Matchweek 9 – The Officials

by Andrew Crawshaw

As usual here are all of the Match Officials for this weekend’s PL matches courtesy of

Saturday 20 October

12:30 Chelsea v Man Utd
Referee: Mike Dean (pictured)
Assistants: Ian Hussin, Darren Cann

Fourth official: Craig Pawson

15:00 AFC Bournemouth v Southampton
Referee: Lee Probert
Assistants: Simon Beck, Andy Garratt
Fourth official: Stuart Attwell

Cardiff City v Fulham
Referee: Kevin Friend
Assistants: Matthew Wilkes, Derek Eaton
Fourth official: Andy Davies

Man City v Burnley

Referee: Jonathan Moss
Assistants: Eddie Smart, Andy Halliday
Fourth official: Chris Kavanagh

Newcastle United v Brighton

Referee: Andre Marriner
Assistants: Simon Long, Richard West
Fourth official: Tony Harrington

West Ham United v Spurs

Referee: Martin Atkinson
Assistants: Stephen Child, Peter Kirkup
Fourth official: David Coote

Wolves v Watford

Referee: Lee Mason
Assistants: Marc Perry, Neil Davies
Fourth official: John Brooks

17:30 Huddersfield Town v Liverpool
Referee: Michael Oliver
Assistants: Stuart Burt, Simon Bennett
Fourth official: Simon Hooper

Sunday 21 October

16:00 Everton v Crystal Palace

Referee: Anthony Taylor
Assistants: Gary Beswick, Adam Nunn
Fourth official: Simon Hooper

Monday 22 October

20:00 Arsenal v Leicester City

Referee: Chris Kavanagh
Assistants: Daniel Cook, Sian Massey-Ellis
Fourth official: Jonathan Moss

There are no new referees or Assistants this week but there are two new Fourth Officials – Andy Davies from Hampshire and John Brooks from Leicestershire.

Here is a list of how many matches each referee has done so far this season, statistically I would say the bottom four are under used :-

Referee Games taken
Martin Atkinson 9
Anthony Taylor 9
Michael Oliver 8
Andre Marriner 8
Jonathan Moss 7
Mike Dean 7
Craig Pawson 6
Kevin Friend 6
Chris Kavanagh 6
Paul Tierney 5
Stuart Attwell 4
Lee Mason 4
Lee Probert 4
Graham Scott 3
David Coote 2
Roger East 1
Simon Hooper 1

If we look at how many different referees have been allocated to each club there are again some anomalies :-

Everton are the only club to have been allocated a different referee every week.

Crystal Palace and Liverpool have had the fewest referees with six.

Liverpool are the first club to be allocated a referee for a third time with Michael Oliver being appointed for their away visit to Huddersfield.  All three of Mr Oliver’s Liverpool matches have been away from home.  So far Liverpool have won 2 – 0 at Crystal Palace and 2 – 1 at Tottenham.  Their other away matches have been a 1 – 1 draw at Chelsea under Mr Marriner and a 2 – 1 win at Leicester under Mr Tierney.

Coming now to Arsenal matters 

You will recall that, in my report on our Women’s match against Chelsea last Sunday, I said that Kim Little had been subject to an awful challenge by Drew Spence, who got a yellow card.  Arsenal have now confirmed that Kim suffered a fractured fibula and will now miss up to 10 weeks. 

As the Chelsea fan to my right said “a red card challenge all day”.  It was from behind, late, with no chance of getting the ball and with excessive force.  Sam Purkiss was the referee and ought to be banned himself for 10 weeks for not recognising the seriousness of the challenge.  The FA also ought to re-examine the yellow card but, I’m sure, won’t.

Our Monday Evening match is against Leicester

It brings a first visit of the year from Chris Kavanagh.  33 Year old Chris is relatively new to the PGMO Elite Group having made his debut in April 2017 when West Brom lost at home to Southampton.  He was in charge of 15 PL matches last season, only one of which involved us – a rather nice 4 – 1 home win against Crystal Palace.  Lets hope for a repeat this week.

Chris is accompanied by one of my favourite Assistants in Sian Massey-Ellis, who is always reliable in her decision making.


3 Replies to “Matchweek 9 – The Officials”

  1. Arsenal (545:14:-09) vs Leicester (691:10:-07) under Chris Kavanagh (14th with 5 treatments supervised). Leicester and Arsenal are both under average in inflicting the need for treatments on opposition, and Kavanagh manages games such that treatments don’t seem to be required often (or, he hasn’t done enough games). He does have 2 games with no treatments, and seems about evenly split between home and away needing treatment.

    Normally Leicester plays under a fair amount of caution (3rd highest), but I am sure that Kavanagh has been instructed to not card Leicester much this game. So, either few cards to Leicester, or the cards will be late. Arsenal will either get more cards than Leicester, or earlier cards. If Xhaka starts, he is likely to get an early card (probably for breathing on someone).

  2. Rest of the Top-6

    Chel$ea (220:02:-06) vs ManU (509:04:-14) under Mike Dean (2nd having supervised 15 treatments). There are 5 referees tied in second place with 15 treatments. Both home and away teams need treatments under Mikey, and he has had 2 games where 5 and 4 treatments were required. ManU has inflicted the need for treatments 14 times and is near average in caution, so I expect ManU to pick up a few cards in their process of kicking the opposition. I don’t think Chel$ea is immune form kicking opposition this season, but they don’t get carded for it.

    Man$ity (370:04:-13) vs Burnley (529:04:-04) under Jonathon Moss (8th having overseen 13 treatments). Jonathon Moss has had one game which needed 4 treatments, and he tends to set things up so that the away team is the one needing treatments. Man$ity are only 2 off the pace of leading CPalace in inflicting treatments on oppostion (ManU and Spuds are both at 14). I expect Man$ity to kick Burnley all over the park, and not be cautioned for this. Burnley could pick up a card or two.

    State Aid (533:12:-10) vs Spuds (416:07:-14) under Martin Atkinson (2nd with 15 treatments). Spuds are in second place at inflicting a need for treatments, and they receive little caution to stop them form doing this. State Aid is mid pack at inflicting treatments. Expect State Aid to get cards and for Atkinson to ignore fouls by the spuds.

    Huddersfield (469:07:-06) vs Liverpool! (219:10:-06) under Michael Oliver (2nd with 15 treatments). Both teams are below average on inflicting the need for treatments, and Oliver tends to have games where one or both teams require only a single treatment. But, he has had a couple of games have required more treatments. I expect Liverpool! to go through the game with no cards, and Huddersfield probably pick up one card.

  3. Andrew. The Kim Little atrocity is unacceptable. I’ve requested some info back on the car thieves post.

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