Arsenal v Vorskla: who might play – the line up will tell us a lot about the manager’s thinking

By Tony Attwood

The long and the short of it is that with the manager quite reasonably speaking in generalities, and the media quite typically suggesting that Mr Wenger’s team selection for the Europa was chaotic, we are not really sure who is going to play this Thursday.

By and large there is a general consensus that this is the moment to give Leno a chance in goal, and Lichtsteiner has to get a go at right back.   Some commentators then include Rob Holding in the centre which makes a lot of sense too.  So that makes three.

But after that?   With no Laurent Koscielny and no Calum Chambers we are a bit short of centre backs.  However under Mr Wenger Elneny was used as a centre back, so that is a possibility.   That’s four players selected.

But what about left back where all we have is Monreal from the three first team players who could play there.   Of course we might have another Maitland Niles in the squad who has the ability to play everywhere, but if not, that gives us a problem.  Monreal will have to play in each and every game – and we have to hope he won’t get injured.  Unless…

Well actually we do have two other left backs, and if they are going to get a try it ought to be now, either in this game, or in the league cup game next week.   Those two are Cohen Bramall and Tolaji Bola.  Now I have heard people say that they would not trust either of them, but the manager obviously has some feel for them since neither was sold in the summer.  One of those makes it five.

Moving into the centre of midfield – if Elneny is not used at centre back he’s an obvious player in the centre of midfield, perhaps along with Lucas Torreira, who hasn’t had that much time on the pitch as yet.  It could be a chance to give him a full game.

On the other hand there is also Guendouzi – who I guess could be played as the third central midfielder ahead of Elneny and Torreira.  But we still need one more, if Elneny is indeed used at centre back.  Emile Smith-Rowe might get a chance – he certainly continued to look good in the Coventry game.  That completes the keeper, back four, and midfield three.

Now it was noticeable that Mkhitaryan didn’t figure at the weekend so he could play in this one. and then we have Iwobi who looked impressive before his illness after the West Ham game.  (Always dodgy going to that part of London, you never know what you might pick up.)

So if we are imagining Mkhitaryan and Iwobi as the wingers then that would mean playing Danny Welbeck at centre forward.   That would be disappointing for Eddie who came on as a sub in the victory over Coventry last week.   Eddie certainly won’t want to feel he is too good for the under 21s in the Checkatrade but not good enough for the Europa and/or League cup

But there are also claims that Aubameyang ought to play a game here in order to get his scoring boots back on, so it could be that Auba and Welbeck both play in the team with either Iwobi or Mkhit. dropping out.

Now much of this also depends on the thinking in relation to next Wednesday’s game – one option will be to play the same squad in both mid-week games so they get the hang of working together.  But that causes a problem for the likes of Monreal and Aubameyang if they are called upon to play both in the league match at the weekend and both these midweek games.

The next level of players that we have are men such as Emiliano Martinez (who will presumably be the backup keeper in both Europa and League Cup matches, Joe Willock, the aforementioned Eddie Nketiah, Konstantinos Mavropanos, Emile-Smith Rowe and Jordi Osei-Tutu.

What we see in this match and the following league game against Brentford will give us a serious insight into exactly how Mr Emery plans to use the the younger players and squad members who are not in the first XI.

I’m rather looking forward to this.




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  1. FootLon is reporting that Xavier Amaechi has picked up an injury on “international duty” that will see him not playing until 2019.

    Some kind of foot injury.

    I don’t see anything in the News at about this.

  2. Under normal circumstances and with our home game against Everton in the PL lurching around the corner on Sunday, Arsenal should desist from starting any of their current PL match 18 Gunners that started and play in our last 2 matches away to Cardiff and Newcastle in the PL. But for their lack of sufficient and none game playing time this season, Welbeck, Elneny in particular and Mkhitaryan should start the Vorskla match in the Europa on Thursday night at the Ems. But Arsenal could have a few of their first team Gunners on the bench for the match for the should in case arisen.

    My Starts:
    Lichtsteiner Holding Mavropanos Bramall
    Elneny Gilmour
    Nkethia Rowe Mkhitaryan

    My Bench:
    Martinez Osei-Tutu Pleguezuelo Bola Torreira Sheaf Lacazette.

    I am not sure of Iwobi’s match playing readiness state. Hence, I’ve excluded him in my 18 for Mkhi’ to start the match in his place. And Welbeck and Nkethia can interchange position during the match. But shouldn’t it be better if I’ve waited for Emery’s update of the Gunners before making my starts and bench for the match? And I think Guendouzi who has started all the 5 Arsenal games this season should be given a game rest for Vorskla.

  3. Cohen Bramall is ineligible as he wasn’t included in the 25 man senior squad list for the Europa League – there are different rules applying than the PL squad. He is injured in any case. Tolaji Bola is available but was in the U23 team last night so is unlikely to feature I would think.

    At Centre back there is also Julio Pleguezuelo who usually captains the U23s but wasn’t involved last night. I would expect him to make the bench at least. He might also fill in at the problem left back position as I’m sure he has played there before but it isn’t his usual role.

    I think tomorrow’s training ground photos will give a fair idea of who is going to be involved

    @Gord, far more reputable outlets also have that injury news. He was with the England U19s and it was a training injury. Scan confirmed the extent of the damage. A big blow both to him and to the Club. Another to add to the long list of players broken on International duty.

