So not Arteta after all. It looks like Dick Emery, or maybe that’s just my poor eyesight.

By the Untold Arsenal Managerial Executive Committee & Bif the dog.
And if you don’t get the headline don’t worry.  It’s a very English joke that Blacksheep came up with.
Anyway. the man from PSG is apparently coming to Arsenal after Arteta blew his chances by demanding total control of transfers in the Wengerian style.  And of course just to prove the point some of the AS (alleged supporters) are in a negative frame of mind already.
But Mr Emery has been quite successful.  He was, for example, the man who won the Europa League three seasons running with Sevilla (2014, 2015, 2016) which was pretty good going.
And with Paris Saint-Germain he won the League and Cup and League Cup treble this year.  Not surprisingly he won the Trophée des Champions (that’s the Community Shield but without taking the money for a most important charitable cause but not telling anyone where the money went or how much there was or when it was handed over) in 2016 and 2017.
Here is the top of the French League table this year.
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1 Paris Saint-Germain 38 29 6 3 108 29 79 93
2 Monaco 38 24 8 6 85 45 40 80
3 Lyon 38 23 9 6 87 43 44 78
4 Marseille 38 22 11 5 80 47 33 77
5 Rennes 38 16 10 12 50 44 6 58
6 Bordeaux 38 16 7 15 53 48 5 55
7 St Etienne 38 15 10 13 47 50 -3 55
8 Nice 38 15 9 14 53 52 1 54

What is interesting is that PSG obviously won the league by having more money than you can shake a stick at, and so I wonder what Arsenal have offered him in that regard.   And since PSG is the club that Mr Wenger supports in France I wonder also if there was any link there.

But we must not be too carried away for in 2012 Emery was announced as the manager of Spartak Moscow with a two year contract.   He only lasted four months and was sacked after a 1-5 defeat to Dynamo Moscow.   On the other hand, Mr Wenger also had a rocky start in Japan but finally came good and delivered at Highbury and the Emirates knocking up an average of one trophy every two seasons.   

And there is another link.   Mr Emery apparently speaks little English, and Mr Wenger spoke no Japanese when he went.  During that bad spell in Japan the chairman called Mr Wenger in for a meeting and asked him what was going wrong.  Mr Wenger apparently said that the players were finding it hard to understand what he was telling them to do .  The next thing he knew the club had sacked his translator.

That is not in any way to suggest that Mr Emery is going to suffer the same fate at Arsenal, but rather to point out that if he does have a run of poor results as he starts to get the team in the shape he wants, then we will undoubtedly have an uprising by the AAA who will blame the board for appointing an English comedian who liked to dress as a woman and died in 1983.

Emery’s contract ran out this summer, and we don’t know why it wasn’t renewed.  Maybe though the clue comes with the issue of that pair of games in the Champions League against Barcelona, winning the first leg 4-0 and then losing the second leg 6-1 with some of the most dubious refereeing ever seen in the Champions League.  Interestingly there were suggestions in the English press that there was something amiss in this regard – something they can never say regarding a League match because of PGMO control rules.

But as such the new man will be fully prepared for any oddities that come his way as the PGMO begin to get their teeth into the new man.  He is known to be a stickler for detail, using a lot of video analysis to prepare each game.

It does look as if Arsenal’s head of football relations Raul Sanllehi, does know Mr Emery quite well, so that may also have been a link.  who was previously Barcelona’s director of football.

All told Mr Emery has coached around 800 games with Lorca Deportiva, Alermia, Valencia, Spartak Moscow, Sevilla, and PSG.  PSG decided not to renew his contract because of the defeats to Barcelona and Real Madrid in the Champions League, or so we are led to believe.

But it is the transfer dealings that fascinate me – the PSG team he put together this year cost a huge amount of money – money that Arsenal do not normally spend.   And interestingly PSG are said to have offered Mr Wenger a job alongside Thomas Tuchel.

The PSG president Nasser Al-Khelaifi is reported to have said of their departing manager, “He’s a big man. This is one of the first people I spoke to before buying the club, and he told me one thing that I never forgot: ‘You buy a diamond and it will be cut and shined’.”


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  1. An open message to M Arsene Wenger.

    I do not want your tie. Can I have the contents of your desk please.

    Merci Arsene for robbing spuds of Glen Hoddle. (1986) Thank you for your Monaco team that thrashed spuds (at spuds) in 1988.

    Thank you for coming to Arsenal

    But above all thank you for being you.

    Rudyard Kipling began.

