Confusion reigns as a new list of all Arsenal transfers for this summer appears

By Sir Hardly Anyone

It had to happen in the end.  Another website has picked up on the idea of recording a list of players who are said to be on their to Arsenal.  So naturally I have taken a look with interest.

And at first site it is interesting because this commentary incorporates the two facts that most transfer rumours find so hard to get to grips with: first would the club with whom the player is registered actually want to let him go, and second do Arsenal actually need another player in that position?

So full credit to Football London for producing such a list for review that takes these factors into account.  True their list is a lot shorter than ours and they are three years behind the times in adopting the idea, but it does mean one blog has taken one step on the road to reality.

Except… well, read on and you will see that something a little odd happens…

1: Kieran Tierney

He plays left back for Celtic and “Arsenal have been keeping tabs on Tierney for some time now and have failed in a move for the left-back in the past.”   But a month ago FootLond said Tottenham were favourites to sign him.  Although not now it seems.

2: Alex McCarthy

The Southampton goalkeeper has only one year left on his contract with Southampton; Tottenham are our rivals.  This is a player FootLond has never mentioned before so that’s a good find.  It is looking quite reasonable so far.

3: Sergio Rico

Another goalkeeper: he is with Sevilla, where he twice won the Europa with Emery as the coach.   But Football London has already said that it is certain our next keeper will be Bernd Leno from Bayer Leverkusen so seems a bit odd that they have suddenly changed and started to talk about Rico.

4: Stephen N’Zonzi

On 25 March FootLond had the playing “jetting to London”.  Not quite sure why he did that, but obviously not to sign for Arsenal, because he didn’t.    But it seems he is still on their list.

5: Adrien Rabiot

After a list of Sevilla players that Emery could bring in Football London turn its attention to PSG men and pick another  defensive midfielder with just one year left on his contract.   FootLond have him at London Colney for talks.

6: Max Meyer

FootLond are among many sites who have talked up the attacking midfielder from Schalke 04 (who has been on our list for a while now).   They claimed that “Arsenal have been very keen on Max Meyer for some time now, with Sven Milslintat hoping to land the German international on a free transfer.”  But seemingly it has changed because now they admit he is off to Hoffenheim.”

7: Jonny Evans

This one has been around for so long it seems hard to believe that no one has bought the poor fellow from WBA.  He’s 30 and apparently the one problem is that “his agent is demanding a £4m fee as part of the deal.”   That sounds like a set up for the first defensive mistake of next season – we could have had Evans, but bickering with the agent meant we lost out.

8: Corentin Tolisso

FootLon announced last March under the heading Arsenal transfer news, “Corentin Tolisso on the move as Lyon agree €40 million deal in principle with Bayern Munich.”  Yes that was in March.  But  just two days ago they said, “Arsenal are said to be willing to pay £60m to prize Corentin Tolisso.”   I didn’t know that “prize” was now a verb, but there we are.

9: Bassem Srarfi

This is another player they are saying is unlikely to move – in this case from Nice.  He’s a winger, who has also been linked with Leicester.  But just five days ago Football London was saying that he was a possible for Arsenal.   Confusing isn’t it?

10: Dennis Praet

Just one week ago FootLon reported that concrete talks had opened with the player, but now they say, “there are more prominent targets Arsenal are looking at in that position.”  I really am getting confused now.

11: Alexander Golovin

He’s a CSKA Moscow midfielder, but the site says the move is unlikely to be to Arsenal.  On April 18 however he was listed as one of “The players Arsenal must move for before the World Cup gets underway.”

12: Nabil Fekir update

Fakir, they say, does look destined to move to England this summer.   “But his destination is likely to be Anfield, not the Emirates – with Arsenal focusing their attention elsewhere.”   Although just six days ago the site said, “Lyon star Nabil Fekir has backtracked on statements that he is close to signing a deal with Liverpool.”

13: Toby Alderweireld

Here we have a Tottenham man who is a central defender who can play right back and in whom Arsenal are interested, but the player would not move to us, and Manchester United looks to be his likely destination. However on 18 April FootLond said he was one of “The players Arsenal must move for before the World Cup gets underway.”

Confusing isn’t it?




4 Replies to “Confusion reigns as a new list of all Arsenal transfers for this summer appears”

  1. Dear Sir Hardly.
    8. Arsenal are said to be willing to pay £60m to prize Corentin Tolisso.” I didn’t know that “prize” was now a verb, but there we are
    4. On 25 March FootLond had the playing “jetting to London”.

    I didn’t know that the present participle of ‘To play’ was now a noun..
    but there we are.

    I would get out more but my glass house needs protecting from stone throwers!

  2. Ando, just lol, a double entendre. sometimes a triple; ah ebonics.

    Sane, not in the Germany squad…….. OK well, I’d have dropped a utility man in cover, 10 goals, 15 assists in 28. Come on!

    Even Ballack is chin scratching, but my lord, that squad……..

    better than Italy, Spain, more tactically astute than either France or Belgium, certainly Brazil. More complete than Argentina, not the intensity of Egypt, but much more guile.

    If they turn up, with some emerging talents, unlike the Euros which came a year or so early.

    If the right games turn up (tongue in cheek jibe at FIFA) which should happen given the quality will usually surface, then this should be a fun World Cup, amid the Cold War backdrop.

    Cue some real international condemnation, people dont understand sanctions, maybe they will understand death and chaos.

  3. Sorry that you didn’t grasp that the word “playing” was a mis-typing of “player”, but yes it is a bit difficult to grasp.

  4. Aw, c’mon Tony -lighten up!

    If you can poke fun at FootLon’s grammar /typos, surely you can take a gentle dig at your own?

    My original post was meant humorously, as evidenced by the last line.
    Don’t wish to give offence here, as it is the only remotely readable blog re: The Gunners.

    Incidentally – I once saw, on a wall in a back lane near Old Street station, a piece of graffiti, thus: A R E S N A L

    Made me smile.

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