Matchweek 8 – The Match officials. Expect 17 free kicks to Fulham

by Andrew Crawshaw

Here is the full list of officials for this coming weekend from

Last night: Friday 5 October

20:00 Brighton v West Ham United
Referee: Kevin Friend
Assistants: Matthew Wilkes, Simon Beck

Fourth official: Simon Hooper

Today: Saturday 6 October

15:00 Burnley v Huddersfield Town
Referee: Chris Kavanagh

Assistants: Daniel Cook, Sian Massey-Ellis
Fourth official: Martin Atkinson

Crystal Palace v Wolves
Referee: Michael Oliver

Assistants: Stuart Burt, Simon Bennett
Fourth official: Roger East

Leicester City v Everton

Referee: Andre Marriner

Assistants: Scott Ledger, Simon Long
Fourth official: Lee Mason

Spurs v Cardiff City

Referee: Mike Dean

Assistants: Darren Cann, Dan Robathan
Fourth official: Paul Tierney

Watford v AFC Bournemouth

Referee: Jonathan Moss

Assistants: Eddie Smart, Marc Perry
Fourth official: Simon Hooper

17:30 Man Utd v Newcastle
Referee: Anthony Taylor

Assistants: Gary Beswick, Adam Nunn
Fourth official: Stuart Attwell

Sunday 7 October

12:00 Fulham v Arsenal

Referee: Paul Tierney

Assistants: Adrian Holmes, Mick McDonough
Fourth official: Mike Dean

14:15 Southampton v Chelsea

Referee: Craig Pawson

Assistants: Ian Hussin, Richard West
Fourth official: Roger East

16:30 Liverpool v Man City

Referee: Martin Atkinson

Assistants: Stephen Child, Lee Betts
Fourth official: Stuart Attwell

Both Anthony Taylor and Martin Atkinson continue as the referees not yet having been given a rest, obviously their masters are delighted with their performances.

This week we have three teams joining the ‘double double’ club – Clubs having the ‘pleasure’ of a referee officiating a match for the second time.

Crystal Palace have Michael Oliver for the second time this week having also had Mike Dean on two occasions.

Manchester City join the club with the appointment of Martin Atkinson for their Liverpool game.  They have previously had Michael Oliver for two games

Watford who have Jonathan Moss for their match with Bournemouth.  They have also had Anthony Taylor twice.

The ‘double double’ club started two weeks ago with the appointment of Paul Tierney for the Liverpool match against Southampton.  In six weeks Liverpool have been given both Martin Atkinson and Paul Tierney on two occasions winning all four games.

We have the early kickoff on Sunday against Fulham on the banks of the Thames in South-West London.  This will almost certainly be the only away game I’m going to this year (not as an official away supporter but thanks to a very old friend who has been a Fulham supporter since he was knee high to a grasshopper.  It will be good to catch up with him and have a bite to eat and a natter after the game).

Our Referee is Paul Tierney guided by our old friend Mike Dean from the sidelines so I’m expecting a typical Deanesque performance.  It will be the first time that Mr Tierney has been in charge for either team this season.

Fouls against

I included some extra data into my main spreadsheet this week relating to fouls and cards.  I haven’t added in anything like all of the formulae to produce comparative answers yet but interestingly across all seven rounds of matches to date there have been a total of 756 fouls awarded against home teams and 786 against away teams, a smaller difference than I expected.  Arsenal, Burnley and Tottenham are the home teams with the highest number of fouls awarded against them in an individual game at 17.  Everton have 20 as an away team, Arsenal, Man United and Huddersfield have 17.  (Hence 17 free kicks to Fulham in tomorrow’s game).

Watford have the highest number of free kicks against them with 91.  Arsenal and Man United have 90.  Chelsea and Man City have fewest with 60, then come Fulham and Wolves on 67.  Tottenham have 77 and Liverpool 82.

We have 56 fouls awarded against us at home (an average of 14 per match) and 34 away (say 11 per match) which seems as though it could be a significant difference.

Please note that these are the fouls awarded by the referees and as recorded in the premier league website. Many of us may have suspicions that they probably bear little resemblance to the actual number of fouls that should have been awarded

I’ll do some more number crunching during the Interlull.


10 Replies to “Matchweek 8 – The Match officials. Expect 17 free kicks to Fulham”

  1. Remarkable how the inexperienced officials get the most heinous dodgy bastards as remote controls from the sidelines, who would have thunk it eh?

  2. I think arsenal are are going to come out having the highest number of cards.

    OT: if you are in Nigeria and you play bet9ja play arsenal to win cards or Fulham to win first corner both are 3.11 odds you can add other games of your choice.

  3. A few years ago now Fulham under Roy Hodgson reached the Europa League final losing to Athletico Madrid. Their entry route to the competition was winning the Fair Play League. They had the fewest points of all PL teams the previous season for yellow and red cards.

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised at Arsenal having more cards tomorrow so the tip from Mackyzydon could well be a good one for those of you who like a flutter.

  4. By the way, who is referee Paul Tierney? Before now, I’ve not read of his name referring in Arsenal match in the PL. And Mike Dean will referee in the Tottenham vs Cardiff match today Saturday, and stands as the fourth official tomorrow Sunday in our away match to Fulham. Why? Has the availability of referees at Pgmo gotten to acute level that warrants referee Mike Dean not being allowed to rest, even for a day?