  4. And as for being better than Unai, trust me football isn’t rocket science. But two things are important. One the ability to foster a good atmosphere in the dressing room. Everyone I know admits one thing since school I have charisma.

    compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others.
    “he has tremendous charisma and stage presence”
    synonyms: charm, presence, aura, personality, force of personality, strength of character, individuality; More
    a divinely conferred power or talent

    2 you need incredible motivation, discipline, and a resolute attitude, combined with a tactical nous.

    Losing to win, enforcing your own tactical values rather than being responsive, but knowing when the opposition have such a sisrinxr value in an attribute you must compensate.

    I.kean who else would be so Brazen as to place the Government and mlits ministers in a 0lace where they must judge themselves or admit their system is corrupt, I mean seriously Catch 22 is a wonderful film. 1970.

    Have you heard the one about the king and the witch poisoned well?

    Everything is considered. Responses, perceptions, reactions, retrospective action, disbelief.

    I very rarely make mistakes. And the number of crazy Brexiteers i deal with who recognise me from the news, i mean they named themselves after a nortical term, royal Britannia doesn’t rule anything. And then labelled the opposition re-moaners, although they are the ones who effectively wanted to maintain aspects of the status quo, believing in cooperation as the syndicates become larger, rather than wanting to enslave populations economically once again, thinking they could somehow compete with massive emerging markets with huge GDP’s in South America, East Asia, Central Europe, Asian Minor, even Australia is having a little wobble.

    If Arsene suffered from patricide, what do you call destroying your own nation, planet, health?

    Tony! (Doffs Cap) sometimes appearing unwise f3eds arrogance and when people get arrogant they get complacent. And ping their IP.

    Seriously,… feed the animal.

    The pen is mightier…..

  5. football isn’t rocket science.
    Hmmm. Rocket science is just about the simplest science there is. You stick a load of flammable gas in a container, and have a valve at one of the of the container. You ignite the gas and open the valve. The object “the rocket” travels in the direction away from that to which the valve is pointing. It is how fireworks that fly into the sky (“rockets”) work. Been known since about the 13th century.

  6. To Tony’s “simple” view, I think the answer is

    F = m a

    But in the situation where the vehicle in question is changing (losing) mass with time

    F = d/dt( m v )

    If a person is looking to get a space vehicle form one location in the solar system to another location at close to the lowest energy cost, solutions can be quite complex (and the trip takes a long time).

    Way back when, I ran across a something called a Taylor Series Compiler, which (I believe) would calculate the source code (FORTRAN) to a particular Taylor Series expansion, probably for problems such as Voyager (1 and 2).

    TheRegister recently published a 3 page article on Voyager, and a person from England who was on the Voyager team.

    In the case of the many body problems that underlie much of planning the path to travel, we know in general there is no analytic solution. We are then challenged to solve the problem approximately, as accurately as we can. A general type of “solver” which helps, is a solver which generates more than one “order” of solution (with little extra effort), so as to be able to estimate the amount of additional error generated in a step. This information is typically used to control the step size of the solution. Runge Kutta Fehlberg is such a solver based on Runge Kutta methods.

  7. Ah, you take my idea much further that I intended Gord. all I was trying to say was that the notion of the rocket (expanding gas being forced out through one little escape hole) is incredibly simple science. So in fact most things are not rocket science since rocket science is one of the simplest. My computer isn’t rocket science – it is a lot more complex than that.

  8. “Everyone I know admits one thing since school I have charisma.”

    “I very rarely make mistakes.”

    “who recognise me from the news”

    Being manic and extremely arrogant are not the same thing as having charisma.

  9. U Know Who – If you truly think that you know better than the top 1% of managers in the entire world then stop talking about it and go do it. You’re brilliant, charismatic, never make mistakes, borderline famous, know better than professionals being paid millions of pounds; you’ve got it all mate, stop wasting your amazing talents sitting on your arse behind your computer!

  10. I will agree that it appears simple. If the use of F=ma is for such simple things as letting the deflation of a balloon cause the balloon to travel in a volume, there is probably no need to complicate it. But if the problem requires precision (such as if human life is at stake), the details will make the problem complicated. Even for a balloon deflating (which doesn’t involve combustion).

    In the context of human athletics, something which involves football, how fast do you think you could pedal a bicycle with very little aerodynamic drag?

    NPR has an answer.

    The fastest human to ride a bicycle over open ground is named Denise Mueller-Korenek, who rode a custom bike at an average of 183.932 miles per hour – shattering a world record that had stood since 1995.

    I can’t imagine going that fast on a bicycle. If you fell, could you survive? But the wheels spinning that fast, probably introduce a huge gyroscopic stabilizing force.

  11. Indeed Jammy it is a point I have made – and not just in this debate. There are thousands of teams playing in minor leagues in front of a crowd of a dozen or so friends and relatives every weekend and many of them have a manager who really doesn’t want to do the job. I would say to anyone, if it is easy, pick a local team and offer your services free of charge. Watch them play a couple of times and then start making decisions.
    There’s a real bonus in this in that if you do get it right, other clubs will come looking very quickly, and the rise up the pyramid will begin.
    I know those of us who write articles for Untold have opinions about players from being at the ground and watching the games, and we might suggest that Laca and Auba should always play together, or whatever, but that is different from saying the whole thing is easy.
    It is an area where anyone who really thinks it is easy can go and prove to us all that he/she can do it.

  12. Interesting

    just had email from Arsenal with the subject “Security information for Arsenal Legends v FC Vorskla”

    I am actually going to the game – I don’t make many!!!

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