    ‘If you can keep your head…..’

    And he finishes ‘you will be a man.’

    The poem was written for the age of the British Empire but it falls short when it comes to you. For you are a giant of Kipling’s man.

    We miss you at Arsenal but not in our thoughts

    Bon voyage. Bon voyage

  2. An after thought.
    I think I should have written

    We will miss at Arsenal but you will always be in our thoughts.

    That’s what I meant.

  3. Not sure if it’s just me but think I can detect a hint of bias in how the media is reporting this; hearing many comments about how this has already divided opinion, how he failed to win the CL despite his expensive squad (never mind that he won at least 7 trophies in last 5yrs, 3 of them a hattrick of Europa cups with Sevilla), etc.

    His feats at Sevilla are barely getting a passing mention.. Klopp and Pochetino have won a total of 0 (zero) trophies between them.., but yeah let’s knock that new Arsenal man.

    I didn’t see this appointment coming but now that he’s the one we’ve to get behind him. No use whining about it. I just hate that a section of our fans are so easily baited.

  4. I must say, I was quite excited at the thought of Mikel Arteta being appointed, a hope that was seasoned by all the numpty comments about him being too inexperienced to be a manager – when the priority of the club in the change from Epoch Arsene seems to be a restructured management team involving a Head Coach.

    However, I am now excited by the prospect of the appointment of a man who is already an experienced coach, used to the aforementioned management structure, energetic, innovative and successful. My hope is now seasoned by the ignorant comments from the Neanderthal wing of the the Arsenal brotherhood – please! Have you read or heard Ian Wrong’s take on the potential appointment?

  5. Had really hoped to see Mikel Arteta come back, I think he would have been excellent given a chance. Not to be, this time at least.

    Hope Dick Emery brings success and brings it the Arsenal way – with some style.

    Sad to see Santi leave, pure class and always played with a smile on his face. Wish him every success wherever he ends up.

    The transfer window mayhem can now begin. I’ll take first watch st the arrivals lounge.

  6. Arsene Wenger does not support PSG. He supports Racing Strasbourg. His relationship with Nasser Al-Khelaifi (the PSG president picked by the Qatari) is through meetings, with PSG taking advice from our ex-Boss. In fact, Arsene Wenger managed to keep PSG away from the Ozil transfer by telling them to stay away, but also because Ozil wanted to come to Arsenal to be coached by Arsene Wenger. As far as the recent transfers (Mbappe and Neymar) by PSG, this is purely due to the fact that PSG is run by a very country that has an absolutist monarchy ruling it. Getting these two superstars has no relation to Emery’s presence, as he never asked for these players to be brought in. It was all purely Nasser Al-Khelaifi’s doing; the man is invested by absolute power by the monarchy, and he keeps trying desperately to win the UEFA CL, no matter what the cost may be. Call PSG a Manchester City on steroids with a dose of Epo, but no “masking” substances. Yet, Arsene Wenger has cultivated these relations, Nasser Al-Khelaifi among others, and also Florentino Perez from Real Madrid, as well as countless more. With Financial Fair Play gone, Arsenal may do quite well with somebody like Emery, but I do not think that it is a good idea that the manger does not have significant power over a few key issues, such as veto power on underwhelming transfers, or selling others to raise money. Nonetheless, I expect Tuchel will find quickly that being at PSG is no panacea, and good luck dealing with a prima dona like Neymar!!!

  7. Not sure who I want to be our manager. I like Mikel Arteta but he has never managed a club so would rather Patrick Vieira if push came to shove. As for Emery. I think he would be fine.
    As regards the press, well…led by that class act of a man, Ian Wright, they are continuing the negative attacks on Arsenal. Why not? It gets clicks and keeps Wright, in the news. So, if Arsenal do hire Emery, he must be awful. On the other hand, that muppet, Piers Morgan likes him so…

  8. IF Emery with the trillions available at PSG couldn’t even lift the cl what hope is there for penny pinching Arsenal.If that’s the way the US owner operates,its time he sells his shares to the Russian who could ,in theory ,make a difference to the club’s transfer policy.
    Of course don’t say never never,The Spaniard could surprise us but it could also mean he could struggle .
    Imho,the French and La ligue aint as competitive as the epl.
    The bottomline for all nely apoointed managers is failure is not an option. Wenger would be the last
    guy to serve long term. Nowadays the shelf life of all the top bosses is 2 to 5 years.

