Wenger to take time off before making decision on future

By Kirsten

A couple of weeks ago, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger announced his decision to leave the club at the end of his 22nd season at the Emirates. The 68-year-old Frenchman is without question the most decorated manager in the history of the club. While he’s reportedly leaving on his own terms, one would imagine the Arsenal brass will be somewhat relieved to be able to move on.

Wenger is clearly still in fine physical and mental condition, so it stands to reason that he could seek another managerial gig once his time with the Gunners is up. In an interview with Sky Sports, Wenger said that he has no plans to retire yet and would prefer to stay involved in football in one capacity or another.

If he chooses to stay in coaching, there figures to be no shortage of potential suitors lining up. It’s easy to find a good sportsbook with odds as to where Wenger will wind up. Paris St. Germain, Monaco, the French national side and an MLS gig are all listed as potential landing spots by oddsmakers.

In the interview, Wenger said, “I have decided to take a little distance for four or five weeks before I make a decision. I need to move away a little bit to take perspective on my situation and analyze it in the most objective way possible, even if it is not easy.”

Considering most of the top jobs in the Premier League are likely to remain unavailable this summer, it looks as though Wenger will be moving out of England for his next job. Wenger’s aforementioned quotes came before his team’s 2-1 defeat at Manchester United in the manager’s final trip to Old Trafford as Arsenal’s boss.

He added, “I will then decide where I go from there.”

The Gunners are likely on the verge of their worst Premier League finish during Wenger’s reign. Arsenal are sixth in the league on 57 points through 35 matches. Considering the club is nine points adrift of Chelsea for fifth, moving up in the table isn’t happening. They do have the chance to drop a bit, however, as Burnley are just three points back of sixth. However, the Gunners have a game in hand over Sean Dyche’s side.

While the Premier League campaign has left plenty to be desired, Wenger can still lead Arsenal to a Champions League berth once again if they can win the Europa League. Arsenal will head to Spain to take on Atletico Madrid in the second leg of their Europa League semi-final clash this week. The two sides played to a 1-1 draw at the Emirates last week despite the fact that Atletico played the majority of the match with 10 men. Antoine Griezmann was able to nab a late equalizer to give the Spaniards a crucial away tally heading back home.

Wenger’s final three league games with Arsenal will come against Burnley, Leicester City and Huddersfield. The manager added that it will be strange for him to no longer be affiliated with the club he’s known for more than two decades. He said, “It is strange for me because for 22 years I’ve had 1,200 games or something like that for Arsenal Football Club. It’s not 50, it’s 1,200 and every time you prepare the team you are tense. It’s a complete part of your life, it’s more than part of your life, it is your life. Arsenal was my life and so of course it is special.”

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  1. Would love Wenger to try his hand with a woman’s team or a smaller club as it might be less stressful and scrutinised.

  2. He’d be away form football for the duration it takes to write his autobiography. Am sure everyone wants to know all that went on behind the scenes . It’ll probably be like an complete encyclopedic set .
    Unless of course he is being paid (PIGMOB style ) not to reveal the juicy dirt !

    Anyway ……

    Volume one -The early formative years , and as a player and then as manager in France.
    -Monaco /Marseille / Bernard Tapie/ Valenciennes/Boro Primorac /match fixing.
    – The curios case of Christine Lagarde and Bernard Trapie .

    This volume will be a sure blockbuster hit in France and the rest of Europe .

  3. How I wish India could convince Wenger to take the reins & prepare the country for a professional league of International quality & perhaps a team suitable to compete in the World Cup.

    It would be a thing of dreams.

  4. I want Wenger to take a big club outside England with lots of funds and best every single team he plays against with his new Ferrari of a team.

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