The ten things we have learned about Arsenal ahead of the Liverpool game/

by Tony Attwood

1: The AAA are moving from player to player

The Anti-Arsenal Arsenal – those fans who pretend to be Arsenal fans but actually just spend their time criticising the club, the players and the manager are moving on from player to player.  At the moment they are having a go at Ramsey.  When he’s moved on or puts in a stellar performance, or simply isn’t playing, they will be onto someone else’s back.  It’s never ending because the media never let it end.

Does it hurt the club?  I suspect so, suggesting to some players that this is not a happy club to come to.

2:  Elneny serves a very useful function

And he was missed in the game against Blackpool.  He’s a clever player, but more than that he has endless energy, which means he’s constantly buzzing around the opposition team, working hard to break up attacks before they start.  His injury meant he couldn’t play on Wednesday, when he surely would have been selected if fit.

3:  Pleguezuelo is a very useful player 

Julio Pleguezuelo has been with Arsenal for six years and the game against Blackpool was the first time he’s played for the first team but he looked really good.  I’ve seen him before with the under 23s but I find it very hard to say if a player from that level will make it.   Although the opposition last night was not of the best it was clear why the club bought him and why they have hung onto him.

He came from Barcelona when he was 15 (the sort of thing we won’t be able to do once the UK leaves the EU – not because of our laws but because of Fifa’s rules – and that will be a great relief to the Spanish clubs).  Even after Arsenal went down to 10 men he kept his position and played calmly and cooly.

That doesn’t mean he is immediately going to be in the first team, but he’s shown he can cut it at a level above under 23, and that is useful as injuries elsewhere start to cause us problems.

4: For some reason Eddie is out of favour

I have no idea why, but Eddie had a brilliant summer, yet now under the new management he can’t get a game.  He wasn’t even in the starting XI for the Checkatrade game I saw but had to wait his time to come on as a sub.  He was a sub again against Blackpool.   What does he have to do to start a match?

5: Jenkinson is still there and can still play football

That’s not to say Jenkinson is about to leap into the first team, but if all the injuries to defenders keep on keeping on he might just make it.  And if not, at least he has a chance to advertise his presence to a club that might want to buy him in January.

6: Paul Merson’s hatred of Arsenal is now all consuming and may need medical attention

Emotions are good for you – the people to fear are those who never show any emotion at all because they have lost a significant part of their humanity.   But Merson’s rage against Arsenal has now gone beyond normal limits and has reached the level of hysteria, in the sense that looks very much to me like a psychological disorder in which psychological stress is leading into a change of self-awareness resulting in profound bursts of selective amnesia.

I do think the poor fellow is ill, and it is singularly unreasonable of his employer (Sky) to continue to parade him in front of gawping audiences.  He needs help and Sky should be seeing that he gets it.

7: Football London won’t give up no matter what.

They have been known to be dredging the gutter for news for quite a long time, and they are not giving up.  Their recent headline “‘Dreading it – pure horror!’ Some Arsenal fans are very worried about Liverpool and Mo Salah” was about as pointless as you can get.  Yes some Arsenal fans think that the moon landings were fake and that President Trump is a good president, but that doesn’t make either sentiment true or worthy of publicity.

8: Cech can’t play out from the back.

He might be able to eventually but at the moment, I fear not, at least that is what it looked like on Wednesday at Arsenal Stadium.

9: Liverpool are going to thrash Arsenal

It’s difficult to find a newspaper that disagrees with that statement.  I don’t think that will happen, but seemingly I am on my own among the blogging community.

10: Maitland Niles can play anywhere.

Well, ok maybe he not a goalkeeper or an out and out forward, but he can play full back on both sides, he can play wing back on both sides, he can play holding midfield and central midfield, and quite possibly he will end up a number 10.  He is also totally cool and calm and collected – ideal for every situation.  What a bonus it is having him in the squad.


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  1. Who’s thos M9key fellow, with the giant chip on his shoulder of not an agenda!

    If the post is too long and perhaps you don’t want t0 read it? Or on his case suffer from some deep seeded issues. You have a few simple options, far simpler and quicker then an attack, which the sort of have been referenced lately in what o have said.

    1. Swipe vertically from bottom to top on either your device screen or mousrpad until you have managed to clear the mass amounts of useful data.

    2. Potentially you are using a keyboard and that would require a depression of the arrow key that faces towards your body. That will achieve the same goal as action 1.

    3. And apparently you can just do a wonderful representation of the Anti Arsenal Arsenal and write some nonsense. If you had actually been here a while and possessed some basic common sense and observation skills, figuring our who I am would have been achieved some time ago.

    But anyways on to the traction. So we got Spurs, a definitive opportunity to see who is top dog in the North of London, before those sucker semis? Which stretch any squad and throw your schedule into turmoil and make it available for Sky manipulation. I would like to go through and get knocked out by City before the semis. Much bigger fish to fry, unless he intends to out together a second string or youth team like my dear Arsene often when we possessed the necessary squad depth.

    But looking forward thos is a biggie.

    A caption from it or two:
    Chancellor Philip Hammond said in Monday’s Budget that the cut in stakes from £100 to £2 would come into force in October 2019.


    Ms Crouch said pushing back the date was “unjustifiable” and it could cost the lives of problem gamblers.

    She tweeted: “Politicians come and go but principles stay with us forever.”

    Prime Minister Theresa May said she was disappointed Ms Crouch had resigned but there had been “no delay in bringing forward this important measure”.


    The government has denied Labour claims that MPs had been led to believe the cut would come into force at the start of the next tax year, in April 2019. They suggested the cut had been intended to be introduced in April 2020.

    But in her resignation letter, Ms Crouch said: “Unfortunately, implementation of these changes are now being delayed until October 2019 due to commitments made by others to those with registered interests


    She added: “It is a fact of government that ministers must adhere to collective responsibility and cannot disagree with policy, let alone when it is policy made against your wishes relating to your own portfolio.”

    ‘God bless’
    Among those praising her on social media, the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby tweeted that she was “principled and courageous” adding: “May God bless her commitment to doing right.”

    Former foreign secretary Boris Johnson tweeted that she “deserves huge credit not just for her campaign but for sticking up for her principles”.

    Well, well, well, knowing when to jump is an art amongst the beaurecrats especially when beleaguered; just ask Ivan Gazidis.

    Her timing is quote exceptional, since I’m about to go to the gambling commission as advised by the Competitions and Markets Authroity some time ago, prior to the most recent state aid attacks.

    And We Bruynr took another knock Fosu Mensah of all people and 2 games prior to the Manchester derby. I missed it as O was multitasking and had to exit the screen. But yeah. Sounds odd.

    Short enough menace and Mikey? Do you come from the same bit developer software?

    Neither Mo or Hector have mentioned anything substantial injury wise on social media.

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