  9. Welcome, Mr Emery.

    For the pure fact you have won more European trophies in the last five years than Arsenal have in the entire history, I think whole fanbase should give you a credit and, more importantly, time to implement your vision at Arsenal. I know that you have a Twitter account but you might want to ignore the Arsenal Twitter fanbase for a year or a decade.

    Good luck!

  10. Quite surprised at the positive news we were getting when we had Arteta as the main guy, now we have a more experienced hand and all of a sudden he is the devils advocate. Arteta will be a good coach someday; Mr. Emery is a good coach already. I fear Arteta was being offered a poisoned chalice by the press and now that they see genuine ambition from the Arsenal, they cannot take it. Can you imagine a successful Arsenal? who do we criticize for hits and sales? No No No. They better get that rookie!

  11. Laughable those comments knocking the supposedly new manager. I asked a few WOBs around my workplace a few months ago how long he will give the manager (whoever that was at the time) to “turn” Arsenal around. They said 3 to 4 months….. I stopped asking.

    Malaysian gunner

    Your first line is ridiculously simplistic. It is not just about money. A big budget increase chances possibly (with the right buys and players wanting to come) but it is not a guarantee of success. And you think Usmanov will put millions into the club once he takes over? You must be dreaming. He will but will extract with interest.

    WOBs who are screaming at the potential new manager

    Wenger has left.Now it is time to get behind the new man. Stop bitching. It just shows your hatred for Wenger is not for him, but your self loathing if you can’t bring yourself to at least give the new guy the opportunity to come in on a clean slate and a whole season to build a team in his style.

    That is right, a whole season. Otherwise, you get into this merry go round which could adversely affect the team.


  12. Arteta would have been a worthwhile risk. Emrey also seems a calculated risk. We all know he was successful (though uncomfortable) at the the highest (money) level(PSG) He was also a successful underdog carrying a debt ridden Valencia to three third place La Liga finishes while selling off its best players every year. Its important to note that even with hundreds of millions at your disposal it is still possible to under-achieve. Punching above your weight however is a different quality entirely.

    Arsenal will not spend insanely but they are certainly not cash strapped. Emery will be able to spend within reason and he will have a mix of Superstars, Interesting Characters and other Supporting Cast Members to work with. There will certainly be no 200 million man casting a long shadow over him!

  13. Not won the cl with all their resources makes him the wrong man??

    He has however won the competition at our level. That is where we are and it’s the starting point of the club’s revival.

  14. Seems Untold are the ones looking at this in a negative light. Other sites are excited by the appointment and lets hope he can instil some guts in the team and better organisation especially when we don’t have the ball. Arsene was spent as a tactician and I am sure he would be the first one to admit it. The new chap in his mid forties with 3 Europas and of course the PSG haul point to many positives. I like him already!

  15. Good bye Arsene.
    Welcome Emery.
    Rather than focus on his PSG record, trphy laden as it is,
    I’d rather focus on his Sevilla record.

    There, he showed that he can mould a trophy-winning team, time and again.
    That PSG saked him despite his winning everything there were to win, except the UEFA trophy is a slur upon the PSG target setting and trophy winning expectations, just because they have the money.

    PSG is no more more likely to win the UEFA trophy with their new hire.

    Fact is EUFA is close to being a duopoly, with an occasional look-see by Bayern. It is yet to be seen if Liverpool will be allowed in next Saturday.

    I trust that Untold will get behind Emery, faster and and more realistically than the WOBs.
    Watch out for WOB rebooted to become EOB.

  16. ‘The PSG president Nasser Al-Khelaifi is reported to have said of their departing manager, “He’s a big man. This is one of the first people I spoke to before buying the club, and he told me one thing that I never forgot: ‘You buy a diamond and it will be cut and shined’.”

    Nasser was referring to Arsene Wenger not Emery.

    ‘IF Emery with the trillions available at PSG couldn’t even lift the cl what hope is there for penny pinching Arsenal’

    Mourinho (@ Chelsea & ManU) and Pep (@ManCity) spent how much and won how many CL?

    Emery would be the wise decision. If he’s the new Arsenal manager then welcome to the Arsenal family.

  17. Unless I missed it completely, as far as I can see, have NOT announced anyone as our new manager yet, but the moaners on this site are already dismissing someone who isn’t even hired, as being unacceptable and doomed to failure. AFC have not shied away from spending big (relative to their resources) and brought in some great players, who will form the core of a rebuilt team under their new manager. I didn’t get excited about the rumours concerning Arteta and based on what I’ve read about Emery, he seems the better choice by far.

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