 12:00
    Red Star (away) => Everton (away) 13:30
    Red Star (home) => City (away) 14:15
    Koln (away) => Burnley (away) 14:00
    BATE Borisov (home) => Southampton (away) 12:00
    Ostersund (away) => No game (FA Cup weekend)
    Ostersund (home) => City (League Cup Final) 16:30
    AC Milan (away) => Watford (home) 13:30
    AC Milan (home) => No game (supposed to play Leicester, but the Foxes had a FA Cup game)
    CSKA (home) => Southampton (home) 14:15
    CSKA (away) => Newcastle (away) 13:30

    So, except the League Cup final (whose kickoff time was determined long before the finalists were known), Arsenal played every game on Sunday with a kickoff between noon and 14:15… Now when he gets really interesting is when you compare to Manchester United last season:

    Out of 14 game, United got
    – Noon (3 times)
    – 14:00 (2 times)
    – 15:00 (1 time)
    – 16:00 (3 times)
    – 16:15 (1 time)
    – 16:30 (3 times, including the League Cup final, although it was after a Wednesday EL game)
    – Monday 19:45 (1 time)

    If that is not the proof of bias from the FA and PL, I don’t know what is…

  5. If the idiot cannot deduce from the 50th game that the twat blowing the whistle was cheating, then no amount of evidence will satisfy the bitch. All actors were fictitious and no one individual was insinuated (might have been inseminated though). The whistle blower is none other than Mike Riley. Corrupt beyond all question.

  6. TA

    I thought you’d be pleased to see me. Don’t you want a bit of healthy debate on here? A bit of cut and thrust? A different viewpoint?


    I understand what’s being said on this site perfectly clearly.

    1) That there is a conspiracy in the PGMO, the FA and the press and punditry against arsenal football club.

    2) That any fan or ex player who dares to criticise or complain about the team, manager or hierarchy at arsenal is somehow disloyal and ultimately responsible for the team’s failures on the pitch.

    That’s pretty much the gist of it.

  7. Alexanderhenry,

    I have no idea if you have problems grasping the english syntax, grammar, vocabulary, or if you cannot be bothered to really read an article before barging
    into the comments sections or if you jerk-off trolling people here and there.

    So I’ll try to make it stupid plain easy to understand

    What Tony and other people have been saying is that the PL at large is a multi-billion dollar business.
    That if you add betting, this figure is probably dwarfed
    There is no other football league in the world with that kind of exonomic clout (there is in other sports (NFL, MBA, NBA)
    And this business, the ‘best League’ in the world depends on around 20-30 referees and a few managers directing them, NONE of whom have been deemed fit to officiate at the World Cup.
    Furthermore this group answers to nobody, has no obligations whatsoever and acts as some kind of secret society even ‘gagging’ ex-referees once they retire with some money (peanuts compared with what the league earns), gagging the press and the clubs.

    Noting I’ve written there is hypothetical.

    Then, one is left with Seth Eisenberger’s theorem :

    “If it looks like shit, smells like shit, and feels like shit, you don’t have to actually eat it to know it’s shit.”

    And like any pile of shit, it attracts all sorts of shitbugs whom we see on TV every game, hear on the radio or read the ramblings thereof and who make a living recycling shit.

    Now considering what has been discovered (because it was admitted) about FIFA and UEFA setting up pairings for competitions, corrupting (and helping corrupters) half the planet and more to fix the decision about where the WC is played and so forth, I think one can make the assumption that it is no better on a european level, at least when it comes down to 8 teams.

    So, no there is no conspiration, but a corrupt mismanaged and youth-crushing system that is in place and not much is being done about it.

    THAT is the shit/gist of it.

  8. No, we just disagree.

    I think:

    1) There is no anti arsenal conspiracy. We get extra criticism from the press because arsenal is a big club

    2) Our failings on the pitch have nothing to do with criticism and discontent amongst fans.

    3) Those failings are down to the management on and off the pitch 100%.

    We have a once great but now past it manager, pushing 70, who has lost his judgement and has become increasingly stubborn and horribly inept.