    Arsenal should be careful to not think the match officiating at Craven Cottage tomorrow in their match against Fulham in the PL will be a correct normal match officiating. Because Arsenal did not know if the centre referee, Paul Tierney has been instructed by Pgmo to carry out anti-Arsenal match whistling in the match against them or not. And with the staunch anti-Arsenal match referee in the PL, Mike Dean at the touch line as the 4th official for the match could be the pgmo put him there to guide referee Paul Tierney to carry out anti-Arsenal match whistling in the game. And makes sure he does it by whispering to his ears through their connected microphones.

    Therefore, Arsenal should get suspicious as to what the 4 Pgmo appointed officials for this match might do against them in the game and be at alert to negate any anti-Arsenal match whistling and flagging which could be perpetrated against Arsenal in the match intending to rob them of all the 3 points they are on odds sure bet to collect in the match.

    In addition, the Gunners should play it safe to be ready anytime in the match to apply their anti-Arsenal match referring in the PL antidote when necessary in the game to void any anti-Arsenal match officiating being directed against them during the match by playing a far superior game that’s superior to the game Fulham will have on offer in the match. And score 3 unreplied goals and undisputed in the match that’ll beat Fulham hands down before their teeming home supporter fans.

  5. Fulham (465:12:-07) vs Arsenal (545:11:-09) under Paul Tierney (13th:6). As shown, Tierney has only “overseen” 6 treatments this season, over 4 games (1:0, 0:1 and two of 1:1) with no apparent bias to home or away.

    Fulham are in the middle of the pack in terms of min-minutes of caution, Arsenal are 4th highest.

    Arsenal and Fulham are adjacent in the treatments needed, Arsenal needing 11 and Fulham 12. As treatments are not always mentioned, this number is of limited usefulness.

    Arsenal and Fulham are close to each other in the inverse treatment league. Arsenal have “inflicted” 9 treatments on opposition, and Fulham have inflicted 7.

    I wouldn’t expect many treatments tomorrow, maybe one a piece. Arsenal will probably be carded at least once and also probably quite early. There is a tendency for referees to even out the cards, so expect Fulham to pick up cards late in the game.


    Top-6 games

    Spuds (324:06:-13) vs Cardiff (306:18:-10) with Mike Dean (6th:13). Spuds will kick and inflict a need for treatments, Mike Dean probably won’t discipline either team (much).

    ManU (437:04:-12) vs Newcastle (345:08:-11) under Anthony Taylor (6th:13). Both teams like inflicting treatments, with ManU tending to get carded more often.

    Southampton (582:10:-13) vs Chel$ea (220:02:-05) under Craig Pawson (1st:21). Southampton like to inflict treatments, and they pick up lots of cards in doing so. Expect a rough game (Pawson has little control of teams it seems), and probably Chel$ea get no cards.

    Liverpool! (219:08:-06) vs Man$ity (241:04:-11) under Martin Atkinson (2nd:15). I would expect few (if any) cards, but Man$ity will kick Liverpool!. Expect Liverpool! to have the busier first aid people.

  6. It took to the 84th minute for spuds to inflict a treatment on Cardiff, and the player injured needed to be subbed. Three minutes later, Cardiff returned the favour and the spud needed to be subbed. In extra time, the spuds have 3 cards, and Cardiff received a straight red.

    Leicester had a player dismissed for a second yellow, and lost.

    Seven cards in the CPalace game, 5 of them in the last 2 minutes.

    More later.

  7. Watford appears to have wanted to shoot themselves in the foot. Five yellows, including a second yellow in the 32 minutes, so they play shorthanded for almost 1 hour. Bournemouth picked up two treatments.

    The late game. Marca had a story that Moaninho was getting replaced regardless of the outcome, other places seem to think he has another week (or more). They have 70% of the possession, and are losing 0-2. Hopefully Moaninho never again gets a management position, not even at McDonalds.

  8. Thank you Andrew

    If we all consider that Fulham are about to make a large donation to the sweet FA, that this is a televised game, them yes that card count for the arsenal being higher then the home team’s looks like a sure thing. I hope this is wrong, but considering that the arsenal have been getting more cards in their home games then the opposition that is a very optimistic hope!


  9. Game Day 8 summary

    Craig Pawson still leads the referee treatment league having overseen 22 treatments. We now have 5 referees tied in second place having overseen 15 treatments: Mike Dean, Michael Oliver, Martin Atkinson and Anthony Taylor. Simon Hooper has only overseen a single treatment (in his 1 appearance). Roger east also with a single appearance has overseen 3 treatments.

    Wolves have inflicted the fewest treatments on opposition, at 3. CPalace has inflicted the most at 15. The Top-6: Chel$ea(6), Liverpool!(6), Arsenal(9, 2 self-inflicted), Man$ity(13), ManU(14), Spuds(14).

    Watford and Chelsea have required the fewest treatments at 2. Everton has needed the most treatments at 20. The Top-6 are: Chel$ea(2), Man$ity(4), ManU(4), Spuds(7), Liverpool!(10) and Arsenal(14). AMN had a leg bone broken in one of those, no foul let alone card.

    Liverpool! and Chel$ea lead the caution league, having 219 and 220 man-minutes of caution each. Watford is now the team having the most caution, with 767 man-minutes. Southampton next at 747. The Top-6 are: Liverpool!(219), Chel$ea(220), Man$ity(370), Spuds(416), ManU(509) and Arsenal(545).

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