    Worse still, we have an owner in Stan Kroenke who has been running the club on the cheap, taking advantage of the good faith shown by arsenal fans and has been happy to see the club stagnate.

    He has contributed nothing and has no interest in success, only profit.

  9. And that’s the problem. I don’t disagree with all of that, but you simply have not realised it. You have been on here over and over and over again putting forth this view, and you can’t even get the basics right.

    Since I earn my living as a writer, and have done for over 30 years, I do spend time looking at what I write and the clarity of it, as does my editor and my colleagues who publish my work. But quite how it is, if you have seriously bothered to read what I have written that you can continue to propagate myths about what I write is just beyond me.

    But also there is the point: why on earth do you bother to do this?

    I have been interested to try and understand that last point, but it is quite beyond on. Obviously in my younger days I studied the wrong aspects of psychology. Anyway, I’ve had enough and I suspect most readers have too.

  10. Matt Le Tissier today following obvious (but ignored) red card offences by Morata on Long:
    ‘Mike Dean’s done well to get Chelsea back into the game’
    ‘How this is not seen by the referee is quite bizarre.’
    ‘If he wasn’t quite so arrogant he’d probably be embarrassed about missing a tackle like this.’

  11. @ Chris, in shorter words the pgmo is corrupt. No need for the long diatribe. I also insist that AH is right, Tony and friends on this site maintain that there’s a conspiracy by especially the refs and the press against arsenal. And believe they have sufficient proof to make the claim

  12. Hoo hoo hooo!
    the most useless striker scores two to rescue chelsea!
    who are these know it all kind of alexanderhenry?
    Arsenal struggled to last four of europa 2-2 and 6-3 aggregate but Athletico which lost 1-0 and qualified 2-1 on aggregate arrived last four with great performance!
    what shit? maybe, the media just love writing to please alexanderhenry and his friends who are angry because they want their beloved Arsenal back!
    They are wishing the clueless almost 70yr old wenger is crushed by Athletico to prove their point!
    They forget that Roma beat baca because their fans supported them on their mission impossible unlike the alexanderhenry like fans who would have ceaselessly moaning the 4-1 first leg thrashing!!!
    how old is bayern coach?
    well support the team, the manager and the players and success will surely comes!
    OG18!!! missed the man!
    brace and 3point to the blues!!!
    lets support Arsenal and we can conquere Europa trophy, make champ league and have a chance at lifting European Super Cup!

  13. @Alexanderhenry,

    which still leaves open the question whether you have a problem understanding what you read, don’t read or just troll.

    Either or the result is the same.

  14. @Felix,

    well this is an issue for the courts.
    My point is the PGMOB needs to be disbanded, as are UEFA and FIFA
    And then something clean needs to be built instead.

    But then this is wishfull thinking. When there are billions involved, how can one expect honesty when for example quite a few of british MPs were caught red handed for ‘small ammounts’ compared to these billions…

    Corruption is just a plague and I’m not convinced it can be overcome. The more so when people do not want to see it nor its results.

  15. Not disbanded; restructured from top to bottom.

  16. Alexanderhenry

    ‘Pushing seventy’.

    So Arsene Wenger is judged not on his ability, but on his age?


  17. I think Stephen Hawking was 76 when he died. The last patent issued to Smokey Yunick (5 years before his death at 77). Burt Rutan retired from active aerospace work at age 73. He is apparently still active.

    There is no physiological reason why a 60 something year old grandfather cannot be stronger than a late teens, early 20’s grandson. I used to workout with a guy who was mid 60’s, who did pushups with four 45 pound plates on his back. We both did 1200 pounds on the leg press. I was late 30’s early 40’s at the time.

  18. Wow Chris are you married yet? cause that reply to Henry warants you a woman virgin infact in our African culture. You are spot on 100% and sewer rats like henry dont get it but with time in the deluded land in a century they might get.

  19. There is a cult-like atmosphere that you push as your agenda, Tony Atwood. Even in the face of solid facts you still vehemently disagree and tell others they dont understand. What exactly should they understand? That you openly and actively espouse conspiracy theories?

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